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1929 Fair Booklet

1929 Waveland Fair Booklet :) What fun !

Officers -- (Committees, Features)

Ads - Glover's Ice Cream (at Barr's Sanitary Cafe) and Oakland Guernsey Farms - Mukwonago Wisconsin

Ads - Kiger - Logansport Stone

Ads - Spencer; Milligan; Love

General Rules - Prize $

Ads -- Shades; Machledt; Canine Chevrolet; Dr. Noblitt  

Horses - Harry Moser, Director

Ads - Eblin's Meat; Busenbark Grain; Birch & Birch; United Home Grocer (AC Evans)

Ads - State Bank of Waveland; Harry Shanklin (Men's Clothing); Crabbs, Reynolds & Taylor grain; Frank Ginn - livestock Transfer

Swine - Harry Moser, Director

Ads -- Gary Dilman Hardware; Security Abstract (Coppage; McCluer; Swearingen)

Cattle - Paul Emmert, Director

Ads -- Adler's Women Apparel (LOVE this ad) ; Hy-Grade Dairy  

Ads - Schultz; Moore; Goodwin; Jones

Sheep -- Paul Emmert, Director

Ads - Gregg Kelly Electric - Matthew Shoe Repair     

Ads - Kritz Shoes -- Willys Knight Whippet Cars (Galloway)

Vegetables - John Sharpe, Director

Ad - J.C. Penney

Ads - Haffner, Optometrist - Butter Cup - Farmers' Produce; John Paullus (Boars...) Woodcock, Light Hauling; W.D. Rinehart

Flowers - (probably Hazel Jarvis Deere) - Mrs. A.C. Deere, Director and A.S. Pett, Judge - A.S. Pett is Arthur S.

Ad - Strand Theatre

Stunts - Hitching up; Men's Hog Calling; Women's Cow Calling

Ads - Trask Jewelry; Wiatt Insurance; Burroughs Bros Footwear

Stunts Continued - Girls Pie Eating; Ladies' Nail Driving; Foot Race (CH Johnson) and Rules

Ads - Burrin; Ferguson Lumber; Sherfey

Ads - Morning Review Daily Newspapaer; E.L. McCabe School Supplies

Ads - Steffy School Supplies; DH Goble School Supplies

Donors - Banta; Barr; Brooks; Burrin; Busenbark Grain; Canine; Cowan; Cuppy; Crawfordsville Review; Dillman; Durham; Evans; Eblin; Galloway; Graham; Harmon; Harbeson; Harding; Huston; Hy-Grade Dairy; Jackson; John Deere; Johnson; Kritz; Lough; Love; Loudermill; McIntire; Mailer; Matricia; Milligan; Moody; Machledt; Moser; Oldshue; Pearlman; Rankin; Rinehart; Scott; Sharp; Slavens; Smith; Spencer; Stansbury;' State Bank of Waveland; State Line Telephone; Upton; Wabash Valley Electric; West; Wadley Cream

Ad - Coca-Cola - Crawfordsville, Indiana    

Ad - G.W. Deer - "Red Hat Petroleum" (believe this came from this source - the 1929 Fair Program however it may be from something else - DID find it in the 4-H box of goodies August 2016 - Crawfordsville District PL

NOTE: Although this was not for the 1929 WAVELAND fair - Jesse Canine grew-up and worked most of his life right here in Waveland but was very active in the whole Fair affair. Plus, not really sure where to put this so adding it to this page :)

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