Parke County, Indiana
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Parke County Surnames

A - C

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Surname Researcher Comments
Abbott Leo Carter William Abbott family - in Parke County in the late 1830s
Adams Betty Adams  
Adams Debi Thoma  
Adamson Ann Stryker Lester  Elisha, b. 1805 OH
Alexander Helen Johnson  Nancy born 1825
Alexander Sandy Schaad  RobertP born 1821 & Anner (Swaim) born 1825
Alexander Debi Thoma  
Alexander John Wright  John b. 1815 Ohio & wife Sarah Michael b. 1819 NC
Alexander Lu Ecton  
Allee Raymond L. Maris  
Allen Merri Vinton  
Allen Peggy Dare  Ancestors of John Preston Allen
Allen Steve Fisher  
Allgood Jennifer Smith  
Allgood Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Allred Larry Seits  
Alumbaugh Yvonne Strong  
Alward Larry Seits  
Ames Carolyn Branson  
Andrew Carrie E. Andrew  
Andrews Carrie E. Andrew  
Angell Lois Cleveland  Anderson Angell & family
Annakin Michael Mahoney  
Ard Randy Wright  
Armstrong Judy Bradburn  
Asbury Gerald Carr  
Atkinson Jerry Mosholder  
Aydelott Raymond L. Maris  
Baker Yvonne Strong  
Baker Sheryl Ginn  
Baldwin Larry Seits  
Baldwin Paula Dye  
Ball Rod Smiley  
Ball Ann Stryker Lester  Abel, b. 1784 PA or VA     
Ball Steve Fisher  
Barcus Jennifer Smith  
Barker Yvonne Strong  
Barker Karen Zach  
Barker Connie Cunningham  
Barnard Marty Cary  
Barnes Merri Vinton  
Barnes Carol Heidrick  
Barnes Ann Stryker Lester  
Barnes Kathy Scott  
Bates Steve Fisher  
Batman Steve Fisher  
Batten Mouraine R. Baker  
Battin Mouraine R. Baker  
Batton Mouraine R. Baker  
Batty Gregory Grinley  
Beadle Oris Friesen  
Beadles Oris Friesen  
Beal Forrest R Van Schwartz  In Parke County since early 1800s
Beal Larry Robertson  Born March 5,1807 in VA, died February 10,1880 Vigo Co., IN
Beatty Randy Wright  
Beatty Michael Mahoney  
Beck Anita Ellis  
Beeson Raymond L. Maris  
Bell Debi Thoma  
Bell James D. VanDerMark  Abel & Rosetta (Miller) Slye Cook Bell
Bemis Debi Thoma  
Bennett Deanna Burton  Andrew, Hannah,Robert, Icy Dora
Biggs Betty Adams  
Birch Steve Fisher  
Bishop Bob Bush  
Bitzing Raymond L. Maris  Henry & Mary E Mendenhall Bitzing
Black Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Blacketer Judy Hopkins  
Blacketer Duane Troy Riley  Berniece Blacketer Riley family
Blair Shirley Ramos  
Blake Ann Stryker Lester  John, b. 1782 MD
Bland Josie  
Blevins Sherri Kudlinski  
Blue Darlene Julson  Cornelius & Barbary's family
Blue Debi Thoma  
Blue Robert Elder Blue  
Blue Ann Stryker Lester  
Bly Ron Hood  
Boatman Yvonne Strong  
Bond Mark Hudson  
Botsford Duane Keith Holaday  
Bradfield Judy Nordgren  Reason & Elizabeth (Cornthwaite) Bradfield
Bramblet James D. VanDerMark  John & Nancy (Cook) family
Branson Carolyn Branson  
Branson James D. VanDerMark  Hezekiah & Agnes (Pready) Branson lines
Branson Raymond L. Maris  Levi & Mary "Polly" Pickett Mendenhall Branson 
Branson Paul Kirkman  
Brent Roderick Lawson  Catharine (1824 - 1864) - Sugar Creek Township
Bright Beth Rasmussen  
Bright Oris Friesen  
Brock Cathy Slater  
Brockway Judy Gemmecke  
Brockway Judy Skelton  
Brook Ronald Hicks  
Brookbank Debi Thoma  
Brooks Paula Dye  
Brown Steve Fisher  
Brown Judy Nordgren  William Robinson & Isabella (Cornthwaite) Brown
Brown Claude Flory  Andrew J & Lessie
Brown Judy Gemmecke  
Brown Taffy Haney  
Bryant Judy Nordgren  Andrew & Emeline (Cornthwaite) Bryant
Buchanan Debbie Gilpin  Martitia, daughter of George & Priscilla (Mann) Buchanan
Buckler Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Burford Robert Elder Blue  
Burford Jerry Mosholder  
Burnside Rod Smiley  
Burris Merlyn Ritchie  Quincy Damron Burris, son of Andrew & Priscilla Samuels Burris
Busey Paul Kirkman  
Bush Bob Bush  
Byerley Jill Byerley  
Byerly Jill Byerley  
Byerly Lucy Katz  
Cahill Kathleen Anderson   William Smith Cahill son of Joseph & Elizabeth Crabb Cahill
Cahill Debi Thoma  
Camper Randy Wright  
Calvert James D. VanDerMark  Charles & Julia Saffronia (Miller) family
Campbell Darlene Julson  
Campbell Robert T. Campbell  
Canine Bruce Morgan  
Carmichael Tamara Carney  
Carmickle Tamara Carney  
Carter Raymond L. Maris  
Carter Judy Dodson  Jonathan Carter & Daughter Mary, wife of Seth Woods
Catlin Marge Crisman  Robert Catlin Sr. & Robert Catlin Jr. (1809-1872)
Catlin Taffy Haney  
Causey Bruce Morgan  
Challis Paul Kirkman  
Chadwick Marty Cary  Joshua & Anna (Barnard) Chadwick 
Chapman Judy & Melvin Woody  Mahlon Hocket & Agnes Chapman Woody
Chapman Paula Dye  
Chapman Raymond L. Maris  
Chastain James D. VanDerMark  Reuben & Obedience (Parker) lines
Clark Darlene Julson  Jonathan & Rebecca's family
Clark Gerald Carr  Especially sisters Martha L Clark Phillips & Amanda Clark Phillips
Coate Mark Hudson  
Coble Ron Cramer  
Cole Randy Wright  
Cole Elizabeth Sager    Clarissa Cole married James Steele 1 October 1864 in Rockville
Cole Kathleen Anderson  
Cole Steve Fisher  
Cole Debbie Phelps Whitley  
Coleman Lorraine Hoopingarner  Mary Amanda, born Ohio about 1846
Coleman Carolyn Branson  
Collings Claude Flory  Larua & Ruric
Collings Mike Donovan  
Conar Steve Fisher  
Connerley William B. Connerley Ancestors and forward family members of Chauncy Rose Connerley
Cook Peyton Cook  
Cook Kim Baker Laib  
Cook James D. VanDerMark  Family of John Gilpin & Rosetta Miller Cook
Cook Mike Lewman  Andrew And Martha (Hayth) Cook
Cook Beth Rasmussen  
Cooper Steve Wallace  
Cooper Claude Flory  Ancestors of Max Eugene
Cornthwaite Judy Nordgren  Children of Guy & Mary (Titsworth) Cornthwaite
Cottrell Phillip E Cottrell  
Cox Judy Nordgren  James & Elinor (Cornthwaite) Cox
Cox Anita Ellis  Harmstead Cox - father of Martha Agnes - born circa 1830
Cox Sally  Elizabeth Cox Fisher
Cox Duane Keith Holaday  
Cox Raymond L. Maris  
Cox Doreen Walton  Francis W & Christiana (Cox) Stutler family line
Cox Steve Fisher  
Cox Sherri Kudlinski  
Crabtree Marlene Cichy  The family of Thomas & Frances (Crabtree) Gay
Craft Jennifer Smith  
Craft Bob Bush  
Craig Jim Craig  Robert & Mary from Ohio > Clay Co., IN > Parke County
Cramer Ron Cramer  
Cronk Steve Fisher  
Crust Sherri Kudlinski  
Crooks Darlene F Greene  
Crooks Debi Thoma  
Crooks Ann Stryker Lester  James, b. 1750 MD
Cross Deb Sellmeyer  John Cross b. c/1818 TN, in Parke county 1830 - 1840, wife Elizabeth, children William, Nancy Ann, James,& John
Crothers Georgia Gill-Elkins  
Cunningham Connie Cunningham  



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