Lauramie Township
Tippecanoe County, Indiana

        Pioneer Cemetery was originally called Routh Family Graveyard (as per the cemetery book at the Tippecanoe Co.
        Public Library).  The first burial was that of my g g g grandmother Sarah (Sloat) Routh in Dec. 1829.
        Submitted by Dana Olson.

Buckley, Allen 1852   consort to Nancy Buckley  
M. J. B.        
Driskill, ___ Aug. 20      
Driskill, ___ May 2      
Driskill twins        
Driskill, Betty       stone with lamb
Driskill, Harriet J. March 4, 1880 23y, 9m,   s. s. Lela Dell Royer
Driskill, Mary M. Aug. 27, _____   dau. of P. & M. Driskill  
M. D.        
M. M. D.        
Driskill, Minerva J. Sept. 12, 1849 1y? dau. of P. & N. Driskill  
M. J.        
Lowry, George Dec. 28, 1858 51yr, 9m, 13d    
Noland, David Oct. 27, 1865 5y, 10m, 3d son of J. C. & E. Noland  
Noland, Thomas June 23, 1865 1y, 7m, 22d son of J. C. & E.  
T. A. N.        
Rakestraw, ___     dau. of W. & J.  
Rakestraw, Caroline     wife of Josiah maiden name Timmons
Rakestraw, Clawdy Sept. 15, 1876   son of Henry & Sarah  
Rakestraw, Joseph April 2, 1863 71y, 1m, 9d    
Rakestraw, Joseph May 7, 1851 aged 19y, 9m, 28d    
Rakestraw, Leander     son of I. & M.
M. R.        
Rakestraw, Rosett     dau. of I. & M. Rakestraw
Rakestraw, Ruth        
R. R.        
R. Y. R.        
Routh, Leander May 3, 1858 aged 15y, 5m, 23d son of J. & M. son of John & Mary (Coons) Routh
Routh, Isaac April 24, 1850 aged 68y, 1m, 4d   husband of Sarah Routh
I. R.        
Routh, John Feb. 4, 1885 aged 71 yrs, 1m   stone has Bible on top
Routh April 5, 1876 60y, 11m, 9d wife of John stone has Bible on top
M. V. R.        
Routh, Sarah Dec. 23, 1829 aged 41yrs wife of Isaac
Routh, Sarah E. April 10, 1864 aged 12y, 6m, 24d dau. of I. & N. dau. of Isaac & Nancy (Timmons) Routh
Royer, Lela Dell Nov. 18, 1879 aged 4yr, 5m   s. s. Harriet J. Driskill
Wall, Susanah July 6, 1849 aged 32y, 1m, 19d wife of S. C. dau. of Isaac and Sarah Routh
___, Elizabeth     wife of __________  
___, Henry      son of __________  
___ March 27, 1862 aged 18y, 1m, 15d   top broken off
Still Born       no names

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