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Covenant United Methodist Church

Covenant United Methodist Church

-- In September 1965, under the guidance of Rev. Walter Porters, the Methodist and Presbyterian Churches of Waveland formed the above church. Methodism in Waveland went back to a circuit rider preaching at the McCormick home just north of Waveland in the year 1825. It was not until 1842 when this organization was deeded property from John & Lucinda Milligan in order to construct a church, this church being a rough, wood structure replaced by a brick building in the late 1860s. The first parsonage was presented to the church in 1878 by Andrew McCormick. In 1828, the Waveland Presbyterian Church organized and church was held November 28th. One of the three founders of Wabash College, Rev. James Thompson headed-up this group. Strict discipline reigned with the first churches in this area. Although a small group in 2012, wonderful folks still attend and put forth effort for the community / church.

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Below we have some different views of the building over the years and thru differnt demoninations in a self playing slide show.  By placing the cursor below the "Control Bar" you will see a description of the photo.  There is an icon "[ ]" on the right side of the "Control Bar" that by clicking on it the slide show will enlarge to "Full Screen".  You can then move forward or backward, at your own pace, by clicking on the right or left arrows.  Then there are full screen controls in the upper right hand corner.  Please enjoy!

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