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What's New 2020

WHAT's NEW 2020 -- ENJOY :)

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** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** AUGUST 2020 **

OBITUARIES 116      Added:- (816 year to date & 12,967  obituaries all totalled to date) : Names include:    Allen (Valentine); Ammerman (Harry); Bennett (Elijah); Black (Watson); Board (Allen; Brady (Nora); Bradshaw (William); Broderick (Catharine Jones); Clodfelter (John P); Coen (Susan); Clark (Awilda); Dazey (Edith; Henry; Luella; Pauline; Samuel B); Debruicker (Elizabeth - such a heart wrencher); Dobbels (Frank); Davidson (Lum); Eberle (Anna); Ehrie (Michael); Ellis (Mary Frazier); Ennis (Claudine); Eubanks (Jacob); Frazier (Jessie); Hail (Billy); Haines (Earl); Harper (Joseph); Hawkins (John); Henley (Max); Hegler (Edmund); Henry (John - Civil War); Harlow (Boss); Livengood (Solomon); Ludlow (Oral); Madigan (Marie); Martin (Rosetta); McMahan (Ivan - can't read my writing but I think I remembered that :); McNett (Mark); Nebeker (George; Enos); Nine (Magdaline, Alice); Nixon (Mary Hanson); Palmer (Daniel); Parker (Hiram); Phillips (Mike); Poynter (Elizabeth Reath); Oberly (George); Ogle (Charles D); Osborn (Hulda); Reynolds (Edwin); Riffle (John); Ring (Martha); Rivers (Pauline); Richard (Mrs. Lee); RUdicell (Sarah Spragg); Royal (C); Rynearson (RR); Robinson (Russell); Royer (Abram); Sams (Alva); Shular (Maude); Shoemaker (Sobrina  I want to know more about her); Small (Charles; William; Guy; Minnie; Mary; Purnelia); Smith (Ella, dau of Ed and Lorimer); Stacker (James R); Starnes (Irwin); Thompson (Charles, Clara, Daisy, Emma - oh my another unbelievable and sad case); Wade (Jennie, Sarah); Wendal (William A); Wagoner (Harriet); Walker (Clarence, Edith, Ernest, Jack, John W); Wall (Effie Meek); Wilbur (Mrs Harry); WInters (Rachel);

PHOTOS : _2_ Names include: -- (736 photos to date) = Livengood Reunion-1951; Booe, Ermine Hannah Underwood;  

NEWS ITEMS    6     --  (657) Names:  Shotts - school hacks; Amos Palin - insanity; Alex Curtis - arrested - Mark Edwards Fire; Co Poor Farm - gets electricity; Spainhower Jacob charged

BUSINESSES 3   (ytd=27)= Aloexander & Ratcliff; Rob Roy Flouring Mill; Wabash Clay Company

Recipes   8    = (YTD = 15 ) : Breads (Corn Pone; Buttermilk Biscuits; Mile High Biscuits and Pancakes/Waffle recipe).  Main Dishes (Pizzaburgers; Beef BBQ; Coney Island Sauce); Desserts (Peach-Apple Dump Cake

Links  1   = (YTD = 2) =  LDS Genealogy -- Indiana Genealogy;

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** JULY 2020 **

OBITUARIES  119     Added:- (770 year to date & 12,851  obituaries all totalled to date) : Names include:  Allenduff (William); Ammerman (Harry); Armstrong (Jennie); Anders (Fred); Angelmyer (Robert); Auter (Lula); Arvin (George); Anderson (James - photo); Archer (Nettie; Allen (Malcolm); Allen (Emery; Emma); Babb (Dewey); Barkley (Della); Bell (Lucy); Best (Charles); Bernarte (Allie, Frank); Bever (Gilbert); Bonebrake (Hardy); Bowman (Arista); Branz (Burl); Brewer (Larry); Brier (Gordon, Thelma); Brown (Helen) ; Brock (Sarah); Campbell (Wilbur); Carter (Mary Tuggle); Caldwell (Eulalia); Chamberlain (Hazel); Carter son of Hiram; Cecil (Elizabeth); Clark (Jean Auter); Clingan (Leatha); Clawson (Arthur, Charles); Coffing (Robert); Crawford (Lois Snyder); Cox (Russell); Crumley (Roy); Dork, Charles (changed name to DARK); Dickson (Emma); Dilling (Arthur); Divan (Norman; Drane (Mary Allen); Dyson (Delmar);; Fields (Earl); Fines (Isa); Fisher (Bessie Auter); Frances (Gene); Furr (Sandy, Virginia); Gallolwa (Linda Warrick); Goff (Frank); Greer (John V); Grundon (Benjamin); Harper (Fred, Thomas); Hartle (Lloyd); Hiller (Bret); Hillyer (Delmas); Hines (Clara): Hodges (Elsie); Hollis (Cecil); Huddle (John); Johnson (Evalyn Weppler); Jonas (James A); Keller (Helen); Kenner (Marie Lloyd); Kesner (Barbra Clark); LaFoe (Janice); Lamb (Virgil); LaPerle (Mildred); Letsinger (Maggie); Linn (Harry L); Linzie (Clarence); Livengood (Minnie WIlkinson; Oscar Ray; Troy Preston); Mears (Russell); Merrill (Mary clinton); Miller (Eli; Samuel William; Vola); Morris (Minnie Stultz); Morgan (Edward); Myer (Frank); Myers (Franklin; Hattie); Pattengale (Sarah Eans); Pickett (Clara); Poet (Florence); Ponder (Luther); Purple (John E); Sams (Hershel; Orval; Wreatha); Schmid (Peggy); Sherrill (Garner "Bill") Shoaf (Avanelle); Sowers (I. Elmer); Spear (Dave); Stelk (Alfred); Stembaugh (Mary Ellingwood); Starnes (Irwin); Stiles (Rachel DOyle); Stewart (Paul); Stone (Alma Wilt); Thompson (John, Katie); Toney (Betty Tallman); Townsend (Paul); Towell (Linda SMith); zuck (Catherine; Ernest; Lottie; Martha; Pearl; William E 1908; 1980).  

Biographies  1   Added   (763 to date) Names:  Diary on John McBroom, "Something for Tommorrow";

PHOTOS : _31_ Names include: -- (734 photos to date) = Attica aerial view of Paull Dresser Bridege 1924; Post card of early Municipal Light and Water Power Station; Street Depart 1928; 2020 Electric Substation; Riverside Elevator; Riverside Stone Quarry; Riverside Railroad Station; Riverside Store; Riverside United Brethren Church;  -- in obituaries - Anderson, James - Brier, Gordon; Thelma; Chamberlain (Hazel); Tinder, Arlie; 8 new photos to the "James Washington Rice Family"; Marlatt, Encil Newman and Maxine Cronk-Family (3 Photos); Marlatt, Newman and Pearl Martin-Family (6 Photos);

Diaries:  1  = In Biographies under [Diary on John McBroom, "Something for Tommorrow"];

Divorces __3__ - - Nash; Reed; Roberts

MILITARY :-- WWI : __4__ -- - Names include: 2 photos of inductees and 2 articles accompany;

Alumni (Schools) _ 5 _ - (ytd = 19 ):  Stone Bluff School (4 photos); Sulpher Springs School (1 photo);

NEWS ITEMS   10      --  (651) Names:  Stull (shooting) - Kerr (50th anniv) Renaker (Reunion); Smallpox; Shultz - Dodge (eloped but he's married) - Stolen sort of baby - interesting but lengthy tale if you're interested - Goelet; McElwee; Buchanan; Myers

Recipes  4     = (YTD = 7 ) : for a happy day; Hoe Cake; Bread Pudding; Caramel Corn;
Churches = 2    = YTD=2) = Riverside United Brethren Church; Attica Eangelical Lutheran - article

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** JUNE 2020 **

OBITUARIES 125      Added:- (651 year to date & 12,732 obituaries all totalled to date) : Names include:  Allen (Keith); Barker (John); Bender (Lucy); Bowman (Leslie - Vietnam; Elliott));  Booz (Frank);Brier (Burge); Bruner (Harry); Cardiff (Ed); Cates (Harriet); Catterson (Harold); Chambers (Esther); Clark (Arthur); Coleman (Donald); Cooper (James); Courtney (Joseph); Dice (Charles); Douglas (James - Vietnam); Dove (Gilbert); Drake (Myrtle); Drane (Mary); Farra (Loren); Faulkner (Earl - Vietnam); Fine (David); Foster (Robert); Frazier (Mary); Grady (Helen); Green (George - Vietnam; Della); Hardesty (John); Herndon, Paul; Howard (Samuel - Vietnam); Holmes (Ab); Hushaw (Samuel); Hutts (Ralph); Hurych (Charles, Mary); Keeling (Sarah; Sylvester); LaTourette (Greg); Lefton (Carmen; Raymond); Livengood (Thomas); Linville (William); Lynch (Ray); Long (James); Lowe (Grace); Mayfield (Waldron); McClure (Rosa); McMillian (Henry); Menifee (James) Miller (Bryce); Moffet (Evelyn); Nebeker (Richard); Nolen (Paul - Vietnam); Oland (Jacob; Harold; Josephine); Ottinger (Geneva); Osborn (Edith); Paugh (Braden, Burton, Myrta); Piske (Leora); Payton (Kenneth) Reichard (John); Richardson (Wm); Risk (Martha); Robinson (Isaac); Sears (Clarence); Santmyre (Charles); Schultz (Elizabeth); Smith (Ronald Eugene - Vietnam; Ray Kenneth); Snelling (Beulah); Snider (Laura; Leotha); Staver (Mary); Sowers (Claudie; I. Elmer; Roy); Snyder (Howard); Songer (Elsie);; Solomon (Minerva); Sorters (Mark); Southard (Melvin); Spaulding (Charles); Stilwell (Thomas); Stafford (Lucinda); Souers (Bert); Sorenson (Eunice); Southgate (Alva); Sparling (Edward); Vogt (William) Warbritton (Jerry - Vietnam); Wade (Adolphus); Watts (Charles); Wickens (Frank); Young (Herschel);

PHOTOS : _ 5 _ Names include: -- (704 photos to date) = Jerry Warbritton (Vietnam); Paul Nolen (Vietnam); James Douglas (Vietnam); Lefton (Raymond); Weigle (Lucille - obit)

MILITARY : -- Civil War -1   - = Lt. Col. McManomy - home
           -- Vietnam War 8    : Added the 8 who died in the war.  Most have obituaries and photos (obit # added in total and photos added in Photo #) -- Rest in Peace and thank you for the ultimate sacrifice for our country (Leslie Bowman; James Dale Douglas; Earl Faulkner; George Curtis Green; Samuel Howard; Paul Nolen; Ronald Eugene Smith; Jerry L. Warbritton)  

Alumni (Schools) _ 3 _ - (ytd = 14 ): 1936 Kingman Sectional Champions; Newspaper article on the Sectional win; 1958 Kingman Basketbaal game photo;

NEWS ITEMS    6     --  (641) Names:  Bittenbender; Booe; Hibbs; Hays; Poor Farm; Richardson

BUSINESSES 8   (ytd=24)= Evans & Slavens-Attorneys at Law; Collon James-Livery; California Exchange Grocery store; Hoosier Machine Shop; Mathias Miller-Groceries & Liquors; H. G. Ristine-Notary Public; Tyler & Ristine-Attorneys; Union Hotel;

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** MAY 2020 **

OBITUARIES 112      Added:- (526 year to date & 12,607 obituaries all totalled to date) : Names include:  Adams (Margaret); Allen (Viola); Anderson (Swantu); Andrews (Clarence); Applegate (Aaron); Bailiff (Stefanie); Bates (Bonnie); Beavers (Bill); Bennett (Inez); Boyd (Patricia); Brier (Donald); Buxton (George); Carter (J. Houston); Cating (Sarah); Chafin (Lee); Clark (Doris; Harry; Jesse "Tom" and Myrtle); Coats (Elmer); Coen (Isaac); Cole (Russell); Conner (Kathleen); Copner (Sarah); Crowder (Beverly); Davis (Albert); Davidson (Dale); Delp (Ima); Docterman (Henry); Edwards (Charles); Engle (Bennett): Easley (Grace); Epps, Wm. HH; Elmore, John; Everson, Luella Layson; Ferguson (Wm); Francis (Gene); Fullenwider (Robert); Garrigus (Robert); Gray (Jerry);  Hawkins (Leslie; Goldie; Walter); Helms (Veeder); Hoskins (Fred O); Joynes (Blanche); Keller (Manson); Livengood (Austin; Amanda Brant; Amanda Andrews;  Clarinda; Ernest; Edward; John; Leota; Martha; Sarah; Thomas; Lahr (Eugene); Lewis (Elizabeth Johnson); Lindquist (Tom); McCoy (Wm); McKinney (Barney); McKnight (Grace, Isaac and Stuart); Moore (Harlan); Munson (Edgar); Myers (Catherine Fine; Frances Baldwin); Newton (Mary Hesler); Newnum (John; Louisa); Norton (Blanche); Odore (Yvonne); Oilar (Ruby, Virgil); Payne (John); Ponder (Betty); Pundt (Edward); Randall (Wm); Rainey (John Lester); Scribner (Ruth Held); Scheurich (Helen); Schutz (Ellen); Sewell (WCB); Shular (Maude, Mary); Sheehan (Edwina); Slauter (James);  Smith (Margaret Trueblood);   Spence (John Leslie); Stewart (Adria); Starling (James A); Stoup (Dollie); Stucker (Marion); Verhey (Bernard); Warbritton (Flavius); Watts (Edith); Wertz (Harry); LaBAW, Samuel;

Biographies  1   Added   (762 to date) Names:  Grimes, Charles C.

PHOTOS : _ 11 _ Names include: -- (699 photos to date) = Allen (Viola with obit); Bailiff (Stefanie with obit); Brier (Donald - with obit); Gray (Jerry with obit) Odore (Yvonne with obit);  Schutz (Ellen with obit); Veedersburg EUB Church; Veedersburg Iron Bridge; Veedersburg Downtown, north on Main Street (2); Hillsboro Mill (added another photo to album); White Family Home updated with possible idents for people, circa 1860s;

Divorces __2__ - - Ellis; Nicklas

           --WW II __5  _ Names Include: Marvin E. Dickson; Photo of Billy Krug on his KIA page; Both sides of Billy Krug's Registration Card; Listing from "The Pintus" of VHS Alumni serving in WW II;

Alumni (Schools) _ 1 _ - (ytd = 11 ): Sterling School Building;

NEWS ITEMS     5    --  (635) Names:  Drake - murder trial; Booe stolen meat; Ratcliffe arrested in NY; Richardson lost eye; Stump bandit

BUSINESSES 8   (ytd=16)= Fountain Foundry-1958 Bindery; Centre Bank; Cardinal Cafe (2); Fountain Foundry (current Building operation); INDOT Garage; BMV License Branch; Creamier;

Recipes   1    = (YTD = 3 ) : Welsh Christmas Pudding (desserts - yum)
Churches =  3   = United Brethren Church-Veedersburg; Phanuel Lutheran Church (Church & Plaque);

Family Bibles  1   = (YTD  =1  ) = Gallagher (thank you Don)

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** APRIL 2020 **

OBITUARIES  112     Added:- (12,495 obituaries to date) : Names include:  Abernathy (David); Auter (Peter); Baker (Nikke); Barnhart (Keith); Baumgart (Chris); Bell (Christel); Barker (Martha); Bilsland (Mary; Earl Rudolph); Bixler (Debra Opperman + photo); Boggs (Lorama); Bowers (Lucille); Bowles (Rev CJ); Bowman (Joseph W); Boyd (Margaret); Burton (Dorothy); Budd (Marjorie); Carlson (Cleo); Catterson (Patrick); Carver (Mary Hatton); Carithers (Margaret added to); Clarkston (added to Wm.); Clawson (Frank Pershing); Cole (Forrest); Corey (Gladys); Cox (Billy); Cullop (Twila); DeBord (Katherine); Drollinger (added to Tressie's); French (Pauline Cain); Gerard (Shelby); Gilliland (Hester McKinney); Gose (Donna); Grubb (added to James Ernest); Hackj (Frances); Haniford (Michael); Henry (Alfred) Heath (Ina Lewis); Hetfield (Frank); Horton, Robert K.; Hughes, James Richard III; Huston (Floyd); James (Clova); Jo9hnson (Cal T); Jones (Darrell; James W); Kemps (Gary); Kreusch (Eliza); Krug (Russell); Layden (Bernice); Little (Daryl); Linker (Marie); Lower (Albert; Amanda; John Virgil); Livengood (John 1936); McKinney (Alice; Janet Gray); McMurtry (Dallas - added); Marsh (Bud); Middleton (Leah); Milligan (Robert F); Minnick (Clarence Earl); Mycroft (Robert); Mitton (Marvin Dean); Miller (James W; Mary Joanne); Mullendore, ALice; Morgan, Robert; Nixon (James L; Lucy); Painter (Helen); Pender (Hugh); Perry (added to Virginia); Purple (Anna); Robertson (Norman); Rose (Kenneth); Richardson (Andrew; Elizabeth; William Albert; Oscar; George A; Virginia; Maggie; Isaac; Myrta added; Manford; Riley; Sarah Little); Shamp (George); Shonkwilder (Russell); Simons (Ethel); Sigman (Red); Sisk (Mayme added to); Sipes, Jessie; Shoaf (Delbert; Jimmy); Snyder (Ralph); Thomas (Martha); Tibbett (Robert Eugene); Tomlinson (Clara); Wilson (Bruce); Walter (Nina); Ward (Mary Briney).   

Biographies    2 Added   (761 to date) Names:  Burbridge; Foxworthy - added to both

PHOTOS : _ 7  _ Names include: -- (689 photos to date) = Hillsboro Business Street; Hilllsboro - Rat Row -- includes FM Pitman Livery and old Hotel - about 1910; Covington 1911 Graduation program; Hillsboro HS; Kingman Indiana; Covington I. O. O. F. (Odd Fellows) building; Bixler (obit)

Divorces ___15_ - - Adams; Bell; Bever; Carter; Clark; Delp; Henderson; Herschberger; Little; Meharry; Mendenhall; Mattingly; Martin; Holland; Foreman

MARRIAGES : _ 6 _ = --(23, 338 to date) to date:  Barkley; Bloom; Cunningham; Glassock; Lough; Stebbins

Alumni (Schools) _ 3 _ - (ytd = 10 ): Hillsboro HS before gymnasium; Covington 1911 Graduation program; Cates School;

NEWS ITEMS      4   --  (630) Names:  Ratcliff; Rabb; McNeil; Keller

BUSINESSES 6   (ytd=8)= Mudlavia Hotel (5 new photos); Hillsboro Grain, Inc;

Recipes   1    = (YTD = 2 ) : Cherry Dump Cake

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** MARCH 2020 **

OBITUARIES 100      Added:- (12,383 obituaries to date) : Names include:  Abernathy; Adair; Adams; Adamson; Allen; Barker; Blacketer; Blair; Briles; Burch; Bookwalter; Cable; Chumley; Cobb; Cory; Cotton; Cooper; Evans; Funk; Fulton; Ferguson; Garrett; Galloway; Gordon; Haga; Hall; Hagel; Hatton; Hegg; Herman; Himes; Hutson; Jackson; Jenkins; Kerr; Lefton; Land; Lowe; Livengood; Leaf; Larson; Maguire; Mullen; Mitchell; Mauck; Nixon; Newsom; Parrett; Phillips; Pierce; Purviance; Powell; Phelps; Pritchard; Reeser; Robbins; Rucker; Rush; Shade; Sherrill; Simms; Sloan; Shaffer; Smith; Stratton; Stamm; Starkey; Sprinkle; Spear; Thomas; Tipton; Truitt; Walter; Weber; Wallace; Wantland; Wood; Wheeler; Watkins

TOWNS -  1   - - ( 112 to date ) - LOVE MORE :)  - Lodi Park

PHOTOS : _ 3  _ Names include: -- (683 photos to date) = (in obits) - Theda Blair; Ryan Garrett; Helen Mitchell


OBITUARIES  101    Added:- (12,183 obituaries to date) : Names include: Anderson (Amelia); Babb (Frank); Barnhart (JoAnn); Bensyl (Maxine); Blanton (Anna); Booe (Larry); Briner (Maxine); Byers (Velma); Bugle (Harold); Bodley (John); Carlson (Frank; Hansel); Chase (Richard); Carter (KIeziah); Carpenter (Eliz 1917); Clark (Cleo Edward); Connor (John Frnaklin); Covault (Rosemary); Cranmore (Manford); Deth (Francis); Dare (Marvin); Deeter (Harry); Dearment (Robert); Dice (Walker); Dill (Maxine); Ellis (Chancie); Fahl (Marie); Furr (Everett); Fossett, Emma; Grant (William) Gunderson (Alice); Harrison (Pauline); Harris (Alfred); Hightower (Thomas); Holladay (Barbara); Holmes (Eulalia); Hill (Sam); Holt (Cecil); Howard (Eric); Johnson (Mary); Kinnamon (Lillian); Kesler (James) Kingen (Ruby); Lawson (Joe); Leighty (Almeda; James; Joseph; Samuel); Lindley (Alonzo); McClure (Rita); McAlister (WT); Marquess (Robert; Carolyn Funk); Manford (Russell); Myers (Herman D); Nelson (Glen; Doris); Newlin (Levi); Oilar (Irma); Patton (David); Pearson (Orville); Randolph (Aileen); Rentz (George); Rich (Mary); Riley (Margaret); Roberts (John Q); Robison (Earl); Rush (John H); Smith (Carl); Skelley (Wm); Schultz (Judith); Shoaf (Dewitt); Simmerman (Nancy); Specker (Anna); Spencer (Anna); Swanson (Flossie); Sollars (Ann); Stevens (John W); Swisher (Clyde); Stout (Lina); Tuggle (JM); Tibbets (Frank); VanHook (Mary); Verhey (Harry; W. Lorane; Mary Serie); Wade (Elmer); Ward (Charles Bertram); Weaver (Maude Shade);

Biographies  1   Added   (759 to date) Names:  Bailey, Washington

PHOTOS : _ 24  _ Names include: -- (680 photos to date) = Kiger, John R.; Price, Bethany; 2 Unknown men at Cooper's Chapel 1958; Keefe, Tom; Denhart, Tom with mushroom; In schools photo of ?Perrysville? baseball team with John Crouse; B. D. Hughes & Thomas Edward Denhart; Bossaer (Betty - obit); Booe (Larry -obit)' Byers (obit); Dobbs (Ella to obit); Keith Gouty (obit); Haddock (Helen - obit); McDaniel (Noah - obit); Messick (Arnold); Paxton (Cheryl - obit); Smith (obit); Sullivan (Catherine - obit); VanHook (obit); Verhey (Alan  obit); Washington Bailey - in biography ; Hillsboro 1994 Fire (thanks Jeff B)

MARRIAGES : _ 18 _ = --(23, 332 to date) to date:  Beaver; Duncan; Harris; Kineer; Lester; Rabb; Simonton; Peed; Minnick; Miller; Marquess; Verhey; Shoaf; Wade

Alumni (Schools) _ 1 _ - (ytd = 7): photo of ?Perrysville? baseball team with John Crouse; B. D. Hughes & Thomas Edward Denhart;

NEWS ITEMS    4     --  (626) Names:  Kerr (birth); Ratcliff (birth); McGaughey - mayor; Hillsboro Elevator Fire 1994 (thanks to Jeff B - see photos)

DEATH RECORDS: 1    =YTD  = Ward, Charles Bertram - in his obit

Links  1   = (YTD = 1) = Attica Girls/Boys Alumni Facebook page;

Township Information     :  (YTD = 2)

** ADDED THIS MONTH **  ** JANUARY 2020 **

OBITUARIES 101    Added:- (12,082 obituaries to date) : Names include: Anno; Baker; Beasley; Beedle; Beisecker; Bowman; Breeding; Brennan; Chapman; Clark; Clouse; Clawson; Coleman; Coffing; Cox; Conner; Cronkhite; Cunningham; Davis; Dillon; Dice; Delp; Demoret; Dice; Drake; Eberly; Evans; Fenters; Gearhart; Graham; Goodrick; Gustus; Hazelrigg; Head; Hambright; Hanthorn; Hammer; Hamilton; Hicks; Hesler; Hetrick; Hershberger; Horath; Hurst; Hutchins; Jones; Likens; Linn; Lawson; Laube; Lucas; Martin; Mediate; Mussche; Montgomery; McSweeney (Sweeney); Odeneal; Pardonner; Philpott; Porter; Ramey; Rogers; Royal; Sanders (photo); Smith; Sprinkle (photo); Stockdale; Stewart; Stultz; Thomas; Thompson; VanDervolgen; Ward (photo); Wann; Whittington; Wilson; Williams; Whittaker

TOWNS -  3   - - ( 111 to date ) - LOVE MORE :)  - Antioch; Hardy's Corner; Strader's Station; additional information on Maysville of 2 photos showing PLATTING Monument;

PHOTOS : _7  _ Names include: -- (660 photos to date) = 5 in obituaries (see above); Rice, James & Florence Family; Atkinson, Rubt Edna Briney;

Divorces __1__ - (in News) -Bowers

MARRIAGES : _4  _ = --(23, 314 to date) to date:  Cramer; Henderson; Hybarger; Vyse

Alumni (Schools) _ 6 _ - (ytd = 6): Wallace High School-Billfold Schedule Card 1963-64; Antioch School / students-2; Hall School / students; Roberts Scholl/students; Kerr School/students;

BUSINESSES 2   (ytd=2)= Wagner Sawmill; Weigle Sawmill;

Recipes   1    = (YTD = 1 ) : Blizzard Bites;
Churches =  3   = Photos of Antioch Free Methodist; Roberts Chapel Methodist; Salem Baptist;

Links  1   = (YTD = 1) = Attica Girls/Boys Alumni Facebook page;

Township Information  2 :  Early maps of Davis and Logan Townships showing cemeteries, churches and schools;

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