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 (30 October 2021)
Hillsboro School   Seven views of the schools, the Students, the Basketball team and inside the gym.  From the "Fountain County and Bicentennial Events" provided by Jeff Bossaer, Thanks Jeff!

(27 August 2021)   * Identification Update!
Unidentified Class with Teacher no names, possibly around 1915, could be earlier or later! Thanks to Andy Rice for the submission!  We formerly had this as a Newtown school photo, sorry!

(27 August 2021)  * Identification Update! After Christmas Andy sent new information.
Senior Class around 1927  This is Hillsboro Class of 1927.  Andy received help from his Grandmother, who identified her mother Maxine "Cronk" Marlatt.   When Andy Rice sent the picture he was not sure.  Any other help would be appreciated, THANKS!   Thanks to Andy Rice for the submission!  We formerly had this as a Newtown school photo, sorry!

High School Enrollment around 1927, or before includes Teachers, with names.  Could use help with identification!  We recived an update from Andy Rice.  His Great-Grandmother is listed as a student and she graduated in 1927.  She was pinpointed by her daughter, who is Andy's grandmother.  Thanks Andy for this information!  We formerly had this as a Newtown school photo, sorry!
Hillsboro High School picture - 1922 (above) (thanks to Bil Boone)- this was quite an impressive, advanced building, incorporating the grade school with the high school - the gym was added in 1939 and this building was used until at least 1965. From the 2013 Fountain County History p 9 we are blessed to know the first and last graduates from this school. 1900 : Martha Chatt Harding. In 1965, the last class included: Lyle Bartelson; Angela Dause; Nancy Foxworthy; Larry Harmless; Mike Hines; Helen Hoffhaus; Sharon Holycross; Larry Jahnke; Marie Krug; Betty Jo Lightle; Linda Lighty; Sharon McCutchan; Don Nine; Cheryl Owens; Steve Summers; Jim Voorhees; Cheryl Williams and Charles Willis. School Sec: Helen Ward. Teachers: Lora Gail Jones; Betty Majors; Richard Rodgers; Davey Puckett; Donna Stockdale; Patricia Schenk; James Clark; Henry Linn; Erna Lou Hall; Janice Hazlett and James Pfeister. Principal: David R. Johnson and Superintendent Paul Guy Ingersoll.  

Early School before gymnasium   thank you to Indiana Album Facebook page

Gymnasium Interior  Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Below we have a self playing slide show.  By placing the cursor below the "Control Bar" you will see a discription of the photo.  There is an icon "[ ]" on the right side of the "Control Bar" that by clicking on it the slide show will enlarge to "Full Screen".  Then there are full screen controls in the upper right hand corner.  Please enjoy!

(December 6, 2020) *Added a photo of an early Hillsboro team in the first spot from Andy Rice, thanks Andy!*
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