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Robert's Chapel Church

Section 9 Wayne Township

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 7 Jan 1888 p 1
On New Years night the Sunday School in connection with the ME Church of Robert’s Chapel in the Breaks neighborhood gave a good literary entertainment and had a very good congregation, although the weather was unfavorable…

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 26 Ma 1899 p 7
There will be a new church erected at Roberts Chapel this summer.
There was no preaching at Roberts Chapel Sunday morning on account of quarterly meeting at Wesley.


Source: Weekly Argus News Jan 6, 1900 p 1
The Methodist congregation of Roberts' Chapel dedicated their handsome new church Sunday with fitting ceremonies. The edifice has just abeen complete at a cost of $4000 and is perhaps the largest and best appointed country church in the county. Dr. Bassett of Lafayette delivered the dedicatory sermon. - kbz

Source: Crawfordsville Review 26 Feb 1898 p 8

“Robert’s Chapel” news item – Cal Breaks is kept busy this week explaining how the two Dutchmen got married.  What’s become of the Ladies’ Aid Society? Dr. Dewey is kept busy these times waiting on the sick.  Doc has a large practice in this locality.  Ora Petro the belle of RC came to the conclusion she was tired of traveling the path of life alone, so on last Wednesday night took a husband – Fred Utterback of Bristle Ridge… Catherine Elmore had been lecturing at the school and  Stringtown wanted to engage her to do the same at their school “that is if the fee isn’t too high.”

Source 30 April 1898 Review

The meeting at Robert's Chapel last Sunday was well attended morning and evening.   CWJ Dec 88 – Prayer meeting every Thursday night at Robert’s Chapel.  First found the name in the 1891 newspapers but likely goes back farther.

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