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Logan Township - along with a church and some houses at Bethel, there was also education in the area very early on in the history of the county. This school was gone by 1900.
Bethel School, Attica, IN, burned 1916. A new school was built in the same place during the summer of 1916 but it closed about 1925 when the new Logan Township School was built. Bethel Church seen in the background was built about 1850 and is still standing and operating. Bethel dates back to the time of the first settlements of the area and is a very historic site.

Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Additional pictures of  Bethel academy/school, from a collection of photographs from "Attica of Yesteryear" consisting of pictures that were collected by the Attica Sesquicentennial History Committee and Jeff Bossaer.   Thanks Jeff!

Below we have a self playing slide show.  By placing the cursor below the "Control Bar" you will see a description of the photo.  There is an icon "[ ]" on the right side of the "Control Bar" that by clicking on it the slide show will enlarge to "Full Screen".  You can then move forward or backward, at your own pace, by clicking on the right or left arrows.  Then there are full screen controls in the upper right hand corner.  Please enjoy!
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