"Show me first the graveyards of a country and
          I will tell you the true character of the people."
                                --Benjamin Franklin

Below is a listing of all known cemeteries in Tippecanoe County.   If you know of other cemeteries in Tippecanoe Co., IN,
please e-mail me with their names and locations so they can be added to this list.  Listings for some of the cemeteries have been
 transcribed and are now online, many of them at Find-A-Grave.

Many thanks to all the volunteers who are making this possible!

 Mr. David Cheesman, who spent years reading, verifying and photographing tombstones in
cemeteries in the southern part of the county, has also added some of his information
online at Find-A-Grave .

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Humorous Epitaphs

Dear Ancestor:
Your tombstone stands among the rest;  neglected and alone.
The name and date are chiseled out on polished, marbled stone.
It reaches out to all who care, it is too late to mourn.
You did not know that I exist, you died and I was born.
Yet each of us are cells in you, in flesh, in blood, in bone.
Our blood contracts and beats a pulse entirely not our own.
Dear Ancestor, the place you filled one hundred years ago,
Spreads out among the ones you left who would have loved you so.
I wonder if you lived and loved, I wonder if you knew,
That someday I would find this spot, and come to visit you.
~Author Unknown

ADE  27 (SE) 23-6 SHELBY At the sight of St. Paul's church 75 S. & 875 W.; no visible remains
Burials listed on Find A Grave
16 (SE) 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1839. Located south of Americus on 775 E. and 700 N.
a.k.a. Downs; over 100 tombstone photos have been added
23 (SE) 23-6 SHELBY Est.1843. On Kerber Road between C.R. 125 N. and Division Road; Methodist / Lutheran
see HARVEY below
3 (SE) 24-3 TIPPECANOE Est.1835.
a.k.a Lilly, Fraiser or Bear
35 (SE) 23-5 UNION Est.1829. West of the Eli Lilly Plant on high ridge east of bridge over Wea Creek.
BAKER 10 (SE) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1838.  Named for Wm. Baker,early pioneer settler.  Just south of St. Rd. 38 on 900 E. 
BATES  35 (NE) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1844.  No visible remains
26 (NW) 24-4
TIPPECANOE Est.1811. Cemetery for 11 soldiers who died at the Battle of Tippecanoe and Memorial.
Complete transcription now online!!
Also a few burials listed on Find A Grave
Burnett's Reserve 
2 & 3
TIPPECANOE Est.1829. North of the town of Battle Ground on Pretty Prairie Road.
BETHEL 24 (SW) 23-3 PERRY No visible remains; Lutheran, behind Bethel Pettit Church as per the 1919-1922 Assessor's Transfer book. (Description from Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission)
a.k.a. McClintock
22 (NW) 23-3 PERRY  Est.1832. Destroyed. Burns, Gerard, Miller and Patten families buried here.
BOGGS  27 (SW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1837.  Was a Campbellite Cemetery. Destroyed.
BOOHER 24 (SW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Alexander Booher family cemetery.  Located just north of 600 S. between 1000 E. and1075 E.
BRADLEY 27 (SW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD On bluff southeast of site of Boggs Cemetery; reportedly a mother and children. No longer used. (Description from Tippecanoe County Area Plan Commission)
a.k.a. Bryant
Burials listed on Find A Grave
28 (NW) 24-4 TIPPECANOE Est.1834. Partially destroyed.  Located on private property on C.R. 600 N. between 75 E. and St. Rd. 43.
a.k.a Old Bilderback or Klondike Cemetery.  A few tombstone pictures have been added
2 (NW) 23-5 WABASH Est.1831. In good condition; located on the corner of U.S. 52 and 300 W. across from Klondike Middle School.
BUSH 9 (NW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1848. In Dayton corporate limits.  No longer used.
a.k.a Old Radical Cemetery. 
Burials listed on Find A Grave
9 (NW) 24-4 TIPPECANOE Completely destroyed.  Moved to Liberty Chapel.
a.k.a. Sears, Comet Fry, Irish or Stuart Farm. 
33 (NW) 23-5 UNION Est.1842. Located near the Wabash River off C.R. 500 W and 75 S. near Granville; no visible remains. Mass burial for Irish workers of Wabash & Erie Canal who died from Malaria.
CEDAR BLUFF 29 (SE) 23-3 PERRY Est.1830. Completely destroyed.
CHILD BURIAL 3 (NW) 21-3 LAURAMIE Child buried on U.S. Hwy. 52 south of C.R. 800 S. 
a.k.a. Clark
620 burials on Find-A-Grave
23 (NE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Located on C.R. 975 E., south of Hwy. 28
CLEAVER 10 (SW) 23-3 PERRY Est.1833. Inaccessible; located on private property.
a.k.a. Ritchey
31 (SE) 22-4 WEA Est.1849. 4/10 mile west of U.S. 231 Destroyed, no visible remains.
a.k.a. Colburn
23 (NE) 24-3 WASHINGTON On west side of 1000 E. and across the road from Colburn E.U.B. 
CONARROE 35 (SW) 22-4 WEA Est.1840. No longer used. Located on C.R. 800 S. between 250 E. and  300 E; on private property.
942 Burials on Find-A-Grave
11 (NE) 21-4 LAURAMIE Est.1842. South of Concord on C.R. 300E.
a.k.a. Pop's Center
2 (SE) 21-4 LAURAMIE Nearly destroyed.
COSBY 23 (S) 21-4 LAURAMIE Est.1835. No longer used.  Located on 1200 S. between 300 E. and 400 E.
a.k.a. Potter's Field. 
Recently renamed Stevens-Barnhardt
30 (SE) 24-4 TIPPECANOE Est.1847. East side of 500 W. Only 2 stones remaining; at one time possibly as many as 200 graves.
CUNNINGHAM 10 (S) 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1833. No longer used; on private property.
DAVIS-HIGMAN 9 (NE) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Est.1820. No longer used; fenced. Located on North 9th Street Rd.
DAWES    SHELBY Jackson Hwy. and 600 W.; mostly destroyed, on private land.
a.k.a. Bryan or Shelby Farm
15 (SE) 23-6 SHELBY Est.1828. Very bad shape; partially destroyed.
Over 2,800 burials at Find-A-Grave
4 (S) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1840. Part inside Dayton city limits; part outside; State Rd. 38
DEARDURFF 22 (NW) 24-4 TIPPECANOE Est.1835. No visible remains. Burial site of son and daughter of John and Sally Deardurff; stones possibly moved to Hurst Cemetery.
DIETERLE FARM 8 (SW) 21-4 RANDOLPH Est.1835. No longer used. Near Wea Creek off U.S. 231 just north of C.R. 1050 S.
DRISCOLL 14 (NE) 23-5  WABASH Family burials of Jeremiah Driscoll and unknown others; no visible remains.
a.k.a.Dimmitt, Lutz
15 (NE) 22-5 UNION Est.1846. No longer used; C.R. 450 S. and 375 W.
a.k.a. Colburn
24 (NW) 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1842. On east side of 1000 E.
a.k.a. Hartman Farm
23 (SW) 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1845. No longer used. Near Sugar Creek, east of 900 E. between 600 N. and 700 N.
This is a partial list that has been submitted to Find-A-Grave.
18 (SE) 21-4  RANDOLPH Started in 1921. Located on S.R. 28 between C.R. 125 W. and U.S. 231.
a.k.a. Stockwell and Cole
This is a partial list that has been submitted to Find-A-Grave.
5 (SE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1830. In the town of Stockwell next to railroad and 700 E.  Township trustee is caretaker.
A few tombstone photos and a partial list of burials on Find-A-Grave
27 (NW) 22-5 UNION Est.1831. Quaker Cemetery; located east of Farmer's Institute Church on C.R. 660 S.
FATHER HAMILTON   24 (SW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Tomb in St. Mary's Church basement
a.k.a. Feerer Rural Black or Pioneer
15 (NW) 22-4 WEA Est.1833. Located on C.R. 430 S. west of 250 E.
a.k.a.Fink Meadows Cemetery or Thorp; A partial list at Find-A-Grave
9 (NW) 22-4 WEA Est.1840. Located on the corner of C. R. 300 S. and 150 E.
a.k.a. Barnett, Old Mintoyne and Wilson
2 (SW) 22-5  UNION No longer used. On C.R. 250 W. just south of Eli Lilly Road. 
FOSTER 22 (NE) 23-3 PERRY No longer used. Off of 850 E. just south of 100 N.
a.k.a. Barkhurst or Skinner
7 (NW) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1837. No longer used.  Located near a creek south of 900 S. and west of 575 E.
GAY FARM 2 (SE) 22-6 WAYNE Est.1828. Single burial; 850 W. 300 S.
GRANDVIEW 18 (NW) 23-4  WABASH 1510 N. Salisbury West Lafayette, IN
GRANVILLE 30 (SE) 23-5 WAYNE Est.1838. Located on 75 S. east of 700W.
a.k.a. Lafayette City Cemetery
Interments 1846-1860 
Also a few burials on Find-A-Grave
21 (NW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Located at 1408 N. 12th Lafayette, IN. Remains from Lafayette Burial Grounds re-interred here. Earliest burial 1820 as per ISHA Interim Report.
a.k.a. Methodist Campground
23 (SW) 24-4. Original plat Lot 1. TIPPECANOE Est.1816. Located within Battle Ground town limits, next to the chapel on the grounds of the Tippecanoe Battlefield Park. Cemetery for original town of Harrisonville; on site of old Methodist campgrounds.
a.k.a.Ash Grove
3 (SE) 24-3 TIPPECANOE Est.1835. Located on 900 N. just east  off St. Rd. 43 N.
a.k.a.Grand Prairie Baptist, not Mt. Zion.
35 (NE) 24-5 WABASH Est.1824. Located on 500 N. just east of Morehouse Road; 300W & 900N.
a.k.a.Morgan and Wagon Train Cemetery
22 (NE) 22-6 WAYNE Est.1839. On the corner of 510 S. & 900 W.; possibly a burial ground for a wagon train after a cholera epidemic.
9 (SW) 22-3 PERRY Located on west side of C.R. 725 E near north fork of Wildcat Creek.
a.k.a. Taylor, Taylor's Station or Barnett Farm
24 (NE) 22-5 UNION Est.1839. On the corner of 500 S. and 150 W. 
a.k.a. Corwin, Goldsberry or Tippecanoe River Cemetery
8 (SW) 24-3 TIPPECANOE Est.1835. Nearly destroyed.  Located on private property.
There are several photos on this page, it may take awhile to load. 
36 (SW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1820. Restored April 2004 by L.A. Clugh and Holladay family members. 
a.k.a. Little Hollywood or Buck Creek Cemetery - Partial list of burials 
28 (SE) 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1848. Located on the corner of 500 N. and 750 E.
a.k.a. Horney Creek Cemetery
32 (S) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1839. Entrance to cemetery is on C.R. 1200 N. in Montgomery County.  It is marked with a stone on the north side of the road between 600 E and 700 E.  The stone says "Horney Cemetery, Est. 1839".  Follow the grass lane next to the stone north about 1/4 mile to the cemetery.  It has an iron fence and is being maintained in good condition.  Jim Harney
a.k.a. Newton Woods
19 (SE) 21-4 RANDOLPH Est.1838. No longer used.  Just south of 1150 S.  Located in Newton Woods Subdivision, Romney. Almost destroyed.
a.k.a. Swisher, Old Indian or Old Sand Ridge
Burnett's Reserve 5 TIPPECANOE Est.1830. No longer used.  On private property in wooded area, east of Swisher. Burial site of William Burnett; Nancy Burnettand John Davis family.
ISLEY 13 (SW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Located off Eisenhower Road.
Partial list of burials on Find-A-Grave.
4 (NW) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1830. Started as Johnson Family Cemetery. Located on 800 S. and Stockwell Road.
KENNY 15 (NE) 22-4 WEA Est.1847. Founded by Samuel Black, pioneer settler 1832. Located on 450 S. just east of 250 E.
KNIGHT 10 (NE) 21-4 LAURAMIE Burial place of Frederick B. and Florence Knight. Inaccessible; across creek in a field near Summers Cemetery.
KYLE 30 (SW) 22-4 WEA Est.1840. Members of the Kyle family; possible a Native American and a runaway slave buried here also. No longer used.
LAFAYETTE BURIAL GROUNDS 20 (SE) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Graves(stones) moved to Greenbush Cemetery 1863-1864.
LAUREL HILL 30 (SW) 24-4  TIPPECANOE A County Farm Cemetery often called Potters field Located on the west side of 50 W. just south of William Henry Harrison High School. No visible remains.
LEAMING FARM 36 (SE) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1844. Located on East County Line Road and New Castle Road.
LESLEY 10 (SW) 23-3 PERRY Est.1841. Inaccessible, located on private property. Gerrard, Lesley and Mikesell families.
This is partial list of over 240 burials.
4 (SW) 24-4 TIPPECANOE Est.1832. E. U. B. Cemetery located on the north side of C.R. 900 N. 
1 burial listed on Find-A-Grave
21 (NW) 22-4 WEA Est.1850. Destroyed, no visible remains; across from O'Neall
a.k.a. Old Whistler or Welch Farm
  PERRY Est.1839. Abandoned. Located on the west side of C.R. 900 E. just south of 300 N.  Inaccessible; located on private property.
a.k.a. Odell
34 (NE) 22-6 WAYNE Est.1831. Started by the Marks family.  Located  on 750 S. just off St. Rd. 25.
a.k.a. Darnell Farm Cemetery
27 (SW) 22-4 WEA Est.1850. Located on 700 S. just off 200 E.
a.k.a. Pioneer or Ivey
19 (NE) 22-4 RANDOLPH Est.1847. One grave; located near Romney off U.S. 231 S.
McCORMICK 24 (NE) 23-5 WABASH Est.1838. McCormick Road intersection Stadium Ave. West Lafayette.
a.k.a. Lauramie Missionary Baptist
also at Find=A Grave
36 (S) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1847. On New Castle Road.
MIKESELL 15 (NE) 23-3 PERRY Est.1837. No longer used. On 900 E.
a.k.a. McCutcheon
Burials posted on Find-A-Grave.
1 (N) 21-5 RANDOLPH Est.1833. On 800 S. and 150 W.
Over 300 burials on Find-A-Grave
10 (NE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1847. At Monroe on 900 S. and U.S. 52
6 (SE) 23-5 SHELBY Est.1840. Located in the town of Montmorenci on 650 W. and 350 N.
MOYER 31 (NE) 22-5 WAYNE Est.1838. Two gravesites visible, 625 W. 700 S. on bank of creek; private.
NEW CASTLE Not given SHEFFIELD Est.1847. Nearly destroyed.
a.k.a. Funk Cemetery
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave
26 (NE) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1849. Located south of 600 S. on 1000 E.
a.k.a Union, Stair Cemetery
25-30 & 24-3 WASHINGTON Est.1828. Located on 500 E. just off St. Rd. 25 N. on top of bluff 1/2 mile south of Wabash River.
a.k.a. Union; Old Campbellite Cemetery.
35 (SE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1838. Off 1000 E. just north of the South County Line Road.
a.k.a. Cook Family
12 (NE) 23-6 SHELBY No visible remains.
O'NEALL 21 (N) 22-4 WEA Est.1838. No longer used; on private property.
OXFORD 36 (SE) 23-3 PERRY Est.1830. Located at Oxford Church on the Tippecanoe County east line and south of 100 S.
PIERCE (off-site) 
a.k.a. Pleasant Grove, Price, West Union
30 (NE) 24-4  TIPPECANOE Located behind William Henry Harrison High School on 50 W. (County Farm Rd)
PINHOOK (some of these have been added to Find-A-Grave and Interment.net) 6 (NW) 21-5 JACKSON Est.1828. Nearly destroyed; located at C. R. 800 S & 700 W, in woods
This cemetery now has 904 burials on Find-A-Grave 
8 (NW) 24-3 &

7 (NE) 24-3

TIPPECANOE Est.1838. Originally a Methodist cemetery.  Located on Tyler Road, north of the town of Battle Ground.
a.k.a. Fryback
19 (NW) 22-4 & Union 24 (NE) 22-5 WEA/UNION Est.1828. No longer used. Located on 100 W. and 500 S.
Gravesite of John Purdue, founder of Purdue University
19 (NE) 23-4  WABASH Located at Purdue University Campus on the Memorial Mall, State Street.
A partial list of burials on Find-A-Grave
22 (NW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD 1200 Sagamore Pkwy N., Lafayette IN
Photos of Furman family tombstones; partial list of buials at Find-A-Grave.
19 (NE) 21-4 RANDOLPH Est.1830. Located in Romney.
Gravesite of David E. Ross.
18 (SW) 23-4  WABASH Located on Slater Hill on the Purdue University Campus in West Lafayette. 
ROUTH - PIONEER 28 (SE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1829. Restored in 2002;  on private property
SALEM 33 (SW) 22-3 SHEFFIELD Est.1845. Began as Salem Methodist Chapel in 1840. Located on 775 E. and Stockwell Road.
a.k.a. Fraizer, Old Ouiatenon
27 (SW) 23-5 WABASH Est.1830. Located on South River Road near Fort Ouiatenon.
a.k.a. Goose Creek
1 (SE) 23-6 SHELBY Est.1832. Located at C.R. 300 N. and 750 W.
SHELBY 3 (SW) 21-5 JACKSON  Est.1843. No longer used; partially destroyed
SHELLY Not given. RANDOLPH Private owner.
a.k.a. Peter Weaver Cemetery
A partial list of burials and photos.
11 (NE) 22-6 WAYNE Est.1832. Located on Burton Road and 300 S.
SHOEMAKER / SHUMAKER 36 (SW) 22-4 WEA Est.1836. County Rd. 800 South & 450 East on the north east side of  the intersection behind the white barns.. 
a.k.a Leaming 
17 (SE) 21-4 RANDOLPH Located off CR. 100 South and State Hwy. 28.
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave
6 (SE) 22-4 WEA No longer used; located off CR 1000 S, between 500 E & 575 E.
A partial transcription -over 1,200 burials.  Photos of tombstones available upon request. 
5 (NE) 23-4  WABASH Behind the Indiana Veteran's Home on Soldier's Home Road.
SONS OF ABRAHAM 32 (NW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD Est. 1840. South part of Jewish Cemetery; fenced. 
a.k.a. Best Cemetery
Burials submitted to Find-A-Grave.
7 (SE) 23-5 SHELBY Est.1833. Overgrown; on private property.
SPRING GROVE (off site, check also the entries added to Find-A-Grave. ) 27 (NE) 22-4 WEA Founded as a Presbyterian cemetery; located at C.R. 600 S. & 300 E. 
Photos of a few tombstones and monuments. Also, over 6,000 burials have been added to Find-A-Grave.
NE Longlois Reserve  FAIRFIELD Est. 1869. Located at 2580 State Rd 25 N. Lafayette IN
A partial list of burials on Find-A-Grave
SE Longlois Reserve  FAIRFIELD Est. 1860. Located at 2581 State Rd 25 N., Lafayette IN
a.k.a. Ashby Cemetery
2 (NW) 21-4 LAURAMIE Restored in 2001, 2 stones;  in woods off CR 800 S. 
a.k.a. Lafayette Catholic Cemetery
A list of burials on Find-A-Grave
16 (NW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD  Est.1858. Located on Greenbush St. in Lafayette. Records held by St. Boniface.
A partial list of burials on Find-A-Grave
31 (SW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD  Est.1840. Located at 2122 Old Romney Rd., Lafayette, IN
STINGLEY (off site, check also the entries added to Find-A-Grave ) 18 (NW) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1843. South side of 1000 S. just east of CR 500 E.
a.k.a. Shawnee Mound
partial list of abt. 180 burials w/ photos Other burials off-site at Interment.net; partial list
32 (NW) 21-5 JACKSON Est.1832. Located down a long drive and up on a hill off C.R. 1325 S.
SUMMERS 10 (NE) 21-4 LAURAMIE Est.1834. Located on a farm at road 950 S. on farm land a little west of road 275 E.  No longer used; fenced.
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave
25 (SW) 23-3 PERRY On C.R. 1050 E.
a.k.a. Kite, Runkle or Dryer
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave.
11 (N) 24-3 WASHINGTON Located in wooded area off on St. Rd. 25 N. three miles east of Americus; on private property.
Called Ahavis Achim from 1849-1919.
32 (NW) 23-4 FAIRFIELD  Est.1840. Off U.S. 231 just south of Kossuth St. in Lafayette. 
A partial list submitted to Find-A-Grave
Also: Burials Submitted by Researchers
1 (NW) 23-5  WABASH Est. 1954. 1718 W. C.R. 350 N.
a.k.a. Old German Baptist
11 (NW) 23-3 PERRY Est.1837. Located on C.R. 250 N; located on private property
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave.
Not given. LAURAMIE On road 1000 East
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave.
9 (SW) 23-3 PERRY Est.1822. Located on west side of C.R. 725 E near north fork of Wildcat Creek.
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave.
24 (NE) 22-6 &
19 (NW) 22-5
WAYNE Est.1830. Located on the east edge of West Point Andrews and Main St.
a.k.a. Black, Odell or Shawnee Mound
A partial list of burials with tombstone photos
A complete list with some photos at Find-A-Grave
27 (SE) 21-6 JACKSON Est.1828. Located on St. Rd.25 S. just south of C.R.1250 S.
This is a list of burials submitted to Find-A-Grave.
23 (SE) 22-4 WEA Est.1836. Located on north side of C.R. 600 S.
WYANDOTTE Richardsville 
SHEFFIELD Est.1830. Located on the site of Wyandotte Indian Village - east side of Dayton Road and north of Wyandotte Rd.
Burials listed on Find-A-Grave.
17 (SE) 21-3 LAURAMIE Est.1848. Located on 700 E. just south of Stockwell. Founded by Daniel and Rebecca Corkins in 1848. (Cheryl Zufall Parker lives nearby and will check the cemetery for individuals believed to be buried there.)
a.k.a. Geeting, Gideon, Tucker or Monitor.  Off-site - Burials and tombstone photos on James Spidle's homepage. 
22 (SW) 23-3 PERRY Est.1826. Located 1/2 mile north of Monitor, south side of creek, on C.R. 850 E. 

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