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Waveland Presbyterian Church

Waveland Presbyterian Church

As of today in 2021, this church has ceased.  However there is a preschool using the annex building which does not show in the picture.  It is located to the west, right of church building.

Here is an earlier photo before the front steps were added.  Also shown is the parsonage to the east or left.  Thanks to Jeff S.

Presbyterian Church - Waveland (AKA Convenant United Methodist Church after 1965) - this current Waveland Church basically is a combination of the Presbyterian and Methodist and is called the Waveland Covenant. An interesting service was advertised in the Waveland Independent, June 20, 1907 -- Next Sunday at 11 o'clock the pastor will preach. In the afternoon Prof. J.M. Coyner, Ph.D. who 50 years ago was one of the professors in the Waveland Academy will give a lecture - Woman's Work for the Salvation of Women in Utah." In the evening at 7:30 he will speak on the subject, "The Morman Hierarchy, the bitter foe of American Christianity." The lectures are free and everybody is invited.

Waveland Prebyterian Church Ladies' group - Sally Milligan Guild
-- Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 29 January 1942
The Sally Milligan Guild of the Presbyterian Church was entertained Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. R.M. Harbeson. Mrs. Elizabeth Peck conducted the devotional services. Miss Helen Kelso gave the program on "China." The nominating committee appointed was Mrs. Harry Machledt, Mrs. Jake Glascock and Mrs. Mike Grimes. The program committee was Mrs. J.M. Milligan, Mrs. Frank Burrin and Mrs. H.H. Grice. A social hour followed and lovely refreshments were served by the hostess. -- kbz

Source: Waveland Independent newspaper, Waveland, Montgomery County, Indiana 29 January 1942
The fourth Union Service was held last Sunday afternoon at the Presbyterian Church, this time with all four ministers and a large number of visitors present.  Rev. Hartling delivered the sermon, while Rev. Elmore led in prayer, Rev. McBrayer led the responsive reading and Rev. Hessel conducted the singing and benediction. Mrs. Hessel played the piano. The next Union Service is planned for February 15 at the Methodist Church with Rev. Elmore preaching the sermon. - kbz

1st Sunday School Union Held here
Source: Indianapolis Journal 17 Aug 1887 p 2

Crawfordsville, Aug 16 – The first quarterly convention of the Montgomery County Sunday-School Union was held today in the Presbyterian Church at Waveland. Heretofore these meetings were held annually but at the regular annual meeting in this city last May they were changed to quarterly. The opening devotional exercises were conducted by Rev. LF Galey of Waveland. This was followed by “What are the Requisites of a Sunday school Teacher? Led by Rev. GP Fuson of Brownsvalley.  What Relation Does a Pastor Sustain to the Sunday School? By Rev. AJ Johnson of Darlington.  What Manner of Man should the Sunday School Superintendent be?  By JA Mount of Shannondale.  Sunday School Music by WJ Miles of Brownsvalley. The afternoon exercises were opened with devotional exercises conducted by Rev. LS Buckles of Waveland. Combined SS and Church service and how best secured was the subject of Rev JH Long of Ladoga. How Can we Best Cultivate a Missionary Spirit in the Sunday School by Rev. JM Stafford of Ladoga.  The Study of the Lesson at Home by Rev JF Foster of this city. How Can We best Teach our Children to Sing by Prof. A. Lam Moore of this city. The attendance was good and the various reports from o  er the county were encouraging to SS workers. At the close of the convention in the evening a sermon on the result of SS work by Rev. JF Foster of the Baptist Church of this city.

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