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2006 Updates to the Parke County Site


December 2006

Obituaries :

Photos :

Submitted by Mark Mohr :



November 2006

Biographies : ( - Shared by Karen Zach )


Family Group Sheets & Outlines:


  • 1905 - Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark


Obituaries :

Photos :

Submitted by Mark Mohr


Submitted by Deidre Jones

  • Catlin School Circa 1929    -    ("I can only identify my own family.  2nd from the left back row is Agatha Isham, 4th from the right in 2nd row is Geneva Cress and 3rd from left seated is Elaine Cress.")

  • Catlin School Circa 1930      -    ("I am only able to identify my own family members.  They are Agatha Isham just behind and slight right of the teacher and Elaine Cress, 3rd from the right in the first seated row." )

  • Rockville High School 1936    -    These people are all identified and from top left are as follows:  Ruth Welch, Otis Fortner, Dorothy Deplanty, James Kesner, Marjorie Whitted, Alberta and Albert Lee, Bette Smith, Mary Minderman, Opal Warren, Paul Neet, Lida Mae Thomas, William Newton, Martha Warden, George Nichols, Lena Mae Withman, Laura Kent, George Seybold, Virginia Boyd, Hugh Banta, Dorothy Hodge, Susan Rardin, Jane Sandford, Ann Harrison, Harold Barker, Agatha Isham, Paul Adams, Jeane Ireland, Ruby Frazier, Maxine Davis, Phyllis Daugherty, Richard Rose, Maxine Wimmer, Charles Bell, Fransces Ohaver, Alice Hartman, Wilma Pyle, Pauline Martin, Martha Hardesty, Edgar Meek, Junior Strickler

Submitted by Hal C. Coleman

Submitted by Randy Wright

Submitted by Sharon Gill VandenBossche





October 2006

Biographies : ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

Henry B. Hensley, James T. Johnston, Jonathan M. Nichols


  • 1904 - Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark


18 October 1861 - Parke County Republican (- submitted by James D. VanDerMark)

    * These are large files and may take a moment to download on some computers.  

Obituaries :

Photos :


Submitted by Lori Dubay - great granddaughter of Julia Etta Kibler


September 2006

Biographies : ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

Sylvester Fisher, Andrew Russell, John Baer, W. H. H. Asbury, Z. Morris, Gerrit Hix, Dr. James H. Cannon, Dr. J. H. Wilkinson, Thomas Hughes, J. R. Bowles, James L. McCallister, William M. Ralston, Joseph T. Dunn, J. W. Remington, Samuel Moore, Dr. J. E. Wilkson, Dr. William S. McMurtry, Dick Miller, Joseph Shannon Nave, Constantine G. Mull, Martin L. Morris, John D. Christian, Athol F. Wright, Emily J. Swaim, Peoria Irwin Whitted, Joseph Moler, John Boruff, Hiram Austin, John H. Collings, George C. Harvey, John & Amos Trueblood, Robert C. Harris, Lewis Newgent, John K. Jemison, David W. Dennis, John Nugent, Harvey B. Smart, Commodore Perry Brown, William S. Hazzard, Joseph G. Cannon, D. T. Mills, Spencer Morgan, Porter Clay Welch, J. W. Hanson, Andrew Boyd, William M. Turner, A. B. Matthews, James Cameron Allen, Greeley Webster Whitford, Charles L. McMasters, Milton B. Robins, Dr. Ira Hamilton Gillum, Bernard Hale, Marion Ward, Aaron Bowers, Henry Donham Sparks, Dr. I. E. Sanderson, R. H. McCampbell, James Phillips, John H. Watt, John B. Shippen, Albert Payne, Cole Noel, Chiles F. Moorman, Valentine Cline, James Laverty, James Underwood, Nicholas Davis Orme, Indiana Webster Orme, Daniel W. Hays, Joseph M. Smith, Dr. James K. Moss, Dr. G. W. Wilkinson, William Martin, Martin L. McKee, Orley E. Adams, Oscar T. Dunagan, George L. Brooks, Albert Miller, Dr. Norman W. Connaway, Rufus Lincoln Kennedy, O. C. Donaldson

Census Records:

  • 1850  -  Every name index - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark


  • 1903 - Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark

Obituaries :

  • Mrs. H. H. Anderson  ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

  • Mary Adams    ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

  • A. L. Thomas    ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

  • Margaret Lough    ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

  • George Amos Morgan  ( - Shared by Colleen Morgan )

  • Albert Morgan        ( - Shared by Colleen Morgan )

  • John Morgan        ( - Shared by Colleen Morgan )

  • Ida Machin Morgan    ( - Shared by Colleen Morgan ))

  • Effie Morgan Clark - Funeral Card     ( - Shared by Colleen Morgan )

Photos :


Surname Data :

Wilkins Family - This data was shared by Gary Wilkins 

Be sure to thank Gary if you find it useful or have questions or additions. It includes:



1833 - Assault Case  -  Lewis Thomas and Edmon Brockway   - Noah Dowdell - Victim

1842 - Judgment to George Wilkins  - Lewis Stone, George Carder and T Brouchton

1847 - Michael Wilkins Will - Inheritors - Martha Wilkins, George Wilkins, Samuel Wilkins, Mary and John Tinbrook, Nancy and Joseph Russell, Elizabeth and Henry Linton, Martha and R.P. Rankin and John Wilkins

1859 - George Wilkins Guardianship Records  -      for estate of Lewis and Dorothy Thomas  - Inheritors - Rosabell Pickard, Henry C Wilkins, Icy T Wilkins, Michael H Wilkins, Martha A Floyd, Rosabell Pickard and Dorothy Erwin

1874 - Property Dispute  - George Wilkins  -  Plaintiff  - Phillip and Sarah Gwinnup and Wilshire Coffin

1875 - Promissory note Dispute  - George Wilkins versus William A Nickell and James H Moore

1876 - Land Tax Dispute  - George Wilkins versus Samuel Jordan 

1877 - Land/Property Dispute  - George Wilkins versus James Moore and Nelson Moore

1879 - George Wilkins Probate Records   -      Inheritor - Eliza Wilkins



1825 Michael Wilkins Federal Land Purchase

1826 Michael Wilkins Federal Land Purchase

1829 Michael Wilkins Federal Land Purchase

1834 Deed - James Nesmith to Michael Wilkins

1834 Deed - William Kilgore to George Wilkins

1834 Deed - Land transfer due to a judgment against John Haydon and John Holstead

1835 Deed - Court Action George Wilkins for Lewis Thomas to Norbourn Thomas

1837 Deed - Land transfer from Michael and Martha Wilkins to Pratt Fink, John Adamson, Joseph Stephenson and John Holstead.  They were Trustees of the Montezuma meeting house and school.  The deed specifically requires the land be used as a church.

1837 Deed - George & Icy Tissy Wilkins to Norbourn Thomas

1838 Deed - Michael & Martha Wilkins to Henry Martin

1845 Deed - George & Icy Tissa Wilkins to Justin Hale

1848 Deed - Solomon & Hannah Jessup to George Wilkins

1848 Deed - Benjamin and Martha Wilkins Rankin to Samuel Wilkins

1851 Deed -  Court Action George Wilkins for Lewis Thomas to Elias Holliday

1851 Deed - George and Icy Wilkins to Henry Linton

1852 Deed - George Wilkins to Ezekiel Floyd

1852 Deed - William Floyd to George Wilkins

1852 Deed - John Wilkins to Henry Linton

1853 Deed - John and Mary Wilkins Tinbrook to Samuel Wilkins

1854 Deed - Samuel and Evaline Wilkins to Henry Linton

1855 Deed - George Wilkins to John Bright

1857 Deed - Samuel & Evaline Wilkins to Henry Linton

1861 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Jonathan Jones

1862 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Abner Floyd

1864 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Michael Bannon

1864 Deed - Washington & Naomi Hadley to George Wilkins

1864 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to William Erwin

1866 Deed - Margaret Lauderback to George Wilkins

1866 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Avaline Floyd

1867 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Charles Martin

1868 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to Nicholas & James Moore

1870 Deed - Francis & Cornelia Redford to George Wilkins

1870 Deed - Alexander & Jane Lee to George Wilkins

1871 Deed - Miriam Picket to George Wilkins

1872 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to William Johnson

1872 Deed - George &  Eliza Wilkins to William Stanley

1874 Deed - Samuel &  Polly Jordan to George Wilkins

1875 Deed - W.W. & Elizabeth Coffin to George Wilkins

1876 Deed - George &  Sarah Lindley to George Wilkins

1876 Deed - George &  Eliza Wilkins to Thomas Cannon

1876 Deed - George &  Eliza Wilkins to Wisby Russell

1876 Deed - George &  Icy Wilkins to Flo Webster

1876 Deed - George & Eliza Wilkins to William Moore

1876 Deed - William,  John & James Moore to George Wilkins

1877 Deed - Judgment to George Wilkins from William Nichell and James Moore

1877 Deed - Judgment to George Wilkins from Samuel Eusey

1877 Deed - George   Eliza Wilkins to William Hendrick


August 2006

Biographies : ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

Maps:  ( from 1908 Atlas donated by Mike Kollar )




  • 1902 - Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark

Obituaries : ( - Shared by Karen Zach )

Photos : (- submitted by James D. VanDerMark)

         ( - shared by Mark Anway )

     ( Shared by Tom Campbell )       



July 2006

Biographies :


  • 1901 - Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark

Obituaries :

  • Jesse Cornelia Chapman - shared by Karen Zach

  • Bertha McCurry - shared by Karen Zach

  • Roland Harold Wilder - shared by Karen Zach

  • Edith Lawson - shared by Karen Zach

  • John C. Wilber - shared by Karen Zach

  • Melvina Catherine Grimes - shared by Karen Zach

  • Mary M. Barr - shared by Karen Zach

Photos :

Shared by Mary Jane Parvey and Mike Kollar

Shared by Mary Lou Thomas 07/2006 who says: " These are from my grandmother, Bertha Woodard's, side of the family.  She married Lawrence Woodard who was a Quaker from Coloma.  They lived in the gray house across  the road from Coloma Friend's Church.  My grandfather made a home out of the old school."

Shared by Diane K. Bottum   - If you can identify anyone or anyplace in the photos, please contact Diane or me

  • Unknown Group Hotel Rhoads - Probably Newlin family members (Where this hotel was located?)

  • Unknown Man/Horse & Buggy - (What does R. F. D. No. 2 or the symbol on the buggy represent?)

  • Sugar Creek Township School - Circa 1892-1896 - Lillie Mae Newlin only identified with * - possibly School No.6 in Section 10, No. 4 in Section 22 or No. 3 in Section 12

  • Union Church Group - Circa 1905 -Sugar Creek Township - Diane can identify Lillie Newlin, Alice Newlin, Claude Peek, Elam Newlin, John H. Newlin, Bessie Newlin, Myrtle Newlin, Laura Nickell Newlin, Sarah Elizabeth Newlin and Diantha Newlin.

  • Hobson-Newlin Gathering - Circa 1888


June 2006

Biographies :


  • 1900- Every name index sorted by Groom - transcribed by James D. VanDerMark

Newspaper Tidbits - Shared by Karen Zach:

  • Various 1917 items from the Waveland Independent - including surnames MILES, HAZLETT, STONE, MIKELS, SIMMS, DURHAM, DILLMAN and PORTER

Obituaries :


Photos :

Shared by Arnie Gill 05/2006

Shared by Colleen Morgan

Shared by Sandra Holderman Warner

May 2006

Photos :

Shared by Arnie Gill 05/2006




April 2006


Biographies :

Historical Documents:   

  •  Journal of Louis Harney (1874-1925) - submitted by Mike Kollar - Entries from 06 July 1902 - 18 February 1907 - mentions surnames Harney, Harmless, Carmichael, Martin, Pruett and many more.  These are scanned images of the actual journal - very interesting insight into the daily life of Parke county citizens 100+ years ago. Mike would be interested in hearing from anyone with ties to those mentioned in the journal.



Photos :

  • Submitted by Mike Kollar  - 04/2006 (Mike is Glen's grandson)




March 2006

Biographies :

Obituaries :

Photos :

  • -submitted by Michelle (Shaw) Tambellini - 03/2006 who states: I am hoping to learn the identity of the unknown individuals.  If anyone knows, would they please contact me.  I would love to exchange information with anyone from my line or anyone in the pictures.  -  Michelle L. Tambellini, 2210 Four Oaks Grange Rd. #2, Eugene, OR 97405

  1. Sacerah Shaw

  2. Margaret E. Gentry

  3. Nicholas Burkhart

  4. Martha McFarland Shaw holding Merta May Shaw

  5. Samuel N. Spencer - husband of Sarah J. Noble

  6. Elsie Bussomer

  7. Stephen P. Shaw - son of William and Jane McCorkle Shaw, husband of Mahala Staggs Shaw

  8. Mahala Staggs Shaw

  9. John A. Shaw & Martha McFarland

  10. Mary Shaw - sister to William B. Shaw

  11. Mary Belle Shaw - daughter of Stephen and Mahala Staggs Shaw

  12. John H. Martin

  13. William H. Shaw - son of Stephen and Mahala Staggs Shaw

  14. William Shaw

  15. Unknown Girl

  16. Unknown Man

  17. Unknown Man

  18. Unknown Man

  19. Unknown Girl

  20. Unknown Man

  21. William H. Martin

  22. Mandy McFarland - identical twin sister to Martha McFarland

  23. John A. Shaw

  24. Ellen Gentry

  25. Martha Butler

  26. Martha Butler

  27. Sarah J. Noble? - wife of Samuel N. Spencer

  28. John A. Shaw?

  29. Merta May Shaw - daughter of John & Martha McFarland Shaw

  30. Stephen P. Shaw - husband of Mahala Staggs, son of William B. and Jane McCorkle Shaw

  31. Unknown Man - taken at C. A. Rutledge & Co. Photographers, Rockville, IN

  32. Unknown Man - taken at R. C. Numbrauer Studio, Hermann, MO - opened jacket

  33. Unknown Man - taken at R. C. Numbrauer Studio, Hermann, MO - buttoned jacket

  34. Unknown Child

  35. Unknown Female

  36. Unknown Boy

  37. Unknown Female

  38. Unknown Male

  39. Unknown Male

  40. Unknown Female

  41. Unknown Male

  42. Unknown Male


-submitted by Beth Rasmussen - 03/2006 James M T Bright was the son of James and Mary  Burroughs Bright. He fought in the Civil War. The  second picture is James M  T Bright in later years. I don't know the date.   James M T Bright was of the  first officers and charter member of the Masonic  Lodge No. 172 AF & AM  charter May 1855.  from" History of Fountain Co 1881" talking about  churches of the area.  The Mill Creek Baptist church was organized about  1851 at Lodi, Parke co,  In. where it was known as Liberty Baptist Church.  About 1854 or 1855 the  Mill Creek church was built, prior to this time  meetings being held in an  old schoolhouse. The trustees were Samuel Harvey,  James M.L. Bright and  Andrew Baker.( should be James M.T. Bright not  L.)   James M T was married first to Margaret Trueman  and  secondly to Margaret  Wann. They resided in Liberty Township. James M T died in 1881.

Younger James M. T. Bright

Older James M. T. Bright

-submitted by Stephen Dreher - 03/2006 - John Arn married the girl next door, one of my great grandmother's sisters. He fought with Company A of the 31st Indiana Infantry. he was born in Switzerland, was a carpenter, lived at 328 Pine St., Montezuma, died there and is buried in Oakland Cemetery.  The photo probably dates from about 1891 or 92. Mrs. Arn had died in 1888 and four of the daughters were still at home until late December 1892, when Mary married.  I'd be happy to hear from anyone who know anything about the Arns.

John Arn & Daughters    -    John Arn (August 1834 in Switzerland–20 Aug 1906 in Montezuma, IN; buried Oakland Cemetery, Montezuma) was husband of Albertina Miller (born Germany 1841–died Montezuma 1888). Girls: probably Mary (22), Susanna (20), Elizabeth (31), Anna (17), but which is which? Before 1892 when Mary was married. Photo by Reynolds, Montezuma, IN.


February 2006


Biographies :  - shared by Karen Zach from Portrait & Biographical Record of Montgomery, Parke & Fountain Counties, Indiana. Chicago: Chapman Brothers, 1893

Land Records:

  • Some Land Patents  - shared by James D. VanDerMark - an alphabetical listing by surname



  • Larry Seits       Prairie Farmer's Directory of Fountain, Parke and Vermillion Counties, Indiana (1920)  

    ( " it contains the farm owner's name, spouse's first name and natal surname (very valuable, at least to me), children's first names and whether they are still in the parents' home, the mailing address, the township name and section number, whether they own or rent the farm, how many acres are in the farm, and  their telephone exchange." )

Obituaries :  - shared by Karen Zach

  • Lawrence Cox

  • Henry Crites

  • Seth Wood

  • Mrs. Charles P. Walker

  • Rachel Holbert

  • Mary Heslar

  • Priscilla Catherine Martin

  • Alice Ann Overpeck

  • Mrs. Samuel Sylvester

  • William H. Tobin

  • Florine Thompson


Photos :

-shared by Bill Wilken 02/2006 with the caption "In your Parke County biographies, I noticed your reference to David  Wardrup Stark and his wife, Rhoda Kitchell.  For your interest, I've attached an early photograph of Rhoda Kichell (born Cincinnati, Ohio, 10 February 1813, died Rockville, Indiana, January 1877, married Alfred Wardrup Stark. 28 April 1831 at Palestine, Illinois).  Rhoda Kitchell is my wife's third maternal great-grandmother." - "One is of David Wardrup Stark; another of Rhoda Kitchell, his wife, as an older woman; and a third of Virginia Stark Davis, their daughter, and my wife's 2nd great grandmother.  Virginia Stark was born in Illinois, 25 September 1837, married Charles A. Davis, Rockville, Indiana, 12 December 1855, and died Rockville, Indiana, 7 July 1873"



January 2006

Biographies :  - shared by Karen Zach from Historical Sketch of Parke County, Indiana, 1816-1916

Jonathan Swaim -  George Aydelott - Jackson Allen - Tyler S. Baldwin - Thomas Burnside - Gideon Crooks - Jarvis Davis - George T. Howell - Edward Hutton - William Kemper - Aquila Laverty - William O. Stone, MD - William Perry Cummings - John Boatman - David Johnson - David Lindley - Thomas Lindley - Rev. Ira Mater - John B. Miller - Tobias Miller - Robert Mitchell - Thomas K. Seybold - Henry Slavens - Charles W. Stryker - Barnabas Coffin Hobbs - William Hobson - Scott Noel - John T. Meacham - George Mater - Exum Newlin - John W. Johnson - Marvin H. Case - Seba H. Case - Reuben Jacks - Franklin W. Dinwiddie- Clarissa M Loree - Mary Crowell - Starling Carver - John Gilkeson - John Johns

Census :

Obituaries :  - shared by Karen Zach

  • John Holton Brown       

  • Hyber Rabb

Photos :   

- shared by Mary Lou Cox Hazelrigg 01/2006 with the caption: “Photo is of Richard Marion I. Cox & his new bride Lillie Pearl Cox.  They were married on July 29, 1908 in Lena, Parke County., Indiana.  Pearl was his 3rd wife.  Richard's 2nd wife, Martha Cox  was my great grandmother. Martha died April 22, 1907.”

- shared by Colleen Morgan

  • George Morgan - photo with sister Effie and 6th grade report card from Reserve Township

  • Montezuma Graduates - "I believe it is the Class of 1933.  Max Causey is in the top row on the right.  It would be great if the others could be identified."

- shared by Debby Jones 01/2006 - with the caption " We know they come from the MANN branch of the the family. One of the babies is supposed to be my grandfather, Kenneth B. MANN-we just don't know which one. Only one is labeled on the back with the name Mann, but the HARPOLD family could just as easily be represented - so if you recognize anyone, please contact me!!"


- shared by Debra Winchell

- shared by Karen Zach