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Franklin Township

White Church - Franklin Township


Source: Gospel Messenger Offering 1888
Bro. T. C. Dunbar, of the White church, Montgomery Co., Ind., under date of Feb. 19, writes: "Bro. Michael Flory came and opened a series of meetings on the evening of Feb. 1, closing the 17th; in all delivering twenty-three sermons. He did not shun to declare the whole counsel of God, neither is he ashamed of the gospel of Christ. As an immediate result, eight precious souls were buried in baptism, to walk in newness of life. There are three more applicants, which will make eighteen added to the church during this winter."

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 29 Dec 1893 p 12
The Brethren’s ministerial meeting for the southern district of Indiana was held at White Church Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of last week. A splendid programme was followed in which Revs. Holsinger, Blickenstaff, Hoover, Goshorn and Teeter took a leading part.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 31 Aug 1894 p 7
“Bowers” news – the basket meeting at the White Church on last Sunday was very well attended.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 2 Aug 1895 p 6

“White Church news article” - Last Sunday evening at White Church at 9 o’clock occurred the pleasant wedding of John Harriman and Miss Fannie Harmeson. The bride was attired in white silk which was very beautiful, the groom wore the usual black. The ceremony was performed by Elder DC Campbell is his pleasant way. Edgar Rine and Miss Belle Campbell were the attendants, Miss Belle wearing a white albatross trimmed in lace and ribbon. These young people are well and favorably known.  Mr. Harriman has taught several successful terms of school, both at Bowers and Boots School and Miss Fannie is an accomplished daughter of a farmer.  The house at an early hour was filed and at the appointed time after services there was not standing room, although the friends were accommodated as much as could be by furnishing seats from the basement. A large circle of friends join us in wishing them a successful journey through life.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 9 Oct 1896 p 2
Mrs. Rebecca Kias (Kious) an old settler of Sugar Creek Township died Wednesday Sept 30 at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Caroline Dunbar near White Church aged 90 years and 14 days. Her funeral was preached by Eld Campbell at White Church, Thursday Oct 2.  Interment at Bowers Cemetery. She leaves four daughters and two sons to mourn her loss. Mrs. Kias lived in the neighborhood where she died 62 years and had been a faithful member of the Dunkard Church for many years.  

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 30 April 1897 p 9
A bloody affray followed close on the heels of the Benediction at White Church, Sugar Creek Township Sunday morning.  It seems that a few days ago Wallace Stuckey a young farmer was made defendant in a paternity suit and during the service at White Church Sunday William Jobe and his brother amused themselves immensely by guying Stuckey’s daughters in connection with the lamentable affair. It was great fun for the Jobe boys and they had a regular picnic laughing immoderately at their own witty remarks. After the service was over the girls hastened to their brothers, Wallace and Will Stucky who sat in another part of the church and told them of the insults to which they had been subjected. The Stucky boys approached the Jobes and an angry dispute was quickly inaugurated. Suddenly William Jobe drew a knife and rushing upon Wallace Stuckey, proceeded to cut and slash in a furious manner. Stuckey’s clothes were fairly hacked off and his body covered over with ugly gashes. He was literally soaked in (his own) blood when his assailant was dragged off but strange to say no vital spot had been touched. Jobe has been arrested and will be given a hearing before Squire Campbell at Darlington.  

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