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What's New 2016

WHAT's NEW 2016 - Enjoy!!!


70 obituaries added -- names added -- Babb; Baumeister; Coffing; Clingan; Gouty; Dillon; Gardner; Gearhart; Graham; Hoyt; Hayden; Krout; Madden; Park; Paddock Phelps; Rector; Read; Reeder; Redenbaugh; Reiff; Remster; Reed; Reeise; Reichard; Rennison; Reynolds; Rhoades; Rice; Robinson; Rodgers; Spinning; Sowers; Summers; Thompson; Work

1 divorce - Huff

1 School -- Lookout


Biography -- 1 - Coppage

Obituaries __4__ Alward; Chapman; Culver; Myers

Note: Working on revamping and moving the project.



Biographies __1__ Coppage

Obituaries __ 4__ Alward; Chapman; Culver; Myers

Note: Sorry, working on changing over the sites - hubs is in the process of actually redoing all the pages and it's going to be awesome when done but for now -- sorry, it's kind of dead. I have hundreds of obituaries and items to add WHEN we get the page done though so hang in there with me -- THANKS kbz



FAMILY RECIPES -- see link below -- added __6__ a Soup recipe; Mexican Delight; Chuck Roast; Pumpkin Crunch; Tuna Noodle Casserole and Zucchini Bread - YUM

PHOTOS - 9 -- Mauck; Jones; Kingman HS -- (Pauline Fisher & Jerry Mauck - thanks Cynthia Smith) - Henry B. Jones home (thanks so much to Lauren J)

DEATHS -- 7 -- Provine; Prowell; Pruitt; Pugh (Death Records on their obit pages)

OBITUARIES __ 62_ --Names -- Howard; Kiger; Krout; Lindley; McElwee; Mellott; Norris; Nelson; Newcomb; Newkirk; Noble; Nolen; Nine; Nobble; Neal; Nance; Norman; Perry; Peters; Peterson; Petet; Pevler; Phelps; Pheneger; Phillips; Philpott; Pogue; Piatt; Pierce; Pierson; Potter; Prather; Rennick; Rice; Quinn; Shannon; Stonebraker; Sowers

MILITARY -- 7 items -- WWI -- Names are: Miller (draft) - WWII - Mauck, picture (thanks Cynthia Smith) - Civil -- added Samuel A. Jackson headstone app - thanks B Harper

School Items - 1 Kingman HS Sectional Champs


Obituaries -- 28 -- Barker; Furr; Mercer; Mitchell; Moffett; Moore Moore; Morgan; Morris; Morrison; Moran; Mornout; Lindley; Pithoud; Sackmire; Nathan; Newkirk; Newnum; Peaveler; Morton; Moudy; Mourer; Morse; Morrow (10,167 obituaries to date)

Biographies -- 3 -- Faust; Fretz; Fine (694 to date)

Photos -- 3 -- Bonebrake (507 to date)

Towns -- 3 / 2 -- Added information on 3 towns (Rob Roy; Buggyville and Odell) - added TWO possible towns, Bennett & Benefield (81 total towns)

JULY 2016 -- what was added -- see note in May

Obituary - 58 -- Names: Blackeeter, Barker; Carpenter; Clark; Crowder; Cooper; Day; Deer; Dennis; Delp; Doss; Eller; Francis; Furr; Grissom; Harvey; Hollingsworth; Johns; Millikan; Massey; Meese; Mitchell; Myers; Pithoud; Rice; Sackmire; Surbaugh; Wise; Wallace; Youngblood; Vanlieu

Biographies -- 4 -- Bailey (thanks to our state coordinator, Denise); Faust; Fretz; Fine

Photos -- 42 -- Robert Miller photo album (met these folks for lunch who gave me this and I'll be doggone I forgot their names but THANKS THANKS THANKS)

JUNE 2016 what was added -- see note in May

Obituary -- 57 -- Names: Allen; Alexander; Applegate; Atkinson; Bales; Barker; Bowman; Brown; Deverter; DeVore; Fine; Froedge; Linville; McCormick; McGahan; Mitton; Mitchell; Moffitt; Montgomery; Nine; Smith; Spragg; Simpson; Spandau; Wood; Walker; Woodrow

Photos: -- 3 -- Slattery; Bonebrake

Military -- 4 -- Names: Fox; Foxworthy; Wood

MAY 2016 - what was added - Note: From here on, for the next few weeks, we are working on redoing the whole site. Let ya' know when it's done & up and running - in the meantime, this one will remain as is :)

ANNOUNCEMENT - -this month, we made 10,000 obituaries

Obituary -- 31 -- Names: Bowman; Brown; Deverter; DeVore; Mitton;' Mitchell; Moffitt; Montgomery

Biography -- 2 - Burlington; Caplinger (687 to date)

APRIL 2016 -- what was added

Obituarys -- __ 24__ -- Names Are: - Bales; Bunnell; Bowman; Kirts; Richey; Taylor; Stanfield; Wooley ...

News Items -- __1__ -- Tyler; Light

Military -- __10__ Names include: Denten; Denton; Deverter; Devoss; Dice; Dicken; Newlin; Nelson; Newman; Stanfield; Starkey; Stansbury

Photos -- __ 6__ -- (456 Photos to date( Names are: Alumni (Hillsboro 1930 band & basketball; HHS building; 47-48 basketball teams; Kingman 1935-36 Sectional Champs (love this picture - they are staring at the ball like they've never played but they were Sectional Champs :) 1903 Football team

MARCH 2016 -- what was added

Obituarys -- __ 58__ -- Names Are: - McMahan; McMasters; McMurray; McLaughlin; McLain; McKnight; Mead; Means; Medley; Meeker; Mellott; Meese; Mellinger; Merriman; Merrill; Merryman; Mickle; McDowell; McElwee; McFerran; McGinnis; McKenzie; McGowen; McGirvin; McGary; McKeighen; McNeil

Marriages -- __ 56 --McElwee; McMasters; McGeorge; McDowell; McGinnis; McGee

Military -- __2__ WWI Drafts (McElwee

May be off a few days :(

FEBRUARY 2016 -- what was added

Obituaries -- __ 74__ -- Names Are: - Allen; Bush; Cooper; Hayes; Keller; Johnson; Maloney; Maffitt; Mallett; Marlatt; Maris; Marsh; Marquess; Marshall; Martin; Manssen; Manus; Marble; Marks; Mayer; Mason; Massey; McClure; McCollum; McCalment; McCord; McCarty; McCoy; McCubbin; McCracken; McDougal; McDaniel; McFarland; McCutchan (it was a Mc kind of day :); Redenbaugh; Tornquist; Waldridge; Woolwine; Young

Biographies -- __ 2__ -- Names are: Morgan; Myers

Marriages -- __ 96__ -- Names are: Sheridan; Stokes; Hardy; Meredith; Young; Waldridge; Woolwine; Tornquist; Redenbaugh; Bell

Photos -- __ 12__ -- Names are: Truman; Bright; places in Kingman

Military -- __ 32__ -- Names are: Myers; added various individuals, their Civil War units; obituaries ...

JANUARY 2016 -- what was added

Obituaries -- _79_ Names Are: - Broom; Ewbank; Furr; Glascock; Holden; Lawson; Lape; Lane; Lang; Lambert; Lamb; Lamkin; Laube; Larson; Layton; Layman; Lawson;Lough; Love; Lowe; Lucas; Lyons; Oblinger; Oxley; Ludlow; Lucas; Long; Lewsader; Lister; Livengood; Little; MacGirvin; Macy; Munns; Mailloux; Meeker; Myers; Swank; Wade

Biographies -- _2_ - Coleman; Ephlin

Marriages -- _166_ Armstrong; Crane; Danforth; Denman; Dagger; Daley; Devine; Devoss; Lang; Little; Lister; Lucas; Myers; Ranson; Shoup

Brick Wall --

History -- Working on a Fountain County history -- added a lot to it.

News Items --

Surnames --

Military -- 26 items __ -- Mainly WWI & II Draft cards but also added 80 Mexican War people and information on the 63rd Civil War Regiment of the area so that would be more a total of 106 but we'll call it even :)

Towns -- __1__ (New Liberty -- 79 total towns -- LOV EMORE)

Links -- Cemetery symbolism - nifty site -- added 10 on Civil War Index page

Miscellaneous --

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