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Parke County, Indiana Photos

If you own any photos of Parke County citizens past or present that you would

like to submit for this site,  please contact  James D. VanDerMark


Shared by Mark Mohr - photos given to him by his cousin, Mary Caroline Lee Baily


 Shared by Jennie Peters -  granddaughter of Anson & Clair Bowsher Madden)


Shared by Tedd Armstrong

  • Ben Hicks     - Benjamin Franklin Hicks born in Parke County April 1 1847 to Kerney Hicks & Martha Ann Dean Hicks Wiley.  A Civil War veteran, he died June 21 1900  in Parke County

  • Josiah Hicks      - "Joe" was born December 10 1844 in Guilford, NC. He was a brother to Ben Hicks and was also in the Civil War. He died March 21 1917

  • William T. "Bill" Hicks    -  was the son of Josiah & Sarah Arminda Brooks Hicks. He was born 02 September 1887 in Parke County and died 21 May 1960 in Kokomo, IN

  • Emmanuel, Perry & Prior Williamson    - sons of Joseph & Rebecca Baily, all born in Parke County in 1882, 1883 & 1887 respectively.

  • Joseph, Emmanuel (Jot), Thomas Perry (Jute) & Prior (Babe) Williamson

  • Maxwell Glennwood Armstrong    - born in Parke County 24 January 1915, died Kokomo, IN 05 December 1977 - son of William & Suda (Hicks) Armstrong.

  • Suda Hazel Hicks      - born 12 July 1891 in Parke County, died 30 April 1941 in Kokomo, IN

  • William Estel Armstrong    - born 21 January 1891 in Parke County, died 09 December 1963 in Kokomo, IN

  • Fred Armstrong    - son of Daniel & Allie, born 26 August 1901, drown 05 August 1919 in North Manchester after just returning from World War I

  • Daniel Baxter Armstrong    - son of Alexander & Charlotte Biggs Armstrong, born 18 August 1886 in Parke County, died 31 July 1958 in Logansport, IN

  • Clara Alice (Allie) Sherrill Armstrong    - born 10 January 1868 in Boone Co, IN, died 26 October 1940 in West Lafayette (shown with young Fred)

  • Charlotte Biggs Armstrong     - daughter of William H. Biggs, wife of Alexander Armstrong, born 01 December 1828 in Clark Co., IN, died 12 June 1912, Tangier, IN




  • Bloomingdale Basketball Team    - photo shared by Bill McKee who states:

    "My father, Earl McGee, born in 1908, was on the Bloomingdale High School Basketball Team.  I would guess this picture is from 1925-26.  He was in the second row, last person on the right."


  • 1904 - 1905 Coxville School Roll    - students listed include Florence Thomas, Willie Davidson, Stanley Todd, Rosie Shoemaker, Ethel Benson, Luther Todd, Rosie Stults, Mary Lucas, Andrew Davidson, Arnold Todd, Anna Davidson, Joe Dallagiacoma, Parke Allen, Johnnie Lucas, Coyd Carrell, Harry Sadlar, Esther Reubelt, Edith Sadlar, Clarence James, Lizzie Dallagiacoma, Frank Stults, Mollie Campbell, Bertha Caddey, Helen Ruebel, Charlie Dallagiacoma, Lillian Reubelt, Margaret Hughes, Willie Caddey, Blanche Shoemaker, Francis Newcome, & Anna Shoemaker


- shared by Gregg Schrader

  • 1910-1911 Reserve Township School Photo    If you can identify anyone please contact Gregg - the only identified person is Rachel Mathas 3rd from left, front row - Gregg's great aunt.  (Lynn at the Rockville Library located another photo taken at the school in the era and has tentatively identified the teacher as Mollie Linebarger)


  • 1898 Leatherwood School "Homer Schrader is first on left (front row) holding hat , Belva Schrader is sitting on stool"


-           shared by Colleen Morgan


-     shared by Jim Davis

  • Davis Family Reunion 1890 - The first photo has a label at the top Samuel Davis Family Reunion 1890?  I am sure that the front row are great grandkids.  The second row are most likely some of the children of Samuel Davis and may include Isabella M. his second wife but I cannot recognize her.  Surely there are Wimmer, Mater,  and Crooks mixed in this photo with their Spouses who were Davis girls, sons spouses include Beauchamp, Blake, Jerome and Martin.

  • Davis Family Reunion 1916 - The second photo is a little unclear to me as to when this was taken, I presently have it as 1916 but don't think this is correct.  Perhaps someone in Parke County will recognize someone and be able to better date it.  On the second row third from the right is my Great Great Grandfather John Davis.  Seated in from of John is Clyde Smith, Johns Grandson.  Behind John with her hand on John's shoulder is his daughter Barbara Isabella Smith and her husband Elmer is standing next to her.  Clyde Smith was born December 1891 so that would suggest that this photo could be prior to 1900.  Clydes younger brother John Jay Smith is missing from the photo.  He was born in July 1896 so perhaps this was taken at the 1894 Reunion which I do not have a photo of.  Also, the diary of John Davis' daughter Lizzie doesn't indicate that John went to Indiana for the 1894 Reunion.  John Davis' wife Louisa nee Jerome died in May 1897 so I suspect that this photo  must have been taken after May 1897 and John Jay Smith must have been down for a nap.  Looking at the size of Clyde I would guess him to be six or seven years old in this photo.


shared by Bill Wilken:


  • Sarah Harris Stark (b. Dec 1839, Rockville, Indiana; d. 1 Feb 1911, Rockville, Indiana) married to (18 Oct 1865, Rockville, Indiana) to Alfred K. Stark (b. 14 Feb 1840, Rockville, Indiana; d. 2 Jan 1931, Rockville, Indiana)

  • Mary Anna Hobbs Stark (b. 10 May, 1844, Richmond, Indiana; d. 3 Jan 1921, Rockville, Indiana) , married (4 Sep 1866, Rockville, Indiana) to D(avid).W(ardrup). Stark (b. 15 Nov 1835, Palestine, Illinois; d. 22 Apr 1902, Rockville, Indiana)

Virginia Stark - (born Illinois 27 Sep 1837; died Rockville 7 Jul 1873) was the daughter of David Wardrup Stark (born 29 Jun 1806, Mason County, Kentucky; died 22 May 1885, Rockville) and Rhoda Kitchell Stark (born 10 Feb 1813, Hamilton County, Ohio; died 1 Jan 1877, Rockville)

Charles A. Davis -  (born England about 1830, died Rockville 12 Feb 1905) was husband of Virginia Stark

Florence Ella Davis  - (born Rockville 5 Sep 1860; died Cape May, New Jersey 21 Nov 1953) daughter of Charles A. Davis and Virginia Stark.  Photo restored and colorized from glass plate negative taken about 1867.

James Herron Hutchinson - (born Ohio, 20 Jan 1858; died Rockville, 30 Aug 1888) husband of Florence Ella Davis

Eugene Raymond Hutchinson -  (born Rockville? 31 May 1880; died New York, New York 28 Apr 1957) 

Don Worthington Hutchinson - fraternal twin of Eugene (born Rockville? 23 Sep 1884; died San Francisco, California 19 Jun 1949) 

Virginia Anna Hutchinson  - (born Rockville? 23 Sep 1884; died Allentown, Pennsylvania 3 Feb 1961) - all 3 children of James Herron Hutchinson and Florence Ella Davis.

David Wardrup Stark - a Rockville resident and merchant who died on May 22, 1885 - who wrote the above family history


shared by John Clarke

  • Photo - Tangier School    - John says "My grandmother Mary Rohm (later Mrs. John M. Swaim) taught in Parke county schools prior to her marriage in 1920.  Neither school nor any of the students are identified, but I suspect it was the Tangiers school."


Shared by John Payton, son of Esther & Jay D. Payton - August 2008


Mark Mohr has shared some more pictures from his aunt Dorothy Madden Hobson Luther's ( 1905 - 1999 ) albums


Shared by  Edith Bryan and Frank Carron   08/2007


Submitted by Mark Mohr   03/2007

This batch of photos from an old photo album once owned by his aunt Dorothy Madden Hobson Luther.  They appear to all be from the same era and would make one believe they might have been senior pictures.  If you can identify any of them, do let me or Mark know.

Submitted by Jennie Peters   02/2007

  • Amaziah & Melissa Sallady Bacus - Early Parke County Settlers

  • Sylvester Bowsher Family - Front: Carl Bowsher, Middle: Sylvester, Bill and  Marilda Bacus Bowsher, Back: Clair Bowsher (Mrs. A. G> Madden) & Hilman (Pete) Bowsher

  • James Woody & wife Margaret Hall Woody  - lived in Liberty Township

  • Roubottom Family - "Front row: Phoebe Bacus Roubottom, left side.  Back row: In the middle: Holly Roubottom, Clair Bowsher, Lora Roubottom.  If anyone else knows the names of the other ladies, I would appreciate it."

  • George Marks Family

  • Marks Family - Front row: Aunt Kezia, Lydia Marks Madden, ?, Oscar Duncan, Mrs.Duncan, Aunt Ruth Marks.Back Row: Levi Woody ?, Tom Marks, Capt. Jake Marks, Uncle George ? Uncle Tom?, ?, Aunt Lydia ?, Marion Duncan. - If anyone knows last names to those with question marks please contact me.

  • Isaac & Elizabeth Lindley

Submitted by James D. VanDerMark 01/2007

-  submitted by Stephen Fisher 01/2007

  • 1910 Roseville Covered Bridge Fire        -    Roseville Bridge fire of 1910.  Apparently the fire was early in the morning, around midnight.  The photo is not very good.  It was taken by Dr. W. W. Wheat.

  • Dr. W. W. Wheat    -    Born 05 June 1870, died 31 April 1948 - apparently he lived near the bridge

  • Temporary Roseville Bridge    -    The “boy” put a rope bridge across the “criik” (creek).  I think that would be the Big Raccoon.  All I know is from left to right.  2nd from Left is Jacob Allen Fisher and the 3rd from left is Charles Lambert.

  • New Bridge Construction Begun    -    The first rock for the new bridge in 1912.  More on the old bridge.  It was built in 1866 and destroyed by fire at 1:20 a.. m. on April 10th 1910.  In the photo left to right is Edward Fisher (not sure which one, it could be Edward Guy Fisher), James "Jim" Lowe.  He is my maternal great-grandfather, his daughter is Minerva Abigail Lowe, is my grandmother married to Jacob Allen Fisher. Next is Tom Jacks (seated), don't know anything about him.  And the "boss" far right is unknown.

  • Jacob Allen Fisher    -    Jacob Allen Fisher in front of the cabin where he was born.  Jacob is the son of William Fletcher and Matilda Fisher

  • View After The Fire    -   Left to Right - Ruth Wheat Boatman; Edna Wheat Calvert and Mabel Wheat.  I don't know the other two.

  • Fisher-Wheat-Lambert-Cottrell Photo    -    The guy with the check mark is unknown.  I have the other names but don't know who is who.  They are Jacob A. Fisher my grandfather, John A Cottrell, Charles Lambert and Scott Wheat (his car, that looks like he needs new tires). Seated on the tool box is either Ray or Wallace Wheat.  Girls seated are Mabel Wheat and Hazel Wheat, standing is Addie Wheat

  • Solon Fisher Age 5    -     Son of Jacob Allen Fisher

  • Solon Fisher Age 13    -    8th Grade Graduation Photo

  • Mordecai "Three Fingers" Brown    -     Profession Baseball Player born in Nyesville



Submitted by Mark Mohr 12/2006


Submitted by Mark Mohr 11/2006

Submitted by Sharon Gill VandenBossche 11/2006

Submitted by Randy Wright 11/2006

Submitted by Deidre Jones 11/2006

  • Catlin School Circa 1929    -    ("I can only identify my own family.  2nd from the left back row is Agatha Isham, 4th from the right in 2nd row is Geneva Cress and 3rd from left seated is Elaine Cress.")

  • Catlin School Circa 1930      -    ("I am only able to identify my own family members.  They are Agatha Isham just behind and slight right of the teacher and Elaine Cress, 3rd from the right in the first seated row." )

  • Rockville High School 1936    -    These people are all identified and from top left are as follows:  Ruth Welch, Otis Fortner, Dorothy Deplanty, James Kesner, Marjorie Whitted, Alberta and Albert Lee, Bette Smith, Mary Minderman, Opal Warren, Paul Neet, Lida Mae Thomas, William Newton, Martha Warden, George Nichols, Lena Mae Withman, Laura Kent, George Seybold, Virginia Boyd, Hugh Banta, Dorothy Hodge, Susan Rardin, Jane Sandford, Ann Harrison, Harold Barker, Agatha Isham, Paul Adams, Jeane Ireland, Ruby Frazier, Maxine Davis, Phyllis Daugherty, Richard Rose, Maxine Wimmer, Charles Bell, Fransces Ohaver, Alice Hartman, Wilma Pyle, Pauline Martin, Martha Hardesty, Edgar Meek, Junior Strickler

Submitted by Hal C. Coleman 11/2006

Submitted by Lori Dubay  10/2006


Submitted by Beth Rasmussen 09/2006

Submitted by Sherri Kudlinski  09/2006


Shared by Tom Campbell 08/2006

Shared by Mark Anway 08/2006 - If you can help identify anyone, please contact Paul or me.


Shared by Diane K. Bottum 07/2006  - If you can identify anyone or anyplace in the photos, please contact Diane or me

  • Unknown Group Hotel Rhoads - Probably Newlin family members (Where this hotel was located?)

  • Unknown Man/Horse & Buggy - (R. F. D. (Rural Free Delivery) No. 2 is visible on the buggy)

  • Sugar Creek Township School - Circa 1892-1896 - Lillie Mae Newlin only identified with * - possibly School No.6 in Section 10, No. 4 in Section 22 or No. 3 in Section 12

  • Union Church Group - Circa 1905 -Sugar Creek Township - Diane can identify Lillie Newlin, Alice Newlin, Claude Peek, Elam Newlin, John H. Newlin, Bessie Newlin, Myrtle Newlin, Laura Nickell Newlin, Sarah Elizabeth Newlin and Diantha Newlin.

  • Hobson-Newlin Gathering - Circa 1888


Shared by Mary Lou Thomas 07/2006 who says: " These are from my grandmother, Bertha Woodard's, side of the family.  She married Lawrence Woodard who was a Quaker from Coloma.  They lived in the gray house across  the road from Coloma Friend's Church.  My grandfather made a home out of the old school."


Shared by Mary Jane Parvey and Mike Kollar 07/2006


Shared by Arnie Gill - 04/2006  - with some info:

General A. Jackson Gill & his wife Mary M. Wilburn moved the family from Science Hill, Pulaski County, KY area to Montezuma after June 1895 and before May 1898. Andrew Jackson Gill and his wife Hanna L. Provence and family were already in Montezuma.   

The photos that I am going to provide are of the General A. Jackson Gill & his wife Mary M. Wilburn family.

I have NO photos of General A. Jackson Gill, but I do of his wife Mary and children.

The group photo has:   Jake Kaufman 3rd from the right & Mary Wilburn Gill 4th from the right.



Submitted by Mike Kollar  - 04/2006 (Mike is Glen's grandson)

Memory Garden Cemetery - submitted by Randy Wright



  • -submitted by Michelle (Shaw) Tambellini - 03/2006 who states: I am hoping to learn the identity of the unknown individuals.  If anyone knows, would they please contact me.  I would love to exchange information with anyone from my line or anyone in the pictures.  -  Michelle L. Tambellini, 2210 Four Oaks Grange Rd. #2, Eugene, OR 97405

  1. Sacerah Shaw

  2. Margaret E. Gentry

  3. Nicholas Burkhart

  4. Martha McFarland Shaw holding Merta May Shaw

  5. Samuel N. Spencer - husband of Sarah J. Noble

  6. Elsie Bussomer

  7. Stephen P. Shaw - son of William and Jane McCorkle Shaw, husband of Mahala Staggs Shaw

  8. Mahala Staggs Shaw

  9. John A. Shaw & Martha McFarland

  10. Mary Shaw - sister to William B. Shaw

  11. Mary Belle Shaw - daughter of Stephen and Mahala Staggs Shaw

  12. John H. Martin

  13. William H. Shaw - son of Stephen and Mahala Staggs Shaw

  14. William Shaw

  15. Unknown Girl

  16. Unknown Man

  17. Unknown Man

  18. Unknown Man

  19. Unknown Girl

  20. Unknown Man

  21. William H. Martin

  22. Mandy McFarland - identical twin sister to Martha McFarland

  23. John A. Shaw

  24. Ellen Gentry

  25. Martha Butler

  26. Martha Butler

  27. Sarah J. Noble? - wife of Samuel N. Spencer

  28. John A. Shaw?

  29. Merta May Shaw - daughter of John & Martha McFarland Shaw

  30. Stephen P. Shaw - husband of Mahala Staggs, son of William B. and Jane McCorkle Shaw

  31. Unknown Man - taken at C. A. Rutledge & Co. Photographers, Rockville, IN

  32. Unknown Man - taken at R. C. Numbrauer Studio, Hermann, MO - opened jacket

  33. Unknown Man - taken at R. C. Numbrauer Studio, Hermann, MO - buttoned jacket

  34. Unknown Child

  35. Unknown Female

  36. Unknown Boy

  37. Unknown Female

  38. Unknown Male

  39. Unknown Male

  40. Unknown Female

  41. Unknown Male

  42. Unknown Male


  • -submitted by Beth Rasmussen - 03/2006 James M T Bright was the son of James and Mary  Burroughs Bright. He fought in the Civil War. The  second picture is James M  T Bright in later years. I don't know the date.   James M T Bright was of the  first officers and charter member of the Masonic  Lodge No. 172 AF & AM  charter May 1855.  from" History of Fountain Co 1881" talking about  churches of the area.  The Mill Creek Baptist church was organized about  1851 at Lodi, Parke co,  In. where it was known as Liberty Baptist Church.  About 1854 or 1855 the  Mill Creek church was built, prior to this time  meetings being held in an  old schoolhouse. The trustees were Samuel Harvey,  James M.L. Bright and  Andrew Baker.( should be James M.T. Bright not  L.)   James M T was married first to Margaret Trueman  and  secondly to Margaret  Wann. They resided in Liberty Township. James M T died in 1881.

Younger James M. T. Bright

Older James M. T. Bright

  • -submitted by Stephen Dreher - 03/2006 - John Arn married the girl next door, one of my great grandmother's sisters. He fought with Company A of the 31st Indiana Infantry. he was born in Switzerland, was a carpenter, lived at 328 Pine St., Montezuma, died there and is buried in Oakland Cemetery.  The photo probably dates from about 1891 or 92. Mrs. Arn had died in 1888 and four of the daughters were still at home until late December 1892, when Mary married.  I'd be happy to hear from anyone who know anything about the Arns.

    John Arn & Daughters    -    John Arn (August 1834 in Switzerland–20 Aug 1906 in Montezuma, IN; buried Oakland Cemetery, Montezuma) was husband of Albertina Miller (born Germany 1841–died Montezuma 1888). Girls: probably Mary (22), Susanna (20), Elizabeth (31), Anna (17), but which is which? Before 1892 when Mary was married. Photo by Reynolds, Montezuma, IN.

-shared by Bill Wilken 02/2006 with the caption "In your Parke County biographies, I noticed your reference to David  Wardrup Stark and his wife, Rhoda Kitchell.  For your interest, I've attached an early photograph of Rhoda Kichell (born Cincinnati, Ohio, 10 February 1813, died Rockville, Indiana, January 1877, married Alfred Wardrup Stark. 28 April 1831 at Palestine, Illinois).  Rhoda Kitchell is my wife's third maternal great-grandmother." - "One is of David Wardrup Stark; another of Rhoda Kitchell, his wife, as an older woman; and a third of Virginia Stark Davis, their daughter, and my wife's 2nd great grandmother.  Virginia Stark was born in Illinois, 25 September 1837, married Charles A. Davis, Rockville, Indiana, 12 December 1855, and died Rockville, Indiana, 7 July 1873"


- shared by Mary Lou Cox Hazelrigg 01/2006 with the caption: “Photo is of Richard Marion I. Cox & his new bride Lillie Pearl Cox.  They were married on July 29, 1908 in Lena, Parke County., Indiana.  Pearl was his 3rd wife.  Richard's 2nd wife, Martha Cox  was my great grandmother. Martha died April 22, 1907.”

- shared by Colleen Morgan  01/2006

  • George Morgan - photo with sister Effie and 6th grade report card from Reserve Township

  • Montezuma Graduates - "I believe it is the Class of 1933.  Max Causey is in the top row on the right.  It would be great if the others could be identified."

- shared by Debby Jones 01/2006 - with the caption " We know they come from the Mann branch of the family. One of the babies is supposed to be my grandfather, Kenneth B. Mann-we just don't know which one. Only one is labeled on the back with the name Mann, but the Harpold family could just as easily be represented - so if you recognize anyone, please contact me!!"


Shared by Debra Winchell 01/2006

Shared by Karen Zach 01/2006

Shared by Jennie Peters   

The Marks Family  - Here is a picture of the Marks family Reunion. The elderly lady in the middle is Elizabeth Towell McCoy. She was 103 in 1916 when this picture was taken. Her daughter is Rachel Marks, although, I'm not sure where she is in the picture. The man  at the end of the third row on the right is John Marks. He is identified by an x.     My gr. grandmother was Lydia Marks Madden. I would like to share this with any Marks descendent

Shared by Stephen Fisher

Shared by David Coffin

William Wilshire Coffin's House, which had a concealed staircase behind the fireplace, and was a sub-station of the Underground Railroad ( the main county station being on the Alfred Hadley farm).   - shared by David Coffin who states "These are from when it was the residence of Frank S. Coffin, the children are the children of his brother, John Morton Coffin. They were William Wilshire Coffin's sons."

  • 1906 Exterior     -    l -r  John R. "Jack" Coffin, Donald W. Coffin, Kenneth B. Coffin and Sibyl Naomi Coffin (Van Voorhees). The dog was "Queenie"

  • Circa 1914 Interior     - "Jack" and "Sib"  Coffin 


Shared by Barbara Finney

  • Unknown Holliday Family Group Photo   

    "I currently have no clue how to go about identifying the individuals within it, save for the young woman on the left side of the photo with the big bowtie around her neck I am fairly certain is my grandmother Ethel Clara Holliday.  I am only guessing that the others in the photo are other members of the Holliday clan from the Parke and Fountain county IN region.  But I will add this caveat, this could have been a late photo taken of the Holladay's in Arkansas.  But I suspect that this was taken in IN due to the appearance of my grandmothers age, but I am not ruling it out that this is not after they all moved to ARK.  Still since I do   not know I am going to assume this was still IN and maybe others will know who some of these people are. A lot of the people in the group photo could be Tolivers as my great grandmother Ella Holliday was a Toliver before marriage." 

  • Ethel Clara Holladay        Taken at age 16

  • Ethel Holladay and aunt?          I think this might be Hannah Holiday a spinster schoolteacher in Parke county in the 1800s, the daughter of Ambrose Holliday Sr. and Abigail Holliday nee Kies, and the teenager beside her is another picture of my grandmother Ethel Clara Holliday who was raised by that spinster school teacher aunt.


Shared by Arnie Gill

Front Row: Anita Lou Gill Busenbark, Winnie Opal Huffman Gill, Otto Herman Gill, Patricia Ann Gill Randolph
Back Row: Raymond Warren Gill, James Merle Gill, Charles Richard Gill, John Mervin Gill, Vernon Donald Gill


Names for the above photo:

Front Row:- Peggy Joe Smith, Alice Mae Morris, Marylyn Wolf, Barbara Woodard, Alice Gayle Welch, Mary Ellen Cox, Thelma Peveler, Evelyn Thomas, Barbara Jared and Dorothy Jean Davis.


Second Row:- Herman Ray Starr, Donald Carty, Billie Hines, Virginia McCarty, Wandaleem Sowers, Mary Alice Warner, Betty Myers, Alice Sowers, James Merle Gill, Leroy Watts and Joe Norman, Miss Virginia Emmert (teacher)


Third Row:- James Southard, Joe Ray Daniels, Gene Pearman, Dicky Sherrill, David Brown, Louis Scott, Glen Featherstone, Edward Smith, Tommy Norman, David Smith, Tommy Daniels.


spelling as is on the back of the photo........



Left to Right:    Harold Stone, Ray Hughes, Joe Woods, Ray Payton, Raymond Warren Gill, Otto Herman Gill and Ed Nelson.

Otto Herman Gill retires from the B & O Railroad April 1965 after 49 years of service, Otto Herman Gill is the son of James Madison Gill and Fannie Wineland Gill. Otto's father James retired from New York Central Railroad in Indianapolis.

Shared by C. Allen Poe

Shared by Don Welch

Shared by Randy Wright

World War I Soldiers        Dewey Skeeters, George C. Stark, Joseph Smith, Bert Skeeters, Ralph D. Smith, Perry D. Seybold, Fay E. Spencer, Luther R. Smith, John M. Seybold, Everett M. Shirar, Jacob P. Smith and  Raymond E. Swope.

Shared by Jennie Peters

These photos were submitted by Ronald Cramer who states credit should be given to Jennifer Yancey

  • Cramer Photo 1   

    "As best as we can figure the picture was taken about 1903.  Most likely at the home of Sam Coble in Parke County.  We do not have names for all in the picture.
    From left front row: Charles Cramer, Roy Cramer, Earle Cramer, Vern Cramer Seated in chair in front row is Cynthia Hise Clenard Morgan
    2nd row from left Caroline Marks Coble, Sam Coble, unknown. Mary Coble Cramer, Unknown, unknown
    3rd row from left: George Coble, Unknown,  Unknown, Melissa Weldon Cramer, Elizabeth Bell Cramer, Unknown, Ambrose Cramer, Unknown.
    4 Men on steps: Two in back are unknown in front from left: Fred Sheets, Norman Sheets."
  • Cramer Photo 2    Frank and Melissa Weldon Cramer

  • Cramer Photo 3    Helena Cramer - 1916

  • Cramer Photo 4    Jessie Reed Cramer and Fleeta Kiger Cramer

  • Cramer Photo 5    Mary Coble Cramer and grandchildren Helena, Carl & Frank

  • Cramer Photo 6    Jessie & Roy Cramer with children Helena (left) and Frank (right)


These photos were submitted by Colleen Morgan with the explanation below.  If you can help identify any of them, please contact me or Colleen

"I would like to post some photos that were in an old portrait album belonging to Mamie Fern McNeil Morgan. I would love to know who they are and some possible surnames are McNeil/McNeal, Stalker, Hayworth, Allee, Richardson, Morgan, Nickle, Elsey, Doan & Tyrrell."


Unknown Photos

Photos shared by Gary Hoffman   Please contact Gary or me if you can identify any of these Parke county folks


These 4 were shared by Shawna Holland who states "

I was recently given some photos from an older family member and was hoping someone could help me identify the people in these pictures.  They are from the Miller or Stalker families from around Parke County.  Charles L. Miller married Minnie Jane Stalker (I have no photos of her and suspect the female photo below could be her.) Charles is the son of Sampson L. Miller.  Minnie was the daughter of Francis Marion Stalker (Stocker) and Lucy Ann Daniels.  Sure hope someone can help.

Unknown Male - Miller/Stalker Family

Unknown Female - Miller/Stalker Family

Unknown Children - Miller/Stalker Family

Unknown Church Group - Miller/Stalker Family

WLS Barn Dance ( Can anyone help identify these folks? )   Shared by Claude Flory


Ambrose & Mary (Coble) Cramer - Shared by Ronald Cramer

Sewell's Regal Store Employees   Circa 1939   (identified by Leonard Sewell -thanks Leonard)

Left to right - back row - Kathleen Harbison (store clerk) , Vera Sewell, Lester Sewell, & Jim Cox, middle row Lee Gross, Clifford "Tip" Jack, Bob Martin & Leal Kesterson, front row, Leonard Ralph Sewell - son of Lester & Vera Sewell

Boyd Family 1926 (50th Anniversary of Lewis & Lucy Boyd

Jesse Rice Burks Family   ( Shorter, Laura (Payton), Martha Lucille born 1897 & George Paul born 1893 - shared by Claude Flory )

Madge Martin   ( unknown - shared by Claude Flory )

Mary Guilliams ( born in 1895 to Charles Guilliams and Etta May (Payton) - shared by Claude Flory )

William Perry Cummings

Cyrus Goss  

Amos Nickle     - Outdoor Shot -  shared by Colleen Morgan

Amos Nickle        -  Close Up Photo shared by Colleen Morgan

Peoples Band - Marshall, IN    - if you can identify anyone, let me know

Thomas Rice

George Steele

Rosedale Band ( Shared by Thelma Brooks Morgan  - Ellsworth Brooks, is #5 from the left in 2nd row,
his oldest son, Clark Brooks, is #9 from the left. My father Hiram Brooks is the young man lying down in front.)

Mr & Mrs. Tamer Grimes    ( Shared by Thelma Brooks Morgan )

Brooks Brothers    ( Shared by Thelma Brooks Morgan ) Thelma's father Hiram is on the left and his brother Clark is on the right.

Rosedale Ladies Club    ( Shared by Thelma Brooks Morgan ) 3rd from left is Thelma's grandmother Nora Cosby Brooks

Levi DeLaney

Nellie Miller, Mary Miller, William Miller & Harry Calvert   (CIRCA 1899)

Boyd Family 1926 (50th Anniversary of Lewis & Lucy Boyd

John Lusk

John A Payton Family - From Claude Flory:    Back row left to right:
Laura Alice b. 1870 and d. 1951; m. Jessie Rick Burks October 12, 1892
Marion A. b. 1876 and d. 1945; m. Lydia Anna Pratt in 1897
Rudy I. b. 1877 and d. 1930; m. Bessie Bell Fulwider in 1899
Etta May b. 1871 and d. 1950; m. Charles Grant Guilliams October 12, 1892
Front row left to right:
John A. b. 1848 and d. 1914; m. Lucinda Jane Johnson in 1869
Fred Otis b. 1879 and d. 1948; m. Catherine Ann Carter in 1899
Lucinda Jane (Johnson) b. 1849 and d. 1898; daughter of Phleming (1852-1909) and Mary Ann Dooley (1821 - 1862)

Hamilton & Adams Families ( left to right - Mattie Hamilton & husband Samuel J. Adams, Ella Cahill & husband Eben Hamilton)

Eben Winchester Hamilton - (1878) (Hamilton photos submitted by Kathleen Anderson)

Rockville Rox - 1936-1937 Basketball Team - Submitted by Kim Laib

Rockville Class of 1937 - Submitted by Kim Laib

Rockville 1st Grade Class of 1926 - Submitted by Kim Laib

Elizabeth Bell Cramer  - Submitted by Ronald Cramer

Cramer, Ambrose (standing), Charles (in car), Noble Vernon & Elizabeth Cramer with Melissa Cavanaugh - Submitted by Ronald Cramer

Elizabeth Bell Cramer & Melissa Cavanaugh - Submitted by Ronald Cramer

Coffin Siblings -        Frank Seymour, John Morton and Emma Coffin Martin - children of William & Elizabeth Coffin

Cecil & Clara Sprouls Davies        Shared by David E. Coffin

Davies Family ( l-r Herschel, Ruth, Delmas, Verla, John, Bertha, Cecil ) - Shared by David E. Coffin

Davies-Coffin Photo    ( Cecil, Bertha Davies and grandsons, Harold, David and Edward ) - Shared by David E. Coffin


North Union Church

Mount Moriah Cemetery

New Discovery Cemetery Photo

Samuel Adams Home - Rosedale - 1890 (Submitted by Kathleen Anderson)

Parke County Courthouse

Old Marathon Station  in 1941 -Montezuma, IN (now the Party Pak Liquor Store on U.S. 36)  Submitted by:  Nancy R. McElroy)

Main Street Montezuma circa 1948 - Submitted by:  Nancy R. McElroy

Lusk House

Annapolis "Four Corners" House                    Shared by David E. Coffin


Bloomingdale Friends Church

Old Rockville High school - Submitted by Kim Laib

1918 Letter Written by Lewis & Lucy Boyd to son Jesse

Portland Mills Marker

Hadley Memorial Marker

1918 Letter Written by Lewis & Lucy Boyd to son Jesse