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Waynetown Monument Company

SOURCE: Waynetown Despatch 25 July 1930


We have just received a car load of Monuments and Markers. They may be seen at the Waynetown Masonic Cemetery. They are all Rock of Ages best grade Barre Vermont Granite and guaranteed free of all defects.
We buy direct from the Quarry. We have no agents selling our goods. When you buy from us you pay only the quarry price plus a very reasonable profit for our handling. If you want something in the way of a Monument or Marker, call and inspect our goods, and if the prices please you give us your order, and pay for them when the monuments are set at the grave.
If you are interested, call Mr. Shuler or Mr Harris, either of which will be glad to show you and quote you prices.

The Waynetown Monument Co.
J.W. Shuler J.M. Harris
Or just starting on one, Or have friends visiting you, Or know of someone else who has,
Or have entertained a group of friends, Or have been entertained in some distant city,
Or if you have seen an old resident on our streets, If you have a sick neighbor,
Or are invited to a wedding. Or have heard of a death, Or know anything interesting about your neighbor or yourself, tell it to the editor or call us on the telephone.
We appreciate these "lifts" and it makes it a lot easier to get out a newsy paper.
It does not make any difference to us whether you advertise in or subscribe for this paper. Our readers are' -paying us to give the news, and, as we are not running a personal organ, we would like to have the news regardless of whether it concerns a friend or foe of the paper.
Just so it is news, and we get it "hot' off the griddle, is what we desire most.

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