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Parke County Surnames

L - P

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Surname Researcher Comments
Lamb Judy Gemmecke  
Lamb Sandy Schaad  William A & Martha e (Outland)
Lambert Judy Nordgren  James (1863-1909) & wife Nora (Edwards)
Lambert Betty Adams  
Laney Carolyn Bland Laney  Joseph Wood Laney & Corodallah Willhite of Florida Township
Lang Karen Zach  
Lanning Donna Sutliff  
Larew Connie Cunningham  
Lawson Lorraine Hoopingarner  George born KY about 1848 - married Mary Amanda Coleman
Lawson Roderick Lawson  John (1812 - 1894) - Sugar Creek Township
Lear Steve Fisher  
Leitgabel Jennifer Yost  
Lewis Mike Sutton  
Lewis Paula Dye  
Lewis Betty Adams  
Lewman Mike Lewman  Elijah and Candace (Grimes) Lewman
Lindley Judy & Melvin Woody  Mahlon Hocket & Susannah Harvey Lindley Woody
Lindley Raymond L. Maris  
Lindley Michele S Frederick  
Linebarger Robert Elder Blue  
Linebarger Bruce Morgan  
Logan Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Logan Kathy Scott  
Lorton Carolyn Branson  
Lough Anita Ellis  
Lowe Steve Fisher  
Loy Joni King  Charles Clay and Hazel (Griffin)
Mains Marian Zook  Jeremiah & Susan Mains family
Mains Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Malone Darlene Julson  William & Sarah's family
Manly Eddie Manley  John & children -Robert, Edmund, William, John, Isabella, Elizabeth
Mankin Doreen Walton  Manford & America (Mankin) Griffin family line
Manley Sherri Kudlinski  
Mann Debbie Gilpin  David & Martitia (May) Mann
Manwaring Sally Combest  Martha Ellen, born @ 1855
Marley Linda Garrett  
Maris Paula Dye  
Maris Raymond L. Maris  
Maris Eleanor Rayl  All families - North Carolina, Orange & Parke Counties, Indiana
Martin Janet M. Reed Thompson  
Martin Cathi Knollenberg  Daniel born 1833 son of Job born 1805 & Malinda Scott born 1809
Martin Darlene F Greene  
Marshall Larry Seits  
Mason Judith Pickett  1830 - 1890
Mater Debbie Holst  John F. b. 1843 married Elizabeh Nichols
Mayes Shelly Dooley  
McAdoo Suzette Thompson  
McAlister Kathy Scott  
McCammon Anita Ellis  Samuel McCammon husband of Theodosia Sutton 
McCampbell Raymond L. Maris  
McClain Rod Smiley  
McClellan Ruby Waugh  
McClure Marian Wood  Jesse McClure, wife Elnora & children Brooks & Mildred - circa 1910-1930
McCorkle Sandy Young  
McCoy Raymond L. Maris  John & Elizabeth (Towell) McCoy
McCoy Mike Donovan  
McCutchan Rod Smiley  
McCutchan Cole Shoaf  
McCutchen Cole Shoaf  
McCutcheon Judy Nordgren  Meredith Marshal & Phoebe Elinor (Cornthwaite) McCutcheon
McDaniel Raymond L. Maris  
McDowell Debi Thoma  
McElwee Larry Seits  
McGilvery Sandy Young  
McGuinn Al Jordan  Martin, wife Catherine & children
McHargue Cathi Knollenberg  Sarah Jane born 1833, wife of Daniel S. Martin
McMasters Larry Seits  
McMullen Sharon Mills  
McSpadden Steve Fisher  
Mead Lawrence Meade  Luke Mead - 1830 or after
Melton Michael Mahoney  
Melton Carla Frazier  (Pickney) Nathaniel Melton son of Henry H. & Prudence (Dishman) Melton
Mendenhall Peggy Dare  Ancestors of Eleanor Annis Mendenhall Allen
Mendenhall Raymond L. Maris  
Michael Carolyn Branson  
Milbourne Lena Carlson  
Milburn Lena Carlson  
Miles Robert Kell Miles  
Miller Ruby Waugh  
Miller Linda Lopeman  Thomas W. Miller of Montezuma in the 1870s
Miller Ann Stryker Lester  Daniel, b. 1780, VA; Jacob, 1812 IN
Miller Debi Thoma  
Miller Sharon Mills  
Miller James D. VanDerMark  Levi, James, Isaac, Rosetta & related lines
Mills Debbie Phelps Whitley  
Minderman Gregory Grinley  
Minter Lynda Minter  
Mitchell Carolyn Branson  
Mitchell Debi Thoma  
Mlcek Betty Mlcek Root  John Mlcek family - lived in Mecca 1907 - 1918
Modesitt Bobbie McClenny  
Modisett Bobbie McClenny  
Montgomery Betty Adams  
Moon Sherian Kennedy  
Moore Rhonda Moore  Melvin Eugene Moore and family
Moore Brenda Black Watson  1829 - Shelby Co., KY to Parke Co., IN to Douglas Co., IL - 1834
Moore Jack Moore  
Moore Steve Moore   Levi Moore and family
Moore Carolyn Branson  
Moore James D. VanDerMark  Thomas & Gilla Ann (Hammock) family
Moorhead Kay Towner  James Calvin
Moreland Jerry Rowings  
Morgan Karen Zach  
Morgan Duane Keith Holaday  
Morgan Bruce Morgan  
Morlan Jerry Rowings  
Morris Raymond L. Maris  
Morrison Raymond L. Maris  
Mosier Yvonne Strong  
Mothorn Lucy Katz  
Mottern Lucy Katz  
Moulder Eleanor Rayl  John & Eleanor (Maris) Moulder
Mullis Kathy Scott  
Myers Debbie Holst  George, husband of Viola Nichols b. 1860
Myers Daniel & Dana Dunbar  John & Temperence 1800-1850
Nance Debi Thoma  
Nevins Betty Adams  
Nevins Taffy Haney  
Nevins Steve Fisher  
Newcome Paul Kirkman  
Newell Sharon Mills  
Newell Steve Fisher  
Newlin Robert Elder Blue  
Newlin Raymond L. Maris  
Newton Betty Adams  
Nichols Debbie Holst  James b. 1786, Amos b. 1824, Dorcas b. 1833
Nickels Debbie Holst  Mary Ann b. 1825
Nickles Debbie Holst  Benjamin Franklin b. 1865
Noble Grace Gipson  William & Hannah (Minor)
Noble Lu Ecton  
Norman Anita Ellis  Lemuel, husband of Catherine Bassitt
Nolan Ron Hood  
Nutgrass Debi Thoma  
Nutgrass Randy Wright  
Olds Fae Jacobs  
Osborn Raymond L. Maris  
Overman Robert Elder Blue  
Overpeck Carolyn Branson  
Overpeck Debi Thoma  
Overpeck Paul Kirkman  
Owen Lawrence Meade  Phebe Owen - 1820 and after
Parker James D. VanDerMark  Raleigh & Rebecca (Wilson) family
Patch Judy Hopkins  
Patten Cindy Hardin  
Patton Forrest R Van Schwartz  
Patton Cindy Hardin  
Pavey Marsha McWilliams  
Payne Stephanie Silver  
Payton Michael Mahoney  
Paytons Claude Flory  James Hubert & Vera LaMoyne
Peacock Kim Baker Laib  
Peelman Michael Peelman  Joseph Peelman family - including sons James & Samuel W.
Peffley Lyn Pefley Lees  
Pefley Lyn Pefley Lees  
Pellett Pat Schuknecht  
Pence Sharon Mills  
Pence Steve Fisher  
Pettit Steve Fisher  
Petty Sally Taylor  Joshua Petty married Mary Ann Taylor 20 Feb 1845 in Parke County
Petty Jennifer Yost  
Phelps Debbie Phelps Whitley  
Phillips Gerald Carr  Especially brothers William O & Oliver Perry Phillips
Phillips Sherri Kudlinski  
Phipps Tim Phipps  
Pickerel Debi Thoma  
Pickett Raymond L. Maris  
Pierce Mary Pierce Aston  The family of Hubert Clayton and Jessie Brown Pierce 
Pinnegar Steve Fisher  
Pitman Sharon Myers  Andrew Pittman ( 1798-186?), son of Joseph
Pittman Sharon Myers  Andrew Pittman husband of Elizabeth Netterfee & Permilia Zimmerman
Plaster Don Holmes  In Parke County until 1970s
Plough Ron Hood  
Poff William Squires  Lived in Lena area
Pollard Edwin Pollard  Thomas Lloyd (1830-1897) & wives Elizabeth Johnson/Cynthia Davis
Porter Rod Smiley  
Portman Steve Fisher  
Presslor Connie Cunningham  
Pruett Jerry Rowings  
Puntenney Mike Lewman  John Guffy and Margaret (Hixon) Puntenney
Pyle Raymond L. Maris  



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