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WEBSTER & ELLIS - robbed

Source: Crawfordsville Daily Journal 21 July 1881

Marshall Calhoun of Waynetown was attracted to the store of Webster & Ellis on Tuesday night at a late hour by the sounds of a muffled explosion. He found two men engaged in an attempt to blow open the safe. They had succeeded in springing the doors partially open. He ordered them under arrest but they resisted. In the fight they fired five shots at him without effect. He had only one cartride in his revolver and lost no time in giving them the benefit of that but without hitting either burglar so far as is known. The fellows had previously stolen a horse & buggy out of the livery stable of Zuck & Osborne and rapidly drove off with it. The horse and buggy were yesterday morning found hitched in the rear of JJ Darter's Warehouse in Crawfordsville. The thieves left no clew (sic) behind them but are supposed to be Crawfordsville crooks and bunglers at the business. Thanks muches to Jerry Turner for this one - he sends me the niftiest things   -- thanks Jer

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