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Welcome, to the newly revised Fountain County Genweb Site

!!! Something New!!!  To help facilitate moving between sub-sites, I have added what I call the "Get Around Links"  I have placed a link at the top of all the Projects Main Page's for the "Get Around Links".  I recommend opening one in a seperate "TAB" and leaving them open for easier access.  Also, do not forget to check the "Pull Down Menu" in each Project, for smaller items of interest.  Also, on the "Get Around Links" Page, I have added a link to a more recent map of Fountain County, thanks to Jeff Bossaer.

I have tried hard to give the Genealogists of Fountain County something to be proud of.  If you discover a problem, let Karen know.  Everyday I am learning something new about this procedure. Please be patient, Thanks, Jim!

..............FEATURED PHOTO...........

Unidentified Church
with a 1917 Dodge automobile
Thanks to whoever sent this in.
We have had it to post for a long time sorry.
Can anyone help to identify?
We are not sure whether it is Montgomery or Fountain County
See a large view of the photo in Montgomery County  "Churches"
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Thanks to all my helpers -
I have a FANTABULOUS bunch of contributors -
it's awesome to see the site grow with their super help:
Barbara; Beth (RIP - loved that lady); Betty; Cathy; Chris; Christi; Cheryl; Debbie; Debby; Ginny; Glynnis; Jack (who is sending obits faster than I can up ‘em); Jamie; Jennie (lots of photos, too); Kelly; Kim; Lena; Melissa; Roselyn; Tom; Vickie; Walt (did a large amount) Bless you all !!!!!
KZ & all our Fountain Co INGenWeb users

Note: The current additions for the month are on the bottom of this page -- If you click on the word, "What's" above, it will show you what we have put on the Fountain GenWeb site this year :)
Click above "What's" -- New -- to see the year review -- see bottom of page for what has been added this month :) ENJOY !!

See a range of Historical Photos collected by Jeff Bossaer and Historical Organizations he is associated with in Fountain County.  This includes Fountain Trains and Railroads, Attica  of Yesteryear, Attica NOW, Sesquicentennial Events, Founty County Bicentennial and AHS Alumni Slide Show ( 7-13-2019).  Check back often, because this Project is "UNDER CONSTRUCTION"

Fountain County History - working on it continuously :) Should be fairly good when it's finished - my intent is NOT to make it lengthy but short, informative data :) Wish me luck - kbz

Kingman Photo Album (it's growing big-time - thanks mainly to James Patton - ya' rock, kiddo) PLEASE send me more pics :)

Reed Family Pictures - thanks Jenny A - these are soooo nifty! -- under, "Reed"

Old Kingman Cookbook - _This is sooo nifty - thanks so much to the Minnicks for this one :)

GOALS for 2024 -

Add at least 500 Obituaries  -- hopefully can hit 18,000 online obits but might be a pipedream :) 500 - ACCOMPLISHED ALREADY Feb 13, 2024 - YES
Work more on finding Bibles, Churches, Marriages, divorces and other info -
Add at least 5  Who's Who folks -
Add more Businesses - a TOP priority
Add more newspaper clippings  -
Bios for War of 1812, Black Hawk; Civil; WWI; WWII and Korean soldiers

What's NEW In 2023

See below for what's been added so  this month, in 2023

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Sorry to be running late, but my Computer decided to lose a Hard-Disk, and the disk back-up was corrupted.  Up and going again, but still rebuilding.

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** APRIL 2024 **

OBITUARIES    76  (see lists below) -- ADDED 55 more (M-N - under list below + 52 more A-B - see below -- AND another 60 - I-J-K - see below

Added:-243 this month ( obits this year to date _1106__  & Total obits on the site:  18,243
Names: S - Sappenfield (Geroge); Sargent (Marie Potter); Samford (Martha Todd); Sayre (William - WWII) Scott (Goldie Bouton); Searcy (Rosella Roberts); Sells (Marian); Seilhymer (Lucile Glaspey); Servies (Flora Ann); Scowden (James E); Schulthes (Wesley - WWII) Shamp (Kaylee JoAna); Sheets (Lena); Sheetz (john J); Shonkwiler (Elsie Crowder); Shoaf (Burl; Strawdie); Smith (Warren Guy - WWII); Ralph 1989 (WWII); Smith (Ruby Myers; Jessie "Jack; Paul E; Roy Max; Ivan B; Edna Pace; Lawrence W; Pauline Julian; Martha Carter); Small (Russell; Six (M. Douglas); Sigmon (Minnie Irene); Simmons (Lewis G); Sims (Martha Pauline); Sloan (Lois - added); Snodgrass (Gene, Frank WWII); Sneyd (Matthew); Sosher (Donald); Stalknaker (Frances); Snider (William Alford; Snyder (Carl, Carly, Donald R; Ruth Sinclair); Spear (Donald Lee); Spence (Beatrice, Edna); Sprague (Keith Arden - Korean AND WWII - bless him); Spurgeon (Ralph - WWII); Songer (Forrest "Shorty"); Sprouls (Vera); Sprinkle (Donald); Songer (Vera); Standwich (William); Stanley (Billie Sue); Sprinkle (Donald); Spring (Herbert "Ja"); Springer (Helen West); Sutton (Daisy); Swem (Willis) Swift (Harry); Strong (George S); Strawser (Glenn "Beck" - WWII); Sweet (Cora); Swift (Deon); Switzer (Kate); Stucker (Bertha).  

ADDED 55 more -- M - Meador (George); Medley (Vernabelle); Mearns (Charles V); Meeker (Lula Price); Miller (James Robert; Dorothy Munns; Lana Banta); Millikan (John Clarence); Morris (Raymond); Mortimore (Cecil); Moore (Edward P; Helen; Christine); Morgan (Jesse Eugene - WWII; Ralph W); Morrison (Harold); Mounts (John A); Mountz (Sylvia - added); Mullinex (Charles); Myers (Byron F; Henry; Charles E; Myrtle Philpott; Paul H; Roy S); Murdock (Vernace Lough); Musgrove (Charles Lee); Musser (Margaret Keller).  N - Nabors (Margaret Kelly); Nadig (Dorothy Haupt); Nale (Sam); Nash (Arthur Lee); Neal (Harvey; James Alva - added); Newlin (John H; Janet) Newnum (Daisy; Edgar); Nehemiah (Charles); Neimeyer (Edward); Nelson (Ralph); Nixon (Ura); Norman (Jack Gene; William Ott - added); Noggle (Theodore).   

Added 52 more - A - Abrams (Belle Livengood); Abernathy (Betty Wallace, Ruby Riley); Alder (Marie); Alexander (Earl, Flora); Alward (William L - WWII); Allison (James Phipps); Arrasmith (Minnie Kiger); Auter (Carl); Austin (Ora RUssell); Andrews (Paulina Hill); Auble (James Robert); Anno (Etta Jeanette Heath).  B - Barnard (Geneva Wilson; George William); Barker (Robert F - WWII); Barnett (William); Baldwin (Arthur "Archie"; Samuel "Bus); Bahrns (Frank); Baird (William F); Bayless (Oakel); Bever (Alma, Almena, Audry Adkins); Bennett (Ruth Chaney); Blacketer (Altha); Blankenbeckler (Wilburn); Bernarte (Donna); Bedinger (Emerald); Bogart (Clarence "Duke") Boggs (William "Bert"). Boys (Ilene); Bonty (Lillian Doyle); Booe (William; Margaret); Bowling (James H); Brandenburg (Virginia Wilson); Bossaer (Sylvia); Bowers (enneth); Bonebrake (William T); Bradley (Gladys); Brewer (Elmer) Bower (Marion C); Bowsher (John B - CW & Mary).  

Added 60 more --  I = Ice (Beulah Mae); Iffert (James A; Marie Axsom); Ingle (Lois Benton); Ingram (Herschel "Jake"); Ireland (Carolyn Francis); Irwin (Ranson); Ison (Pearl Bagley- added).  J = Jenks (Cleo); Jaynes (Olive Biggs); Jackson (Daisy Fultz; Jesse Raymond; Henry Wesley; Laverne Cook; Ralph E - WWII; Jarred (Joie); Jarvis (Carl Duane); Jacks (Veda Alkire); Jennings (Albert); Julian (John x 3); Jones (Frankie S; Harry R; Herbert B; Mable Hopper; Gertrude Crane; ); Jones (James Arthur); Jolley (Paul C); Judd Wm A. -- WWII; Mildred Jones; Carl Johnson; Nellie Jewell;; Goldee Jacobs. K = Kane (Leo Vincent); Keller (Floyd L; Joseph Marion; Lola Witsman; Jessica Marie).  Keeling (Robert E); Kellum (Herbert C); Keith Joan Jeru; Knee (Eva Bratton; Kincaid (Marion); Kerns (Samuel Clarence - WWII - Navy ); Kimbrell, Rilla Hayes; Kerr (Robert H).  King, John W.  

BIBLE - 1   ( YTD =1): Printy Family Bible

Biographies  1__ Added   (8042 to date)  Gooding, Charles W (added to his)

WPA BIRTHS:           ( 3,373 SINCE REBUILDING)  Additions, corrections and/or updates:   To include:

WPA Deaths:        ( 11 SINCE REBUILDING) Additions, corrections and/or updates:  To include:  

NEWS __ __ =

TOWNS -      - - ( 112 to date ) - LOVE MORE :)  -

PHOTOS :    Names include: --Year to date added _3___  (993  photos to date)


Diaries:  ____    =  (27 images)

Divorces ____ - - (ytd=  5 ) E

  • Revolutionary War= ____ - Added
  • War of 1812:  ____
  • Civil War -1 -  =Bowsher (John B)
  • Mexican American -____
  • WWI : __2__ -- - Names include:  (3 this year) - Frank W. Swearingen
  • WW II _11_  (13 this year) Names Include: Jackson (Ralph E);  Sayre (William); Schulthes (Wesley); Ralph Smith; Warren Guy Smith; Ralph Spurgeon; Keith Sprague; Frank Snodgrass; Strawser, Glenn 'Beck"; William L. Alward; Robert F. Barker
  • Korean War: _1 :  (1 this year) Names include: Keith Arden Sprague -- was in Korean then WWII - bless him
  • Vietnam War       :

MARRIAGES : _ _ = --(23,508 to date):

Alumni (Schools)  _  _  - (ytd = 5  ):

BLOG -- added

BUSINESSES   __ (ytd= 2 )=

BRICK WALL ____ ==  

DEATH RECORDS:      = (YTD  =  ) :

Family Recipes       = (YTD = 62  ) :

SURNAMES:    = ( YTD ) :
Churches = _2  = YTD=    2

Census -

Cemeteries      =  Added:  

Poor Farm Cemetery

Miscellaneous Items        = (ytd - ) >

Letters ____ -  

Links       = (YTD =  ) =  

Family Bibles      = (YTD  =  ) =

Wills      = (YTD =   )  

Blog and Facebook Pages:      :  (Total = X ) :   

Town / Township Information      :  (YTD = 2 )

Who's Who __3__ (YTD =  - TD 58 ) - Watson, John Samuel; Hazelwood, Theodore; Niehouse, Kathryn McBroom

Fountain County History -- work in progress -- kbz -- added quite a bit lately but STILL - work in progress :)

If you've not seen the Fountain County Genealogy Society's facility, you'll want to check out their website before visiting - great place for Fountain Co. genealogy researching and the people are
soooooooo helpful and nice :)

Try this Fountain County Historical Markers -- thanks to Al Wolf for this link :)



Beth (RIP - loved that lady)


















Sara Mc




Bless you all !!!!! KZ & all our Fountain Co INGenWeb users

Fountain County, a part of the INGenWeb Project

See the Fountain County History I'm working on :)

Register your SURNAMES of interest in Fountain County, Indiana

---- NOTICE ---

This site is dependent upon transcribing efforts by a corps of volunteers. No one person can possibly "know it all" including the site manager. If you are using this site, please be aware we try to get data up within 10 days of submission, BUT often things change our priorities, like getting food, sleep and some time for our families..., SO if it takes a bit longer, be patient, it IS coming.

Volunteers are needed to transcribe data for this site. If you are interested in helping out please drop me a line: Karen Zach, County Coordinator.

PLEASE use the search engine, and compile the data on your family, be assured that there is a 99.99% possibility that every bit of data we have is UP on the website already, we try to keep caught up. IF your research in the resources available here fail to gain the information you are seeking, PLEASE do not ask us to look for it on the site. If you can't find it here, Please post a QUERY to The Mail List. You can join the Mail List by clicking this link, and just sending the email that pops up.Conversely, you may also use the Message board for this county, That also gets sent to the list automatically. The PURPOSE of the list is two-fold, spread data, and connect people.

Thanks! to Ed Moyer, who, for ten years maintained the Fountain County site, for this Project. It is with great thanks that we have been honored by his trust in taking it over, and we will still be working closely with Ed.

Thanks Ed. We will take good care of it.

Thanks to ALL my helpers.

You might also like to check out the: Family Fact Sheets

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Note: These folks are SUPER helpers :-)

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Places in Fountain County (this was here and I liked it here but it got too big & cumbersome for the opening page so enjoy). If you know of any not listed or can give me more info on one, please contact me - kz

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NOTE: I and many others have spent 20 plus years (from its inception) on this project -- PLEASE GIVE CREDIT if you use our work! I've found hundreds of obituaries FROM THIS SITE on findagrave and many personal genealogy sites - I know the obituaries etc. came from here but I don't see any credit. PLEASE GIVE CREDIT!!!! Here is the citation you should use & thanks so much in advance :)

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