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    Shared by Tedd Armstrong

  • Ben Hicks     - Benjamin Franklin Hicks born in Parke County April 1 1847 to Kerney Hicks & Martha Ann Dean Hicks Wiley.  A Civil War veteran, he died June 21 1900  in Parke County

  • Josiah Hicks      - "Joe" was born December 10 1844 in Guilford, NC. He was a brother to Ben Hicks and was also in the Civil War. He died March 21 1917

  • William T. "Bill" Hicks    -  was the son of Josiah & Sarah Arminda Brooks Hicks. He was born 02 September 1887 in Parke County and died 21 May 1960 in Kokomo, IN

  • Emmanuel, Perry & Prior Williamson    - sons of Joseph & Rebecca Baily, all born in Parke County in 1882, 1883 & 1887 respectively.

  • Joseph, Emmanuel (Jot), Thomas Perry (Jute) & Prior (Babe) Williamson

  • Maxwell Glennwood Armstrong    - born in Parke County 24 January 1915, died Kokomo, IN 05 December 1977 - son of William & Suda (Hicks) Armstrong.

  • Suda Hazel Hicks      - born 12 July 1891 in Parke County, died 30 April 1941 in Kokomo, IN

  • William Estel Armstrong    - born 21 January 1891 in Parke County, died 09 December 1963 in Kokomo, IN

  • Fred Armstrong    - son of Daniel & Allie, born 26 August 1901, drown 05 August 1919 in North Manchester after just returning from World War I

  • Daniel Baxter Armstrong    - son of Alexander & Charlotte Biggs Armstrong, born 18 August 1886 in Parke County, died 31 July 1958 in Logansport, IN

  • Clara Alice (Allie) Sherrill Armstrong    - born 10 January 1868 in Boone Co, IN, died 26 October 1940 in West Lafayette (shown with young Fred)

  • Charlotte Biggs Armstrong     - daughter of William H. Biggs, wife of Alexander Armstrong, born 01 December 1828 in Clark Co., IN, died 12 June 1912, Tangier, IN


August 2013


  • Stout Cemetery    - index updated and photo shared by Harriett Weatherford added

July 2013



  • 1910-1911 Reserve Township School Photo    - shared by Gregg Schrader - If you can identify anyone please contact Gregg - the only identified person is Rachel Mathas 3rd from left, front row - Gregg's great aunt.  (Lynn at the Rockville Library located another photo taken at the school in the era and has tentatively identified the teacher as Mollie Linebarger)

  • 1904 - 1905 Coxville School Roll    - students listed include Florence Thomas, Willie Davidson, Stanley Todd, Rosie Shoemaker, Ethel Benson, Luther Todd, Rosie Stults, Mary Lucas, Andrew Davidson, Arnold Todd, Anna Davidson, Joe Dallagiacoma, Parke Allen, Johnnie Lucas, Coyd Carrell, Harry Sadlar, Esther Reubelt, Edith Sadlar, Clarence James, Lizzie Dallagiacoma, Frank Stults, Mollie Campbell, Bertha Caddey, Helen Ruebelt, Charlie Dallagiacoma, Lillian Reubelt, Margaret Hughes, Willie Caddey, Blanche Shoemaker, Francis Newcome, & Anna Shoemaker



Box 15

Philip Adams, Henry Anderson, Jonathan Ballard, David P. Black, William C. Bradford, Peter Bryant, John Campbell, Armstead Carder, Robert Clark, Ephraim Cline, William Coate, Thomas M. Conover, Elizabeth Crooks, Isaac Darland, William Darroch, Arthur C. G. Davis, John J. Davis, George G. Donaldson, Abraham Dudney, Jacob Ephlin, Saml S. Gilman, Francis B. Gordon, Hnery Grove, James Henry, Rufus C. Howe, William Kemp, Elizabeth Lester, Robert N. Lester, Robert Manwarring, James Morphew, William Neill, William Nevins, Joseph Outland, Willis Owen, Jane Phillips, Moses Robbins, John Romane, Solomon Simmons, Jr., John W. Smith, William Stone, John Taylor, Thomas Thompson, David Todd, Joseph Todd, James D. Walker, Samuel Weatherford, Jesse G. Wilburn, Hezekiah Williams, and Mary York

Box 14

Includes E. H. Beckwith Heirs, Lenox Benson, Nancy Caldwell, John Campbell, Thomas Cashatt, Thomas Gilkerson, Isaac Gurley, Reuben Hathco, Samuel Hill, Jr., William Hill, Andrew Hise, John Holstead Heirs, Duncan Newlin, James Nugent, Aaron Overman, Willis Owens, Francis Pellett, Moses Robbins, Philip Sowers, William Stone Heirs, John Strout, James Strain, Martha Taylor, William Taylor, Michael Wilkins, John Wood, Woodard heirs

Box 13

Includes Coffin Addison, Miller Biggs, John Blair, Melissa Blair, Gideon Bristow, John Brownson, James Button, Violet Calhoun, Jonathan Carmichael, Jesse Cashatt, James Cunningham, Joseph Curry, Zachariah Fenton, Elisha Givens, Robert Goodlett, George Hansel, William Hendry, Adam Hiler, Tilghman Howard, William Lough, Thomas Mahaffey, John McCampbell, Samuel & James McClintock John McKinney, Sarah McKinney, Samuel Miller, James Moon, James Morgan, Clark Noble, Joseph Payne, Allen Roberson, George Saxton, Christian Sellers, Asa Smith, James Spencer, William Stevens, Samuel Teague, Samuel Thompson, Andrew Thorn, Joel Warner, William Kemper, John Winter, William Woodrum



June 2013

Newspapers        (shared by the Rockville Library Staff - contact them for copies)

May 2013



Probate Box 12

Includes Aaron Andrew, Miller Biggs, James Blair, Silas Bowers, Jacob Bowsher, William Bradford, Edmon Brockway, Joseph Campbell, William Coate, Kenyan Connerly, Thomas N. Conover, Jesse Cooper, Thomas Cassey, James Cox, Aaron Driver, John B. Fachier, John Fisher, Thomas Gilkerson, Samuel S. Gillman, David Hansel, Barbara Harshman, Jacob Helms, Moses Hendery, Samuel Hill, Jr. , William Jenkins, Catherine Lowry, Alexander Morrow, John Newlin, Jesse Osborn, Ephraim Overman, Aaron Pickett, John A. Pulliam, George S. Rardin, Lewis Reeder, John Reedy, Abram Skeeters, John Stuart, William S. Taylor, Elijah Thompson, John W. Tucker, Caleb Wilson, Amos Wood, Henry B. Wray

April 2013

Newspapers        (more hard work shared by the Rockville Library Staff - contact them for copies)


Obituary Index


  • Surname Evans    - Mae N. Coupar

  • Surname Fleming    - Mae N. Coupar

March 2013


Wabash Herald Index 1831 - 1832    - the great staff at the Rockville Library have been busy again!


February 2013

Probate Box 11

Includes : Aaron Andrew, Lorenzo D. Brookbank, John N Brownson, Isaiah Campbell, Joseph Campbell, John Christian, Charles Cole, Joseph Copenhaver, James Cox, Duncan Darroch, Samuel Dickson, Elizabeth English, William English, Walter Francis, Lewis F. Goldizen, Elisha Gray, Isaac N. Gurley, George Hansel, James Haworth, Thomas Heady, Jacob Helms, Samuel Hill, Jr., Isaac Hobson, Sr., Willard N. Jerome, Hiram Kilburn, Louisiana Laverty, Daniel J. Leake, Benjamin Lewis, Aaron Maris, Aaron Maris, Sr., Ithiel Martin, Samuel McClintick, William Oard, George S. Rardin, Lewis Reeder, Michael Riley, Joseph Roberts, Christian Sellers, Philip Siler, Elizabeth Strain, David Swain, Samuel Thompson, Henry C. Truman, Stephen Underwood, Joel Warner, William Woodrum, and Hardin York

January 2013



Probate Box 10

  •  Includes - Philip Adams, Jackson Allen, John Bryant Barker, James C. Bennett, Nathaniel Benson, John N. Bronson, Armsted Carder, George Chapman, Charles C. Coles, Thomas Cook, Jr., Jesse Cooper, Jeremiah Crabb, Samuel Crooks, Benjamin Davis, James Denny, Eli Dixon, William Doan, Benjamin J. Dubre, Alexander Dykes, John J. Ellis, David Evans, Stephen M. Garrigus, John Gilkeson, Gravenor Green, George Hansel, John Hart, James Haworth, Thomas Heady, James Henry, William B. Henry, Hess - Bloxom Lawsuit, Minerva Hill, Samuel Hill, Andrew Hise, Aaron Hobson, Tilghman A. Howard, Rufus C. Howe, Zimri Hunt, William Huxford, Stephen Kersey, David Lambert, William J. Lester, James Nesmith, William Noble, James Nugent, Charles Pomeroy, George S. Rardin, Thomas Ray, Wait Robbins, Sylvester Saxton, John C. Shaw, James K. Spencer, Joseph Stephenson, John R. Tenbrook, Richard A. Watson, Samuel Webster, Mark Williams and William Woodrum