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Making a query of other genealogists facilitates finding data and sources when documenting a family genealogy. There are many ways this is done on the internet, and through physical means.

The "official" way to make a query about this site is the most direct: Contact the Webmaster.

To make queries regarding your research, The preferred method is through the County based resources. and there are two basic methods that work to bring results, if not immediately, sometime in the future.

Your goal is to assure that others with a similar interest SEE what you need, and have the ability to respond. In this process you also need to be able to communicate clearly what you want, need, and are looking for.

The featured county based resources used for this site are the Fountain County Message Boards at http://boards.ancestry.com, and the Rootsweb County mail list, infounta@rootsweb.ancestry.com. BOTH are individually archived for future searchs, and the Boards at ancestry.com automatically get copied to the Rootsweb mail list. To post directly to the Rootsweb list you have to JOIN it, if you are not planning on being on the list for an extended period, and want to avoid a lot of mail that is NOT in rssponse to your query, then post to the Board. You will be notified when someone answers using the Board.

When posting your query keep in mind that the reader needs to have a reference they can anchor to: name, place, spouse, children, what you know or suspect, etc.

If you change email contact addresses, come back and post the changes....

File Updated: 2017 Jan 28

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