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Walkup - Insley Transfer

Walkup & Insley – Omnibus & Transfer Line

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal 20 Feb 1892 p 9

Business Directory – Walkup & Insley – Omnibus and Transfer Line – There is no one thing that tends so much to give a city a good reputation for general progress as the facilities to both residents and visitors for transacting business and also adding pleasure to convenience. Among the class of enterprises must be mentioned the Crawfordsville Omnibus and Hack Line under the ownership and management of its hustling proprietors. Walkup & Insley.  This establishment is a leader in its branch and the amount of business transacted is enormous – a great number of hacks, cabs, etc are constantly kept going day and night, meeting all trains and attending to a great number of orders.  Special accommodations are furnished for persons going to picnics and parties and everybody is served in a pleasant and speedy manner.  Mr. Walkup has long been known as a splendid man for his business while JJ Insley who entered the firm about two weeks ago has been identified with the livery and transfer interests of our city for 22 years past.  We may here state that as he started the first omnibus line ever in the city he needs no enconiums (sic).  The two together form a strong combination of business tact.  The office and stables can be found at 117 East Market Street.  You will receive the best of service and be treated courteously by patronizing this firm

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