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Lee, DL -1860-1901

Source: Crawfordsville Weekly Journal Friday, 22 March 1901

The editor of the Rockville Tribune endeavors to be venomously vicious in the partisan conduct of his paper but he never succeeds in getting beyond the amusing stage. The following political thunderbolt is hurled this week:  “The grocery house of D. L. Lee, of Crawfordsville, established in 1860, failed last week. The original cause of the failure was a debt of $18,000 contracted back in 1872, which the steady increase in the value of money made its payment impossible.” Mr. Lee never contracted any debt in 1872, and in fact was entirely free of debt until within the last few years. At the time of failure, his total liabilities were about $9,000, and the difference between his assets and liabilities is represented by bad bills. -s

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