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Who's Who in Fountain (kbz's version)

The Rich --- The Famous -- The Infamous -- and ... More

-- A --

**ADAMSON, John -- land owner; trader; farmer ...

**ALDRIDGE, James Wesley -- decorated by King George V of England for bravery in WWI

**ARMSTRONG, Lewis P -- physician

** AUTER, Peter -- farmer; died while in Civil War

** AYLSWORTH, Jonas -- mill operator

-- B --

**BAILEY, John -- teacher; county sheriff ..

-- C --

**CARNES, Josef R - composer

**CRANE, George W. III -- columnist; psychologist; first computer dating service (Scientific Marriage Foundation in Mellott, IN) findagrave

-- D --

-- E --

-- F --

**FAUST, Montclair S. - local dentist - source 2

**FENTERS, James Dean - microbioligist - much work on cancer, as well as some Enviornmental work. He was on the Editorial Staff for the publication, Applied Microbiology through the 1970s.

**FENTERS, Roy C -- judge; WWI Veteran; prosecuting attorney

-- G --

**GRAY, William and wife, Zoe Jones -- first superintendents of the Pythian Home in Lafayette - oversaw 15 or so workers and about 125 people in the home. He was also the first "mayor" of Veedersburg

-- H --

**HARDEN, Cecil Murray & husband, Frost - Cecil was a state rep and Frost was a car dealer, barber 50-year Mason

**HELGERS, Ruby Moore -- a newspaper correspondent for almost 60 years, Ruby worked for both the Crawfordsville Journal-Review and Danville Commercial News. She was always trying to improve her beloved town of Mellott (town board 16 years; Sunday School teacher; Eastern Star; and initiated Flag Town USA. Wish I'd have known her! kbz

**HESLER, Alfred J -- mover & shaker in Fountain County Historical Society and creator of 4-H in the county - cool man!

-- I --

-- J --

-- K --

-- L --

**LUKE, Della Cade -- 1st Superintendent of Turkey Run State Park - love to know more about her

-- M --

**MYERS, John Thomas -- Long-time Congressman born in Fountain and lived many of his years here

-- N --

** NEBEKER, Enos Hook -- Enos held several local offices, including County Auditor and was chosen by President Harrison as Treasurer of the United States - one of my fav Fountain Countians

**NORMAN, Marguerite Starkey Smith -- Marguerite was a cousin of mine and so admired by all who knew her - she gave herself fully to her pupils, community and faith

**NYE, E.A. - multitalented -- preacher, writer, newspaperman ....

-- O --

-- P --

**PITZER, Lawrence (Slim) -- National Corn Husking Champion - 1939

-- Q --

-- R --

** Rabb, Kate Milner - author, libber, historian - thanks Lesa E -- one lady I didn't know about and am "proud to know her!"

**Richards, Cynthia Walker -- Civil War nurse

** Ryan, Gene W. - 1st Indiana State Police Narcotics Officer - investigate Dillinger

-- S --

** St. Clair, Labert -- newspaperman ... and Obituary

**Shelton, La"Verna" Glascock -- principal/musician - if anyone has a picture or any information or remembrances of Verna, would LOVE to add that here :) KZ

-- T --

-- U --

-- V --

**VOORHEES, Daniel Wolsey - US Senator - 1827-1897

Reference 2 (thanks to West Central Indiana Genealogy Research Library)

-- W-X --

**Wallace, David -- Governor of Indiana, father of famed author, Lew Wallace

Note: There are many more references to Covington and the both Wallaces -- just surf the net :)

**White, William -  War of 1812 Soldier, Investor

--Y - Z --

**Zick, (Frank) Neal - R R Donnelley general foreman until his death.

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