Tippecanoe County, Indiana
In S35  R4W  T22N, Wea Township

ASH, Alex,  1853-1930
ASH, Kate,  1862-1945
ASH, John J.,  b. 6-28-1814, d. 2-14-1857
ASH, Sarah J., wife of John J.,  b. 12-10-1822, d. 1-29-1896
ASH, William, son of J.G & E., d. 11-29-1846, aged 5y 1m 7d
ASH, John,  d. 6-20-1844 aged 63y 10d
ASH, Elizabeth, wife of John, d. 5-10-1839, aged 60y 15d
ASH, Peyton, d. 6-10-1886, aged 78y 9m
ASH, Sarah Ogleby, wife of Peyton Ash, d. 1-1-1892, aged 80y 9m 12d

ASHBY, George, Co. C (G?) 72nd Ind. Inf.
ASHBY, John  b. 1-28-1832 d. 3-12-1904
ASHBY, Sarah, wife of John, d. 4-14-1881 aged 48y 3m 24d
ASHBY, Schuyler C (G?), son of John and Sarah, b. 1-24-1871, d. 2-5-1878
ASHBY, Rev. Joseph  d. 8-17-1873, aged 73y 6m 17d
ASHBY, Sarah, wife of Joseph, d. 8-27-1859, aged 62y 1m 25d
ASHBY, Sarah A.,  b. 1-18-1857,  d. 8-13-1913
ASHBY, Louie E., son of J.W. & Sarah A.,, b.[sic] 7-19-1898, aged 16y 10m 6d
ASHBY, Gertie, daughter of Charles and Margaret(?), d. 9-15-1873(5?), aged 12d
ASHBY, John A., son of Wm. & M., d. 12-12-1847(?), aged 3m 6d

BAER, Susan H.,  d. 5-23-1834, age 63y 7m 15d
BAER, Adam,  d. 1-1-1856, aged 73y 9m 10 d
BAER, Jacob H.,  d. 12-16-1855, aged 39y 8m 5d
BAER, Susan, wife of John, b. 3-24-1809,  d. 4-3-1885
BAER, Harry L., son of Jacob and Minerva Jane,  b. 1-1-1866,  d. 11-21-1875
BAER, Martha A., wife of Jacob H., daughter of John & Elizabeth Foresman, d. 11-27-1881, aged 57y 8m 5d

BAZLER, Barbara Susan,  b. 7-6-1836,  d. 12-20-1920

BEALS, Mamie, daughter of Wm. & Ellen, d. 7-29-1888 aged 2m 1d

BLIZZARD, Jacob (undertaker's marker; name only readable)
BLIZZARD, Emma May (undertaker's marker), d. 9-13-1947, aged 73y 11m 11d

BRADY, Roy, 1883-1911
BRADY, Sally,  1884-19--

CANN, Phillip,  d. 11-5-1847, aged ca. 57y
CANN, Phillip, son of Phillip and Elizabeth,  d. 9-15-1848(?) (no other date)
CANN, James P., son of Phillip and Elizabeth,  d. 10-5-184 aged 1y 4m

CLOYD, David M., son of Wm. & E., d. 7-25-1862, aged 19y 15d
CLOYD,  Infant son of Wm. & E. (no other info)

CONARROE, Isaac, , d. 12-7-1857, aged 29y 4m 12d,  son of Jonathan & C
CONARROE, William, ,d. 11 Jan 1892, aged 56y 11m 3d
CONARROE, Joseph  d. 11-29-1889, aged 76y 8m 5d
CONARROE, Osa Myrtle, daughter of Charles N. & Dorothy E., d. 8-19-1893, age 2y9m 1d
CONARROE, Sarah A., wife of Joseph, d. 10-23-1893, aged 70y 5m 11d
CONARROE, J.E., 1857-1918
CONARROE, Eliza, wife of J.E., 1854-1918
CONARROE, Margaret,  b. 9-22-1842,  d. 12-16-1935
CONARROE, Emily H.,  b. 9-10-1846,  d. 1-24-1920
CONARROE, Alta M., daughter of J.E. & Eliza, d. 10-16-1886, aged 4y 11m 6d
CONARROE, Joseph H.,  b. 9- -1888,  d. 6-27-1909
CONARROE, Eli Jackson, son of J&C(?), d. 10-8-1854, aged 3y 5m 6d
CONARROE, Jonathan,  d. 4-16-1853, aged 50y 6m 11d
CONARROE, Charlotte, wife of Jonathan, d. 8-8-1873, aged 62y
CONARROE, Rebecca J.  d. 9-17-1847 aged 15y 3m 29d
CONARROE, Job  d. 2-21-1850, aged 71y 9m 5d
CONARROE, Rebecca, wife of Job, d. 2-6-1853 ,aged 75y 1m

COX, Harriet, wife of James, d. 1-6-1856, aged 42y 5m 13d

DUNBAR, Rachael Margaret, daughter of A.M. & O.M., b. 2-11-1906,  d. 8-25-1906
DUNBAR, Olive M.,  1876-1956
DUNBAR, Arthur M.,  1876-1953

FORESMAN, Martha A. (see Baer)

FOUST, John W., son of Phillipp and Susanah, b.[sic] 1-3-1858, age 19y 6m 14d

FROSS, Ann Eliza, daughter of Dan'l & Nancy, d. 9-8-1850, aged 1y 21d
FROSS, William E., son of Wm. J. & Lear, d. 12-20-1858

HALL, M. Louise, daughter of H.& E., 2-11-1912 (no other data)

HAMILTON, Benjamin F.,  1848-1912
HAMILTON, Elizabeth, wife of Benjamin F., 1850-1935

HAYNES, James W., son of Robert H. & Mariah, d. 10-27-1855, aged 3m 25d
HAYNES, Joseph W., son of R.H. & Mariah, d. 9-19-1859, aged 1y 1m 7d

HOLLCRAFT, Frank T..  1873-1939
HOLLCRAFT, Margaret A., (wife). 1876-

HOLLOWAY, Anna,  1872-1914,  Mother
HOLLOWAY, William P.  b. 2-22-1862  d. 4-9-1951
HOLLOWAY, Alice F., daughter of J.A. & Rachel Roudebush, b. 8-24-1857,  d. 3-5-1926
HOLLOWAY, James A., son of W.P. & Alice, Sgt. Co. B 151st U.S.I. 6th Armny Corp.
HOLLOWAY,  W.W. I, died at Luxembourg,  1895-1919
HOLLOWAY, Harmon P., son of W.P. & Alice  b. 8-14-1902,  d. 8-31-1904

HOLMES, Rebecca (see Roudebush)
HOLMES, John  d. 7-11-1846 aged ?y 9m 4d
HOLMES, Kezia, wife of John, d. 9- -1874, aged 89y 5m 16d
HOLMES, Hannah Ann, daughter of John & Kezzia (see Skinner)

Ho[lmes?], John  d. 7- -,  aged ?4 9m 9d (This is a badly broken old stone.  It is between
         the stone of Jonathan Larkins and Elizabeth Ash, wife of John.  On other side of
         her stone: John Ash who died 6-20-1844)

JAY, David E.,  d. 10-28-1854, aged 25y 5m 15d

KNIGHT, Adaline, daughter of George W. & Lucretia, d. 1-23-1852, aged 9d

KOPF, John, son of Jacob and Anna, b. [sic] 6-21-1875, aged 9m 2d

LARKINS, Jonathan,  d. 10-3-1830, aged 17y 7m 14d

MISNER, Harriet, wife of John A., d. 12-15-1858, aged 23y 1m 17d

OGLEBAY, Susannah, wife of Crispin, d. 7-15-1848, aged 60y

OGLESBAY, James,  d. 5-9-1883, aged 70y
OGLESBAY, Rebecca,  d. 1-27-1860, aged 40y 5m 13d

ROUDEBUSH, Sarah E.,  b. 4-4-1844,  d. 10-3-1930
ROUDEBUSH, Jacob, b. 12-31-1825,   d. 12-12-1891  Father
ROUDEBUSH, Wm. Rufus,  b. 7-13-1857,  d. 5-31-1892
ROUDEBUSH, Charles Robert,  b. 5-23-1868,  d. 4-20-1901
ROUDEBUSH, Samuel, son of James A. & Rachel, d. 5-1-1859 aged 1y 1m
ROUDEBUSH, Alta B., daughter of J. & S., b. 10-29-1866,  d. 2-29-1872
ROUDEBUSH, Maude A., daughter of J. & S., d. 5-23-1863 aged 5d
ROUDEBUSH, Rebecca Holmes, wife of Jacob Roudebush, d. 10-26-1861 aged 34y 2m 4d
ROUDEBUSH, Henry, son of Jacob and Rebecca, d. 10-30-1854 aged 1y 1m 10d
ROUDEBUSH, James A. - 1831-1914
ROUDEBUSH, Rachel H. -  1837-1923
ROUDEBUSH, Emily, daughter of J.A. & Rachel, b. 10-20-1865  d. 6-4-1896
ROUDEBUSH, Margaret, daughter of J.A. & Rachel, b. 4-13-1862  d. 10-19-1894
ROUDEBUSH, Eddie T., son of J.A. & Rachel, d. 5-2-1876, aged 6m 28d
ROUDEBUSH, John M., d. 1-16-1885, aged 33y 8m 25d
ROUDEBUSH, Walter J., 1887-1936
ROUDEBUSH, Martha E., b. 8-2-1855,  d. 4-18-1926
ROUDEBUSH, George M.,  b. 10-30-1854,  d. 1-25-1923
ROUDEBUSH, George C., son of G.M. & M.E., b. 5-17-1891,  d. 12-4-1910
ROUDEBUSH, George H.  d. 9-15-1887 aged 81y 10m 27d
ROUDEBUSH, Lutetia, wife of George H., d. 10-3-1880 aged 70y (rest unreadable)
ROUDEBUSH, Elizabeth C., daughter of G.H. & L., d. 9-20-1868 aged 20y 1m
ROUDEBUSH, William W., son of G.H. & L., d. 10-27-1846 aged 8m 11d
ROUDEBUSH, Willie E., son of J.M. & E., d. 4-15-1831 aged 2y 7m 4d
ROUDEBUSH, George W., son of Josiah & Eliza, d. 10-6-1861 aged 2y 6m 22d
ROUDEBUSH, Elay A. Shumaker, wife of John M. Roudebush, d. 2-19-1879 aged 83y 30d
ROUDEBUSH, Alice F., daughter of J.A. & Rachel, wife of W.P. Holloway (see Holloway)

SHAFER, Wilamina  d. 9-21-1851 aged 6y 11m 21d

SHILL, John, Co. C 25th Ind. Inf. (Civil War), 1831-1907
SHILL, Joseph,  b. 8-18-1833,  d. 11-27-1898 
SHILL, Henry,  d. 1-26-1886, aged 82y 2m 11d
Lucretia Elizabeth, wife of Joseph, b. 11-30-1838,  d. 12-31-1913

SKINNER, Hannah Ann, wife of John, dau. of John & Kezia Holmes,  d. 7-14-1855, aged 30y 11m 23d

SMITH, Mary, wife of Aaron, d. 4-16-1874, aged 61y 9m 21(?)d
SMITH, Aaron  d. 4-16-1874, aged 83y 1m 2d

TIMM, Rachel,  1827-1876
TIMM, Adam,  1821-1876

YOUCH, Jacob,  b. 12-11-1833,  d. 9-1-1918
YOUCH,  Mary K.,  b. 2-11-1839,  d. 8-5-1920
YOUCH, Ella Nora, daughter of J. & M.G., d. 6-25-1874, aged 1y 8m 22d

YOUNG, Stella, daughter of Geofy W. & R.,  b. 1-7-1864,  d. 3-4-1871

ZIMMERIA, John V., son of Daniel & Lucretia,  d. 9-11-1845, aged 4y 11m 7d
ZIMMERIA, Lucretia, 1816-1868,  Mother
ZIMMERIA, Daniel  d. 9-19-1847 aged 37y 2m 20d
ZIMMERIA, Mary L., daughter of D.& L., b. 2-26-1837(?),  d. 1-24-1856
ZIMMERIA, Sarah E., daughter of Daniel & Lucretia, d. 8-20-1853, aged 9y 5m 11d

Used with permission from The Hoosier Genealogist, a publication of the Indiana Historical Society.


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