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Parke County Surnames

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Surname Researcher Comments
Rader Gerald Carr  
Ramsey Kay Towner  Laura Jane
Rardin Carolyn Branson  
Rardin Sherian Kennedy  
Rardin Sherri Kudlinski  
Rayle Raymond L. Maris  
Redenbaugh Sharon Mills  
Reed Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Reed Paula Dye  
Reeder John A Reeder  Lewis & Eliza (Griffin) Reeder
Remington Robert D. Gulley  Raccoon Township
Rennels Debi Thoma  
Reynolds Debi Thoma  
Richie Debi Thoma  
Riddle Thomas L.Harman  
Ridpath Marty Cary  John & Maria (Chadwick) Ridpath 
Rigdon Don Rosenow  
Rigdon Kathleen Anderson  
Riley Duane Troy Riley  Byron Riley family
Robbins Sally Combest  Shubel Alvarin 
Rockwell Ken Rockwell  
Ross Betty Adams  
Ross Steve Fisher  
Ross Connie Cunningham  
Romain(e) Nancy A. Sanden  John & Sarah
Romane Nancy A. Sanden  John & Sarah
Row(e) Merri Vinton  
Rowe Michael Mahoney  
Rowings Jerry Rowings  
Rubottom Raymond L. Maris  
Rukes Jennifer Yost  
Russell Pat Schuknecht  
Rutledge Larry Seits  
Sackman Sharon Mills  
Sawyers Lee Ann Fick  In Parke county from 1860s to 1970s
Sappenfield Lucy Katz  
Schenck Steve Fisher  
Scott Cathi Knollenberg   Malinda born 1809, wife of Job Martin
Seay Shelly Dooley  
Seybold Debi Thoma  
Seely Lena Carlson  
Sellers Debbie Whitley  Christian Sellers
Shaw Helen Johnson  John & William (b. 1825)
Shaw Lu Ecton  
Shelby Francis Keenan  Mid to late 19th century
Shepherd Charles Shepherd  Family of Benjamin S. and Francis Harris Shepherd
Shipley Judith Pickett  1830 - 1890
Shoaf Connie Cunningham  
Shoaf Cole Shoaf  
Shreves Betty Adams  
Shup Jack Shupe  Daniel Boone Shup and Mary Bloxom Shup
Shupe Jack Shupe  
Sibley Randy Wright  
Silcott Steve Fisher  
Simmons Michael Mahoney  
Sims Cort Sims  
Skeeters Debra Winchell  
Slater Cathy Slater  
Smiley Rod Smiley  
Smith Kim Baker Laib  
Smith Karen Zach  
Smith Randy Wright  
Smoot Sherri Kudlinski  
Sneath Gregory Grinley  
Snow Pamela Notestine  Cushing Snow family
Snow David McAfee  Cushing Snow family
Southerland Pat Carey  
Southerlin Pat Carey  
Southern Kathleen Anderson  
Sowers Connie Cunningham  
Sowers Karen Zach  
Spencer Rod Smiley  
Spencer Robert Elder Blue  
Spencer Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Spoonamore Woody McLane  
Spurgeon Tamara Carney  
Spurgin Tamara Carney  
Squires William Squires  Lived in Lena area
Staats Darlene Julson  
Staley Eldon Knowles  James Staley 1840 - 1850
Stalker Judith Pickett  1830 - 1890
Stagg Lu Ecton  
Staggs Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Staggs Judy Hopkins  
Staggs Jerry Rowings  
Starnes Steve Fisher  
Steele Rod Smiley  
Steele Elizabeth Sager  Clarissa Cole married James Steele 1 October 1864 in Rockville
Stephens Carolyn Branson  
Stephens Paula Dye  
Steven Carolyn Branson  
Stevenson William Squires  Lived in Lena area
Stever Ceci Suhre  
Stewart Debi Thoma  
Strain Rod Smiley  
Strickler Robert Elder Blue  
Strickler Jerry Mosholder  
Stryker Ann Stryker Lester  James, b. 1799 NJ; Jacob, 1804 NJ; Charles, 1824 IN; John, 1850
Stuart Shirley Ramos  
Stutler Doreen Walton  Francis W & Christiana (Cox) Stutler family line
Surber Steve Fisher  
Sutherland Pat Carey  
Sutherland Kay Sutherland  Arjalon Sutherland
Sutherlin Pat Carey  
Sutton Lucy Katz  
Sutton Anita Ellis  
Swafford Steve Fisher  
Swaim Steve Fisher  
Swaim Raymond L. Maris  
Swaim Ann Stryker Lester  Michael, b. 1780 NC; Peter, 1818 NC; Thomas J., 1843 MO
Swaim Pat Schuknecht  
Swaim Debbie Holst  Dolly Rena
Swaim Paula Dye  
Swaim Oris Friesen  
Symmonds Michael Mahoney  
Tallman Judith Pickett  1830 - 1890
Taylor Sharon Mills  
Taylor Sally Taylor  Mary Ann Taylor married Joshua Petty  20 Feb 1845 in Parke County
Taylor Shirley Ramos  
Teague Miriam Phillips  1850 - 1860
Teague Raymond L. Maris  
Teitsoort Judy Nordgren  Peter & Elizabeth (Hale) Teitsoort
TenBrook Darlene Julson  
Thomas Debi Thoma  
Thompson Paula Dye  
Thompson Taffy Haney  
Tickner Mark Hudson  
Titsworth Judy Nordgren  Peter & Elizabeth (Hale) Titsworth
Todd Mary Todd LaSalle  John and Sarah Sims Todd family
Torr Kathy Scott  
Towell Raymond L. Maris  
Trogdon Larry Seits  
Trowbirdge Darlene Julson  
Trueman Oris Friesen  
Trueman Beth Rasmussen  
Truman Oris Friesen  
Truman Beth Rasmussen  
Trump Anita Ellis  
Trusler Gregory Grinley  
Tucker David Peter  Dr. James Pratt Tucker & family
Turner Debra Winchell  
Turner Sherian Kennedy  Family of W. C & Phebe Turner
Underwood Raymond L. Maris  
Underwood Betty Adams  
Uselman Randy Wright  
Upp Sherri Kudlinski  
Upton Doreen Walton  
VanCleave Sharon Mills  
Vandivier Debra Winchell  
VanDuyn Darlene Julson  Families of John, James, Henry, Isaac & Cornelius
VanLieu Tracey VanLieu Gray  
Varner Karen Allison  
Vaught Rachael M. Lane  
Vickrey Pat Schuknecht  
Walters James R Walters  
Walton Doreen Walton  William David Walton family line
Wannamaugher Cindy Hardin  Benjamin Givens and Nancy Ann Wannamaugher family
Warden Berdine Warden Payne  
Ware Lucy Katz  
Ware Randy Wright  
Watkins Linda Lopeman  William W Watkins of Montezuma
Watts Ron Bay  David & Sarah (Bacchus/Backus) Watts
Webster Debi Thoma  
Webster Taffy Haney  
Welch Raymond L. Maris  William N & Mary C. (Maris) Welch
West Josie  
White Betty Adams  
White Steve Fisher  
Wilkey Raymond L. Maris  
Williams Carla Frazier  Susannah Williams daughter of Allen & Sarah (Cox) Williams
Wilson Debra Winchell  
Wilson James D. VanDerMark  Also in Putnam county
Wilson Kathy Scott  
Winchester Kathleen Anderson  
Wishard Darlene Julson  
Wittenmyer Rhonda Moore  Lavonna Ann & family
Wittenmyer Bob Bush  
Wolverton James D. VanDerMark  Marion, son of Samuel and Nancy Crafton
Wood Betty Adams  
Wood Carla Frazier  George W.Wood son of Isaac Chenowith & Sarah Jane (Cooper) Wood
Wood Kathy Scott  
Woolverton James D. VanDerMark  Marion - husband of Francis Lucinda Parker
Woods Thomas Campbell  
Woods Marsha McWilliams  
Woody Raymond L. Maris  
Woody Judy & Melvin Woody  Mahlon Hocket & Agnes Chapman & Susannah Harvey Lindley Woody
Wright Steve Wallace  
Youmans Steve Fisher  
Zigler Larry Seits  



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