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School Photos and such!

If you have school photos or records you would like to share, I'm sure everybody would enjoy looking at them. Send them to Karen at -- just FYI -  (Clifton, Thomas.  Past and Present of Fountain & Warren Counties) In 1912 the total # of schools was Cain, 4; Davis 5; Fulton 7; Jackson 6; Logan 4; Millcreek 5; Richland 2; Shawnee 6; Troy 9; Van Buren 4. Teachers were: Cain 12; Davis 4; Fulton 9; Jackson 12; Logan 4; Millcreek 15; Richland 13; Shawnee 8; Troy 8 (which seems pretty strange since there were 9 schools in Troy Township - perhaps 19?); Van Buren 12; Wabash 7; Attica 18; Covington 15; Veedersburg 13. Teachers made $2.92 per day. Oh, my :( Although I had a basic listing, the awesome 2013 History of Fountain County was used to add a few and some info on the ones I already had :) Great book, by the way!

Davis Township: Map of schools locations, Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Logan Township: Map of schools locations, Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

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Schools recently Added!

(27 August 2023)
October 27 in 1905, the Covington Republican listed the officers and teachers for the upcoming school year with JW Wilkey, County Superintendent

COMMISSIONED - NON - Fountain High Schools - 1906

Source: Attica Ledger? Nov 30, 1906

In Fountain County, there are commissioned high schools at Attica, Covington and Veedersburg. There are non-commissioned high schools at Hillsboro, Wallace, Kingman, Mellott, Newtown and Stone Bluff.

Select Memories from Rival Schools
that educated and trained future Fountain residents.

Early in the 1940's, the Perrysville High School Baseball Team.  Thanks to Thomas Denhart.

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