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Newspaper Items


Photo Restorations        - restored & donated by David Wilson

  •           A L Cramer, Alvin, Illinois

  •         Ambrose & Elizabeth Cramer

  •         Ambrose & Frank Cramer

  •         Mary Coble Cramer, Samuel Coble, Caroline Mark Coble & Elizabeth Bell Cramer

  •         Frank Cramer

  •         Sullivan High School Class of 1915

  •         Unknown Cramer 001

  •         Unknown Cramer 008

  •         Unknown Cramer 015




September 2010


Washington & Mary Cramer Bible - shared by Diana, Tim & Ron Cramer


Ambrose & Elizabeth Cramer Bible    - shared by Diana, Tim & Ron Cramer


Marriage Certificates    - shared by Diana, Tim & Ron Cramer

                       Angeline Coble

                       Margaret Coble

                    Frank Cramer

                    Ambrose Cramer

                    George Washington Cramer


Obituaries    -    shared by Jimmy Gillis

Photos    - shared by Diana, Tim & Ron Cramer






    Sullivan High School - Class of 1915

    Sam Coble            Molly & Ernest Hodges            Mary Cramer


    Margaret Coble & Son        Left to Right - Mary & Samuel Coble, Mark & Elizabeth Cramer

    Left to Right - Charles, Melissa & Roy Cramer        Frank Cramer

    Frank & Melissa Cramer        Fleeta Kiger Cramer

    Elizabeth & Goldie Weldon, 1926        Cramer House, Mary, Frank, Roy & Melissa

    Caroline Coble        Carl Cramer, 1923        Ambrose, Earle & Elizabeth Cramer

    Ambrose & Frank Cramer        Ambrose Cramer

    Ambrose & Elizabeth Cramer        A. L. Cramer

    Warren Phillips - Rosedale, IN        Left to Right - Charles & Roy Cramer

School Records

Surname Information



Tombstone    - shared by Diana, Tim & Ron Cramer

    Mary Angeline Coble - on farm of George Coble, Sr.


August 2010


Napoleon Bonepart Cramer - Civil War Discharge Paper - shared by Ronald Cramer

Obituaries  - shared by Karen Zach

July 2010



June 2010


  • Elizabeth Davis - 1894   - index and transcription of a diary that Lizzie Mae Davis wrote during a visit from Ottawa, Kansas to Bellmore, Indiana - shared by Jim Davis



-    shared by Bill Wilken

  • Sarah Harris Stark (b. Dec 1839, Rockville, Indiana; d. 1 Feb 1911, Rockville, Indiana) married to (18 Oct 1865, Rockville, Indiana) to Alfred K. Stark (b. 14 Feb 1840, Rockville, Indiana; d. 2 Jan 1931, Rockville, Indiana)  

  • Mary Anna Hobbs Stark (b. 10 May, 1844, Richmond, Indiana; d. 3 Jan 1921, Rockville, Indiana) , married (4 Sep 1866, Rockville, Indiana) to D(avid).W(ardrup). Stark (b. 15 Nov 1835, Palestine, Illinois; d. 22 Apr 1902, Rockville, Indiana)  

-     shared by Jim Davis

  • Davis Family Reunion 1890 - The first photo has a label at the top Samuel Davis Family Reunion 1890?  I am sure that the front row are great grandkids.  The second row are most likely some of the children of Samuel Davis and may include Isabella M. his second wife but I cannot recognize her.  Surely there are Wimmer, Mater,  and Crooks mixed in this photo with their Spouses who were Davis girls, sons spouses include Beauchamp, Blake, Jerome and Martin.

  • Davis Family Reunion 1916 - The second photo is a little unclear to me as to when this was taken, I presently have it as 1916 but don't think this is correct.  Perhaps someone in Parke County will recognize someone and be able to better date it.  On the second row third from the right is my Great Great Grandfather John Davis.  Seated in from of John is Clyde Smith, Johns Grandson.  Behind John with her hand on John's shoulder is his daughter Barbara Isabella Smith and her husband Elmer is standing next to her.  Clyde Smith was born December 1891 so that would suggest that this photo could be prior to 1900.  Clydes younger brother John Jay Smith is missing from the photo.  He was born in July 1896 so perhaps this was taken at the 1894 Reunion which I do not have a photo of.  Also, the diary of John Davis' daughter Lizzie doesn't indicate that John went to Indiana for the 1894 Reunion.  John Davis' wife Louisa nee Jerome died in May 1897 so I suspect that this photo  must have been taken after May 1897 and John Jay Smith must have been down for a nap.  Looking at the size of Clyde I would guess him to be six or seven years old in this photo.



May 2010




Virginia Stark - (born Illinois 27 Sep 1837; died Rockville 7 Jul 1873) was the daughter of David Wardrup Stark (born 29 Jun 1806, Mason County, Kentucky; died 22 May 1885, Rockville) and Rhoda Kitchell Stark (born 10 Feb 1813, Hamilton County, Ohio; died 1 Jan 1877, Rockville) - shared by Bill Wilken

Charles A. Davis -  (born England about 1830, died Rockville 12 Feb 1905) was husband of Virginia Stark - shared by Bill Wilken

Florence Ella Davis  - (born Rockville 5 Sep 1860; died Cape May, New Jersey 21 Nov 1953) daughter of Charles A. Davis and Virginia Stark.  Photo restored and colorized from glass plate negative taken about 1867. -
shared by Bill Wilken

James Herron Hutchinson - (born Ohio, 20 Jan 1858; died Rockville, 30 Aug 1888) husband of Florence Ella Davis -
shared by Bill Wilken

Eugene Raymond Hutchinson -  (born Rockville? 31 May 1880; died New York, New York 28 Apr 1957)  - shared by Bill Wilken

Don Worthington Hutchinson - fraternal twin of Eugene (born Rockville? 23 Sep 1884; died San Francisco, California 19 Jun 1949)  - shared by Bill Wilken

Virginia Anna Hutchinson  - (born Rockville? 23 Sep 1884; died Allentown, Pennsylvania 3 Feb 1961) - all 3 children of James Herron Hutchinson and Florence Ella Davis. - shared by Bill Wilken

David Wardrup Stark - a Rockville resident and merchant who died on May 22, 1885 - who wrote the above family history - shared by Bill Wilken

Tombstone Photo John Franklin Hatt - Sixteen/Tangier Cemetery - Liberty Township - shared by Darlene Shawn

Tombstone Photo David and Ida Jackson - Sixteen/Tangier Cemetery - Liberty Township - shared by Darlene Shawn


April 2010



March 2010




February 2010



Lane Cemetery - Greene Township - new listing

Virostko Cemetery - Florida Township - new listing

2010 Hixon Cemetery Burial Registry & Plot Map - a wonderful updated listing shared by Mike Lewman



2009 Obituary Index - shared by the staff of the Rockville Library


January 2010