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Goshorn - 1930

Lula Goshorn's Journal - Ladoga, 1930-1944

"A little background from Judy Goshorn, Lula & Ezra's granddaughter"

My grandfather, Ezra Goshorn, kept a journal, which I have somewhere. He died in April 1930 and that is when this one starts. Lula wrote for her church magazine and the county paper, but apprently had not been keeping a journal. The first entryh is a few days after Ezra's funeral, when the oler (Marie, John and Roland) children were going back to their lives. Only two children were left at home, my dad, Lewis, age 15, and Ruth, age 9. The running of the farm fell to my dad and Lula. I am amazed at the work a 15-year-old boy did, while attending school and doing well there.

Many of the snapshots I have are early 30s and make good illustrations for this journal :) ENJOY! - JWG

Note: Their church was the Brethren Church on 750 South - Ezra had both the pastors :)

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APRIL 1930

April 21st -- cold morning. Roland left for school. Very lonely here. Took chira treatment.

April 22nd -- Lewis cleaned yard. Trimmed shrubbery. Made trellis for rose bush. Helped with chickens. Fixed fence. Everyone working but me. How I wish I could ... still cold

April 23rd -- Sold sow. Trucked to Indianapolis.

April 24th -- Cold wind continues. Took treatment. Geo. Kessler came in p.m. helped Lewis start discing. Monument man here. Clark Mable works C'ville. Didn't buy.

April 25th -- Lewis finished discing and dragging. Got ground in nice shape. Made some garden. Got oil & gas. Got sow ck $42.79. A little warmer. Cloudy.

April 26th -- Warmer, fine day. Children made more garden. Set cabbage plants. Got wire to repair fence. Keeps Lewis busy. Took Wes Pearson home for over Sunday. Paid 41 & telegram to Gospel M. Had been overlooked.

April 27th -- Paul & Blanche went with Lewis and Ruth to SS. Rainy day. Went after Mrs. P. in evening. How we do miss Papa. Seems like he must come in of evenings. We must bear our burdens the best we can. God is with us and helpng us. I'm sure.

April 28th -- Grandma, Clayton & Floyd McGuire here. Nice day. Rained last night. Lewis did a big washing. Clarence hauled out 2 loads of corn ready for the shoats. Lewis mowed yard.

April 29th - Fertilizer came 18 sacks. Took 6 calves to pasture. Lewis fixed fence to turn shoats on clover & start feeding. Census taker here complimented boys highly for fine report. Very sultry & warm today. Letters keep coming from many persons expressing sympathy. Farm Bureau sent ck. $3.00 for attendance, 2 Co. Meetings (photo from wikipedia)

April 30th -- Rained last night. Lewis took hogs down on clover field. Went to town for wool twine. Couldn't get any went to C'ville p.m. took adjustment got twine, Ruth hat, underwear and stockings. Lewis went to picture show, "The Vagabond King." Papa had intended taking him when we heard it was coming two months ago. Geo. K. here will turn calf in pasture with ours tomorrow. Warm today. Glad to hear from children today. (amazonfashion.com -- hat of the times Ruth may have chosen)

MAY 1930

May 1 -- Geo. K. turned large calf on pasture today. Feel very miserable. I have tried to stay outdoors as much as able. Lewis worked the garden. Fixed fence. Wish could plant corn. Ground a little too wet. Sent small sow away. John Harshbarger's here till bed time. Ruth and chickens doing fine. Waiting on sheep shearers. Rained last night.

May 2 -- Fine day. Wind & sun drying ground. Could plant today but expected shearers by noon anyhow. Didn't come. Tried to get Clarence to play c. tomorrow. Determined to go to C'ville to sell some not good seed corn. Lewis got planted ready. Took radio B. to town. Clayton here. Harold Welsh got killed. Team ran away. Graduated HS this year.

May 3d -- Extremely find day. Lewis worked in field fornoon. Took Mrs. P. home, looked about posts and other jobs P.M. Had a most enjoyable surprise when Roland came in about 4:30. So very glad to see him. He went to N. Ross for 20 fence posts (steel stays) to finish fence started on place where Paul lives. Got Radio Bat. 5th time charged since Christmas. Somehow, I don't care to hear it without Papa. He always enjoyed it so much.

May 4 -- Very warm. Children went to S.S. Young Peoples meeting from several churches held there today. 139 in SS. Our folks came home for dinner and didn't go back. Shoats got out. Fixed fence, went down to see about calves. Rev. L got rotary hoe and so L. can get it to use. Went after Mrs. P. Clayton brought a plate of things from the ch. dinner.

May 5 - Roland left this morning. Sorry to see him go, but so glad to have him even a little while. Commenced planting corn. Rained at noon delayed a couple or three hours. Clarence hauled out a load of corn for hogs Lewis did the washing. Sun came out and planted more corn. Sold McCormicks basket potatoes $1.00.

May 6 - Finished corn planting at noon. Very warm. Lewis mowed yard and cleaned planter. Brought sheep over again. Paul's barn pump rod rusted off. Gates came and fixed it. Blanche & Clarence here for dinner, yesterday & today. Grandma here for supper.

May 7 - Geo. K. got some of our seed corn to finish his field. Very windy. Lewis plowed & worked garden. Set tomatoe plants. Sprayed potatoes. Clarence got hen & 6 chickens 1.32. Cot came and we went after it. Now Donald will have a place to sleep.

May 8 - Fine day. Got sheep sheared at last. Cost $3.40 wool only 20c lb. didn't seell it. Got corn ground for chick feed. Lewis took lab home to Sam Himes lead got in with ours. Stella K. called. Geo. done planting. Paid Gates $2.95 for fixing barn pump at Pauls. Rod had rusted in two! So glad to hear from all the children again. God bless them all!

May 9 - Ice man called. Didn't get any yet. Pigs are about 7 weeks old. Vaccinated pigs (37 - $17.00). Planted late potatoes. Clarence hauled load corn for hogs.

May 10 -- Lewis hoed the potatoes. Garden looks fine. He surely is working hard to keep things up. Ruth is good with the chickens too. Warm and seems like rain. Getting dry. So much wind soon drys the ground. Went to town. Lewis got a haircut. Mrs. P. gone home for over Sunday. Took Grandma a little box for "Mother's Day." Went to the cemetery. Geo. K. here bought a gallon of seed corn. (image from findagrave.com)

May 11- Rainy & Warm. Went to SS with the children. Real tired & nervous. Read to the children. Ruth not feeling well. Went after Mrs. P. Got the children a little ice cream. Sunday is a lonely day.

May 12 -- Lewis washed the clothes and some bedding. Windy & sunny, good drying day. Hoed in garden. Mrs. P. & Ruth ironed.

May 13 - Got letters from children. Box of candy for Mothers day from John & Marian. Card from Marie & Roy. Got sack of pig meal. Sold the roosters. Grandma here all day. Rained good shower in late evening.

Mayh 14 -- Cold and cloudy and drizzly. Lewis cut some weeds and fixed chicken fence. Wilford H. here to buy 10 gilts. Didn't sell. Ben. Hargrave here to insure auto. Didn't ins. Mrs. Yeager here for seed potatoes. Sold out.

May 15 -- Rainy, cool, got chicken corn ground. Got L. overalls, shirt & hat and me every day dress. Sutherlins store closing out. Got cold in my head, feel bad. Clarence hauled load corn out for hogs.

May 16 -- Cool but didn't rain. Lewis got rotary hoe up and got field half done, so many other things to do. Hogs getting out. Got 30 gal. gasoline. Had an hour of heart trouble did me up for rest of day. Mrs. P. taching (?) a small comfort.

May 17 -- Very cool wind. Got up early but Lewis had to take cow to bull and hogs out again, so didn't to work on corn field very early. Finished by noon in rain. Clarence began setting tomato plants. Rained him out. Mrs. P. Went house (sic) for Sun.

May 18 - Rainy, gloomy day. Ruth went to SS with Claytons. Rest of us home. Grandma here in forenoon. Clarence got the carriage to bring B's folks down from Shannondale to help set tomatoes. Some of the shoats got out. Lewis had to fix fence. Went after Mrs. P. late in evening.

May 19 -- Rainy but warmer. Paul, Clayton and F. McGuire here. P & C altered & rung pigs, and altered calf. Lewis washed clothes. Gave shoats ashes salted sheep. Geo & Eva Harshbarger called. Lewis mowed yard. So glad to have the pig job done. Some how the Lord is helping us get the hard things done. We are so unworthy but He is so good to us.

May 20 -- Cleared off sun shining but to wet to work ground - Lewis cleaned tractor to cut weeds. Mr. & Mrs. O. Gottschall from No. Manchester here late so we went to Paul M's to settle for stock work, but he wouldn't charge anything. Will have to pay him some other way.

May 21 -- Fine day. Wind drying ground fast. Geo. K. came for rotary hoe. Has hauled in the lumber reserved from old house on far place. Mr. Rudy here wanting wheat drill for beans. Didn't get it because to far back behind other impliments. Fish seller here got some for supper & breakfast. Another monument man here. Blanche L. borrowed salt & soap. Lewis & Ruth worked garden all over. Ruth rode Dixie to the plow.

May 23 (sic) -- Rainy and cool. Lewis plowed corn, got rained in twice; didn't quite finish. Hobo had calf. Mason Cummings here to see Mr. P. to date there have been 28 people here this week on various errands.

May 22 (sic) -- Got dates mixed. This should have been first. Lewis helped Clarence take the cow he has to Rudy. Clarence seemed afraid of her. Rolled his eyes and said she was wild! L. started to plow corn. He is certainly doing fine.

May 24 -- fiinshed plowing corn. Fixed fence took Mrs. P. home for Sunday. Clarence hauled out load of corn for hog. Fine day. Quite cool. Went to see Dr. Gross. Hope he can help me. Got Clayton & Paul a shirt apiece for the fine work they did.

May 25 -- Most beautiful day. My heart is fussy didn't get to SS. Lewis & Ruth went. I laid around all day. Ethel Davidson Mangus here in afternoon. Mrs. P. back this evening.

May 26 - Lewis washed clothes. Took 4 sows to other place. One bad to drive. Got corn around for chicken feed. Lewis mowed yard & fixed fence. Nice day again. I feel a little better. Ruth made a pen for crippled chicken. Had one cripple and it got well. She sure is a great girl. C. hauled load corn out for hogs.

May 27 -- Took 2 more sows down. Went better this time. Clarence finishing his tomatoes. Nice day. Lewis fell and hurt hip on big rock. Can't do much today. Cut a little dock, got ck. from Farm Bureau $4.50 for Director work Papa did.

May 28 -- Cold and windy. Lewis better. Hoed weeds from garden & corn. Put planter away. I feel a little better. Ruth picked for S. berries, had short cake.(photo from wikipedia)

May 29 -- Very cool. Lewis hoed corn. Went after chicks corn. I went to Dr. said I had bowel trouble like epidemic going around. Mrs. Werts stopped a few minutes. People can hardly believe Papa is gone. How much more do we miss him. No one knows. People are very kind and sympathetic.

May 30 -- Clear cold day. Grandma here all day. Mrs. P. had company from Indianapolis. I feel so weak yet. Lewis hoed in corn. Cleaned up some at cemetery. Ruth picked enough strawberries for supper.

May 31 - Frost last night. Very dry. Oats so short. Wheat heading but very short. Garden stuff standing still. Fine sunshine but we need rain. Took Mrs. P. home late this eve. C. took out load of hog corn.

JUNE 1930

June 1 -- Fine day. Tried to go to SS but couldn't stay. L. brought me home. Felt bad & weak all day. Ollie M's and Geo. Kesslers here all p.m. Rollo Lee to see Lewis. May Huff buried today. Got Mrs. P. this evening.

June 2 -- Lewis got washing done by 7:45 and went to plow corn. Ruth picked strawberries. Got little over a gallon. Fine day. Warmer. Very dry. I'm still so very weak. Can hardly get around in morning. Feel better afternoons. Last night about 11 p.m. 4 girls came for gasoline. I thought of the "Foolish Virginia." Mack barked so very much and this a.m. we found the calves were out.

June 3-- Very hot. Hogs restless breaking out. Lewis plowed corn. Blanche M. and baby here in P.M. Clarence plowing the tomatoes. Need rain so very much.

June 4 -- Hot and dry. Sold 145 1/2 lbz. of wool to Riley King for 23 c lb. Others paying 21. Sold hogs today. Got so hot and they were breaking out so bad we had to sell. Welsh took one load tonight. The others will go in morning have 43. Went to Dr.- bowels better but still not well. Lewis finished the plowing. Ruth & Mrs. P. picked about 2 gals S. berries.

June 5 -- Sent balance of hogs early. Another warm day. Grandma came spent the day. Roland came about 1:30 mighty glad hes home. Lewis feels a great load lifted from his shoulders. Rained a nice shower this evening and we're truly thankful. More rain is needed.

June 6 -- Much cooler. Showery all day. Got hog ck 867.36. About 25 or 30 lbs smaller than usual at selling time. Didn't start feeding quite soon enough. Average we't 200 lbs. Boys plowed garden & cut dock. Ruth picked S.berries. Didn't get many.

June 7-- Drizzly and cold most of day. Sun shone a little this eve. Took Brindle to Reedys gain. Took plow points to get sharpened. Mrs. P. went home fro Sunday. Saw Dr. G. again. "Arterialer fibrillation" is my heart trouble. Cannot be cured but will be relieved by improving nerves & gen. health.

June 8 -- Rainy and sunshiny and cool. Children went to SS and Council meeting. Bro. J.W. Root will be our elder for the year. He and his wife stopped here awhile. Roland & Ruth went after Mrs. Pearson.

June 9 -- Beautiful day. Cool and crisp air; just my kind. Roland did the washing. Went after plow points. I put 200 of the hog money in the B&L. May have to get it out soon though. Boys fixed fence on far place. All went to C'ville p.m. Got auto oil (5 gal) at Farmer's Station. Got overalls, waist & socks for boys. Ruth a feed bucket; and got a lamp for upstairs. Blanche Lytle here awhile tonight. L & Ru. picked strawberries.

June 10 -- Fine day. Roland plowed corn. Lewis worked in garden. Took fence out between yard & garden almost down anyway. Will look much better now.

June 11 - Cloudy, cool and drizzly. Lewis hoed. Roland plowed. Then they mowed road sides, hauled remainder of pig corn in and went to town for chick feed ground. Had our first beets today. Ruth picked s. berries. didn't get many.

June 12 -- Nice day. Boys took old fence down between yard & garden, cleaned it all up and mowed with lawn mower. Look 100 per. ct. better. Roland took Radio B. town, salted calves and he and Lewis put dock out of oats. Grandma here all a.m.

June 13 -- Went to Dr. Gross again. Have improved some. Boys fixed fence & hoed corn. Ruth picked s. berries. Got a nice mess. Shower helped them. Warmer today and very windy.

June 14 -- Very warm and windy. Took Mrs. P. home to mow her yard this P.M. Marie's all came about 4 p.m. started at 6 this a.m. All fine. Children so very nice.

June 15 -- Very warm. Little shower this eve. Mamie & Isabelle Frame here awhile. The children went to S.S. Roy went to Kentucky. Donald fell off the bed. Mrs. P. came back.

June 16 -- Cloudy in a.m. Fine p.m. Lewis did big washing. Roland & the children went to town. Boys cleaned up orchard & cut weeds, p.m. Took sheep to far place to pasture. Blanche L. sick; Clarence here several times.

June 17 -- Went to C'ville. Got bran, etc. Roland plowed this p.m. Lewis worked garden. Roy came from Ky. Will start to Wis. in morning. Nice day.

June 18 -- Nice day. Roy left for home 5:30 a.m. Roland finished plowing corn. Lewis cut weeds got chick corn ground. Grandma here. I called on Blanche L She is better but looks bad.

June 19 -- Boys plowed garden & sprayed potatoes for leaf hoppers with "evergreen." Very warm again. Richard, Billy & Donald have fine times, Marie looks well. I'm so glad to have them here. Clayton & Paul finished fence on north road.

June 20 -- Very warm. Boys ground sickle and fixed fence. All but L. drove to town for a few minutes after supper. Washed for baby.

June 21 -- Very warm. Peaches had a white calf. Marie & our boys & her two went to grave yard. Took Mrs. P. home. Boys fixed fence. Got ice for babys milk.

June 22 -- Hot! Grandma here all day. Mrs. P. back this eve. I'm not feeling a bit well. Marie & the rest of the fam. went to S.S. "Donnie" & I stayed home. He is as good as can be.

June 23 -- Still hot. 99 in shade. Very dry. Boys worked on engine and washed clothes. Richard got too hot and was sick but better this eve.

June 24 -- Paid Reedy for bull services (Peaches) 1.00. Had good shower, will help a lot. Warm & sultry. Boys working on pump engine. Roland went to threshing meeting. All went to town for ice this eve. Have to keep it for Donalds food.

June 25 -- Pleasant a.m. Very warm p.m. Got twine (50 lbs.) at Farm B. for wheat ($6.00) went to Suverkrup for treatment for neuritis in neck. Geo. K. Stella & the Cline boys here P.M. Grandma here all day. Boys took "keyed" to Reedy bull (1.00)

June 26 -- Fine day. Rained some last night. Marie & Roland went to C'ville. Boys got lumber for wagon bed bottom. Got chicken corn ground. I took the grandsons for a long promised buggy ride. Lewis & Marie mowed yard. Women & babies call on Paul Menot at home. Called on Maud Ronks. Floyd McGuire here.

June 27 -- Commenced to cut wheat. Fine day not quite so hot. Mrs. P. almost sick with her teeth. Boys & dog got little rabbit in wheat.

June 28 -- Fine day again. Finished wheat about noon. Took Mrs. P. home almost sick. Marie & children went in buggy to Millers. Got 2 chickens to fry 23 #. Little more than 4 lbs. Got them for a treat. Got 2 more little rabs - in wheat.

June 29 -- Warm day agin. All went to S.S. but Donald & I. Paul here in p.m. Mahorneys stopped on way home from SS to see Donnie. He was asleep & didn't show good. All but I, went for ice in evening.

June 30 -- Rainy this a.m. Roland did the washing. Lewis fed at other barn. This pm. worked in garden. "Leaf hoppers" are on the late cabbage. Sprayed with "Ever Green" same as for the potatoes. Leonard Himes here while parents went to C'ville. Got B & L cks.

JULY 1930

July 1 -- Boys fixed wagon bed. Worked in garden. Marie & Ruth doing housework. Nice & cool.

July 2 -- Fine day again. Roland went to C'ville for horse collar, paint for wagon bed & nails. Boys fixed Clarence's roof. Cut weeds and cleaned up brush. L. took me to Ladoga to fix Building & Loan. Returned 200 of Estate money and banked 79. Looking for stone for grave, want to get one with estate money. Boys have overhauled pump engine and run the exhaust pipe out side. Takes smoke out of shed now.

July 3-- Nice day. Johns came after midnight. Boys worked on wagon bed.

July 4 -- Warmer. Roy came and brought his mother to see the children. Nice pleasant woman. Ruth B. and Roy both favor her. Roy & John brought some fireworks. Had ice cream. Marie, Ruth & Marian doing the work.

July 5 -- Mrs. B. went home about noon on Interurban. John, Roy & Marie and Billy & Dickie took her to C'ville. Rained some, very sultry. Folks all fixing to leave in morning.

July 6 -- Big rain early a.m. Folks didn't get away till about eight. How glad to see them & sorry to see them go. It's so hard to adjust one's self to this new way of living. How heavy all this responsibility is. Am very tired and its so sultry but great weather for corn. Mrs. P. back this evening. How we do miss the children. John Rettinger preached today.

July 7 -- Fine day. Roland did big washing. Everything quiet since folks all gone. How we miss them. Dear good little "Donnie" and all the others. Boys sprayed for "leaf hoppers.," Potatoes & late cabbage. Rain did so much good. Corn looking fine. Kesslers & Mr. Clark monument man here.

July 8 -- Very hot. Boys got threshing coal. $5.44. Rained a little. So sultry - but how fine the corn looks. Such a beautiful green color. Boys fixed a drain from stable at the other barn.

July 9: Very sultry again. Boys fixed fence and worked in garden. Boys went to see "Richard Byrd's South Pole," picture tonight at C'ville.

July 10 -- A nice breeze but very warm yet. Geo. K. turned weaned calf on pasture today. Has older calf on since May 1. Feel very miserable. Nerves break out every so often. Charley Himes of Ind'plis here awhile. Got the snap shots we took of the little folks last week. Very good.

July 11 -- Very hot. Commenced threshing this P.M. Wheat better quality than last year but only 73c bu. Ronald, L & I went to C'ville about the monument as I was feeling a little better this a.m. Decided on a Montello granit $135 complete with both our names & foot slabs. Lewis hauled water for threshers this p.m. (photo from findagrave.com)

July 12 -- Very hot. Grandma & Blanche L. here. Mrs. P. went home for Sunday. Gran went along to town. Roland gone with machine. Lewis worked for us & Geo. K. all morning. Threshed for Kessler & finished our on far place.

July 13 -- John's birthday - may he grow and prosper. Very warm in morning. Cool in evening. Temp near & quite 100 all week down to 68 this eve. Wind from North. I went to S.S. first in long while. Its the very hard place for me to go. Papa was always there. Things are so different. I miss him SO much. Ruth read the scripture lesson, Roland the closing prayer. Lewis is Sec. Mrs. P. back this eve.

July 14 - Quite cool. Air is fine, down to 56. Went with Lewis to grave yard to show men where to set foundation for stone. Lewis did washing, mowed yard & went to town get elbow for ktichen pipe, & his shoes fixed. Roland went with threshers. Fixed fence. Canned 9 qts beets.

July 15 - Cool wind but warm in sun. Threshed at Paul's today. He had 10 acres wheat, 76 c today. Don't know amt yet. Am feeling little better. Have had very bad cold all week. Using hot soda water to drink. Think it helps.

July 16 - Warm again. Fine growing weather. Threshing yet. Probably be done with wheat tomorrow. Then comes oats cutting. Canned 6 qts beets. Boys took peaches to Reedys. Bull this evening.

July 17 -- Finished wheat this P.M. Into oats cutting. Geo. K. commenced on the 10 acres on far place. Boys loaded corn on wagon to bring up here tomorrow. Lewis cut weeds.

July 18 -- Commenced cutting our oats this p.m. awfully hot. Paul settled for our half of what $55.22. Elevator weight 145 bu = 76 c. He bought one bu. 76 c we kept 20 for seed.

July 19 -- Paid Chester Peffley $5.70 for 1/2 of threshing on East place. On wheat threshing on far place $40.98. We got $214.04 on the 2/3 share on far place. Entire total on estate 461.39 c wheat, Kessler gets 1/2. "Hot as time." Need rain. Sent freezer of cream to Aid So. supper at town.

July 20 - Terribly hot and dry. Harvest meeting at Mt. P. Roland & Ruth went this P.M. Paul was here this a.m. All the boys went swimming this evening. Roland & R brought Mrs. P. back. Had ice cream today. So very warm over 100.

July 21. Very hot. Having hottest July in years & years. Lee Clark of Clark Mafble & Granite works C'ville here. Has monument done. Paid him $135. Geo & Stella here, talk about work for next year. Jesse P. here to see his mother. Washing done as usual.

July 22 - Sold Old Fanny, so stiff can hardly move to Clarence for $1.00. Boys can't work her anymore. Clarence making hay today. Geo. K. will buy oats in shock on far place. Will make enough hay to fill that barn. Saw lawyer Marks today. Estate cannot be settled inside a year. Leonard Himes here awhile to play with Ruth. Rained just a little last night but cooled the air some for which we are thankful. Boys fixed fence & turned cows & hogs down on clover field for awhile.

July 23 -- Somewhat cooler, but still hot enough. Clarence making hay. Roland cut weeds. Lewis not well, lying around today. Robert Goshorn called. Marthetta has had light stroke. Grandma here all day. Went to town & to grave yard. I'm feeling worse with nerves.

(Written up side - not sure which day it goes with - Marion Lyle & Lurena Brown married at Clarence's).

July 24 -- Hot again today. Boys hauled manure & went to town. Cut weeds. Clarence finished the hay today. About 30 L. G. K. making some on far place. Let him have the oats in shock down there instead of threshing them. Settle on basis of our oats yield. Blanche L. here. Leonard H. here to play.July 25 -- Awfully hot & dry. Roland sick all night. Some better this morning. Laid around all day. Grandma here. John Hines & Claude H. here on church visit. Geo. K. finished the hay. $1.00 to Himes for commission

This photo is of Ezra and his oldest son John on their farm threshing about a dozen years before the diary was written -

July 26 -- Hotter than ever. 96 in shade and on coolest side of house at 9:30 a.m. Hottest dryest season for 30 yrs. Since March to present time John Miller shod 2 horses front feet for oats threshing couldn't get it done for wheat. Feet badly worn. Cost $2.75. Mrs. P. gone for over Sunday. Roland all right again, but missed the Class Party at Albert Harshbargers, last night. Clover hay delivered brings $7 to 8 per load.

July 27 -- Very hot. 100 in shade. Children went to SS & Council m(eeting). Paul & McGuire here for the boys bathing suits. Mrs. P. came back. Not feeling well. I had 2 heart attacks but not hard.

July 28 -- Hot as ever. 103 in shade. So dry tomatoes scalding on vines and corn drying up. Boys cleaned out spring on far place. All day job. Stock water getting scarce. All went to town after work done. Got med. Dr. said be very careful this hot weather. Thermometer stood at 81 all night last night. A note pointing to this day - Water came in fine.

July 29 -- Nice & Cooler but no rain. Didn't get above 90 all day. Rain somewhere I guess. The boys went to Urbana, Ill today. Lewis thot it fine trip. Glad they could go. Mrs. Ferguson wants hay. She's like I am. Must see after everything. He is sick had stroke some time ago. Mack gone. Boy can't find him.

July 30 -- Warmer. 90 & 93 today. Threshed oats averaged about 25 bu. Did not sell any. 504 bu 29 c at elevator. Roland went with machine. Warren Yeagley here wanting painting or papering to do. Painted the house last year. Nothing doing now like that here. Boys had fine trip to Ill yesterday.

July 31 -- Clarence went with threshers today. Boys dug white cobbler potatoes .22 bu off 10 rows. Some small on account of drouth but most of them nice size. Ground very hard. Hot today.  Threshed oats at Pauls. 10 acres. 271 bu 1/2 is Pauls, not enough to sow (potatoes 2 & 3 lb) Sold 20 chicks $9.87 ave bit over 2 lbs feed too scarce and chick prices lower 21 c. Refund ck from Farmers Fertilizer $5.28. ck to Chester for oats T $22.38 ($17.64 Thres oats here). It has been so hot the tomatoes cook soft on the vines.


August 1 -- Turned oldest calf on pasture on far place. Boys fixed orchard fence. Claude H & Ruth C.  here for song book. Went to Grandma's late this evening. She's real poorly.

Aug 2 - Hot. Went to C'ville early this a.m. to get Lewis some school things. Paid Roland $60. Cow got out boys had to hunt her she's after her calf. Boys fixing fence on far place. Roland put his money in FIrst Nat. Bank C'ville. Finished oats threshing today.

Aug 3 -- Very hot. Such hot wind. No rain. IR Bury commenced series of meetings. Too hot for me to go. All gone tonight but Mack & I. The heat alone makes me tired and weak. Hope the meetings will do much good. How we do miss Papa!

Aug 4 -- Very hot & sultry. Boys did washing. Cleaned up cobs & brought the threshing coal up. Clayton, Lucille & Bury here awhile. Didn't any one go from here to church tonight. So tired & hot. Blanche L. here awhile. Mrs. P). came from church home with children last night.

Aug 5 -- So sultry & hot almost sick. Ruth says she wouldn't blame people for going mad this kind of weather, let alone dogs. Boys made 20 fence posts today. Went to Jacob Mangus' see about a buck lamb. They had none. Went to Frames a few minutes to get addr. of man who is looking after their place. Maybe we can sell ours adjoing. Roland & Ruth went to church.

Aug 6 -- Very hot .Still dry. Roland helped in cemetery p.m. Geo. K & Stella here to settle his account on far place. scythe 1.65 twine 4.00 coal 1.89 cutting grain 3.00 we sold him $48.72 oats in shock. Sold lambs & some old sheep. Welch trucked to Ind'plis. Clayton here. Mark H. here. Clarence here.

Aug 7 -- Hot yet. Boys cut weeds. Roads orchard barn lot. Went to ch at night 33.41 for sheep not very good price low.

Aug 8 - nothing

Aug 9 - Hot. Very hot. Roland went to settle with threshers forenoon and also got lamb from Clayton. $10.54. Finished weeds around field p.m. Took Mrs. P. home for Sun. Late in eve. dust storm & a sprinkle of rain. Cooled air some. So thankful for that anyway.

Aug 10 - Very pleasant. Want to sleep and lie still has been hot so long. Children went to ch. in p.m. went to grave yard took some pictures to send children. Hope they're good. Rollo Lee here awhile. Fire got out and boys had to go fight it along estate field by railroad. Too late to go to church.

Aug 11 -- Cool yet. Mrs. P & I both have "head colds." Guess we baked so long we can't stand sudden change. 61 this morning. Did washing. Took lamb to other barn pasture. Grass most all dried. Stella K. here. Imogene B. & Genevieve G. joined ch last night. Boys got hard coal. 14.25 ton. Got about 1 and 1/4 tons. Worked at far place pm. Boys & Ruth went to church.

Aug 12 -- Pleasant day. Have bad cold yet. Grandma here. Had to go to C'ville on business. Took her along. Great trip for her. Roland mowed road sides with scythe. Lewis dug onions. Fixed fence.

August 13. Warmer. Boys hauled manure and straw. Clarence took first load tomatoes to factory. All went to ch. Ruth had bad stomach when came home. 8 United with ch 4 Isenberger children. Josephine Byrd & 2 brothers. Margaret Everheart makes 12 to date

Aug 14 - Rained a gentle rain last night. Freshened up the tomatoes. Most other things past help. Warm today. Roland had teeth cleaned. PM boys hauled manure out of barn. Ruth some better but in bed most of day. Don't feel very good myself anytime Ro. went to church.

Aug 15 - Warm today Took Ruth to Dr she's better this eve. Boys hauled manure all day. To tired for ch. tonight. Hubert Arnold's wife joined.

Aug 16 -- Sultry & warm. Boys hauled manure, took Mrs. P. home for over Sunday. Ruth better Boys went to ch. Heard Minnie Mummert died Thursday of cancer. Just a year older than I. Ressie Goff has been gone a year. Old time chums are passing. Truly age is creeping on.

Aug 17 -- Cloudy, misty. Children went to SS, ch & to hear Geo. Bury (Beery? Berry:?) give talk on Passion play. We all went at night. Mrs. Morris, her daughter in law joined. Children came home for dinner - Frames here in evening. Seeking advise in trouble. How I hope I told them right.

Aug 18 - Fine cool day. Baptizing near here. Maysville. Linda Stoner was anointed too. She was able to go about but stomach & eyes are bothering her. Wish I could have had the anointing too. Mrs. & Mr. Isenberg will put in membership from Tenn at Mt. Pleasant making 7 for Mt. P. and 9 for us. We all went to Communion. It was very nice. I felt better. A large audience & 7 tables of communicants Mt. Pleasant well represented. So glad they worked with us. Note: Mt. Pleasant was on state road 234 east of Co Rd 950E (in Clark Township).

Aug 19 - Nice day, cool & pleasant., Boys went to help clean up ch. Then worked on barn to get corner back on foundation. Got it fixed (on far place) P.M. boys went to C'ville. M. Smeltzer & Ralph Gottschall here. Smeltzer here soliciting for Orphan's Home. Asking about some things he didn't know. How I wish I had the strength to help in ch. work here. Not even a minister to look after anything.

Aug 20 -- Nice day. Boys made posts and fixed fence. McNess agent here got some ext etc. Floyd McGuire here wanting advice about work and his future. Such hard times to get any. No one has money to hire. High tax, high living, low selling of produce & drouth injuring crops. How I do wish I knew how to help the people who ask for advise & help. Lord show an agent here (2 of them) me the way.

Aug 21 -- Cool today. SPrinkled a little. Grandma here all day. Clarence here wants to cut clover seed. Have to examine it. An agent here. Boys cut wood a.m. and weeds p.m. Clarence here to see about c. seed.

Aug 22 - Roland cut wees. Lewis worked at odd jobs around. Got Ruths teetch cleaned. Lewis was so nice they didn't even need cleaning. Saw Dr. about Ruth. She has very acid system. Must drink more water and use soda water after meals. Nice day. still dry. Clarence here.

Aug 23 - Warm and dry. Boys hauled  rails and load of corn. Took Mrs. P. home for over Sunday. Feel some better today. Will try to get along without help as soon as possible & save that much. Its such a problem to know when and how to do things right. I want so much to manage well. Its such hard times. Men begging for work. Scarcely anything grown in gardens. to eat. Stock suffering for pasture. No good corn crop for four years. No price for land - how long can we stand it I wonder.

Aug 24 -- Warm day. Children went to SS & ch. Bro. Root & wife stopped awhile on their way home. We got Mrs. P. I stopped at John Himes to find out about the Berrys. They were hard 13.2c. awful price for all done.

Aug 25 -- Sultry & hot. Boys had to fight railroad fire at far place again. Washed & ironed today. Boys - Mrs. P & Ruth did. Wish would rain. Roland cleaned gasoline stove.

Aug 26 -- Very warm. Boys tried to plow a furrow to keep fire in bounds and could hardly get the plow point into the ground. Brought "keyed" calf up today for a milk cow. She's so nice & tame and her mother & grandma, were good milkers.

Aug 27 -- Very warm. Boyd worked on mowing machine putting in ew (?) knives. Went to far place. Went to town & grandma's abit (obit?) this evening. Frames here about renting ground. Their place sold $5000 -- 80 or 85 a).

Aug 28 -- Very hot. Mrs. P. canned some grapes. Went home this p.m. to fix her grapes. Some of ours not ready yet. She expects to come back next week. Children went to school A.M. got book lists. Will cost $10 or more and didn't get all new ones either. Roland cut wood in little woods.

Aug 29 -- Ha da little shower last night. All went to C'ville to get school books, shoes & stockings for school. Ordered copperas ? and got shingles. Boys fixed shop roof this p.m.

Aug 30 -- Rained just a little last night. Very sultry today. Had Dr. Hornaday come and attend the pig Clayton wanted so bad last spring and then went back on it. Paid Dr. 1.50. Boys run shoates and patched shop roof today.

Aug 31 -- Showery, a bit cooler. My birthday. 54 and 100 in my body. Why can't ones spirit and body keep place. Went to SS first for long time. District M. delegates reported very fine but I was so tired had to rest an hour before could east dinner. Mrs. P. came back.


Sept 1 -- Roland washed clothes. Took children to school got some nails and worked on shed and shop roofs. Mrs. P. cleaned milk house - showery and sultry. Rain will help grass. Garden stuff gone.

Sept 2 -- Rainy again. Two good showers. How thankful we are and how good it looks to see it rain. Children in school. Truck too full 26 or 7 in now. Have to sit on each others laps. Hauling some Scott & Union children here. Roland cut wood, picked grapes fixed fence. Put up some juice & canned 1 1./2 qts. Paul here to see about hauling gravel to his auto shed. He will haul free.

Sept 3 -- First day in months air clean and cool from last nights rain. Roland cleaned out gasoline stove. Went to far place to salt stock and see about water. Picked grapes. Mrs. P. got them ready to can & make juice of. I helped a little. Seem so weak yet. Guess its partly because of the hot weather. Blanche L. here.

Sept 4 -- Fine day. Cool and nice clean air. I really feel better today. Boys took young blk cow to Reedy's bull today. Fixed more grapes. We took some things to Grandma this eve. Roland went to far place. Chopped wod and dug late potatoes only got 4 bu off nearly 1/2 the patch. Early ones did quite a bit better got 21 bu of them

Sept 5 - Nice day but real warm in sun. Clarence adv't for help to pick tomatoes. Ripening nice now. Boys worked as usual.

Sept 6 -- Went to C'ville. Got home by 9 o'clock. Mrs. P. fixed some pickels. Boys cleaned trash away from corner of lot. Hauled rails and mowed yard. Took Mrs. P. home for over Sunday. Boys saw Paul Stoner, ordered ton and 1/2 fertilizer. Cost about $32.

Sept 7 -- Rainy & Sultry. Helping the factory tomatoes. All went to SS Makes me very tired, but I always like SS wish I could work at it more. Mrs. P. came back this evening.

Sept 8 -- Fine cool day. Roland did washing. Geo & Stella Kessler here see about fertilizer. Roland cut weeds. Ruth fell off the teeter totter at school and bursted a blood vessle in her ankle. Must soak in hot water 1/2 hr. every 3 hrs. They kept her at school until evening. Happened at noon. Should have reported home at once. Dr. thot could have taped it if had seen it sooner. Will take some time to recover. Intended trying to do without Mrs. P. after this week. Dr. says must keep help awhile yet. Had no chance to get stronger during hot weather. Thinks I've done well to hold my own. Oh, how I wish I didn't have to pay out so much for myself.

Sept 9 -- Nice day again. Roland finished picking grapes. Took me to town got some of Ruths books. Ankle too sore to go to school. On bed all day. Foot numb very blue & swollen. Not painful if quiet. Find can get Kentucky coal this mo. for $6.50 ton. Roland cut row of corn thru field to turn hogs in. Will put fence thru tomorrow. Am feeling very weak & bad today not much sleep last night and anxious about Ruth. Have no reserve strength or nerves either. Boys went to see, "All Quiet on the Western Front," they seldom get out to anything. I thank God every day for all my children are doing for me. May God richly bless every one of them.

Sept 10 -- Warm today. Roland fixed fence through corn field. Mrs. Wert's here to see about Radio. Not working right. Found loose connection behind big battery. R. took Battery down to recharge this evening. Ruths foot better, but very blue & swollen yet. I feel awfully bad and weak, oh my.

Sept 11 -- Very wearm again. Boys turned shoats into corn field. Fixed fence. Ruths foot very blue but swelling some better. I feel miserable.

Sept 12 -- Very warm; sultry. Boys brought up all the old sows. Ruth's foot better. I feel a little better this evening. Praise God, its as well with us as it is.

Sept 13 -- Very warm yet. Donnie's birthday 1 yr old. Mrs. P. went home this a.m. to do some work. Boys hauled coal, lacking 100 lbs of 2 tons $6.50 ton. Kentucky coal. Ruth goes to table foot awfully blue & real sore in places. I am weak but not quite so nervous.

Sept 14 -- Nothing

Sept 15 -- Rainy. Warm. Stella brought Ruth piece of cake. Dr & Mrs. Werts here. Radio not working right. John & Lillis Harshbarger here. In about place for minister to live should one come. Mrs. P. came back. Ruths ankle a little better. I feel better too. Rather stormy tonight

photo from: radiopast.com)

Sept 16 -- Sultry. Clouds. Took Ruth to Dr. can't go to school this week yet. Foot too sore & blood shot to tape up. Got mine & Lewis shoes soled. Geo. Kesslers here Say corn is blown down too much to sow wheat in. Havae to sow oats there I guess. Clayton here awhile.

Sept 17 -- Cloud am. fine p.m. Roland took grandma to town to have her tooth pulled. He cleaned some wheat. First pigs came today - 9 - 7 living. Ruth walked some today. Foot very blue.

Sept 18 -- Fine clear cool day. R & I went to ask Sam Himes about some things. Also visited Lawyer Marks a few minutes. Clarence seems inclined to make trouble about the wheat sowing, where the tomatoes are. Filed a lien on the crop for payment ahead of canning factory. Roland got fertilizer. Almost 2 tons $60+. Fixed broken fence. Ruth walking some.

Sept 19 -- Fine day. Roland worked on tractor, etc. a.m. started plowing on field south of cow pasture this p.m. may have to use it for wheat. Ovie Banta here getting no. of voters in family. Dr. & Mrs Werts got radio fixed. Something wrong in back part. We cleaned bedroom & closet. Ruth walks better. Leg & foot real blue yet. I feel better today. I do like this fresh cooler air.

Sept 20 -- Fine day. Cool.  4 more sows had pigs. 7-9-9-12 hope they all live. Roland plowed Lewis R & I took Mrs. P. home. Took R. to Dr. taped her ankle. Still blue a way up her leg, but doesn't hurt if she walks caefully. My heart bothering some again. 5th sow had 12 pigs today.

Sept 21 -- Nice day. Boys went to SS Lucille went along. Didn't feel very good this a.m. R & I laid around. Felt better this p.m. Ruth wanted to take a ride and hear the band at Milligan Park. We all drove up and got into the "tail end" of a carnival that been there all week. She saw her first "ferris wheel," and "merry go round." We didn't get out of the machine. Had a nice ride. Mrs. P. back.

Sept 22 - Very hot today. Took Ruth to school.  Got along very well. Teacher very nice about her staying in etc. Roland almost finished plowing.

Sept 23 - Very hot today. Don't feel well either. Roland finished plowing. Weeds clogged so bad couldn't make good time. Ruth getting along very well with her sore ankle at school. Still colored quite a bit. Geo. K. has cut 80 shocks fodder. Claims he did it once or twice before when feed was scarce. Last sow had 5 pigs today.

Sept 24 -- Drizzly and sultry. Roland worked in field digging out rocks until got to rainy to work. Ruth got most of the taping off her leg today. Itched so she couldn't sleep. Can't wear shoe yet.

Sept 25 -- Rainy today. Couldn't work much out doors. Lewis has had to write some English papers and got special recognition on them. They were taken over for the grade teachers to read. Ruth is having to stay in on account of her foot and she helps her teacher check papers. Too sultry & close today for me but feel right.

Sept 26 -- Rained a little last night. Got very cool today therm fell 20 degrees. Cold wind. Took Mrs. P. home for over week end. I feel better when its cooler. Roland dug the big rocks out of field. Fixed fence where hogs got out & went to SS class party at H. Rogers.

Sept 27 - Fine day. Windy but warmer. No frost yet. Boys hauled rocks out of field and Roland used cultipacker & drag. Lewis fixed fence looked after stock mowed yard. Good days work done. Fine boys I have. Ruths leg still colored but she helped me today. She's a worker too. Couldn't get along without my dear children. All of them!

Sept 28 - Fine cool day. A little frost. All went to SS. Mrs. P. came back. Ruth wore her shoe but was tight.

Sept 29 -- Fine day. Warmer. Roland dragging & discing. Geo. K. brought some seed corn over. Roland started washing at noon. We finished it. Boys brought up wheat drill. Sacked wheat after night to haul out.

Sept. 30 -- Big frost last night. Didn't do much damage. Fattening hogs got out. Boys fixed fence. "Wool in the Face," got out too (sheep) Clarence has a man working for him. Conkright by name. C. sent him to help sow wheat in place of coming himself. Roland almost finished working the field. Had to help the man get started.


Oct 1 -- Fine day. Had hard heart attack this a.m. Feel better this eve. Still sowing wheat. Conkright helped all day. Roland aims to finish tomorrow. Notified Clarence to vacate the house by Dec. 1. I will probably not write regularly now, only the most important things.

Oct 2 - Warmer. Threatening rain. Fnished sowing wheat. Praise be, Im glad it's done

Oct 3- nothing

Oct 4 - Boys took Ram down to far place. Gathered seed corn. Fine day. Grandma here. Bert Frame's have new boy - born yesterday morning.

Oct 5 -- nothing

Oct 6 - nothing

Oct 7 - nothing

Oct 8 - nothing

Oct 9 - nothing

Oct 10 -- Fine warm day. above 80 on porch. No killing frost yet. Wheat up nicely. Showers this week. Roland building shed in lot for sows & pigs. Ruth's ankle sore yet. Is thicker than other ankle & still discolored. Clarence is advertising for a farm to rent on the thirds. Still picking tomatos.

Oct 11 - nothing

Oct 12 -- Very hot. Robt. Miller preached today. Susan Thompson, 88, buried. He preached the funeral this p.m. We didn't go.

Oct 13 - nothing

Oct 14 - nothing

Oct 15 - nothing

Oct 16 -- Nice day. Has been fine weather most of the month. Good shower this p.m. Got 170 from canning factory of Clarence's rent money for the tomato field. Grandma here all day. All but Lewis went to C'ville to pay tax. He mowed yard. He & Roland finished steps for back porch door. Roland did most of it while Lewis was at school, fine job too. I surely do have good boys. To Roland $50.00 for work.

Oct 17 -- nothing

Oct 18 - Mercury dropped 41 degrees in 24 hrs. Down to 30 degrees & killed the tomatoes last night. Roland is spending the week end at No. Manchester attending the home coming. Clarence does the milking.

Oct 19 -- nothing

Oct 20 - Cold! 21 above zero. Sold Clarence a load of corn. Will pay in few days he said. Man (Conkright) who sowed the wheat lost Popa's brass knife. Had borrowed it and a pair of overalls. Clarence has Ford Sedan. Says he gave $12.00 for it but finds it's costing him more.

Oct 21 -- nothing

Oct 22 -- Still cold, but sunny. Clarence paid today $21.59 c for 29 bu & 40 lbs of corn. We sold hogs today. Welch's truck took 29 shoats this evening and will get the other 6 in morning.

Oct 23 -- Moderated some. Cloudy. Damp. Got ck for shoats. Went as light average 196 lbs a little less. Minns trucking etc. we got $630.23. Roland husking corn today. Got a little yesterday p.m. Ck to estate today for $10.80 for 15 bu wheat 72 c bu sowed Oct 2, 1930. Our spring shoats were about 8 mos old. Fall shoats about 7 mos old

Oct 24 - nothing

Oct 25 -- Fine day but cool - no wind tho. Mercury 29 this morning. Took 2 calves to pasture on far place today. All children husked corn this p.m. Mrs. P. home for over Sunday. Blanche Mahorneys grandmother Myers (Catherine Yenawine 1844-1930) buried today. Omer Gates married last Saturday. Clara G. died a year ago tomorrow. Ro. Paid $170.00 work.

Oct 26 -- nothing

Oct 27 --nothing

Oct 28 --nothing

Oct 29 -- Cold & Sunny. Roland husking corn. Clarence here, wanted to rent the farm. Said didn't have to leave till Mar. anyway. Tried to make him understand he only rents by month. Finally told him I'd turn the matter over to Lawyer Marks. Took the book of accts to Marks. He says I'm right. C. has no tenant rights there as soon as we quit giving him work. Now its up to Marks and Clarence. I hope everything goes off well. I hate trouble even if I am right. And everyone who has had any dealings with C. says he isn't "all there." Not exactly accountable. How I wish we hadn't listered to Lee Dodd and let him come here.

Oct 30 -- Cold & windy. Got account with Clarence off to Marks, and went to Brown's orchard to get some apples. 3 1/2 mi SW of Bainbridge. Got 1 bu York Ine? 1 bu White P. 1 bu Nameless Total $4.00 Very tired this evening. R. husked corn (very good) pm. He has made steps for back porch. Fixed lamp to go up better & cleaned & repaired pump engine.

Oct 31 -- Cold. first now. Harley Rogers here last night to see about renting place. Made no arrangements yet.


Nov 1 -- nothing

Nov 2 - nothing

Nov 3 - Two baskets corn each day for feed from box crib (commenced feeding new corn).

Nov 4 - nothing

Nov 5 -- Very cold wind. Paul M. brought first load corn today. Vern Bryan Rep defeated Ed Barnes for trustee in yesterdays election. Ed Barnes had the office 8 yrs. And for over 30 yrs theres been Dem trustee in office.

Nov 6 - nothing

Nov 7 -- Paul brought a load of corn. Weather cold and very dry. Wheat & pastures suffering for rain.

Nov 8 - nothing

Nov 9 - nothing

Nov 10 - nothing

Nov 11 -- Paul brought load corn. Paid $2.70 for 27 loads cinder gravel Paul hauled on the place. Clarence came up and settled his account. Praise Paul! (?) and thanks to lawyer Marks for his help. C. has a place at Tinkersville. He still owes Nov. rent.

Nov 12 -- nothing

Nov 13 -- Paul brought load corn. Roland brought up the cow Clarence had. C. is moving. Warmer all week, cloudy and misty. Sun hasn't shone since Sunday. Mrs. P. here only 2 days a week now.

Nov 14- Paul brought load of corn.

Nov 15 - Vaccinated pigs. Paul brought load of corn.

Nov 16 - nothing

Nov 17 - Roland finished husking corn east of house today. Box crib full as will hold.  Level full - 228 bu according to Papa's measure. Had to put some in barn crib. Estimate about 300 bu altogether. Part of field was bogged down very nice day. Weather dry.

Nov 18 -- Paul brought load of corn. Clayton brought load of corn.

Nov 19 - Paul brought load of corn. Mighty fine warm weather all week so far.

Nov 20 -- Clayton brought load of corn. Clarence moving his hay today.

Nov 21 - nothing

Nov 22 -- Clayton brought load corn. Paul brought load corn. Boys hauled load of coal. Bought about 3 1/2 tons this fall. Quite cold today. Took the sows down except the old slim one.

Nov 23 -- Paul bought load corn. Cold & snowing. 18 above zero this a.m.

Nov 24 -- Kesslers heifer died on pasture at far place. Very cold, snowing & blowing. 14 above zero. Kessler's calf been on pasture since May 1.

Nov 25 - Very cold. Brought all calves and sheep up from far place. John and Marian came yesterday eve. Very cold trip. Roads icy all the way. Johns car froze last night had to take it to town. Grandma here for dinner. Kesslers took calf out. (GK Calf went on pasture) July 10

Nov 26 -- nothing

Nov 27 - nothing

Nov. 28 -- Paul brought load corn. Sent 5 "lon" yearlings (about 18 mos old) to Indianapolis. Welsh's truck, 11 below zero this am.

Nov 29 -- Warmer. Sleet & rain. John went back. Got 385.42 for yearling (clear) (truck & com-out) total $400.55. Gave Roland $10 for work (to date $290).

Nov 30 -- nothing


Dec 1 -- Paul brought load of corn. Clayton brought load of corn. Very cold again 14 above zero.

Dec 2 - Paul brought load of corn

Dec 3 -- Paul broughnt load of corn

Dec 5 - Paul brought load of corn.

Dec 6 - Cool damp cloudy. Geo. Kessler helped casterate pigs. Paid him 50c. Has all of the corn in of ours. Not quite all his part out yet. Paul brought load of corn. Corn from estate filled East crib full. About 626 bu. some over to feed at far barn. Horses kept there to work that place.

Dec 7 -- nothing

Dec 8 -- Paul brought small load corn. Clarence got a load of stuff away, not all gone yet.

Dec 9 -Paul brought small 1/2 load corn. All in now. Average yield 3- bu acre on Paul's.

Dec 10 - Brust (?) dressed two hogs $3.50 with 75 c trucking to town. Nice job and less than Clarence did it for. Took thin sow to other place.

Dec 11 & 12 - Clarence moved 2 loads of stuff.

Dec 13 - Clarence moved another load of trash. Had had 4 big loads of junk and not done yet. Roland went to Urbana, Ill today. Paul M. did milking. Geo. K. got all corn out now. Gave Paul 40c for two milkings 4 cows.

Dec 14 - SS reorganized. John Harshbarger, Supt. Roland, Asst Supt. Frances Miller, Sec. Avia Baker Asst Sec. Lewis Treas. Paul Ronk, Asst Maud R, Ruth C Music Directors. Bro. Root resigned elder ship on account of other duties. VB Browning elected for 1 year. Claud H. local correspondent. Myself Messenger.

Dec 15 -- nothing

Dec 16 -- nothing

Dec 17 -- Took 5 weaned calves to stalk pasture on estate.

Dec 18 - Paid Roland $17.62 - 12 of C. Cow sold Monday Trucking etc. deducted $52. 88

Dec 19 - Clarence has finished moving I guess, tho he hasn't said so or paid the Nov rent or horse & wagon hire. It looks as if all his stuff is gone and the place can breathe.

Dec 20 -- nothing

Dec 21 - nothing

Dec 22 - Received a 5 % payment from Citizens State Bank $56.14 for estate $3.14 mine.

Dec 23 -- nothing

Dec 24-- nothing

Photo thanks to WHNT.com

Dec 25 -- The first Christmas in thirty years that I've fixed the presents without Ezra. I must do the best I can for the childrens sake. Strange how sad and lonely the heart can be amid all the Christmas cheer. Envy not the appearance of happiness in any one for you know not their secret grief.

Dec 26 - Boys hauled 3660 lbs Kentucky coal $6.75 ton. Grandma here all day. Light snow on, not very cold.

Dec 27 - nothing

Dec 28 - nothing

Dec 29 -- Mason Cummins started work on the little house today. Repairing. Mrs. P. here today will try to do without her if I can. She has been coming one day a week for about a month.

Dec. 30 - nothing

Dec 31 - nothing

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