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Crawfordsville St. Bernard Catholic Church and School

1306 East Main Street
Crawfordsville, Indiana

Crawfordsville - the first resident priest was Father Edward O'Flaherty, 1st church built of Virgin timber from the area at the corner of Walnut & North Street in 1859. Five years later, the Catholic school was established.  On the corner of Pike & Washington the large church of red brick and stone was built in 1876, inside this church in 1957.  See the picture in the title link aboce, taken in 1874 - note the tower was later shortened & note the power lines and interurban lines.

The cemetery began (Calvary) in 1872.

The present day church at 1306 East Main Street was built in 1958, see photos below. Try their webpage, too :) In 1970, the school closed but the facility has been revamped a couple of times since then.

Source: Ft. Wayne Sentinel Fri 21 June 1901 p 1
Rt Rev. HJ Alerding, ordained:
Rev. James Fitzpatrick, Ft Wayne.  Rev. Thomas Conroy, Ft. Wayne.  Rev. John Wakefer, Crawfordsville.  Rev. Joseph Abel, Hanover Center.  Rev. Peter Budnik, South Bend. Rev. Julius Seimetz, Michigan City.  The young men who received holy orders today have just completed their theological education at St. Mary’s seminary, Cincinnati and received minor orders at the hands of Archbishop Elder a week ago. Today they were ordained from deaconship to priesthood.  There ceremony this morning began at 7:30 o’clock and assisting the bishop were Rev. PJ O’Reilley of the Cathedra and Rev. John Noll of Kendalville as chaplains; Rev. JH Bathe of the Cathedral as master of ceremonies and Rev FJ Dandurand of Monroeville as assistant.  In addition to these each of the candidate was accompanied by a chaplin.  Rev. Father Wroebel of Michigan City officiated for Rev. Father Seimetz; Rev. B Boebner, president of St. Joseph’s college at Rennelaer for Rev. Father Budnik; Rev. A. Seifert, rector of the seminary at Carthagena, Ohio for Rev. Father Fitzpatrick; Rev. JF Delaney of St. Patrick’s Church for Rev. Father Conroy; Rev. Father McCabe of Lafayette for Rev. Father Wakefer and Rev. E. Grimm, CPSS of Rensselaer for Rev. Father Abel.  The occasion was a notable one for the young men for it marked the close of 11 years of preparation for the high office of priesthood and the beginning of a lifelong career of priestly labors. Three of the young priests, Fathers Conroy, Fitzpatrick and Abel were graduates of St. Joseph’s college at Rensselaer in the class of 1896, entering that institution under the presidency of Rev. A. Seifert now of Carthagena, Ohio who was present today… The first mass is held on a feast day and in the present instance the Feast of St. Aloysius was chosen… Father Wakefer will read his first mass at Crawfordsville.

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 5 July 1901 p 3

John Wakefer, who was recently ordained as a priest, celebrated his first mass Sunday at St. Bernard’s Church in this city, several priests assisting in the solemn service. The auditorium was beautifully decorated and an immense congregation was present, a becoming tribute to the popular young divine. The Rev. Mr. Wakefer is a Crawfordsville boy and has been admirably prepared for his high calling. – kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 3 March 1888 p 3

A council of the Catholic Benevolent Legion was organized in this city Sunday by Deputy Chancellor, Thomas Meegan of Ft. Wayne.  The Legion is an organization which was instituted in 1881 by Bishop Laughlin of Brooklyn for the purpose of relieving distressed poor under his care. There has been distributed since 1881, $780,000, nearly a million dollars. It is supposed that in the course of 25 years it will relieve 50% of the poor who would otherwise be thrown upon the cold charity of the world, and for want of getting enough to eat by begging would become dishonest, thus going on from bad to worse until they become very dangerous characters. This organization proposes to reduce this number by using the money taken in from the person insured in helping the distressed family in the event of the death of a member. Their success is certain, judging from the increase in membership since the date of organization. The membership is now 16,000 and rapidly increasing. Council are being organized in all the important cities in northern Indiana and other states north of the Ohio River. This organization does not start councils south of the Tenn River thus guarding against yellow fever epidemic. Mr. Meegan, the gentleman who organized this council made a very eloquent speech last night, setting for the objects of the Legion.  His reference to a mother’s love was very touching and all true to nature. A son cannot comprehend his mother’s love for him. Why should he not then show his regard for her and make her happy by arranging for her welfare in the event of his death so she may not be thrown on her own resources with her children.  After saying a great many other things too numerous to mention Mr. Meegan proceeded to the installing of officers who had been elected at a previous meeting. They were as follows: Chaplain, Rev. JR Dineen; President Con Cunningham; VP MF Devan; Chancellor, MJ Curran; Sec, JA Hogan; Collector, GW Chester; Treas, Demas Gilbert; Orator, D Sullivan; Marshall, John Sullivan; Guard, John Clark, Jr; Trustees, M. Kelly, James Wakefer, John McCarthy. The council then adjourned. It started out on a very good financial standing, having a good amont in the treasurey.
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Photo Source: Taken on May 24, 2020 by Jim Zach
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