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HAMILTON, (Dr) Albert - bastardy case (hmmm not good for business :( )

HAMILTON, Heck - Auctioneer - Source: October 1916 C'ville Weekly Review - (sorry, tad blurry)

HAMILTON, Tude - Auctioneer (Source: April 1887 C'ville Star newspaper)

HANNAN - Drugs/Hannan's Invalid Liquor  Source: Crawfordsville Mercury 9 Oct 1876

HANS Auto - believe this was from the 1930 Crawfordsville Directory

HARD, Dr. - Physician (I can't peg who this guy is - kbz - anyone know, PLEASE let ME know : = Advertisement on Music Hall Program

HARDING & MILLER Music Co.  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901  

HARSHBARGER (Ladoga) Cement -- (believe the 1930 Crawfordsville Directory but might be 1919 directory

HARVEY, O.W. - see Home Bakery

Hayman, E.O. - Men's Clothing - 1913 Vest Pocket Directory - thanks BB - Ladog

HAYS, Amos M. - runs for County Treasurer   
Source: 6 March 1916 (Crawfordsville Review)

HAYS - Bowling - Source: Crawfordsville Mercury 9 Oct 1876

HERRON, Joseph C. - Groceries  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

HESSLER, W. C. (Dentist) = Advertisement on Music Hall Program

HILLIS, R.M. - Seed Store  = Source: C'ville Star, April 1887

Source: Crawfordsville Record newspaper 22 Feb1834
For Sale in Crawfordsville, LaMotte's Celebrated Cough Drops Price: One Dollar for Large and Fifty cents for small bottles

** See a lengthier, more detailed one here

HOLMES, T. -  LIQUOR  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

Home Oil Co. Station Located in the 200 Block of east Pike Street, on the north side next to the alley.  Note the back of the Strand Theater.  The house on the left has been a number of different restaurants in the last 40 years.  Photo posted to the "Crawfordsville Memory Lane" Facebook page.

HOME TOWN GROCERS - 1918 - includes: Ayres/Barker/Berry/Caplinger/Campbell/Catterlin/Davis/Dodd/Fink/Galey/Herron/Hitch/Hornaday/Hymer/

HOOVER, F.W. - poultry (other produce)... = Advertisement on Music Hall Program

Hoover Tin Shop - Source: June 14, 1883 (C'ville Star) - #2 Ad (below) - Gets patent

HORNER 1954 Buick ad

Horse Race Ad  at Fairgrounds - (thanks Jerry T)

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 28 Dec 1894 p 1
Hotel Peterson at Darlington will be formally opened on New Year's Day. The affair will be a swell one in the history of the place and the host WD Harlow, is making great preparations.

HOULEHAN & QUILLIN Paints  Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Review 1-3-1907

HOUELEHAN, Thomas - MERCANTILE  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901


HOWARD & PARRENT  Household Goods  Daily News-Review March 22, 1901

HOWELL - Goodwin Printing - ad

HUDSON, Guy - grocery store

HUDSON PATTERN WORKS    Crawfordsville

HUGHES, Lurton - auctioneer -- William Deck sale  - Source: C'ville Review, Feb 1914 ?

HUNT Funeral Home - Oct 1916  ===  

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