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2022 What's New

CHECK - Check out the 2022 additions

2022 Goals --  wish us luck :)
1 – 800-1000 obituaries - ACCOMPLISHED EVERY ONE - YES
2 – At least 25 photos
3 – Add more bibles, marriages, military, churches, schools …
4 – Add more newspaper clippings
5 – Add at least 5 Who’s Who

DECEMBER 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

Obituaries:    50 Added - [ytd=1371;  Total 28,516) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: McCall (Wm); McCaw (Alfred; Ota); McGohan (Mrs EA - anyone know her?); McConnell (John Newton); McCorkle (inf of AC); McFadden (James; McFarland (Veanna); McGilliard (Mary); McVey (Margaret); McKeehan (George); McJimpsey (John - added); McPherson (JE);  Meharry (David); Mears (Sarah); Meagher (Mae Barclary) Meek (James); Meeker (Dora Wilcox); Mendenhall (Susan); Meyer (Anna); Merrill (Mary); Mills (Gertrude); Mikels (George); Michael (inf of Thomas); Misner (Benjamin); Mitchell (Alfred Bell)); Milligan (Anna); Miller (Matz); Mitcheltree (Rebecca); Morrison (Robert; Cornelius); Moffett (d/o Hugh); Moody (Dwight - added); Moore (Catherine); Mullen (Clara; Vevnia); Musser (Sarah); Myers inf of James & Flora; Charles; George Fred; Lora Ethel; Sarah O'Neall - added; Murray (Robert - added).  

Alumni- Schools -- __1_  Added   (YTD = 603 )
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  
South Alumni: Waveland Contract Let for New Building;

Bibles ____ - Total of 80 Bibles - (LOVE more):

Biographies -- ___ Added _ Year to date -- 70  - Names Added:  

Births --      added :

Blog -- 1 --  YTD  __1__:  Genealogy Oddities;

BUSINESS 2    Added >> (Year To Date: -- 39 -- Waynetown Monument Co and YMCA (building of it)  

Cemeteries -- __ -  ADDED  

Court Proceedings _ Added: __ Names :
Deaths ___   Added: __ Names :
Deeds___ Added: __ Names :
Divorces _ Added: YTD_42_   Names :  
Inquests _ Added: __ Names :
Land _ Added: __ Names :
Law Suits - _1___   Added -Nelson sues city -- 1934
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __20_ Added: _52_ YTD - names are: Byers; Gish; Ashby; Dickerson; Ashley; Martin; Moore (2); Gish; Gleason; Nichols; Grantham; Crebs; Martin; Mueller; Curry; Graybill; Todd; Bromley; Roark
Miscellaneous ____
Naturalizations ___ Added: __ Names :
Wills ___ Added: __ Names :  

Census ____ Updated:

CHURCHES  Adding new Church Items HERE!       (YTD = 111 ):  

Diaries --___ -  

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Letters ___ -  (YTD = 6) Added:

Links -- __ Added -  

Misc -- ____

MILITARY - (Causalities and Other Data)____Added - (ytd =70 )
Spanish American War: worked on this page - fixing some links - adding Charles Hillabold
World War I =  items added --
World War II = ____  items added ---
Korean -
Viet Nam -

NEWS _12 _ -- Added -  YTD - _242_Total? -BUNCHES :) - Misc S - Sheriffs of MoCo to present; Soldiers Tombstones ordered, listed, etc - 4 articles; Misc D - Deaths in 1891; Crime - Caylor-Abraham (crazy one); Sports - Bartenders & Barbers vie in 1895; Sick (Dorseys get sick on head cheese) - Sick on Index page - Bogart - attemps suicide.  Cary - look for lost son.  

PHOTOS -- _1_- Added (YTD= 24 ) --
  • Photos People:  __1__   -  Stoner, Paul and Dick Foley;
  • Photos Groups:          - ;
  • PHOTOS Places: ____  =  
  • Photographer information     

TOWNS: : _    : Total # 535- towns to date -

Resources: (Surnames) ___ = (ytd = 2 )>>>

QUESTIONS - _____ -

REUNIONS - ____   ( YTD = 12) --added Hiatt, Servies; Krout; Oliver; Powell

SHARED: ____ Sent articles/obits/info to these


Who's Who ____ -- Added

NOVEMBER 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

Obituaries:    22   Added - [ytd=1321;  Total 28,466) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: Grabman (Arthur, Donald, Stephen, Thomas).  Gray (John ; Frank A); Graham (James Adair).  Grandstaff (Audra - added); Graves (Jesse; Marie).  Grimes (David A - added 2). Guard Daniel (2) and Forrest Allen (2).  McCain, Hugh Benton - added.  McCarer, Charles H. - Sorry there aren't many - may get more done and most of the other months I added more than I put on here so may be it for the month !  

Alumni- Schools -- __67_  Added   (YTD = 602 )
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  
South Alumni: Waveland Alumni History, 1965 thru 2014;  66 photos of the 2002 Waveland Alumni Banquet, some people are named need help with others;

Blog -- 1 --  YTD  __1__:  Genealogy Oddities;

BUSINESS  2    Added >> (Year To Date: -- 39 -- Waynetown Monument Co and YMCA (building of it)  

Cemeteries -- __ -  ADDED  


Law Suits - _1___   Added -Nelson sues city -- 1934
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __20_ Added: _52_ YTD - names are: Byers; Gish; Ashby; Dickerson; Ashley; Martin; Moore (2); Gish; Gleason; Nichols; Grantham; Crebs; Martin; Mueller; Curry; Graybill; Todd; Bromley; Roark

CHURCHES   Adding new Church Items HERE!         (YTD = 111 ):  

NEWS   _ _ -- Added -  YTD - _230_Total? -BUNCHES :) -

PHOTOS -- _1_- Added (YTD= 24 ) --
Photos People:  __1__   -  Stoner, Paul and Dick Foley;
Photos Groups:            - ;
PHOTOS Places:  ____  =  
Photographer information      

TOWNS: : _    : Total # 535- towns to date -

OCTOBER 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

Obituaries:   72 + 41 +44 = 157 Added - [ytd=1299;  Total 28,444) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: Bever (Elmira); Beck (Lucy); Beach (Mary J); Benson (William); Bible (John C); Biddle (Lawson, Nancy Swank); Blacker (EN); Boraker (Herman); Boots (Mary Dunbar); Boyd (William R); Bowers (Edmund; Elizabeth Dunbar; Martha Dunbar; Robert; Russell); Brown (Anna Blair); Britton (Nancy Patterson); Brubaker (Charity Himes); Buckles (Frances); Burden (Rev Johnson); Buser (Nancy); Burnham (Ethel) Burgess (Martha Benson); Clore (Martha, Sarah); Clements (child of Frank); Clouser (Enola Rice); Cook (Ellora Marsh, William S); Collier (Frank); Collins (Will L); Compton (Judith); Cooper (Archie); Cox (Hannah Pickett); Cooter (John Harvey); Cox (Catherine; Jud); Corn (Miles); Costello (Lizzie; John; Tessie); Coyner (Mrs - 1873 - ANYONE KNOW HER); Crashner (Elizabeth); Cruea (George -added); Cummins (Hattie); Crawford (Eliza); Cronk (Aaron); Curl (Encil, Griff, Kenneth, Ruby); Hester (Margaret); Himes (Charles C; Daniel Henry; Jacob; Robert W; William); Taylor (Effie Culver, C. Howard) Tedars (John) Thompson (Cleveland, J. Walter)

Added : 41 more obituaries: totalling 113  Detchon (John; Irwin); Deer (Stephen Ellis); Dean (Irene); Deaton (Betty Jean); DeBruicker (Vincent): Fruits (Minnie; child of Lonnie; Lonnie; Fanny); Fry (Pearl); Long (Inf of Silas); Lofland (Havilo); Lovette (Eliza); Lowe (William); Kesterson (Glenna); Krout (Fannie); Kostanzer (Anna); Kennedy (John - CW; Edna Spore); Kelley (Donald J + Poto; inf of Mike); Keegan (Morton); Keller (Benjamin; Otto); Johnson (Grant); Jones (inf of Ben); Jordan (Stephen); Lee (Milton Spencer); Leet (Francis); Lemon (John D);  Lawler (E); Layne (Walter); Lyton (in fof Robert); Leatherman (Ellen)

Added: 44 more obituaries - totalling 157 in October (so far :)  1,299 this year and 28,444 total on this site.  Names of those added: Nash (George); Naylor (Judge Isaac); Newell (Catherine Eastlack; Augusta E; Newlin (Jemima Moore; William); Newton, Wm.; Nichols, James; Nosler, Calloway; Nolan, John K; Norman, Amanda; Nucholls, Rachel.  Patton (Freddie, Leland); Patterson (Samuel - CW); Pattison (Lottie); Pettit (WF, Viola); Pearlman (William); Penrod (Solomon); Peters (child of Kate - murdered; Lester Dean); Peterson (James A); Peffley (Franklin)' Pearson (George, Harry)/ Pittman (Thomas); Phillips (James); Pierce (Hattie Blair); Plunkett (prob Margaret wife of Rev. Abram); Proffitt (Addie); Pickett (James - CW); Powers (Lawrence C); Poynts (child of JL - probably Bessie); Pyle (Harriet); Purdue (Forest Jean).  

Alumni- Schools -- __112_  Added   (YTD = 595 ) Added the 1899 Waveland Annual Report
South Alumni: 62 photos added from the 1966 Alamo Annual; 49 photos added from the 1967 Alamo Annual;

Biographies -- __8_ Added _ Year to date -- 70  - Names Added:  Harrod (George); McDaniel (James); McBrayer (CN); McClain (Harry); Miller (Ralph); Mount (James A - added to it); Peterson (John - added to it); Wyant (Hiram);

Court Proceedings _ Added: __ Names :
Deaths _5   Added: __ Names : Davis (Angeline and Manning); Golta, Wm; McKee (Emma Boyland); Ream (Elmer)
Divorces _1 Added: YTD_42_   Names :  Greene
Law Suits - _1 Added - Joseph Utter sued by Jonathan Nutt -- medical mal practice
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __20_ Added: _32_ YTD - names are: Bannon-Eller; Albrecht - Harlow; Ellis - Shular; Gwyn - McMains; Bazzle - Conrad; Harper-Hoard; Blue-LePage; Randolph- Mounts; Smith - Giffin; Stover - Wallace

NEWS 25_ _ -- Added -  YTD - _230_Total? -BUNCHES :) -Alamo Rural Carrier wanted; Mont Co Pro players (+ 14 photos) by Bill Boone; Fires (Crawford Htel); Crime - Campbell-Little Murdr); Doss - Straugn - murder? Hattie Myrte Cory -[ tries suicide as does Annie O'Neil; Thomas Sawyer - home fire; Crime (Surface, Wm. L - CW Kennedy - Wm. ichardson; May Bly (attempted murder); Orphan's escape; George Babbit - severe accident but hearing returns 5 years later; New Richmond and Mace tidbits

PHOTOS -- _17_- Added (YTD= 23 --
  • Photos People:  __3__   -  Donald Kelley - see obit; Lynch, Caroline Emerick; Masterson, John Studebaker and Dorcas Van Cleave; (see Bill Boone's pro (baseball) players article in News

SEPTEMBER 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb
117  Added - [ytd=1104;  Total 28,287) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: Dain (Henry Earl; Joe D; Marion; William Guy); Davis (Warfield); Dawes (Roy - added); Dunbar (Harry; Elis; Arthur M; Jesse P; Rebecca Blacker; Recie; Robert; Simon - added); Felton (Nancy); Ferguson (Herbert; Wynona); Fitchey (George- added).  Malsbary (Hattie); Mahorney (Charles; James Perry - added); Malsbary (Hattie - added); Martin (Archibald; Nancy); Maltsbarger (Lavina; Lily; Mary; Shirley; William); Maxwell (Edward R); Meharry (Thomas, Samuel); Meehan (Margaret); Meneely (Lida); Messick (Margaret); Merrill (Nancy?); Messner (William).  Miller (Alonzo; Ada; child of AH; Child of Scott; Lillian Clodfelter; Lydia V; Mrs. John 1873 - ANYONE KNOW HER?); Pauline; Mora Ream); Mills (Thomas "Jeff"erson) - added Moffet (James - added); Montgomery (Louisa); Moore (Dennis C); Moran (Mrs. Milton - KNOW HER?); Moffet (James - added); Monroe (Aaron J).  Vangorder (Henrietta); Valentine (Dwight); Vancleave (Catherine 1925; LT - Rev); Vanarsdall (Mary Gailey); Vancannon (William);Vaughn (John D); Vice (Isaac); Voris (Clifford D).  
30 new added since above - Oliver ( .. 1878; Justus W); O'Conner (Maurice & Gabora); O'Connor (Thomas); Ornbaum (Ben L); Oppy (Thomas Franklin and Thomas J).  Quigg (John Chandler); Quinlan (Jere); Quinley (John, Frances Josepha); Quirk (JW).  Rall (Doris); Ransdell (Thomas); Reagan (-- Mrs in 1874); Remley (David)Russell (child of Dr. JP; Hank; Mary Jane Dunbar; Hallie Flanigan); Robbins (Joseph W); Robert (Isaac); Rusk (Mary E); Rush d./o Gilber) Rush (Tilghman; Robbins (Joseph W).  
21 more added and probably it for the month :) -- All S's --- Schooler (Wm); Sanford (Samuel); Saidla (John); Sellers Capt. James) Serfling (Lydia); Simpson (Alfred); Shapera (Morris); Shelley (Simon J); Simpson (Elisha); Sharpe (Wilber, Virginia); Snyder (Edna Mae Peter); Sloan (Fred W); Small (James Fredrick); Smith (Jack, Jr - Vietnam); Stephens (William); Stribling (Ellen); Stout (Jennie); Sutton (Mary Burk); Sullivan (Elizabeth WWI Nurse)

Alumni- Schools -- _454 _Added   (YTD = 483 )
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  
South Alumni: 33 Photos, some from early yearbooks before 1949; Alamo 5th & 6th Grade Class photo from 1949-1950; 13 photo exerts from the 1950 Alamo yearbook; 1910 Freshman Class of Waveland High School, photo; 17 photos from the 1951 Alamo Annual; 17 Photos photos from the 1952 Alamo Annual; 19 Photos photos from the 1953 Alamo Annual; 29 Photos photos from the 1954 Alamo Annual and includes 7 images of the "Smoke-Signals"; 17 new Photos added to the 1955 Alamo Annual; 22 photos added from the 1956 Alamo Annual; 29 photos added from the 1957 Alamo Annual; 31 photos added from the 1958 Alamo Annual; 31 photos added from the 1959 Alamo Annual; 32 photos added from the 1960 Alamo Annual; 24 photos added from the 1961 Alamo Annual; 33 photos added from the 1962 Alamo Annual; 32 photos added from the 1963 Alamo Annual; 44 photos added from the 1964 Alamo Annual; 47 photos added from the 1965 Alamo Annual;

BUSINESS   6   Added >> (Year To Date: -- 37) -- Crawfordsville Review; Crawfordsville Star; Cargill; Candy Kitchen  added) City Mill x 2

Cemeteries -- _1_ -  ADDED  article on - Indian Burial ground - Britton farm

NEWS _49 _ -- Added -  YTD - _205_Total? -BUNCHES :) - Added:"K" - Stephen Kersey sued for breach of promise by Ida Durham (what a mess and so sad); "Kincaid" marital woes (3 articles); Crimes - Bert Murphy case - kills priest?;  Crime - Tillie Majors duped by Oscar Darnell (sad one); Crime Elias McJunkin aids in murder of Helmick.  Birthdays (John Beard; Jerusha Lewis. Adoptions (Beebee-Peyton.  Hall, Elias - Ward Sutton);  Crimes Speece John - larcency; Waveland Opera House; Ristine Family; McCain - Emily Cox - slander; Westfall & Patton unlawful sale of liquor.  Elmdale Baptist Church - fire.  Ristine Family ...
Added more since original posting -- Old Folks; Pottenger - finds drowned body; Ryan Tim - might be the body; Gray, Sadie & Andy - 13 articles on these wild two, mostly Sadie; Old Fiddlers; Crowe, Madame (she was about as wild as Sadie); Mills evaluated in 1899; Oak Hill monument; Railroad articles - Accident daughter of Basil Maxwell fell - fatal?

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD= 5 --
  • Photos People:  __1__   -  THOMPSON, George and Daisy, with their son Carl and Maurice "Bill" about 1922;

AUGUST 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   48    Added - [ytd=1017;  Total 28,200) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: Hall (Mrs. Silas); Hammel (Sarah Gilkey); Hawley (John - KIA Vietnam); Haywood, Josephine; Himes (Ernest - added); Henderson (Thomas); Himes (Daniel); Hill (s/o GP); Hoffa (George) Howard (Anderson); Hudson (Mrs. Frank); Hutton (Emily - added) Hutchison (Ira; James G); Jenkins (Noel - added); Johnson (Franklin Theodore; Myrtle)); Jesse (Nannie); Jones (Morgan; Lydia Johnson); Kane (Arthur; Wm. P - KIA - WWII); Kincade (George); Kirkpatrick (Anna Hope); King ( twins of George); Knox (Emily; MM); Kostanger (Edith; Anna Gertrude - added obit; Herman; Lola; Paul) Lafollette (Eliza); Lemon (Charles); Lee (John, Priscilla) Lewellen (George); Lippert (Lois); Lockridge (Thomas Rolls); Loop (Carl; Judith); Lunsford (Wm A - added_; Longden (Cleo - added +_ photo); Lytle (Robert)

Alumni- Schools -- _6 _Added   (YTD = 12 )
South Alumni: Waveland Normal - 5 articles; Waveland Collegiate Institute -68 graduation - added an article

Biographies -- _2__ Added _ Year to date -- 62  - Names Added:  Campbell, John  - Zach Williams - added an article

BUSINESS  7    Added >> (Year To Date: -- 31) -- Wingate's Cottage Hotel, 1904 photo; Lee, DL 1860-1901 business; Bottle Factory; Vandalia RR 1905 Waveland new depot; Huckery, HO - horses; Biddle, Clarence - sells to Ingersoll; Grahams Department store 1901 - 14 photos of their department heads

Cemeteries -- _6_ -  ADDED  article on Indian Creek; Darlington's 5-year battle; Oak Hill; Mt. Zion; Turkey Run; Harshberger at Ladoga

Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) ___ Added: _12_ YTD - names are: Harney, Dodd, McCutcheon, Newkirk, McDaniels, McDonald, Thompson, Tribby, White, Wilson, Youmg, Zimmerman

CHURCHES  Adding new Church Items HERE!  6     (YTD = 111 ):  sad article on Young's Chapel - Sunday School Association; Elmdale Baptist; Waveland Methodist; Waveland Presbyterian; Colfax Dunkard

Letters __3_ -  (YTD = 6) Added: Letter from Walter Cory to Andrew Merle Cowan and two from WF Gerhard - Waynetown School Reunion 1881

MILITARY - (Causalities and Other Data)__68__Added - (ytd =70 )
Civil War 68 -- added 36 new soldiers from MoCo who died during the war and fixed 32 on our list (edited - added etc) - names of new - Alward; Black; Burnett; Cora; Creek; Ham; Hodgin; Jackson; Kelley; Krauss; Lough; McCorkle; McLean; Martin; Mellis; Miller; Millikan; Musgrove; O'Connor; Overman; Peterson; Priest; Richey; Runey; Statin; Stump; Swindler; Thomas; Underhill; Vanarsdall; Whitecotton; Williams; Woodruff

NEWS _12_ -- Added -  YTD - _157__Total? -BUNCHES :) - Added:Home Sales - John Hurley; Newspapers in MoCo (ladoga Herald); Todd, Shelby - adopts; McFeeley - vegetable collections; Fires - Fitchey fatally hurt ?; Raymond, Herb - auto man-slaughter; laugh on Waveland; Weldron child - burned (Accident); Crime (Eltzroth - alcoholism embezzlemen) Staples - brutal assault on Mrs. Waddel; Poor Farm - Mary Owens Death Record; County Poor Farm 1902 view of farm - thanks Dellie ; Mahala Hays vs. Julius Cox - sues for support of child; Susan Smith attempts suicide (Sick List); County Farm spruce-up; Davidson rock @ Oak Hill + pic; Wisehart W - thanksgiving party; Taylor, Effie Culver (seeks protection); Ladies Reading Association; Goddard, Reese - sends powder horn; Wilhite, EA - gets p[owder horn

PHOTOS -- _21_- Added (YTD=  46 ) --
  • Photos People:  __18__   -  Thompson, Boubon and Addie Shaffer with family; Thompson Family  4 Generations at the Bannon Reunion at Waynetown, (includes: Thompson, Daisy Abbott; Bannon, James Clark; Jackson, Emogene Bannon Abbott; Thompson, Carl; Thompson, Maurice {Bill};); Cleo Longden - photo in her obit; Bourbon Thompson family and the employees of the Cottage Hotel in Wingate; Thompson, Daisy Viola Abbott; See Graham's Department Store for 14 department heads;
  • PHOTOS Places: __3__  =  Cottage Hotel in Wingate; Poor Farm (in news - 1902 outlay of it - thanks so much to Dellie - she knows how I love my Poor Farm folks); Added information in the Darlington Album for the Potato Creek Church Sunday School Photo with Ray Anderson and his truck, also names Bessie his wife and son Bob Anderson;

REUNIONS - __5__   ( YTD = 12) --added Hiatt, Servies; Krout; Oliver; Powell

JULY 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   45    Added - [ytd=969;  Total 28,152) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names:unbar (Alfred; Earl; Charles Lewis; Charles Byrd; Henry; Martin and Simon); Hampton (Bert); Haire (Samuel Lewslie); Hall (Charles F); Hamilton (Minnie DUnbar; Celia; Mary Fouts, Mary Jones); Hesler (Forrest, James W; Emma Mary Ellis; Benton; Algernon; Elmer); Henr (Corp. Howard); Hitch (Margaret - added to); Tuttle (Joseph Farrand - Pres. Tuttle's son); Tribbett (Max); Tribby (Mahala - added); Trinkle (Clyde; Ida; Max - Korean War; Recca; Robert and Tina).

Blog --  -- __1__Karen's Gen Blog -- #10 - Kings & Queens - fun !

Divorces _8 Added: YTD_41_   Names :  some have more than one article - Chapman (Carrie vs Harry); Custer (Martha vs Alonzo); Castor (Maude vs Fred) Miller (Elwin vs. Virginia); Myers (Nannie vs. William; Oliver (Cordelia vs. WM); Tracy, Leroy-Elsie; Duncan, Mary - Rev DB
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _16__ Added: __ YTD - names are: Dunbar, Willard - Irma Dykes; Beckner, Pannell - Rosa Gossett; Bible Pearl - John Utterback; Brown Philip - Sarah Stanley; Dazey Winnie - Rob Monnell; Miller Wm C - Mary Miles; McClaskey Joe - Nettie Mote; Rogers Melvin - Ibossie ? Stonebraker

NEWS _26_ -- Added -  YTD - _135 __Total? -BUNCHES :) - Added: (Crime)  Howard, Wm - bad check; Campbell, Colin - embezzlement; Culver, Effie duped (4 articles on this); Misc Co Poor Farm - 1930 census and Sammie Mack taken there in 1894; Misc Garland Dells - 8 articles

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD=  29 ) --
  • Photos People:  __4__   -  COX, James Burt and Myrtle Bell (Found-moved from Unknown Photos); Johnson, Franklin (2 photos); Thompson, Boubon and Addie Shaffer with family;
  • Photos Groups:          - ;
  • PHOTOS Places: ____  =  
  • Photographer information    

REUNIONS - __4__   ( YTD = 7 ) -- Dunbar x 3 articles; Dunbar Reunion 31 August 1919 (a series of photo that make up a panoramic photo taken that day);

JUNE 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:  105     Added - [ytd=924;  Total 28,097) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names: Gabriel (James - Col - WWI & WWII); Giltner (Nancy); Gegner (Theresa Roberta); Gerhard (Elsie); Gibbs (Samuel Andrew); Gibson (Kenton - Korea); Gilkey (Ema); Gordon (Elmira E); Griffith (Elias; Iris; Sylvia); Green (George); Gray (Andrew and child of Thomas); Graves (Davis - added); Graham (grandchild of Oliver McLeod); Gray (Walter - National Guards); Hamilton (Guy; John - added); Hamm (Darrel; Fred - Korea; Gene Dean; Irvin; Lorenza; Mary Harper; Orpha Blanche); Hoff (Redden); Hodson (Fores - WWIt); Hole (Gladys); Hoefgen (Julia Brown); Howell (Madge); Horney (Havin; Martha Bell; John M; Robert D); Isfalt (Audra); Inlow (Elliott); Inskeep (Harry); Ingersoll (Alice Myers Hallett; Elizabeth McCormick; Frances Newman; Walter).; Connaroe, Cecile G.; Fruits, Forest Chester; Conarrow, Thomas.  Added more on 6-15-2022 (53) Sharp (Loretta Grim); Shepard (Alonzo; Frances); Shearer (John William); Shotts (William); Sigmond (Harvey Worth); Simms (William Allen); Schwertzer (Leo, Fred, Herman, Thomas L); Seawright, William); Sering (Carl); Slattery (child of John; John); Snyder (John; William; Ella); Springer (Raym,ond); Springgate (Sarah Brooks - added to; Kate; WH); Stewart (Mary; Doris; Alson); Stuart (Thomas B0; Stonebraker (James); Stout (Ira - CW); Straub (Earl, Ida); Strain (Homer, Alice); Stringer (John); Stubbins (Dorcas - added); Stingley, ETta; Strain (Alice Homer; Stine (Herbert); Starr (Iler); Stanford (David); Stephens (Carl; Eliza); Swank (Andrew); Suiters (Charles Anderson ; Mrs - 1892 - anyone know her); Surber (Goldie); Swear (Charles); Swearingen (Lucy);

Alumni- Schools -- _1 _Added   (YTD = 6 )
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  Added photo of Charles Zuck to the 1913 History of Waynetown School;
South Alumni:

NEWS _24_ -- Added -  YTD - _109 __Total? -BUNCHES :) - Added: Birthday - Work, Phil - 95 + photo; Anniversary - 50th for the George Cogdals; Miscellaneous Pierce, Frank - old bank account - long after his death; Quinley - appointed Ladoga rural carrier.  Crime - Murder - William Walter Johnson; Curts, Allen - manacled; Robbins (Taylor); James Dennis - McMullen murder; Swearingen (Charles - burglary; Roberts (Charley - multiple crimes.  - Added 14 more on 6-15-2022 -  Birthday - Caroline Dunbar; Miscellenous - Dunbar, Frank - party giver); Fire (Durham, Benj - new house); Misc U - Dr. Utter sues Jonathan Nutt; Misc W - Wabash articles; Anniversary (Sweet, M/M George - 50; Misc T - Warren and Blackford - Taken Ups; Crime - Curtis, Allen; Hawk, Daniel - theft; Clem, Jo - desserter CW

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD=  25 ) --
  • Photos People:  __3__   -  see Phil Work above in News; Dunbar Family group photo prior to 1940 with some names; Dunbar, Simon and Rebecca anniversary of 30 May 1927 (in Dunbar Family Photos);
  • Photos Groups:     1     - ; Baseball team sponsored by Kenney Doyel, circa 1950;

MAY 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:    169   Added - [ytd=818;  Total 27,991) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names Davies (Joanne Howell); Davis (John Cletus, Reese); Driskell (James); Dice (Alice Hanna); Dunbar (Cleve; Aethur; Frank; Sarah; Sarah BUckhalter; Lewis Cason; Silas; Charles Willard; Happy Frank; Joseph; Bell; LM; Mollie; Porter; Silas; Robert); Edards (Jane Ward); Eitner (Benjamin, Louise Foxworthy; Nellie Davidson); Endicott (Aaron); Ellingwood (Edna, Jason, Minnie and Harry); Havens (George L; George W; Abraham; Alice; Ella); Hartman (Robert); Harris (Mary); Hays (Charles); Harding (John); Hendricks (Howard); Henkle (Ralph); Hicks (Moral, Warren, Martin); Henderson (Howard); Hightower (Anna Deets; inf of RA); Hirst (William); Higginbotham (James K); Henry (William); Henderson (Milton) Heath (Abraham, Jennie); Heaton (Charles, James); Hess (Esther Dain); Helbig (AS); Hinkle (Jane Randal); Hiatt (Silas, William F); Hines (Linnaeus); Hesler (Oscar); Hester (Lela); Hillis (James D); Hildebreand (Sallie); Holbrook (Elizabeth Lewis); Hopkins (Elizabeth, Milton); Houlehan (AE; Mike; Michael; Frances); Hogsett (Rebecca Pogue); Hole (Hallie Moore); Hodson (Delma Baker); Hostetter (Corbin); Horney (Haven, Velma); Hoff (Otis); Hoover (Jacob 1895); Hoschwinder (John);Hunt (Ella; Hubbard (Katie); Haas, Alton Guy "Junior" added photo as young man.  Note: added 65 more - these are the names: Bacon (Charles); Bain (Helen); Ballard (C. William - WWI); Barnett (Susan Patterson); Barry (Willie); Ball (Edna, Elizabeth, Floyd, Francis); Dunbar (Emma, Joseph Elias, Melissa, Sarah, Silas); Dukes (Edgar); Hampton (Rebecca); Hammill (William); Hamilton (John); Ham (Nehemiah) ; Hallett (Celia; Charles; Elijah; Gertrude; Lacy; Louise; Paul Leslie; Rebecca; Stella); Moody (Joseph); Moore (Daniel, Merle, Lucy, Charley, Lawson); Morgan (Virgil); Montgomery (Orpha); Morin (Rachel); Mote (Emma Halloway); Samuel Morrison (added); Mount (Finley Pogue); Mullen (George, Grace, Mary, Mary Little added to Sarah Mitchell and Zula); Mullens (John Allen); Munson (Isaac); Mullikin (Rachel); Murray (RL); Murphy (Dan W, Margaret 1913); Myers (Georgia Horton added; and Emma 1898). added 2 photos of Connor, John Franklin;

Births -- 12 added : Robbins; Weir; Widener; Harlow; Wray; Paxton; Mahoy; Hutchison; Tracy 3 Neals

World War II = __5__  items added --- those in Hawaii (Ristine; Herron; McIntire; Suvenkoup and John

NEWS _25_ -- Added -  YTD - _85 __Total? -BUNCHES :) - Added: Birthdays - Mary Miller; Alfred Vancleave; Anniversaries John * Martha Miller; Accidents (Emerson; Weisner); Miscellaneous (Mamie Gent leaves home - Crawfordsville canon; Havercamp-Brackett adoption; Cabaugh, Ezekiel insane; Sick (LaFew family, George Voris; Roscoe Bailey; Zimmerman, Merrill - trance; Music - MoCo owners of Krakauer pianos; Fire humorous one and 3 fopr C'ville's fire department;  Clubs Horse Thiefs; added in Old Settlers

PHOTOS -- _3_- Added (YTD=  21 ) --
  • Photos People:  __3__   -  Haas, Alton Guy "Junior (2 photos); KEYS, Clarence and Evelyn;

REUNIONS - __2__   ( YTD = 3 ) -- Flannigan; Gray

APRIL 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:     117   Added - [ytd=649;  Total 27,822) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names :Anderson (Arthur, Barbara, Eliza, Artie, Johjn, Martin, Mary); Alexander (Wayne, William); Blair (Charles, John, Lillian); Blue (Frances); Birch (Parryzell); Bosson (Susan); Booher (Billy); Boots (Ross); Bowers (John W); Bundy (William); Burrows (MD); Cain (Ella); Call (Charles); Callis (Jerry, Matthew, Quintin); Campbell (Carl E); Carrington (Robert); Cedars (George, Howard, Charles, Della, Dorothy, Elsie, Goldie, Harry, Ivan, Lola, Maxine, Oscar); Chambers (Dora, Sally); Chenault (Tighman); Cheshire (Lucia); Chapman (Emeline);  Fruits (Ambrose, Jonathan, George, Vernie, Minnie, Morton L); Furr (Lloyd); McCollum (Kiotah); McCranor (David); McDaniel (William); McGilliard (Stephen); McGraw - Mrs; McLane (son of John); McMechan (James G); McWilliams (George); Maier (Karl); Magure (Ed); Mason (AJ); Martz (Malinda); Martin (Joseph); Miller (Alice May; EFfie; Minnie; Morris; child of John; William - 1902; Lewis E); Mikels (Simeon - CW); Milligan; India; Milholland (Sarah); Mills (Elizabeth); Micheltree (Rebekah); Mitchell (Elizabeth, Margaret, Johanna); Slavens (George); Slattery (Margaret); Smith (child of Enoch; Alfred); Swank (Abbie; Benjamin; Julia); Swafford (Sarah); Swisher (child of Samuel); Swick (Benjamin); Swindler (Savilla); Sullivan (Thomas); Sumner (Will H): Sutherlin (son of Walter); Sutton (Justice); Jones, Kathryn E. "Katy" Bell (includes 2 photos);

Alumni- Schools -- _2 _Added   (YTD = 5 )  Added "Total name index" for County Schools,
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  Added 2 names for photo of "Elmdale School, Room 1=1910-11";
South Alumni:   Photo of 1909 Horse-Drawn HACK with driver and students (no Nmaes);

Bibles __1__ - Total of 80 Bibles - (LOVE more):  Gilliland, James G. Family (4 pages);

Biographies -- _45__ Added _ Year to date -- 61  - Names Added:  Alfrey (Henry); Bonnell (John); Canby (ERS); Campbell (Ruth Humphrey); Cunningham (Ellen); Deetz (Alex); Deer (Susie); Douglas (Joe); Henning (John); Kennedy (Peter S); Marshall (John A); Mullen (Fred, John W); Ruffner (Frank); Tribbet (Louis); Vancleave (Matt); Warbritton (John); Pearson, Layton; Pearson, Ariel; Carey, Penny; Walker, John; Groves, Dawn Cox and Richard; Simpson, Clarence C. "Snowy"; Simpson. Sally Milligan; Sosbe, Gayle and Bob; Isenberg, Amy & Colby; Albertson, Silas; Albertson, T. P.; Hulvey, Bert & Charles; Byers, John; Richardson, Noel; Vance, Fred Nelson; Hailes, Kevin & Gina; Meharry, Family (early); Seis, Walter; Brown, Philip "Mark"; McLoed (McLeod), Oliver Charles; Smith, Reuben; Bowen, Richard & Eileen; Bunnel, Romania; Ross, Philip; Labaree, Hubbard; Shull, Liz;

Blog --  -- ____Karen's Gen Blog --

BUSINESS    4   Added >> (Year To Date: -- 24) -- Names: Elston Bank, an early check/money order and 100th Anniversary Commemorative Coin; Graham & Brothers Boston Store; Graham's Department Store;  

Cemeteries -- __ -  ADDED Link

Court Proceedings _ Added: __ Names :
Deaths _   Added: __ Names :
Deeds_ Added: __ Names :
Divorces _18   Added:_33 YTD__   Names :  some have more than one article - Glover (Elmer-Lucinda); Fairchild (Sesie - Charles); Breaks (Melvina - James); Bell (Lydia - Jonathan); Biddle (Frances - Clarence); Fruits (John vs Mary); Disher (John vs Harriet); Hoffa (Kate - Dan); Rankin (Ruth - Ival); Shurr (Lenna - Clarence); Patten (Julia - more & more on them - lol); Tomlinson (Harvey); Yelton - Lucinda vs John); Suiters (Sarah vs Basil)
Inquests _ Added: __ Names :
Land _ Added: __ Names :
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) ___ Added: __20 YTD - names are:
Miscellaneous ___2_Guardianship regarding Towell Daniels and law suit (Wilkinson against Anable for death of her son Howard Ellis);
Naturalizations _ Added: __ Names :
Wills _1 Added: _2_ Names :  Elliott (Joab) and Butler (Mrs. John)

Census __1__ Updated: An article on the "Emunerators of the 1860 Census";

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!         (YTD = 105 ):  

Letters _3__ -  (YTD = 3 ) Added: Louisa Agee Dinsmore to father; Carl Smith to family

MILITARY -1- (Causalities and Other Data)____Added - (ytd =2 )
Revolutionary War -
Civil War
Spanish American War:
World War I =  items added --
World War II =  1   items added --- Bannon, Richard photo;
Korean -
Viet Nam -

NEWS   _1_ -- Added -  YTD - _60__Total? -- Added: Misc: Crawfordsville-State of thge City (Life right here in the 20's = 1920's that is);

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD=  18 ) --
Photos People:  __3__   -   GILLILAND, James G., Homestead with family members; Conarroe, Cecile Davis and Thomas; Fruits, Sam with the "Nichols & Jones Brick Contractors";
Photos Groups:     1       - Montgomery Magazine Staff circa 1980 (with Names);

TOWNS: : _4    : Total # 535- towns to date -  new town - Onion Town & Poverty's Knoll - added information to Hard Scrabble & White Church; added an article, "How many towns in Montgomery County?", from "The Paper of Montgomery County";

REUNIONS - __1__   ( YTD = 1 ) --  Henry Clouser Reunion 2018 with names

MARCH 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   251 Added - [ytd=532;  Total 27,705) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names : Allen (Asa); Auter (Eva); Barnhart (Susie); Barlow (Francis - CW); Bean (Loujis); Bell (James H, Scott); Benefiel (Margery); Doan (Helen); Drake (inf of Rev TF); Driskell (Charles, George & George S); Fink (Comodore); Fletcher (Charles); Ford (Will); Foster (Jennie); Folsom (Mary); Fruits (Ambrose, George, Georgia, Harry; Iva; Jerusha; Jordan, Mary); Fry (Lucy, Thomas); Galey (Mary); Gillie (Ivy); Giltner (John); Gardener (John); Gish (Regina); Harrison (Gladys); Hart (Emma); Harper (Anna); Hardy (Emma); Harrell (Mrs. Frank); Harris (Jordan); Hunter (Letitia); Hutton (Jacob, Minerva); Hughes (America), Hybarger (James); Inglis (Janet); Ingersol (Joseph); Ingersoll (Jo-e); Irons (Julia -dded); Irvin (Eliza); James (Mary MG); Jennison (Albert C); Johnson (Julia, Lucy); Jones (Grace, Lucinda, Henry S, Mamie M, Mary Jane Smith; Lucinda Welch, Henry S. Otto, William Fife, Mamie, Nellie, Phillips L; Kelly (Galen); Kelsey (Josephy W; Martha McConnell); King (Elizabeth); Kimler (Crayton); Kindell (Beulah); Kirkpatrick (Col Samuel); Kritz (Fred); Krout (John); Kyle (d Aug 1873); Keys (Mary Fruits; Evelyn McElwee; Lillie STockdale; Sarah Mullen; Vera Eloise) Kerr (wilbur) ; Keyes (Emily); Kritz (Henry Seymour, Mary Brush); Krout (James); Kramer (George;); Little (J.W.; John); Longston (Marguerite);Lee (Col. John); Lacy (Osmon - added); LaFluer (Harry); Lewis (unknown 1859);  Long (David, Ruby); Love (Elizabeth, Lewis); Lidikay (Edna, George, Jennie, Jacob, Marcellus. Mary); Loop (Ethel); Manson (Mahlon Dickerson - 2 lengthy articles); Mahany (inf of JA); Mason (WT - added and Child of Charley); Miller (George 1874); Mary 1873; Jerry F; Russell (twin dies young); Mills (SS); Mitchell (Joel); Minnich (Isabelle); Mish (son of Peter); Milner (John); Milliman (Tracie); Mitchell (John M); Mitcheltree (Florence); McBee (Grace); McCarty (Ann, Mike); McBroom (Ann); McBee (child of Mart); McClamrock (BF); McAlister (Mrs. James - anyone know her?); McLeod (David P - added); McSpadden (Edna); McMains (Viola); McKinsey (inf 1891; David P; McIntyre (Blanche; Mrs. John); McMullen (Clarence, Florence); McIntyre (John); McMechan (Dr - Theodore); McKinsey (Elizabeth); Ragan (Carroll); Ramey (Emma, John); Ramsey (Robert M); Reed (JS); Ray (David); Ragle (Margaret Fruits); Railsback (Nancy Carter); Ransdell (Anna, Tom, Lillie, John E); Ratcliff (Mildred); Reynolds (Mary Ann; William) Rankin (Hugh); Rakestraw (Susan); Rabourn (Arthur); Redden (Nathaniel); Rafew (Anna); Ragan (Carroll) Redenbaugh (Jerry); Reath (Elam); Remster, William; Rice (Nancy Baldwin, Alvin Otis, d/o Louis, Ellen, George, James A); Richmond (Thomas B); Rider (Emma Epperson) Rush (Cecil R); Ruta (William Otto); Rountree (Charles); Rush (Tilghman); Ryan (Mary Peck); Ropter (Clarissa Watkins); Ross (Thesta); Rominger (Madison); Routh (Edward, Sarah AGee); Rogers (Martha Grimes, Clayton); Robinson (John R).  Talbot (Grace); Talbott (Elizabeth, Courtney; Talbert (James); Tamberlyn (John); Tannenbaum (Max, Carolyn); Thomas (Ludlow); Thompson (Dave, Alexander); Thomas (Ruth Ann Gott; James); Tobin (Mary, Thomas, William); Timmons (son of Joshua); Townsley (Mace); Tracy (Basil); Travis Charles M; Trevan (Georgia); Trullinger (inf dau of Milton); Tyler (Joseph and Willis) ENJOY !!; Thompson, Leo L. (WW II veteran);

Biographies -- _1__ Added _ Year to date -- 15  - Names Added:  Fruits, George (in "The 110 Club" listing);

BUSINESS    5 Added >> Year To Date: -- 20-- Names: Laymon's Restaurant; Waynetown West End Filling Station; Waynetown - Utterback Care; Theaters (Mater) ; Harney Grain

Divorces _15 Added:_15__   Names :  some have more than one article - Clark (Daisy); Canary; Endicott; Henderson; Munson; Muir; Keesssssee; Shotts; Thomas; Patton; Woods
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _20__ Added: __20 YTD - names are: Demaree; Craig; Blacketer; Bridges; Ayres; Demoss; Hedrick; Himmel; Edwards; Dice; Hardy; Spruhan; Kleiser; Cole; Smith; Ruffner; Kleiser; Smith
Wills _1_ Added: _1_ Names :  Elliott (Joab)

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!  21     (YTD = 105 ):  articles on Robert's Chapel (2 items); Crawfordsville Methodist; First Baptist; Shannondale Church; Waveland Baptist (#1); Waveland Baptist (#2); Waveland Baptist (#3); Waveland M. E.; Waveland, Covenant United Methodist Church; Waynetown Christian Union Church; Wingate M.E. Church (2 items); Yountsville Community Church; Young's Chapel; AME Church; Byron Wesley Methodist Church-Parke County); Center Grove Church; Elmdale Comunity Church; Image of Boy Scout Charter sponsored by th SUNRISE UB Church; Article on Ladoga Methodist Church;

NEWS _25_ -- Added -  YTD - _59__Total? -- Added: Fires (Fruits, Quick, Reeder; Washburn); Montgomery County Land Office; Crimes (McClure kills Newlin); Dr HC Rogers sued by Britton - wife dead; Joslin - suit against son; White (difficulty in New Market; Vansicle - robbed; Accidents Nicholson - injured; Rhoden Ham - thumb off; Lee Keene - gun accident); Buildings - Bridges; Tramps nabbed by Marshall Ensminger; Music - colored men's drum corps; Mis N- newspapers; Clubs: Red Men; Mandolin Club; Bachelor Maids; Ben Hur Aces; YMA

PHOTOS -- _122_- Added (YTD=  14 ) --
  • Photos People:  __2__   -   Keys, William Thomas - Family  including his wife and children; Unknown Lady (Thanks to Victoria Geiger);

FEBRUARY 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:  76    Added - [ytd=281;  Total 27,456) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) - Names : Eckert (Sylvester; Eberle (Anna; Ella); Ellis (Urla); Dinsmore (Louia, Raymond); Dickerson (Alberta; Kenneth); Disher (LeRoy);  Lawson, Freeman; LaFleur (Harry); Lamb (George W); Lawson (Josephine Henderson); Lee (Harmon, Wilson); Loney (Alice); Loop (Ethel); Lockridge (Robert); Long (Orval); Lutz (Della); Long (Ruby); Lidikay (Henry); Linn (Mary); Pearson (Louisa Pyle); Peterson (David, Will); Petitt - 1874 (16-year-old-girl burned); Patten (BE); Peirce (Frank); Phelps (Jason); Pickett (Stanley); Pittenger (Emily); Pollom (Robert); Poynts (Ann Rice); Prewitt (Jimmyu); Pickerell (Lydia); Preston (Mrs. Thomas); Postal (William + son - anyone know who the son is?); Porter (Harriet Cook); Pottinger (Dennis); Phipps (Elwood); Pritchett (Noble); Pontius (Harrie); Ward (joseph P; Grant; Mary Rosenbarger)); Walker (Julia); Wade (Nellie); Wagner (Joseph); Walker (Mittie); Watson (James H); Wagoner (Fred); Walters (Clara); Westfall (John); Whiteford (Mary); Whittaker (Margaret); Whitesell (David); Wilhite (Margaret; Paschal); Wilkinson (Katherine; lillian; Lillie: Mary Ellen; Rose);

Alumni- Schools -- _3 _Added   (YTD = 3 )  Added "Total name index" for County Schools,
Crawfordsville Alumni: Added photo of the 1959 3rd & 4 th Grade class at Saint Bernard's with names; Added photo of Nuns in service during 1959;

Biographies -- __14_ Added _ Year to date -- 14  - Names Added:  Ashby, N.B.; Cason, William; Cunningham, George "Kenneth" (10 articles); Remley, John Sr.; Tilney, Wm. Decaux (added an article)

BUSINESS   4   Added >> Year To Date: -- 15 -- Added: Ladoga Motors Sales Co., Photo of service staff;  Harold Miller’s Kaiser-Fraser Garage; (2) Golden Rule Garage, predecessor to Harold Miller’s Kaiser-Fraser Garage;

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!  80     (YTD = 80 ):  Aamo Christian Church; Christian Church information in Montgomery County; Ladoga Bretheren Church; Coal Creek Church; Crawfordsville Christian Church; Crawfordsville Methodist Church; Linden Ebenezer Church; Crawfordsville First Baptist Church (4); Crawfordsville First Presbyterian Church; Waveland Freedom Baptist; Franklin Township - Gravelly Run Friends Church; Walnut Township - Union Presbyterian Church; Walnut Township - Kingsley's Chapel; Crawfordsville early Methodist History; Crawfordsville M E Church; New Market Methodist Church; New Richmond ME / Methodist Church; Union Township - Old Union Church; Franklin Township =- Potato Creek Church; Wayne Township - Robert's Chapel (3); Oak Grove - Salem Chapel; Snyder's Chapel; Sugar River Friends; Coal Creek Township -  Turkey Run Christian Church; Waveland Presbyterian Church; Waveland Methodist Church; Waveland Christian Church (2); Waveland Methodist Church; Waynetown Methodist Church; Franklin Township - White Church (6); Center/Wabash Avenue Presbyterian Church (2) - Crawfordsville;Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church; Christ Scientist; Later Day Saints of Jesus Christ; First Methodist Church - Crawfordsville; Milligan Memorial Prebysterian Church (4); Mt. Zion United Methodist Church - Crawfordsville; St. Bernard's Catholic Church - Crawfordsville; St. John's Episcopal Church - Crawfordsville; Sugar Creek Primitive Baptist Church - Crawfordsville; Trinity Methodist Church - Crawfordsville; Wabash College Chapel; Woodland Heights Christian Church- Crawfordsville; St. James Lutheran-Darlington; Potato Creek Church; Sugar Creek Primitive baptist (2); M E Church-Kirkpatrick; Catholic Church-Ladoga; Christian Church-Ladoga (4); M E/Methodist-Ladoga (3); Presbyterian-Ladoga; Linden Baptist Church; Linden United Methodist Church
New Richmond United Methodist Church; New Ross Christian Church; New Ross United Methodist Church;

MILITARY -- (Causalities and Other Data)__1__Added - (ytd =1 )
Revolutionary War - changed Jacob Miller's wife's name)

NEWS _20_ -- Added -  YTD - 34 ___Total? -- Added: Miscellaneous - Carbough, Ezekiah insane; Lulu in trouble; Shades State Park Booster Club; Herron, Charles - West Point; Accidents - Reddenbaugh, William ran over by his team; Hiatt, John - coat caught in mill; Fires - David Lee's stable - Allen, Asa and Mary Stewart fatal; Politics (John Beard runs for trustee Institute of Blind).  Crimes - McBroom - bad boys x 5 articles

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD=  12 ) --
  • Photos People:  ___3_   -  (in obits - - put in biography of George "Kenneth" Cunningham; Dunbar, William T. (found in the Dunbar Family Album); Red Miller in red number 5 (race car);
  • Photos Groups:          -
  • PHOTOS Places: __1__  =  Damewood Bridge (sometimes called Sellers Bridge - both Damewood and Sellers lived here) - West of Ladoga behind the sewage treatment plant;
  • Photographer information    

TOWNS: : _ 2   : Total # 533- towns to date -  new town - Momence; Robert's Chapel;

JANUARY 2022 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:  205    Added - [ytd=205;  Total 27,380) = (note some of these have several obits to their names) Anderson (Agnes); Albright (Margaret); Acker (James); Allen (Elizabeth O.); Alston (child of Marion); Armstrong (Elton, James M); Ball (Alan, Howard, Zopher); Ballard (Susan); Bacon (Mirtle); Bain (Lavina, William H); Baker (louis Guy; Olla Faunce); Baldwin (Ancie); Brandon (William C); Bruner (Sarah Keller; Sadie); Brown (Caroline Switzer; Harrison); Brower (George); Burris (May); Burroughs (Anfield; Hiram; Sarah; William H); Buser (child of Will); Byrd (Clifford); Campbell (Elza, Child of Maurice, Maurice, Mary); Carrington (Henry); Casey, (Timothy 1895 & Timothy 1915); DeVore (Allie, Charles); DeVoss (Alonzo, Annie, Newton); Dillon (Chloe; Dinsmore (Arthur, Charles, Jasper Newton; Robert E); Freeman (Lucy); Fruits (George, Lewis); Fuson (George Parker); Fugate (Harry); Fullen (Oliver, Susan); Furr (Emma Alvey); Fullenwider (George E); Francis (Frederick O); Goetz (George); Goff (Scott); Gott (Milla); Gooding (Alonzo, Ella ,Leland); Goff (Scott; Gossett (Mary Reath); Grenarde (Simeon; Doug; Lulu); Grimes (Charley, Ruth?); Griffith (Nellie, Icy, Charles, Margaret); Grandstaff (Audra); Griffin (Robert); Harney (George, James); Haupt (Della, Isaac, Simon); Hayes (Mattie; Martha Colclazer); Hays (Orlando); Hatton (Charles "Ed); Heath (Ferris, John); Helms (Lyda; Veeders); Hegg (Albert, Edna, Lyle, Quinton; Hellwig (Claud); McAlister (Frank); McAlily (James); McClamrock (Grace); McCray (HJenrietta); McElroy (Birdy); McConnell (Molly); McDaniel (Fred); McIntosh (WH); McMaken (Julia); McMehen (Charles); McNorton (Forest); McReynolds (Mary Caroline); Mason (WT); Martin (Benjamin); Maxwell (Margaret); Marrs (Rebecca); Marmaduke (Roy); Massey (Sina); Mauk (Lavina); Moran (Nancy Carter); Morgan (Robert); Moore (Alfred, Eva, Helen); Morrison (Melvina); Moffett (Thomas); Mount (Anna Buchanan); Munson (Alma, Clara, Ora); Murphy (Matt, Robert, Thomas); Murdock (Jane, Robert); Murray (Tom); Myers (Benjamin, Mary J, Elmer)); Myerly (Maggie); Odell (John W); Ogle (Ethel, Lavin, Samuel, TJ); Osborn (Wilfred, Samuel); Overfelt (Helen); Oxley (Henry); Parks (Eliza Vanscoyoc; James Michael); Petty (Children); Palmer (Permelia, William); Petro (Thomas); Peckham (Sarah); Pendry (Tued); Peterson (Will); Petro - Thomas - Spanish American War; Peckham (Sarah) Powers (Lottie, Samuel); Ond (Anna); Potter (William Henry); Poole (Mrs AE -anyone know her?); Price; Michael +photo; Proctor (James) Shafer (Wallace); Shaffer (Mary Bruner); Shanklin (Franklin, Roy); Shanks (Anna Elizabeth); Williams (Jarrod - also under Yocum); Winger (Dorman); Young (Frances); York (Fred); Zackmire (Sarah Taylor); Zuck (Charles, David, Johnny, Lottie);

BUSINESS   11   Added >> Year To Date: -- 11 -- Added:Corner Drugs Store (Heath Bounnell); Cooper Market; Edwards Shoe Repair; Sutton Ike (Bakery sold to Earle Murray); Miller, Paul buys Guy Hudsons grocery); Kirkpatrick Elevator; Dan Walter (Jewelry); A & W Drive-In Restaurant;

NEWS _14_ -- Added - 14  YTD - Total? -- Added: Birthdays (John Rice); Churches (Crawfordsville Methodist; Miscellaneous (N - newspaper info); A (Agnew, Grant kidnapped); Accidents (Sarah Morehead kicked by horse; JF Watkins, arm torn off); Crime - fugitives caught

PHOTOS -- _7_- Added (YTD=  7 ) --
  • Photos People:  __4__   -  (in obits - Frances Weir Young and Dorman Winger), Rice, Arthur "The Water Witch"; Quigg, Edith Maye LaFollette;
  • Photos Groups:          -
  • PHOTOS Places: __3__  =  Old Ladoga Grain Elevator; Added a color view of the Railroad Bridge and Dam; Darlington Town Board 1936 (with names);
  • Photographer information    

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