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S.H. Gregg - see Gregg's

Sabens Gas Station Located on Market and Water Streets.  Thanks to Mary Sue.

Sanitary Cafe

SAYLER Auctioneer - 1930? City Directory

Sayler Brothers Auctioneers   Sale: Monday, October 28, 1918

SAYLER Brothers Auctioneer 13 March 1914 (Crawfordsville Review),  
  • AD #2 (ad from the 1918 Ladoga High School Yearbook)

Sayler, Col. Harvey B.

Scaggs, George - Grocery
Source: C'ville Daily Journal 20 July 1892 p 3
The partnership in the grocery business which has been existing between A. L. Tomlinson and George Skaggs has been dissolved, Mr. Tomlinson purchasing the interest of his partner. Mr. Skaggs for the present, at least, will remain with the establishment, so no charges in the clerical force will be made. - kbz

SCAGGS, George W. - Ceresota Flour = Advertisement on Music Hall Program  

SCHLEMMER, OTTO  LIBATIONS Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SCHLEPPY, R.E. - (new/2nd hand goods) = Advertisement on Music Hall Program

Schleppy, Rol E. 1923 - see Montgomery County Shippers Association - (nifty - thanks John Cowan)

SCHLOOT FURNITURE Co., Inc.  Crawfordsville  

SCHULTZ & HULET  REAL ESTATE  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SCHWEITZER - manufacturer Gypsy Queen Cigar = Advertisement on Music Hall Program  

Service Laundry & Dry Cleaning - ad

Servies FUNERAL HOME     Waynetown

Shannondale Tranfer Company - or Crawfordsville-Shannondale-Transfer Company - see Turnpike Companies

Sharpe - Hoffman
Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal, 21 July 1892 p 4
WF Sharpe, the Architect, has taken as a partner Fred Hoffman, who has been his assistant for the past year or two. Mr. Hoffman graduated from Wabash College in 1891 and promises to excel in his chosen profession. - kbz

SHAVER HATCHERY  Currently NAPA Auto Parts Store (2020), Thanks to CDPL Archives.  The building behind it (dark, brick building) was Horace Mann/Lincoln School.

SHERWOOD MOTORS (1930? City directory)

SHULER & GRENARD - Funeral Home  New  10-3-2021

Sloan (Henry) Grocery (Source: Sunday Star 9-25-1884 -- the best LUCH counter in the world (giggling - kz), also from Breaks School 1908 Yearbook Ad

SLOAN, HENRY Grocery  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SMILEY'S     Grocery & Meat Market    Alamo

SMITH & Co - 1854 - groceries + more

SMITH & DUCKWORTH LUMBER  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SMITH, D. P. - TAILOR  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901


Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review "Our Patrons" Dec 24, 1881
The Gentlemen whose advertisements appear in the Review who have an abiding faith in Printer's Ink J.B. SMITH -- John is owner of a large and well equipped livery, feed and sale stable. His vehicles are new and teams first class. Patrons will find him clever and accomodating.

SMITH, Nathan
Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal, 29 April 1858 p 2
LOST - on Thursday the 1st day of April a calf-skin Pocket Book, containing the following papers - one note on Robert Cox for $65.95 - ONE Note on Benj. Corson for $9.50; one note on JG Martin for $18.00 and other papers of value; also about $4 in money. The finer of the above Pocket Book will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Journal Office, or on its deliver to the subscriber, living near Darlington - April 15, 1858 for 3 weeks - NATHAN S. SMITH

SMITH, R. C. REAL ESTATE  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SMITH  Restaurant - Cville - early 1900s

SMITH, W.N. - Cattle

Snyder Drug Co. (thanks BB -- 1913 Ladoga Vest Pocket Directory)

SNYDER Grocery & Bakery = John M. Snyder  

SNYDER MILL - (Source: 1895 C'ville City Directory)

Snyder & Petro Butcher Shop - Bill Brainard meat cutter

SNYDER'S L. P. GAS   Waynetown

Sperry Mill (1887?)

Sportsman's Shop

SPROUCE, S. E.  RESTAURANT  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

STANDARD Brick - believe this is from the 1930 city directory of Crawfordsville but might be 1919

Stanley, John - Insurance Agent 1913 Ladoga Vest Pocket Directory - thanks BB

STAR SHOE HOUSE   Daily News-Review 2 April 1898
STAR SHOE HOUSE  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

STARNES SKELGAS & APPLIANCES      Wallace and Waynetown

STRAND Theater - Arthur Jackson Mgr- C'ville Weekly Review 20 Feb 1923 - The Flirt playing

STROH, J. W. -Co. - LUMBER  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

SUPREME Tribe of Ben-Hur (Ad of unknown source but looks like a city directory, another ad)

SUTTON, Ike (bakery) sells to Earle Murray

SWANK BROS.  TAILOR & DRAPER  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

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