November 7, 1811
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November 7, 1811
Here on this site, military forces commanded by General William Henry Harrison, engaged in battle with the Indians of the Wabash country led by The Prophet, brother of the great Indian leader, Tecumseh.  This battle destroyed forever the hope of Tecumseh for a complete Indian Confederacy, launched Harrison toward the Presidency of the United States twenty-nine years later, and is considered one of the primary events leading to conflict between the United States and Great Britain in the War of 1812.
Photos by Adina Dyer 1998

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The Battlefield Monument

A View of the Battlefield Today



The Battlefield Chapel, built ca. 1850



Map of the Battlefield and locations of the troops
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List of Men Who Died in the Battle and Tombstones of the Officers

Historical Markers

photo of Battlefield Chapel by L.A. Clugh 

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