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Source: Weekly News-Review September 2, 1904

The dam at Bluff Mills has washed out again and in consequence boating in the region of Pine Hills is not all that camping parties could desire. During the heavy spring rains a section of the dam departed. The repairs had been completed but a few days when the rain of last week raised the tide in Sugar Creekand the repaired portion was again swept away. The flouring mill there has steam power for use in emergencies and has not had to shut down. typed by kbz - thanks to jt

Source: Weekly Argus News May 9, 1891

The organization which has adopted the name of Cliff Dwellers and have leased land at Bluff Mills on the west side of Sugar Creek is preparing to build a cottage on the grounds. The building will be about 20 x 50 ' which will be amply large to accomodate the 15 members of the club and its friends. In addition to the club house several boat houses will be built by individual members, according to the taste of each one. Quite a number of boats will be purchased, conveniences, such as the club may desire from time to time. Already the ground has been prepared by leveling, trimming trees, ditching and sowing grass seed. The site of the club house is a magnificent one, being well up the bank, with good walks leading to the stream close by the dam. For genuine pleasure the Cliff Dwellers will be fully prepared by the time the hot summer months arrive and many envious glances will be cast upon them by passers-by when the members are seen lounging around their cabin, or dipping the oars of their birch bark canoes in the still waters of Sugar Creek as the sun settles behind the horizon and the mosquito hums his twilight roundelay. typed by kbz - thanks to jt

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