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2020 What's New

What's New in 2020
OBITUARIES 6,210 (this year only - total 25,099)
ALUMNI (photos, articles, yearbooks ...)  1,190
BIBLES -- 2 (sure love more)
BLOG - whoops, didn't do so well with this one - ONE only :(
CENSUS -- 2 items  
MILITARY -- 14 (know there were more but hmmm)
NEWS items - 233
PHOTOS -- (my hubs is amazing as these - 205
TOWNS -- 11
WILLS -- 1

OUR GOALS WERE & we did pretty doggone well :) 4 of 5 completed and one well on its way (it's huger than I thought - lol)

2020 Goals --  wish us luck :)
1- 1500 obits -- DONE
2- 100 photos (again, much easier - have 'em here)  DONE
3 - Write a Waveland history with the thought of doing that for each of the towns (have a small one but would like a deep, detailed one - have a friend who offered to help - working on it - coming along great, actually - just making myself as I don't want one of these goals to go undone - lol) - Working, working at it but it's not going to be done - my writing partner hasn't even started his and although I have maybe 4 or 5 of my 9 or 10 chapters about done, nothing IS done and not going to get it finished - it has gone WAY beyond what my original plan was but loving every minute of it !
4- More work on the top two corners of the county (have little in Wingate, Darlington areas) DONE (but always more to do - lol)
5- Work on Businesses, Schools & Churches DONE (but working more)

DECEMBER 2020 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: _101___ Added - [ytd= 6,210; Total 25,099] = Davis (Argus, Lottie, Jasper, Rebecca; Dazey (Jessie); Deere (Maurice); Denman (Ella); Denny (Betsy); Dewey (Katherine); Duddleton (Mary); Duke (Charles Edward, Charles Franklin; Dunn (James, Maria); Dunbar (Sarah); Durham (Fred, Nelson); Eads (William); Edwards (Warner); Eddingfield (Sarah); Ellis (Howard); Emmert (Fannie); Evans (Maggie); Ezra (child of Bert); Faust (Geroge); Faucett (Homer; Fauth (Lenora, Carl; Lola); Faunce (WE); Fink (Isadora, Ivan, John); Fisher (Flora, inf of WH; William J); Flannigan (Warren, Myrtle, George, Ted "Chester"); Finch (Charles); Forgey (Albert - Burt); Fouts (child of Joe); Fowler, Margaret); Foxx (Emma); Foster (JZ); McCormick (Max, April, Glee, Harold, Ruth, Twins); McConnell (Eva); McCord (Edith, Mart, Mabel, William); McDonald (Dennis, Effie, Homer), McGinnis (Frank); Manners (Barbara); Manning (Mary); Marcum (Luther); Maxwell (Thomas); Mason (Della, baby of Frank); Marshall (Elmer); Martin (Lena, Eva, Rolla, Ruby, Doris Gossett - WWII Nurse); Matthew (Mabel Rose); May - Willis; Mappin (William); Arthur, Grace Maude + photo;

Alumni- Schools -- _  1,120__Added  * (ytd = 1,190) -  
Crawfordsville Alumni: 2 Photos of the 1969-70 Homecoming Parade 16 people named; 118 pages of the 1918 Crawfordsville Athenian; 176 pages of the 1921 Crawfordsville Athenian; 183 page of the 1924 Crawfordsville Athenian; 170  pages of the 1925 Crawfordsville Athenian;  140 pages of the 1929 Crawfordsville Athenian; 105 pages of the 1930 Crawfordsville Athenian; 96 pages of the 1934 Crawfordsville Athenian; 109 pages of the 1946 Crawfordsville Athenian;
North Alumni: Photo of Young's Chapel Church and School, circa 1906; New Richmond High School Basketball Team, circa 1928; 6 photos of the Waynetown School Fire in or around 1987; Bowers School Teachers, circa 1900;
South Alumni: Article on the Powell School House Picnic-1899; Photo of Alamo Gym south side; Tiger Valley School (1900); Tiger Valley Students 1897/names; Mace Grammar Department (circa1900); Mace HS Class of 1910-1911; New Ross Students April 15, 1928 with names; Browns Valley Students circa 1895/names;
**ALUMNI NOTE** Over the last few months I have completely rebuilt the ALUMNI Section (still in process).  It now has three sections, on each for Crawfordsville, North and South School systems It is growing at a fantastic rate.  I have been adding information supplied to us by Dr. Charles Arvin, before his passing.  The schools have been arranged into townships, units and are together in their current school districts.   *Note: the above information count does not include thousands of bits of additional school items, including a few long forgotten schools, imported from over a dozen books. - Jim

Bibles ____ - 78 bibles - (LOVE more):  

Biographies -- ___ Added (Year To Date - 552)- Brown (Ryland) Johnson, Dave & Mit

Blog --  -- ____Karen's Gen Blog --

BUSINESS  2    Added = Union Savings & Loan Association  "Sam Peck, First Depositer in new Building"; Full Page advertisement of Plastene Corporation 15th Anniversary-1961;

Cemeteries -- __ -  ADDED Link to BillionGraves.com;

Court Proceedings _ Added: __ Names :
Deaths _ Added: __ Names :
Deeds_ Added: __ Names :
Divorces _ Added:___   Names :  
Inquests _ Added: __ Names :
Land _ Added: __ Names :
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) ___ Added:  
Miscellaneous ____
Naturalizations _ Added: __ Names :
Wills _ Added: __ Names :  

Census ____ Totals for Montgomery from 1920-2010;

Diaries --___ -  

Digging Up Bones Mysteries _____ =

Letters ____ - Added:

Links -- __ Added -  

Misc -- ____

Revolutionary War
Civil War (Causalities and Other Data)____Added -
Spanish American War
World War I =  items added --
World War II =    items added ---
Korean -
Viet Nam -

NEWS _1_ -- Added -  under "Headlines" State Show Winners;

PHOTOS -- _23_- Added (YTD=205) --
  • Photos People:  Two on obituaries - one for Charles Edward Duke & one for James Osbourne (killer) on Howard Ellis; Galey, Etta; Galey, James and Julia Allen (two photos as a young and older couple); Fruits, Geroge (Jr.) and Catherine Stonebreaker; Arthur, Grace Maude (in Obits); Devitt, Fred P. (in Obits);
  • PHOTOS Places: Knights of Pythias Building in Mace (3 photos); [June 9, 1961 Flood damage around Waveland & Bowns Valley (10 Photos); June 9, 1961 Flood damage south of Waveland on IND 59; Browns Valley-Pennsylvania Railroad Tracks; Browns Valley-Car Submerged; Water touches windows; Goodbye Earth; IND 47 Navigable at Browns Valley; Water undermining IND 47]; New Market Post Office, circa 1917; Peffley Homestead Inn;

TOWNS: : _     : Total # 526 - towns to date -

Resources: (Surnames) ___ =

QUESTIONS - _____ -

Reunions -- __ Added:  

SHARED: ____ Sent articles/obits/info to these


Who's Who ____ -- Added

NOVEMBER 2020 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __638__ Added - [ytd= 6,149; Total 25,038] = Adair; Abbott; Arrrick; Archey; Allen; Alward; Aydelott; Anderson; Alfrey; Ashby; Ammerman; Barnes; Babb; Bailey; Barnett; Bayless; Bacon; Bennett; Beard; Berryman, Best, Bever, Booher; Bodkin; Boots; Bradley; Bromley; Brant; Brumfield; Busenbark; Bunnell; Buhrmester; Butler;  Butts; Byers; Buxton; Carter; Cash; Cadwallader; Campbell; Carver; Clouse, Clark, Clapp, Clodfelter, Clossin, Clarke, Coffman, Coleman, Conway, Coons, Conrad, Confer, Corder, Cotton, Courtney, Cochran, Colby, Cook, Conrad, Coffee, Coolman, Coleman, Cooper (7), Cox,Evans; Ebrite; Elmore; Ellis; Eads; Endicott; Enoch; Earle; Gardner; Gibson; Garrett; Galey; Galloway; Goble; Gott; Goar; Goltra; Goings; Gray; Gregory; Grayson; Green; Grimes; Grissom; Gullly; Graham; Grantham; Haines; Hanna; Halstead; Haffner; Hamm; Haines; Harper; Harp; Harpel; Harlow; Harris; Harshbarger; Hebnderson; Henry; Hill; Higgins; Hipes; Jackson; Jefferson; Jewell; Johnson; Julian; Kerkendoll; Kernoodle; Kennedy; Keen; Keeney; Kelly; Kelley; Kelsey; Kaper; Keeling; Kent; Krout; Kruger; Kinsley; Kritz; Knowles; Kramer; Kise; Kilgore; King; Kimble; Kirkpatrick; Knox; Kimler; Knowles; Knouff; Krug; McCain; McClain; McClure; McCollum; McComas; McIntyre; McKay; McManus; McMurtry; Mahorney; Mattington; Manson; Mahoy; Maxwell; Marksbury; Miller; Mitchell; Minnich; Mikels; Milford; Moore; Morris; Morrison; Mote; Quick; Quillen; Rafferty; Rader; Rainey; Raisor; Ratcliff; Reeves; Ray; Ramsbrook; Ransdall; Rash; Raymond; Raborn; Reuben; Reichard; Remley; Razor; Repgrogle; Reed; Riley; Rice; Ridge; Ricking; Ristine; Risk; Rhode; Richmond; Rogers; Roudabush; Ruddle; Rush; Russell; Rusk; Ryan; Sanford, Scaggs, Scott, Sams, Sanders, Sergent, Sharp, Shuey; Sotts; Shelton; Shotts; Shaffer; Sies; Shelton; Sholty; Simms; Shafer; Smith; Slaughterback; Slavens; Stafford; Staley; Stwart; Stine; Stephenson; Strader; Strauss; Sullivan; Swisher; Swearingen; Sweet; Sweeney; Swank; Switzer; Sutger; Sullivan; Svenblad; Stout; Stonecipher; Stoner; Stephens; Snyder; Sparks; Squire; Southwell; Wall; Wallace; Walters; Wainscott; Warbinton' Warren; Ward; Wade; Wagner; Walls; Warfel; Washburn; Walton; Walliser; Wasson; Walk; Ward; Waters; Webster; Weber; Weaver; Weir; West; Wheeler;  Wallace; Warner; Warren; Whitaker; Whitehead; White; Whitted; Wheeler; Whittenberger; Weaver; Webster; Welch; Webb; West; Wilhelm; Wise; Williams; Widener; Wilson; Wingate, Woodworth, Wood, Work, Wurster, Wycoff, Wyatt, Wright, Work

Alumni- Schools -- _  18__Added  * (ytd = 250) -  
Crawfordsville Alumni: John Beard School open house-1916; Misc History-Licensed Teacher-1890; Miss Hovey's School for Girls;
North Alumni: *Center School (Sugar Creek Township), 2 photos and news; 1869 2 new schools built in Sugar Creek Twp.;Also in Sugar Creek Township new information on Meharry (Council Grove), Pleasant Hill (Wingate), Rake (Grenard) and Thomas;* Round Hill - 1901 (Coal Creek Twp.); Campbell's Chapel-1877 (North-East Union Twp.); Mount Zion - new photo; Bowers Graded School monthly report card 1903-1904; Bowers 1923-1924 Basketball Team photo and names; History of Bowers Basketball by Bill Boone;
South Alumni: Alamo Academy 1869; Waveland  HS, new building-1911; Waveland Academy Alumni Event 1911; New Ross, First Annual Commencement-1901;
**ALUMNI NOTE** Over the last few months I have completely rebuilt the ALUMNI Section (still in process).  It now has three sections, on each for Crawfordsville, North and South School systems It is growing at a fantastic rate.  I have been adding information supplied to us by Dr. Charles Arvin, before his passing.  The schools have been arranged into townships, units and are together in their current school districts.   *Note: the above information count does not include thousands of bits of additional school items, including a few long forgotten schools, imported from over a dozen books. - Jim

Bibles ____ - 78 bibles - (LOVE more):  

Biographies -- __3_ Added (Year To Date - 552)- Brown (Ryland) Johnson, Dave & Mit

Blog --  -- __2__Karen's Gen Blog --  Pets, Part I & Part II

Cemeteries -- _1_ -  ADDED Link to BillionGraves.com;

Revolutionary War
Civil War (Causalities and Other Data)__2__Added - Roosters for the One Hundred Twentieth Regiment, Infantry Companies "B" & "C";
Spanish American War
World War I =  items added --
World War II =  2  items added ---  "Dad and the USS Indianapolis", Includes names: Donald C. McCall - Seaman Srcond Class (Dad), General David Shoup, Lieutenant Chuck Gwinn, Lieutenant Commander Adrian Marks, Admiral Ray Spruance, Bob Albright, Governor Mike Pence; McCauley, Eual (photo);
Korean War - 2 = Maxwell, Don (photo); Lough, Cliff (photo);
Viet Nam -

NEWS _22_ -- Added -  Accidents: Hurley; Miscellaneous: Twins x4; Holt and dog fight; Birthdays: Sparks, Walter; Anniversary- Flanigan 50; Montgomery County - early history; Accident (Grubb); Churches (Gravelly Run + photo); Home Sales (Peebles); Stuart - death announcement gone wrong ; Crimes - Jones - reformatory; Birthday - Gray

PHOTOS -- __5_- Added (YTD=190) --
  • Photos People:  Add photographer - 1854 Frank Corey likely our 1st photographer in Mo Co; Carpenter, Jack;
  • PHOTOS Places: Entrance to Yountsville Covered Bridge showing the 2-lane roadway ("DOUBLE-WIDE"); Tracy-Pierce farm - Wayne Township;  Aerial photo view of New Ross (1950's?); (News item - Churches - Gravelly Run; Added photo of Waveland Christian Church showing an image of old printing plates, shows as a reverse image; 2 photos United Methodist Church, New Market; Baptist Church, New Market; Christian Church, New Market

OCTOBER 2020 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __1003__ Added - [ytd= 5,511; Total 24,410] =Arnold (Daniel, Joe); Abraham (inf); Alexander (Mattie); Armstrong (Clifford); Ammerman (Sallie); Appleby (Alberta); Bacon (Bessie); Baker (Emma); Ball (Catherine; Sarah); Ballard (Wm S); Baldwin (Garrett); Ballard (Wm); Bailey (Mrs Thomas - WHO?); Barnhart (Anna, Emma, Lucy); Barker (Hollis); Barnett (Lela, Mary Waters); Barrett (Lula); Barr (Brian, Carol); Bailey (Christine); Bagwell (June); Barron (Samuel); Barley (inf); Bastion (Nancy); Bayless (Abijah); Beck (Lillie); Bennett (John, Benjamin); Bell (Wm, Wilmer) ; Beasley, Milly; Benefield (Zola); Beck, Wm 1914; Beach, Stephen Alexander Rufus; Bennett, Benj; Bevius (Covington); Beebee (Millie); Bell (Mrs. Taylor - WHO?); Beach (Stephen) Black (inf); Blue (Sarah, John); Bible (Anna, RIchard inf); Blackford (Essin); Biddle (William); Bible (Anna, inf); Bowles (CJ); Bolser (Wm); Booher (Willis; WIlliam); Bowman (Lucinda); Burk (Mary); Brown (Elizabeth); Branch (Lucy); Brasfield (Mary Middleton); Bruin Mrs 1895; Breaks (Thomas); Britton, Frank; Brown(Dorcas); Brooks (Long) Bryant (William 1906); Busenbark (inf of Wm); Burnham, EThel; Burk, Lottie; Butler, Susan; Byrd, Abram; Buck, Zane; Buhrmester, Olive; Bruner (Charles, Cora; Harold; Harry; Harven; John Lee; Joseph ; Laura Stephens; Lola Howard; Max H; Orpha; Phyllis; Samuel K; William L)Brush (Bertha); Burton (Annie); Burford (James); Buckley (JM); Burris (Hannah); Butler (Susan); Campbell (Henry, Harry, Jacob, child of JS, David); Caldwell (Mary, William); Cadwallader (Etta); Canine (JH, Margaret; Martha, Lela; David; James Fulton); Callahan (inf, John); Cawley (Ellen); Chapman (Jasper); Chambers (Nora, Tobin); Chenoweth (Charles); Chesterson (child of Albert; Warnie); Childres (John); Chislet (Fred); Clark (inf of Ed; Charles "Ray" dau of Pat; George W; Marie; LG; Lucy Mrs - 1897; Clarkson, George; Clouser (Rebecca); Coe (Mabel); Coleman (Charles); Cook (Asa, Lydia); Cochran (Martha); Collins (Mary); Corn (Albert); Corns (Wm); Cord (Mary Dupuy); Copeland (Jennie); Corbin (Amoretta Wall); Cox, Abel; Cope (Mary); Cowan (John Ayays; Lucy; Copeland, Jennie; Cord, Mary Dpuy; Corbin (Amoretta Wall); Cox (Abel,, Blanche, Mary Ellen, Pearl Esther); Corrigan (Julia Anderson); Cope, Mary; Coyner (Mary Horney); Cord (Clyde, Susan); Corn (Rachel, inf); Corder, Mary; Crane, Thoeodore; Crain (Ralph); Craig (James, Lydia, May); Crabtree (Gladys, Roy); Custer, Mary; Crady (Wm. Thomas); Cramer (Herman); Crist, Frank; Crim (Edna); Crumm (Lavinia; William); Dice (Francis, Jacob, Hardy, Joseph, Robert, Wm); Dimmick (Maryann, Samuel); Dickerson (Anna); DOuglas, Gladdiss; Dole, AT; Donalty (Bridget); Donovan (Charles); Darnell (Wm) ; Davis (Eliza, Charles, John, Wm); Detchon (Irwin, Jemima, Martha Agnew); Dazey (Mary Cowan; Pauline Waters); DeBaun (Gary, Howard); DeBrucicken (Kathleen); Debard (Martin); Deaton (Betty; Frank); Deere (son of Albert); Earl (John, Maggie); Elder (Jane); Edwards (Curtis, Flora, Gould, Max, Rose, William W); Epperson (David, Lewis); Ferguson (Jesse, Matthias); Flannigan (Nellie); Fleming (John); Flauding (John); Finch (Dorothy, Robert); Fisher (Hattie); Fitzgibbon (Ralph); Flannigan (Nellie); Foote (Joseph); Foster (Ella, George, Wesley); Fraley (Katharine); Freeman (Foster); Frazier (Jane); Fry (Pearl, Thomas); French (Freda, WIllie); Frame (Ann); Frazer (James); Frazier (Edward); Francis (William E); Fruits (Edgar, Edward); Fudge (Peter); Fulwider (children of Jacob; Benj. F); Fuson (Bessie, John, Lula)); Gaddis (Angeline); Ghere (David); Galloway (Nellie, Robert, George); Garland (mother of Sherman); Galey (Sarah); Glover (George) Hardee (Nina); Hale (Tilgman); Hall (Charles, Charles Kelsey, Fred T, Thomas); Hamilton (Franklin); Ham (Minnie); Hancock (Goldie); Harper (Clifford, David); Hargrave (Martha); Harbert (Arthur); Harbert (Elizabeth Boynton); Harris (John Charles, Ruth, Charles D); Harshbarger (John); Hays (James); Henthorn (Albert, Alta, Charles); Hartman (son of Robert); Hays (Jennie Will); Hayworth (Harry, Clar); Harper (Bertha; Blaine; David; Effie; Irene; John Charles; Mary Virginia; Neva; Paul; Sarah; Gordon); Harris (Alfred; Anna; Caroline; Blayton; Gladys; Harris; John; Mary; Mattie); Herron (Rebecca, Charel, Adrian, Frank, Nevada); Hess (Lucille); Hedge (Mary, Sarah Jane); Heath (Squire); Himes (Silas, Ernest,); Hinton (Eliza); Hinkle (David); Hiatt (Elzirah Booher); ); Himes (Alice); Hitch (John); Hemhill (Eveline); Hole, Olive; Horner, Mary; Hood, John C; Hobson, Nettie; Holbrook, Abel - CW; Holloway, Walter; Holland, Wm; Hobbs, Woodson; Hocum, Wm; Hopping, Lewis; Howard (Thelma, William); Huff (Larrison); Humphreys,m child of Sam; Hunt (Mary Peffley); Hughes (Ms Aaron - WHO?); Hulet, Ambrose Dudley; Hurt (Fred, Marion); Hummel (Henry); Hutts (Lillian; Beverland); Ingersoll (Anna, Clayton, Christina, Dorothy);  Imel, Nancy; Israel, James; Irons (Thomas, RObert); Irwin (Nettie, Robert, Samuel - Civil War;  Jones (Barbara Westfall; Ida; Robert); Joel (Abraham, Joly & Mrs Joly - ANYONE KNOW HER?) Jackson (Frank); Jennison (Mary Cumberland); Johnson (John, Presley, Mary Armstrong); McBee (Robert); McCalip (Ella); McCain (THB); McAlister (Elmer, Florence, Alice, Nannie, WT and Ruth); McCarty, Hanora; McNamee (Addie); McMannis (Mrs. Patrick - WHO?); McLaine, John; McMains, Lloyd; McReynolds, Albert; McIntyre, Bert; McLaughlin, Mary Jane; McSpadden (Betsy); McNett (Jasper, Mark);  McCormick (Ralph); McDaniel (Wm); McCord (Edith); McCollum (Theta May; Gertrude; John Nelson; Ray Edward - WWII and Thomas);; McIntire (Laura); McIntyre (Norma, Merle); McMahon (Tim); McMullen (George); McNutt (James); McNamee (Ann); McKinney (Myrtle); McIntyre (Merle, Norma); McKinney (Barney, Glenn); McKnight (Grace, Hannah, Isaac); McLean (Donna):; Maxwell inf of Harry; Manlove, Jasper; Matthews, Carl; Martin, Clarence; Mason, Charley; Marsh, Cyrus; Meharry (Albert, Samuel); Meeks (Rachel); Meese (Eleanor); Miller (Elias, Bettie, Jacob, Della, Mollie, child of Ben, child of Charles); Mish, Joe; Mitchell, child of LL; Mitchell (Elmer, Robert, Fay); Montman, John; Morgan (Mrs. Dudley, Phoebe Dunbar); Moore (May, Nelson); Mount (Robert); Middleton (Anna, RObert); Michael (Lida); Miller (Jonas, Benton, Nannie); Mitchell (Louis, Alfred) Michael (Laura Scott); Miller (Hadassah, Katherine); Mitchell (Bessie); Mourning (Robert); Moore (Ezekiel, Floyd); Morris (John, Phoebe); Morrison (Fred); Morgan (Brazelton; ELizabeth Powers); Myer (Anna, Margaret, Simon); Myers (Earl, Theophilus, Delphie, Max, Inf); Mullen (Sarah; WJ); Naylor, Isaac; Newell (AE, John); Nosler, Calloway; Nichols, James; Norman, child of Frank; Norris (Robert); Nogle, Wm; Newhall, Julia; Newson (Lunetta, Maude); Newkirk (Arthur, Willard); Newton (Winnie); Nickell (Elizabeth); Nicholson (Infant 21900); Nichols (child of Fannie 1869); Nickols (dau of Frank); Nuff (Ruth); Oconnor (Ella, TJ); Oliver (Ronold, Inf of Jess, Sarah, Rena); Oberly, Geroge; O'Rear (Newton); Oliphant (Rol); Ogden (Sarah); Owens (Charley, Paul); Osborn (Charles F);  O'Connor, Katie; O'Conner, John; Owen(s); Nellie, Harry, Paul, Richard; Oldshue, child of John; Owlen, Margaret; Overstreet (Mary); Ornbaun (Annie); Petticord (Joe, Charley); Park (James); Parker (John, Inf of Harve); Payne (Nellie, James); Pearson (inf of Carl); Peffley, Sallie; Pewterbaugh (Jacob); Peterson (Taylor); Petro (Eliz and child of Len); Phelps (Fannie); Parks (Dorothy Dawson + Photo; John); Patton (Ida, Howard); Peck (Juliet); Parkhurst (Sarah Wright); Plummer, Lily; Pierce (John, Mary, Richard); Pointer (Jane); Pickering (Child, ELlis); Priebe, Francis; Pickett (Elizabeth, Pauline); Powell, Elizabeth; Piniard, Bertha; Pointer Jane; Proctor (Joy); Pointer (Wm); Phillips (George - CW); Pickett (James, Isaac, Sarah Jane, Delta); Pickering (Hazel); Price (Boyd); Proctor (Louisa Hanna); Prutsman (David); Points (Wm R);Parker, George;  Pratt (George,); Powell (Harriet); Pritchard (inf of CW); Plunkett (George); Picken wife of Hunter); Pierce (James); Pine (Mary); Phalen (child of Walter); Seawright (Herbert); Saxe (Mrs - HELP); Sering, Jeff; Servies (Ruth); Scott (Arthur); Sennett (Clarence, Lois) ; Sentman (Frnak); Smith (Enoch; Frank; Polly; John; Maggie); Smalle, Lettie; Smalley AJ;  Shafer (Arley; Iva; Howard; Roxie; Walter); Shamp (Chester - WWII); Shelley (Minnie; Shoaf (Avenella; Dewitt; Florence; John O;Laura, Margaret, Mary Ann, Orville); Short (Am, ANgelina, Geeoge, Kate, Larry Lee); Shuler (Lacey PLUS PHOTO); Shuler (Willard); Sharp (Fred); Songer (Ann); Speed (Webster); Sperry (Frederick, Henry); Snell, Wm; Snyder (Ben, John, Phoebe, Redden, William); Spitzer (Elizabeth); Spilman (Robert Bruce); Springgate (Sarah); Spohr (Emory, Samuel); Sprague (Eva); Taylor (May, Tilghman, Wm F; Mabel; Ed; Johnny); Talbert (Mary Stover); Talbot (Rufus); Tapp (Sabina; Thompson (Alex, Catherine, James, Nicholas; Cecil; Katie; James; J. Walter; Charles); Tipton (Susan); Turpie (James); Tyler (Wm); Tuttle (Joseph); Todd (Hester); Twiddy (Twin,); (Tully (John); Throckmorton (Charles); Tillotson (Seba); Trenceley (Mary); Titus (Howard); Tribbet (Mriam); ; VanHook (Jane; Vannice (Anna); Vanscoy (Ebenezer); Vanscoyoc (Elsey; John; Inf of Ephraim); Vaughn (Lizzie); Vancleavfe (Alfred, Simeon  Jonathan, Minerva, Minnie, John Rlaph; James "Big Jim"; Walter Scott, David); Vansickle, Isaac; Vail, Samuel; Martin, Vanarsdall, Wesley ; Utter, Louella Sutton; Walter (Henry); Walker (Malinda); Walloace (Thomas); Ward (Homer); Wade (IF); Waldon (Willie); Warren (Guy); Watkins (Clay, ELiza, Joseph); Ware (Morris); Warfield (Anna, Georgel Rosa, James G); Wells (Willie); Wert (Martin); Weaver (Wm Jasper); Webster (Mary Wallace) White (Child of JW; Wm C ; Wm S; Charles Wesley - 1898) ; Wiggins, Thomas L; Wickliff, Charles; Wills, Bertha; Willis, Hazel; Wilhite, Caddie; Wingert, Jacob; Wilkinson (Beulah, Claude, Donald, Dorris, Earle, Eston, Claude, Ida, Lawrence, Margaret, Maria, Fern< Fred, Nancy); Whitehead Emma; Whitesell (Arthur); Williams (Milford, son of John, Mrs. H, Eliz Gray, Mary, Inf of John; MA - Mrs. Henry; John S Col; Henry; George J;Mamie); WIlliamson, John; Wilson (Child of Alfred, Lucinda); Wolf (James); Wooden (Cicero); Woodruff (Alf); Woodward (Clara); Wright (Stella, Wlliam); Wyant (Mrs. George)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 1 __Added  * (ytd = 228) - 1925 Waynetown High School Lettermen;
**ALUMNI NOTE** Over the last few months I have completely rebuilt the ALUMNI Section (still in process).  It is growing at a fantastic rate.  I have been adding information supplied to us by Dr. Charles Arvin, before his passing.  The schools have been arranged into townships, units and are together in their current school districts.   *Note: the above information count does not include thousands of bits of additional school items, including a few long forgotten schools. - Jim

Biographies -- _5__ Added (Year To Date - 549)--Theodora Larsh + photo; Dumont Kennedy (added 3 articles)

BUSINESS 8     Added = Gooodman and Dellekamp articles; AH Champion Photographers and C'ville Business College

NEWS _78_ -- Added -  --items Added -Accidents: Britton; Anniversaries (JJ Daniels; Simison; Coyle; Harney; Peterson; Arnett; Dineen; Bowman; Fires: Watkins; Crimes: Derrickson; Collier; Ring; Seaman; Brooks; Taylor; Hauk; McClamrock; Stout; Johnson; Thompson; Douglas; Birthdays: Sanders, John; Shue, John; Johnson, Rev ER; Asa Boots; Campbell; Sick: LaFew; Miscellaneous: Brown children; Roll, letter; Spainhower; Schuttt; C'ville 4th of July Trees; County Poor Farm (Talbert; Greenlee); Churches: Waveland Christian corner stone; Orphans - Cliff Harris expelled; C'ville Mayor articles; Blacks adopt Lawson child; Miles , son of Washington - kidnapped; Waveland  Post Office; Birhtdays (McClure); Home Sales - Cook; Miller SM knife returned; Silas Pterson; Churches (Ebenezer, ME; Waveland Methodist; Snyder's Chapel and Ladoga Brethren)

PHOTOS -- _5__- Added (YTD=179) -- Theodora Larsh - see bio;  Henthorn (obit) ; Dr. Lacey Shuler (on obit); Parks Dorothy Dawson (+ Photo)
Photos People:  Add photographer - 1854 Frank Corey likely our 1st photographer in Mo Co

TOWNS: : _ 2    : Total # 526 - towns to date - information on Shilkoot Pass & Locust Grove

Reunions -- _10_ Added:  Waynetown School; Conrad; McBee; Linden School; 63rd Indiana; Fleming; Wingate School; English; Gray

SEPTEMBER 2020 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __844__ Added - [ytd= 4,528; Total 23,436] = Allen, Margaret, Walter; Allison (John Monroe); Alston (Leonard); Alkire (James); Appleby (Denton); Alexander (IH; George; Milton); Alderdick (Maggie); Anderson, Leonard; Ammerman, Theodore; Alward, Fountain; Ammerman, Sallie; Anderson child of John 1900; Avery (child of Elijah);  Ballard, John; Babbitt, George; Bastion, Mary Clouse; Beckner, Mary; Beedle, Mary; Bennett, James W, Roy and Winnie; Bible, Alexander; Biddle, Lawsn; Blacketers, Pearl; Bohm (Mary Rusk); Bowers (child of Simon); Bolser, Harrie; Booher, Phoebe; Boyland, Ed; Bowman, Eta, May & Lucinda; Bowles, Merton; Born, Isaac; Boyd, William; Bracket (Robert - CW0; Bratton, Robert and William both CW); Brady, Michael; Bradford, George W; Brewer, Evangeline; Branch, Charley; Brinson, Amey; Bryant, James R, Sarah Routh; Brown, John M, Miranda, Zeb; Breaks, John B 1895 & 1902; Broe, John; Brady, Ellen; Bridges, Elenore; Bromley, Wm;  Bradshaw William; Brown - Lydia, Mollie, Samuel; Burke, Matilda; Byrd, Sarah; Call, Ellen; Caldwell, child and William; Carson, Frank; Chase, Rebecca; Childers, Isaac and John; Chestnut, William; Churchill, Harmon; Clark, Rufus; Clarkson, Joseph; Condit, Emma; Conner, Mary Emily; Connors, Ellen, Connelley, (Mrs James); Coons, Samantha; Cord, Ed; Cooper, James, Jennie Cox - Lora, George, Eliza; Coutant, Chancey; Courtney, ANnie; Cowan, Sarah Crist; Corns, Nellie; Cusick, Michael; Currie, Achsah; Cumberland, Margaret Speed, Jesse; Curry, John; Cruff, Frederick; Cunningham, Jennie; Cummins Jennie; Crouch, Lavina; Crist, Rollo; Croy, Otis; Crist, Douglas; Crouse, Mary; Cravat, Anna; Cunningham, Sarah Duncan; Creque, Robert; Crique, Charley; Croy, Otis; Crouch, Jonathan; Cupp, Hazlett, William; Custer, Eva; Cummings, James and Wm; Curtis, Sadie; Cully, Jennie; Cunningham, Wallace; Crane, Zephaniah; Crisler, Mary Ann; Cran, Her bie; Craig, Robert and Wm; Crowder, Mae; Cushman, Samue; Cunningham, OnielDenman (Absolom); Dobson, inf son of Alvin; Dickey (Alfred) Dicks (Vesta); Disher (child of Leroy); Dodson, Wm. William HELP; Debard, William; Derrickson, child; Charley; Matilda; Dovefield, Mary; Doherty, dau of Hiram; Doyle, Charles; Dunbar, John W; Drake, inf of Jesse; Dukes, Silas; Dunas, John;  Dunkle, WIilliam; Dazey, Sarah; Dean, child; Davenport, Ida Patton; Daugherty, Sarah; Dellekamp, Emerson Fred; Deer, Uriah; Denman, Joel; Ellis (Willie ,Mary; Evans, Sarah, Catherine; English, Frank; Enyart, Lillian; Eisle, Joseph; Elmore, Appleton, Inf of Sherman; Eshelman, John; Eyestone, Elizabeth; Easley, Lucinda; English, John C; Ermentrout, Clara; Foster, J. Wesley; Fouts, William;Fields (Mary); Felton, Mary; Faust, Benjamin;  Fink, Gus; Francis, Thomas J; Fritts, Alie Lee; Fruits, Johnny; Fry, Esther; Fuson, George Parker; Galbreath, Ruhama; Garver, Joseph E; Garvey, John; Gaskill (James; Winnie); Gentry, Lyman; Gillum, Bert; Gilkey, Mary D; Gilkey, Squire; Glaze (Nathan); Galloway (George - CW); Galey, Frank; Glascock (Guy, Clara, Miranda, Rick); Glasscock, Thomas; Gibson, Isaac; Gilkey, Dan d. 1901; Garland, Mary; Gerbrick, child; Gee, Rev AA; Galey (Sanford added); Gardner, Charles; Goff, Roy; Gott (Child of Preston; Dallas; Rollie Lee) Gouty (Elias, Roy Leslie); Griffith (Elias, Thomas B); Guntle (Eliza, child of Frank, Sarh); Guthrie, J. Maurice; Grissom inf. 1894; Gray (John K) Graves Charlene; Grimes, inf of James; Green, Amer;  Glenn, James Littleton; Glover, Newtown Jasper;  Goldman, Tobias; Gooley, Clara; Goff, Mary Catherine; Gordon, Chalres & EE; Good, Sarah; Gott, Rebecca; Graff, Zoroda, Graham, (Mrs) George - 1899 - anyone know her name?; Robert I; Grim, Mary; Gray, Abner, Gray, Billy; Graves, Kelly; Gray, John Sanford; Green, John W & Samuel John; Gregg, Wm., P.; Greenlee, Inf of ANdrew, Elaine; Gunkle, Ellen, Harriet; Gray, John Sanford; Groff, Robert I; Harmon, baby of Charles - 1892; Harland, Albert; Hardee, Blanche; Harris, Carrie Porter; Harris, John F; Harrington, Emma Wallace; Hart, Hettie Lewis; Hartman, David Wallace; harris baby of John 1898; Hawkins, Inf of Toliver; Hayes, inf of John R 1895; Hay, Zerelda Mahan; Hays, Charlie; Harney inf. of Ol; Harter, Anna; Haealodger, George; Hale, John; Hall, George W, James Q, Nancy Swearingen; Hallowell, James Reed; Hannah, Ophelia Pearl; Henry, Wm. H; Hibbs, Julia Swank; Hiatt, Richard; Hightower, Ann; Hill (George, Jesse and Thomas; Heath, David Nelson; Hedge, baby of Charley; Heffner, Laura Day; Hemphill, Keziah; Hilbig, Amanda Nuckles; Henkle, Lucy, Marguerite; Henderson, Isabella Chapman; Hendricks, Sarah d. 1898; Henry, Dora Bryant; holland, William, JH; Horney, Mary Elizabeth, Jacob; Hole, John; Houlehan, William; Howey, Nellie; Hopping, William; Hurt, Fred C, Lavina, Meakin; Huddle, John; Hunt, Mary, Matha, William F; Hughes (Mrs. Jacob - anyone know her?); Hunter, Albert, Hulet, Neva; Hulvey, Roy Franklin; Jackson, Chambers, Cynthia; Andrew H; Jackman, Cary; Jones (Daritha, Emaline, Delia, Clark D, David Milford, Mahala, George S, Harry J, AJ, , Jonas, Susan, John, Maria, Martha, Lucy, Emaline, Janie, Mary, Myrtle, George, Lena); Jeffries, Patience; Joh, Sarah D; Julian, Ezra; Jennison, John Butler, Henry S; Johnson, George, Ambrose, James A, George W (Civil War); John W (Civil War); Salma and Philip; Jonas, Kadinger, Larry; McClamrock, Grace; McClure (Walter, Maude); McCain (John); McCallister (Lida); McClamrock (Grace); McBee (Ellen); May (Esther); Martin (Lucinda, Newton, Volney, Evi, Isaac, Lydia; Archibald, child of Frank); Marshall (Cyrus); Matheney (James); Mahoney (Nora); Manning (Geroge Jennie); May (Isabel); McClellan (James); McCormick (Andrew, James); McCullough (Maxwell); McFeely (Samuel; McGraw (John); McAlister (Diadem); McBroom (Clara, Emma, Rhoda); McCammon (C); McClain (TB); McKinley (Thomas); McKinsey (James); McLaughlin (Mary Jane? HELP); McMurray (child of Wm.); McMurtrie (Mrs Charles - HELP); McSpadden (Nettie); Mahan (John R); May (Billy); Markley (Abe); Mahoy (Haven); Manners (James); Manson (Caroline); Maher (Katie Sullivan); Mears (Dora); Meharry (David, Eddie); Meredith (Sophia); Miller (Henry; John R; Effie Figg; Nancy Jackson); Milliken (Elizabeth Gapen); Mitchell (Mabel Esta); Paire (James; Bessie; Mary; Walter); Patterson (Clayton, Clinton) Parker (Mary Jo; Joseph W); Parkey (James K); Palmer (Margret); Paxton (Frances, Nancy); Petro (Leonard, Harry); Peterson (dau of Frank; Millie J); Peterman (Martha); Painter (Floyd); Perkins (John); Pierce (James, John, Joseph); Phillips (Sadie); Pitts (Jerre); Poole (Nancy); Pontious (Mary); Poague (Silas); Porter (Polly); Poynter (Henry); Price (Benjaming Barton; Mary Ida); Reser, James; Remley child of BF 1897; Rains, Nan; Rakestraw, Maria; Reid, Charles; Ramsey, JW; Rogers, Fay; Roper, Dan; Robards, Pearl, Rudolph, Salla; Robson, Joseph; Rodman, Thomas; Rose, John; Ronk, Martha; Routh, Carlton, Jesse, inf of Elmer; Ruffner, John, Charles; Rountree, Mary Gilkey; Thomas, Eliizabeth, katherine, Samuel;son, Max; Saidla, Marion; Sanders, Wm.; Saulsbury, child of Bud; Seybold, James; Sellar, Moreland; Servies, William T; Scott, David, Matthew R; Shobe, Clara; Shuler, Harold; Shepherd, Lewis; Shelton, inf of James 1899; Sinclair child of John 1899; Simms, William H; Shanks, Clara (added); Shannon, Susan; Shehan, Johnny; Shelby, Ward; Shannon inf of Walter 1897; Shackelford, inf of Clyde; Skaggs (Mrs Ora d 1891 -HELP! anyone know who she is) Silas; Slaven d/o Jay 1896; Smith, Mary Edna, Anna Steart, Frank, Frances Emma, child of Walter added; R. Bruce; Margaret body moved 1894; Steele, WM. W; Stephenson JM; Stevenson, Anna; Stilwell, Sherman dded; Steart, Thomas Arthur; Stiles, Gen IM; Suiter (Nathaniel); Suiters (Maude); Switzer (Peter, John inf of Abem inf of Edward ; Sweeney (PH); Surface (Mary Ann) Suitors (Cecelia; John Wesley; Maude; Bea; Dorothy; Edward; Everett; Florence; Fred; Richard Lee); Summers (Frances Cronk,, Ralph); Sumner (Alphonzo, Fern, Hollis); SUtton, Paul; Swan (C. Imogene Krug); Suman, Milo; Sullivan, Timothy; Swindler (Calvin); Stitt, Rebecca added; Stith, Joseph added; Stingley Jo9hn added; Stone, Amelia added; Steart, Mary 1897; Still JW and Homer Stewart; Thompson, Charles, Creed, Manda, Margaret, Henry and Silas; Tate, Mariah; Tape -- Mrs. 1896 - HELP!;  Stebbins, Infant; Stell, Bertie; Stein, William; Stewart, Wm A (CW); Stewart, Mary, Ralph, Wm. A (CW); Talbott (Elizabeth, Nicholas); Taylor (baby of John); Tate, John; Tapp, Mary Paxton; Taylor, Urban; Templeton, Della; Teegarden, John R; Thomas, Silas; Timmons (James); Townsley, Rhoda, Joseph; Tracy, John, Bazil; Truitt, Mortimer, Francis; Tutt, Lola; Twinter, John E; Tribby, Mahala, Muriel; Treadwell, WE; Thomson, Alexander, Wm. M; Treadwell, WE; Titus, Catherine; Tobin, John; Tolbert, John; Trotter, Jesse; Turner, David; Tyler, Frank; Turvey (Mrs) HELP; Utterback (Clara, Vincent, Sant, Harmon, inf. of Prof. Ed); VanHook, Laura; Vancleave (Charley, Aaron 1897, Jane); Vanleven, Rosina; VanHook, Laura; Vansickle, Mary Bromley; Vanscoyoc, John; Vail (child of Norman); Watts, Albert; Watson, GLen; Walden, Fred; Walker, Adam; Widdop (Samuel); Willis, Joseph; Williams, Ora; Wingate, Nancy Coons; Widdop, Samuel; Wilhite, Eleanor; Wilkinson, James; Wilson, Elizabeth Dice, Wert, Louisa; Weliver, Seno; White, John; Weeks, Sallie; Walkup (Charles, William); Walden, Fred Lewis; Walker, Adam; Ward, Edward; Waterbury, Charley;Wallace (James; James Albert); Warner (Elsie, Lee); Warfel (Charley); Wakeford (James); Washburn (Newton); Watkins, Wm; Wasson, John; Watts, Ellen; Warbinton, James; Welty, John; Wheeler, Zadock; Welliever, Mary; Wells, Clara and Thomas; White, Elias; Wendall, Wm. A; Wbb, WP; Welch, Fred; Wethington, Mabel; Weir, Paul & Bessie; Whitlock, Elizabeth; Weikel, Edith; Webster, Ann; Winton (Mrs. TH and James, John); Winters, Henry, John; Wilson, George, Harry; Widdop, Mary & William R; Wilhite, Eleazer, Owen Goffney, Boone; Willis, Eliza Wert; Wirt, John W; Wilkinson, Ellen; Williams, Daniel and Elizabeth White; Wren, Robert; Wolverton, Wm; Wray, Martha; Woodruff, Lucy; Worth, Lewis & Louis

Alumni- Schools -- _  1__Added  * (ytd = 228) - New Marker 1909 "The Delphian" Annual (45 pages);
**ALUMNI NOTE** Over the last few months I have completely rebuilt the ALUMNI Section (still in process).  It is growing at a fantastic rate.  I have been adding information supplied to us by Dr. Charles Arvin, before his passing.  The schools have been arranged into townships, units and are together in their current school districts.   *Note: the above information count does not include thousands of bits of additional school items, including a few long forgotten schools. - Jim

Bibles __2__ - 78 bibles - (LOVE more):  Guntle (Emmanuel) ; Barnett

Biographies -- _54__ Added (Year To Date - 548)-- Brock; Bowen; Brookshire; Conner; Corn; Cuppy; Crain; Canine; Coffey (multiple on some and some where bio was there but added more to it); Derrickson; Edwards; Fry; Gentry; Hogue; May; Michal; ONeal; Remley; Seaman; Sage; Sterrett; Thompson; White; Campbell; Clore; Davis; Deere; Derrickson; DeVerter; Durham; Peck; Ratcliff; RUffner; Wilhite; Wilcox; Willis;

BUSINESS   13    Added = I.F. Wade, Marble Dealer; Dr. Vanderbilt, Dental Surgeon; T. H. Winton, Painting;C'ville Match Factory; Elmdale PO & Telephone; Galey  dentist; Gregg Glove; Graves & Cumberland; Davis, Syd attorney; Hurley, George attorney; McMechan - dentist; WOlfe - dentist; Guntle Grocery-Darlington (2 photos & ad);

Divorces _7 Added:___   Names :  Brumfield; Dalton; Bayless; Rayburn; Coleman
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _16__ Added:  Names : Donovan; Figg; Cooper; Irons; McMullen; McIntire; Oldshue; Peterman; Scott; Stewart; Parris; Reiter; Sheahan; Rich; Peterson

World War I = 7 items added -- Colored Troops; Ruth McBee, nurse; Archie Chadwick survives ship wreck; Grant Pefley casulty; Alexander Coleman, Lt. Russell Dwiggins and Lt. Col. Robert Youtman casualties
World War II =7 items added --- Hedges twins meet; Capt Wm. Jones on leave; Luke Bolin Lt. Chaplin Corps

NEWS _49_ -- Added -  --items Added - Anniversary: Carters; Accidents: Dowel loses fingers; Faunce scissos; Livengood; wagon; Misc (McCampbell, Edith - teaching; JC Smith - found after many years; Crime (Beach-Bible fight) Crime : Joe Douglas trial (Charley Doyel); Prather Rev. EL accused by women; Skaggs, EMmett love affair; Michael children come get 'em; Orphan's Home; Brown children to Orphan's home; Frazier children to OH; Golliday John beaten on train; Perry Sering buggy accident; Mrs. Al Stevens burned cooking then has baby; Robert Vannice hunting accident; Otis Bayless shot brother; Doc Mayer fell; Hibs, James stealling.  Miscellaneous- Nicholson gets Coffee Pay.  Birthdays: Gaddis 100; Vanscoyoc 84; Jones 82; Hutchinson 70; Anniversaries Hiatt; Harshbarger; Accidents; Millholand; ELliott; Church - Kingsley; Misc - Thomas Family history; Hutton title suit; Hay wants dead girls estate; Culver kidnapped; Breedlove kidnapped;  Darlington History; Crime: George-Ellis; Dora Stilwell; Lindamood; Voris - Churches (Chelsea Stockwell preaches)

PHOTOS -- __14_- Added (YTD=177) -- Zephaniah Crain biography; Homer Shuler (nifty fellow
Photos People: Copner, Joseph & wife Susannah - only ones known in Family group; Copner, Sarah Alice (front & back); Stonebraker, Sebastian & Hannah Copner; Noah Brock (in biography); Ambrose Remley (in biography); Tintype of Copner, Joseph Tinley and wife Susannah Coombs includes a 2 page letter by Joseph Thomas Copner to Samuel or Tobias Copner December 3, 1849;

TOWNS: : _ 10    : Total # 526 - towns to date - Pleasant View; Eveningside (likely different names so not adding to total but at least informatino on them; Hampton Spring (anyone know where it is?) - added information on the following: Highland; Englewood; Fiskville; Fairview; Durham; Longview; Cracker Jack

AUGUST 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __697__ Added - [ytd= 3,684; Total 22,592] =  Agee; Allen; Adair; Anderson; Albright; Annick; Allgood; Austin; Ballard, Bailey, Baker, Barr; Batman; Bayless; Beach; Benefield; Bell; Bennett; Bevens; Benson; Britton; Bible; Binford; Birch; Blaytdes; Bloss; Blackwell; Bodkin; Boldt; Boyland; Bowerman; Booher; Bodine; Boaz; Boyd; Boyland; Bowen; Bowman; Bratton; Brookshire; Braden; Bryan; Braid; Brown; Bryant; Brooks; Buck; Burroughs; Butler; Buchanan; Butcher; Burroughs; Byrd; Caldwell; Cadwallader; Cain; Canine; Carr; Canoodle; Carver; Carrell; Canine; Carrell; Carrington; Carson; Campbell; Call; Casey; Carter; Catting; Caster; Cannon; Carlyle; Cannady; Chaffer; Chadwick; Charters; Chesterson; Chestnut; Clark; Clore; Clodfelter; Cloud; Conarroe; Connell; Cook; Compton; Collett; Coons; Cochran; Conrad; Conner; Constancer; Cole; Coddington; Coffee; Colville; Coolman; Conrad; Cook; Coleman; Corn; Cornell; Copus; Courtney; Curtis; Crull; Crouch; Davis, Daily; Darter; Davern; Davidson; Daley; Devan; Daugherty; Dazey; Debard; Dearmond; Deets; Denman; Dowden; Dresser; Douglass; Dodd; Dorsey; Dickerson; Dennen; Duncan; Dunn; Duckworth; Dossett; Dunn; Dresser; Earl; Ellis; Elston; Endicott; English; Edwards; Edmondson; Easley; Eads; Ensminger; Eshelman; Field; Fisher; Fletcher; Fulwider; Freeman; Fry;  Forbes; Fisher; Ferguson; Faust; Flannigan; Falen; Ferguson; Flanagan; Fletcher; Frey; Funkhouser; Fyffe; Fruits; Fullenwider; Fulwider; Freely; Fry; Galey; Gallagher; Galloway; Garner; Gates; Gill; Gilliland; Goble; Goff; Golliday; Graham; Gray; Green; Greene; Grimes; Gregory; Guntle;Gwinn; Hamilton; Hampton; Holland; Holmes; Inlow; Ingersol; Insley; Irons; Johnson; James; Jenkins;  Kehoe; Kepler, Kellison, Kanouse, Kerr; Kern; Kirk; Kirtley; Kirkpatrick; Kise, Krise, Krug, Kritz, Kesler, Kirkpatrick, Kincaid, Kious, Kimble, Kline, Kinney, Kostanzer, Krug; LaFollette, Landis, Lamb, Lane, Lapp; Laymon; Largent, Lee, Levinson, Lewis, Lightfoot, Linn, Livengood, Line, Little, Long, Loop, Love, Lyons; Newhard; Newkirk; Newlin; Newton; Nelson; Newby; Nichols; Nolan; Null; Ocheltree; O'Herron;' Oldshue; Olinger; O'Daily; O'Brien; O'Neill; O'Rear; Olinger; Oliver; Otterman; Osborn; Olinger; Osborn; Owens; Otterman; Pair; Parker; Patterson; Patton; Payne; Perkins; Piggott; Phillips; Piper; Pickett; Pittinger; Pratt; Ramsey; Rapp; Rayner; Reaves; Reynolds; Rice; Rich; Ring; Risk; Ridley; Ristine; Roach; Roberts; Robertson; Ross; Russell; Rusk; Rubush; Rumble; Russell; Robertson; Ronk; Ryan; Sanders; Saulsbury; Sandlin; Schwenk; Scott; Seaton; Schendorf; Sister Olympaide; Sidener; Schull; Scull; Schwenck; Sergent; Seits; Shull; Shoemaker; Shields; Shelley; Shevlin; Skaggs; Skelton; Skillman; Slutz; Slattery; Slavens; Small; Smith (many); Shultz; Shrader; Shelby; Shirk; Sidener; Shean; Simpson; Sivyer; Small; Sliger; Smock; Snyder; Soul; Southard; Spohr; Spinning; Spencer; Sperry; Stingley; Stout; Stover; Stonebraker (several); Stephens; Stevenson; Stith; Starks; Starnes; Stewart; Stipe; Stipes; Stallard; Stafford; Stage; Stump; Stebbins; Stine;Stingley; Stein; Stockdale; Steele; Stone; Stilwell; Surface; Sullivan; Swank; Swaim; Suiters; Swearingen (several); Switzer (several); Swink; Swisher; Sullivan; Summers; Sweeney; Woodford; Wright; Wray; Wilson; Wingate; Winton; WIllis; Wilkinson; Williams; Wilhite; Wilkinson; Wicks; Wade; Walker; York; Yeagley; Young; Youngblood; Zachary; Zuck; Zeller

Alumni- Schools -- _  12__Added  * (ytd = 228) - Soap Factory new tid-bit; Alamo Alumni photo (about 1980+/-), help need more names; 3 Articles on the Watkins School-Walnut Township School #3; Little School-Franklin Township; Class 1910 Cottage Grove School-Sugar Creek Township; School #3, Fire-Franklin Township; Listing of County Teachers of 1874; Teacher for Bunker Hill in 1898; Teacher for School 7 in Ripley Twp. in 1898; Teacher for Texas School in 1898;
**ALUMNI NOTE** Over the last 2 months I have completely rebuilt the ALUMNI Section (still in process).  It is growing at a fantastic rate.  I have been adding information supplied to us by Dr. Charles Arvin, before his passing.  The schools have been arranged into townships, units and are together in their current school districts.   *Note: the above information count does not include thousands of bits of additional school items, including a few long forgotten schools.

Divorces _7 Added:___   Names :  Acker; Coleman; Jenkins; Mathes; Watts

Links -- _1_ Added -  LDS Genealogy -- Indiana Genealogy;

NEWS _14_ -- Added -  --items Added - Milholland home sold; BUrgess-Ruffner Show Tent; Symmes Show business; Accidents (Ruffner; Dewey) ; Meharry James arrested for overproposing; Duffey indicted for Corns murder; Pratt moves shop ; Franklin Township School #3 Burns 1894; Geo. W. Conrad House burns 1894;

PHOTOS -- __4_- Added (YTD=166) --
Photos People: Harshbarger, Samuel and wife Mary Catherine Lafollette;
PHOTOS Places: History of Ripley Township with 2 photos from Source: "RIPLEY TOWNSHIP", prepared by Charles L. Arvin, April 2000;

TOWNS: : _4_ : Total # 525 - towns to date -added information to Longview & Mt. Tabor - added two new towns, Peeblesville & Round Corner - amazing !! Thanks to Jerry & Sherry for the help

Reunions -- _1_ Added:  Livengood - 1951;

JULY 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __878__ Added - [ytd= 2,977; Total 21,935 ] =Allen; Abbott; Airhart; Alfrey; Algood; Albright; Alexander; Ammerman; Anderson; Applegate; Armstrong; Ansberry; Ammerman; Austin; Bagby; Bailey; Bandel; Bannister; Bannon; Baldwin; Barnard; Barnett'; Barnett; Barton; Bachelder; Batchelder; Banks; Baker; Barrett; Bayless; Bassett; Bastion; Bayless; Beach; Beadle; Beam; Beach; Benham; Benson; Belton; Berryman; Beaver; Beck; Bever (lots); Bernard; Beal; Beckner; Bible; Biddle; Black; Birchfield; Bishop; Biddle; BIrdcell; Blacketer; Blue; Boatman; Boggs; Bolen; Bowen; Bowler; Bond; Bonebrake; Bowman; Bowen; Bounnell; Bogart; Breaks; Bresnahan; Bratton; Brooks; Brown; Brock; Branstetter; Broderick; Brookshire; Brown; Bundy; Burgess; Butler; Buchanan; Buxton; Busenbark; Burdick; Butcher; Byers; Dazey; Demoret; Davis; Davern; Dearmond; Deitrich; Dazvenport; Dazey; Dewey; Dickerson; Divine; Douglas; Drake; Drollinger; Dunn; Durbin; Doyle; Doty; Doss; Dodd; Dyer; Egbert; Elmore; Endicott; Engle; Evans; Everson; Fairfield; Farley; Ferguson; Fletcher; Farmer; Ford; Fowler; Frasca; Freeman; Fruits; Galbreath; Gaines; Galey; Gallagher; Garland; Golliday; Goble; Goodbar; Gordon; Gosnell; Goodsell; Goff; Gott; Guinnup; Gross; Groff; Green; Graham; Grandstaff; Grisson; Hallowell; Hankins; Hadley; Hall; Hancock; Handlen; Harding; Hartman; Harris; Hays; Hazlett; Ham; Hamilton; Hammond; Hampton; Haas; Haines; Hall; Hanna; Hardee; Hargrave; Harland; Harvey; Harris; Harrington; Harper; Hardee; Harbaugh; Hays; Harmon; Harlow; Havens; Haschke; Heaton; Hipes; Higginbotham; Hill; Hendricks; Henderson; Herron; Henderson; Henry; Herod; Hills; Heck; Heilman; Heaton; Hinds; Hinton; Hipes; Henry; Hinton; Higgins; Holland; Hood (x2); Hopper; Hochweinder; House; Hoover;  Holroyd; Holm; Hopping; Howard; Hoover; Hodgkin; Hostetter (x2); Hubbard;l Hudson; Hudson; Hurt; Hutton; Huber; Huff; Huffman; Hughes; Hunt; Hutchings; Hutchinson; Jackson; Johnson; Jones; Jarvis; Jameson;  Keesee; Kellison; Kelsey; Kennedy; Kendall; McCall; McCarty; McClain; McClane; McCalip; McClamrock; McClure; McGregor; McGinnis; McCullum; McCullough; McConnell; McCormick; McIntyre; McKee; McKinsey; McMechan; McMains; McMillin; McMechan; McKee; McIntire; McKessy; McMullen; McJimpsey; McJunkin; McMullen; McDaniel; McCoollough; McCullum; McCoy; McGill; McCune; McGilliard; McDonald; McDaniel; McCormick; McGrigg; ; Martyn; Mason; Maxwell; Mahorney; Maloney; Mallott; Malsbary; Manson; Martin; Marsh; Marshall; Merrell, Meister; Mears; Mendenhall; Meek; Miller (Arilda; Don; child of Charles; Lee; Leland; Elmer; Ohio; Morris); Miles (George; child of Allen; Donald); Miles (George; child of Allen; Michael (child of John) Michaels (Mrs John); Mills; Miller; Milner; Mitchell; Moran; Moore; Moreland; Montgomery; Morison; Morris; Mote; Mount; Moody; Moran; Morrow; Moling;  Munns; Musser; Mull; Murphy; Myers; Newnum; Naugle; Newell; Naylor; Nebeker; Nash; Newkirk; Nicholson; Northcutt; Nye; Nunan; Nucholls; Oduru; Ogle; O'Haver; Oliver; O'Neill; Oppy; Orear; Osborn; Owens; Otterman; Page; Palmer; Parker; Parish; Patridge; Payne; Painter; Payton; Parish; Paxton; Parsons; Patteron; Payne; Patton; Peacock; Peck; Quick (5); Quirk; Quinlan; Raney; Record; Reed; Reese; Ralston; Reprogle; Sappenfield; Saunders; Sanders; Safely; Scott; Schwenk; Schooler; Sellers; Sering; Sharp; Shepherd; Shelton; Shobe; Shoemaker; Sidener; Sies; SImms; Shull; Shrader; Skaggs; Small (x 24); Smock; Smith (4); Skidmore; Smock; Snoddy; Southerland; Sparks; Sprague; Sprow; Stallard; Starnes; Stark; Stafford; Stewart; Stuart; Stillwater; Stingley; Stover; Sterner; Clough, Jack C.; Fruits, Fanny H.; Taylor; Thomas; Thompson; Wade; Wagoner; Walker; Wall; Wallace; Wainscott; Walters; Ward; Warbinton; Warriner; Warren; Watson; Waugh; Wallace; Watts; Wampler; Washburn; Warfel; Walters; Wasson; Webster; Webb; Weller; Weir; Wellington; Welliver; Wells; Weikel; Werkhoff; Wert; Weidman; Westfall; Wheeler; White; Whittaker; Whittington; Whitsett; Whitesell; Wilhite; Williams; Willis; Wilson;Winters; Wicks; Wisehart; Wiler; Wilcox; Wilhelm; Wilkerson; Woodward; Wood; Wren; Wray; Wright; Wycoff; Wykoff; Zeller; Zook; Zuck

Alumni- Schools -- _  3__Added  (ytd = 217) - St Charles  Academy"New Item"; Colored School; 1882 Waveland School:

Biographies -- _18__ Added (Year To Date - 511)-- Brock; Campbell; Chitty; Coyle; Irons; Keller; Michael; Orbaun (x2); Offield; Peterson; Sandell; See; Small; Stitt; Thornton; Shanks; Tilney

BUSINESS   3    Added = American Dectective Association, Omer Dinsmore; Crawford House/Hotel; 1925 Crawfordsville City Map;


Deaths _ Added: _3_ Names : Ashby; Schackelford; Williams - ALSO ADDED A REALLY COOL old death terminology listing - it is NIFTY
Divorces _4 Added:___   Names :  Peffley; Pine; Stump; Watkins
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __4_ Added:  Names : Laneum; O'Farrell; Fruits; Krout;

Census __2__ Totals for Montgomery from 1920-2010; 1890 Census enumerators (ahhh sad since there isn't one but they did their share of the census :)

Links -- _4_ Added - CDPL Databases; Confederate Verterans Listing; Early Montgomery County Plat Books at CDPL; Old Crawfordsville Youtube;

World War II = Norman, Harold Franklin (KIA) updated info; Fuits, Burl Newspaper announcement; WWII Ration book & WWII stamps (2 images);

NEWS _44__WOW!__ -- Added -  --items Added -3 articles on Poor Farm; 2 on Sikes-Bowen cousin marriage; Miscellaneous itesms (Katie Mayhnew, kidnapped; EP Hallett, insane; Dazey Partition suit; Co. Agent news); Birthday - Stingle, 90; Crime (Elbert Ham arrested; Pettit case - 7 articles wow one; Wm. Alexander captured by Chas. Davis; Albert Lee) Home Sales ME Drake; Sickness (Mort Petro eye operatiuon; Small pox; TIlney - leg amputated); Churches - Potato Creek; Ghosts (MoCo Findings); Crimes: Hunter; Evans; Birthdays - McClure (97); Miscellaneous - Garr leaves family; Douglas fortune; Harness Insane; Steward mad dog gets him; New Richmond Tidbits; Indian Bones found on Britton farm; Thomas Thompson brother to Maurice

PHOTOS -- __80_- Added (YTD=162) --
Photos People: Daisy Elizabet Fruits and you boy;  Hadley Fruits and wife, Minnie (Krout) ; Sauel and Katie Krout Fruits Family 8 Photos); Krout, John; Fruits, Samuel Larkin; Kruit, William; Krout, John FAMILY-Ruth, Cletus, Harvey, John, Willard,Lucy (wife), Mary Frances, Roy; Krout, John H. & Lucy Gunkle; Keller, James Everett & Myrtle Elizabeth Krout; Krout, Fannie Powell & todler; Fruits, Harry Russell& Burl; Morrison, Charles & Rose (Krout); Fannie Krout & sisters; Krout, Harvey; Jones, Alonzo and Viola Suitors-Family (11 photos); Jones, Carl Willard and Sylvia Marie Miller-Family (5 photos); Miller, Charles Lincoln and Margaret Ann Wilson-Family (3 photos); Marlatt, Encil Newman and Maxine Cronk-Family (3 Photos); Marlatt, Newman and Pearl Martin-Family (6 Photos); Fruits, Sarah Katherine Krout and family ( 6 ); Cronk, William and Margaret Parker; Henry Howard and Carl Smith Davis with _Brownie; Henry Howard and Elzora Dinsmore Davis and Joyce Davis Jones; Sid Dossett Davis;  Wallace and Mildred Rose with Joice Davis Jones June 1950; Added 6 more photos to the John Krout Family Album;
PHOTOS Places: North Side Recreation Center; Pike Street Recreation Center; Grove Evans (on obit); Wingate added 16 photos in a Slide Show Album;

Reunions -- _17_ Added:  Booher; Deere (added another); Edwards; Harrison; Lafollette; McCain; Messmore; Mote; Shoemaker; Thomas; Todd; Vancleave; Whittington

JUNE 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __520__ Added - [ytd= 2,075; Total 21,008 ] = Acton (Milton) Albright (Emma, Maggie); Allen (Andrew; Emery); Anderson (Anderson; Philander; Wm. 1893; Wm. 1912); Applegate (Mrs. Charles); Ashby (Dulcenia); Armstrong (Jennie, John, Easter); Armantrout (Fred Wilson; Frederick F - WWI; Lena, Leroy); Arnett (Elizabeth); Ashby (Dulcenia; Robert); Ayres (Ida Pickett); Bacon (Bessie); Bailey (Sarah); Baker (Ada); Baldwin (Inf of James & Leah); Ball (Sarah); Banta (Inf of Mel) Barnes (Michael); Barry (Patrick); Basserman (Abram); Beam (Clyde; Cyrus; Everett; Livonia; Merlin; Victoria; Ruth); Beard (Mildred, Ralph); Beck (Mary Weaver, Bessie Hyatt, Daniel - CW, Jennie Jeffreman, John Paul - WWII; Paul; Rose); Beard (Donald P - Korean War; Mildred; Ralph); Black (Blanche); Blacker (Clyde - WWII; Evelyn); Boots (Phyllis); Booher (Nathaniel - added); Boraker (Wm. E); Booze (Frank); Boland (Wm); Bolden (Maria); Bowman (Dora, John); Britton (Sarah); Britsch (children); Brower (Sarah); Branstetters (Claudine); Brassfield (Nancy Wood); Brush (David); Brown (Anna, Thomas); Burk (Mary Stout); Butts (Larry); Campbell (Infant of Cheap John); Cadwallader (Julia); Caldwell (Guy; Harvey; Robert); Calder (Norma); Callahan (Daniel; Geroge; Minnie); Canady (Harry); Carr (George - 1893; Ira); Campbell (Mary Foxworthy; Carl Edward); Carson (James); Carter (s./o Hiram); Castetter (Anna); Carrell (Aline, Daniel); Carney (Anderson); Canoodle (Ollie?); Canine (James R - added); Cavenaugh (Clarence);  Chambers (Wm); Charters (Harry); Chasteen (inf); Church (Richard); Chester (John); Clifton (Russell); Coffinberry (Bethesda); Collins (Jane); Conly (Andrew; Connard (Johnnie); Cogle (Mary); Collings (Frieda); Conner (Smith); Cook (Julia; John; Grace); Cooley (John A0; Cook (Julia); Coons (John R; Grace); Cowan (James "Newton", Sarah); Cooper (Carl, Twins of George); Cope (Melissa; Corns (Harrison); Cox (Jane, Homer, George); Corbin - Mary); Cooter (Wm);  Danners (child); Daph (Lena); Darnell (Elizabeth) David (James, Samuel) Devan (Michael); Dickerson (Albert) Dobson (Thomas); Douglas (Edward); Dresser (Walter); Driscol (Mrs. George - anyone know her name?) Easley (inf. of Charles); Eckhardt (inf of HC); Edwards (Charles, Martha); Elmore (Mary, Luke); Eltzroth (Jacob); Eschelman (child of Peter); Epperson (Matthew); Faust (Ann Mabel); Fisher (Peter); Flowers (Clarence); Frakes (Ernest); Frazee (James) Freeman (Ann); Fulwider (Sally); Fuson (Elizabeth); Galloway (Edward, Lenora); Galey (child of James)Garner (Elizabeth Ford); Garrett (Ed) Gardner (GW); Garwood (Maria); Gilbert (Sarah Morgan); Gilkey (Lydia); Gill (Cynthea; Marjorie); Gilliand (Sarah); Giltner (AM); Gleason, Mary); Graves (Nancy; Nettie, David, Inf of LE); Gray (James Banning; Polly; John Arnett; Abner; Robert); Gregg (Minnie, Freddie); Gregg (Wm. P); Grimes child of Wood; Groves (Hugh, Bennie); Graham (Arthur); Hall (Catherine); Hains (Daniel); Haines (James); Hampton (Anna) Handy (Eliz. Griffith); Harberit (Will) - CW; Harlow (Wm); Harper (Alexander); Harris (Samuel); Hartman (Lydia); Hatchell (Ed); Hawkins (Leslie); Harwood (Al); Heath (Samuel); Heaton (Eugene); Headlee (Hiram); Hewitt (Harry); Hendricks (Charles); Henderson (Hiram - CW); Henry (Abijah); Henkle (son of Robert); Hinman (Alma); Hightower (Arthur); Hill daughter of George, Stella; Hollingsworth (John M.); Holmes (Ab, William); Holtz (Wm.); Hopkins (Lizzie); Hopper (May); Hoppking (Wm); Horney (Peter); House (inf of Thomas) Hoover (Katherine Sullivan); Hord (Ricketts); Hough, George; Howard (Eliza); Hulett (Mary); Hultz (Ocy); Hunt (Mary Peffley) Hiutchison (Rilla); Sanders (Eliza); Sandlin (Austin); Saxe (Mrs ? wish we knew who she was); Scott (Elbert); Schrader (Vivian); Seawright (Herbert); Sering (Harry); Seymour (Amelia); Shelby (Ethel; Zella); Shelton (child of Walter); Shanks (Clara - poor thing - added sevearl to hers); Shirk (John); Shelley (Maggie); Shoemaker (Mary); Sibold (added to Basil); Shepard (dau of John 1890); Shockey (FM); Shotts (child of Ellen) Shull (Dawson); Shackelford (Annis); Showalter (Hazel); Shannon (Carlisle); Shevington (Mr - 1891 - wish we knew who he was); Sickles (Maggie); Sidener (Martin Wright - added; Martin; Emma; Susan); Silver (Eva); Shelby (Inf of Evan); Simpson (John; Susan; Lula); Slutz (Haven, Esther Peterson); Small (lou; Lena); Slattery (Tom - added); Smith (Anna; Aunt Mandy; Charles L; Amanda 1894; Nancy 1894 body moved; Enoch; William; Joe; Samuel; Enoch; David; child of Jacob; Erris; Frank; Jane; James; Aunt Mandy; Fanine; Robert; Rena; Samuel D) Snider (Gertie); Snouwaert (Frank); Snyder (Michael - added to) ); Soards (WL); Somerville, Harry; Songer (Rosa Perry); Sowder (Jimmie); Spangler (Pearl); Sparger (Alma; Spinning (John N - added); Speed (John; Jennie); Snider (Ralph); Snyder (Frances Cope); Spohr (Emory); Springer (Lawrence); Spilman, Kittie (added); Stafford (Lucinda Nutt x2); Starnes (Sharon - added picture); Starns (Herrell H); Stith (Mattie); Stephens (Al); Stephenson (Ruthie); Stonebraker (Austin); Stedman (SS); Stein (John); Steele (Wm. H - CW); Stewart (Burn); Steward (child of STephen); Stratton, Allen; Stover, John; Stewart, Adria Ross; Stafford (Rev. John); Staton (Leroy; Steele, James; Stilwell (Thomas Jr - added 3); Stockden (Theodore); Strickler, William; Sutton (Deborah Lane); Sullivan (Ella) Swank (Abigail - added; Joseph; Mary; Aaron); Swearingen (Mary Herron - Added); Swisher (Eve; Rosetta - added); Switzer (Bettie);  Symmes (Rev. Joseph) Tammany, Dorcas; Tapp (Alice, John); Taylor (Charley; Wm.); Thomas (Ludlow, inf of Thomas; Dr. BM) ); Thayer (inf of John); Thompson (Eliz; Amos; Frank; Leo; Lillian; Karl; Joseph; William; Inf of Samuel); Tinsley (Lizzie Dunn); Titus (Inf of Robert); Thornberry (Wm); TOney (Fred); Tobin (John); Troutmen (Gertrude); Turner (Osellia); VanHorn (Bertie); Vancleae (Minerva; Jessie; Joe); Vanarsdall (Fannie); Vanscoyoc (GN; Tester); Vaughn (JJ); Vannice (Everett "Hooky"); Ward (Thomas 1891; 1893); Walker (Alston)  Warbritton (Olive Pearl - added); Washburn (Newton); Wasson (Willie); Webster (Hugh J added 2); Wert (Richard D - added x2); WHite (Elmer, EMma, John B - added); Whitely (William - murdered); Wilcox (Polly - added); Wilhite (Fannie; Mary; Owen Goffney "Boone" ; Fannie); Wilkhoit (Mamie - added); Williams (Daniel M added) Willis (Inf of Frank); Wilson, Benjamin; Winters (Henry - added) Winton (Harriet McClure); Wray (Carson; Ida Hicks (added); Wright (Emma, Mary); Wynn (Joseph INsley)

Alumni- Schools -- _   26__Added  (ytd = 214) - Wabash: 1988 "It's Reunion Weekend" (61 Pages); Wabash: "Class of 1938" Career Briefs of 48 Respondents to Questionaire (17 pages); Added schools (Franklin Township) Booher, Buchanan, Coleman, Flat Creek, Pickett, Decker, Marts; (Crawfordsville) Fiskville, Highland; Photos: Shannondale 8th grade class 1912, Darlington Academy 8th grade 1883, Darlington horse-drawn hack late 1800's, Booher School students 1902, Darlington football 1908, Darlington students fall 1911, Heighview students 1915, Darlington circuit photo students and teachers in front of school 1932, Darlington class of 1932 on Valentine's Day 1922; Darlington Basketball 1943-1944; Waveland 1968-1969 3rd Grade Class of Mrs Crocby with names; Alamo 1929 First Grade Class photo with names; Yountsville 1937 Basketball Team (6 th grade) with names [joins a previous photo without names];

Biographies -- __7_ Added (Year To Date - 500)-- Dunbar, Lewis; Marsh, Elmer - 9 articles; Myers, Wally; Fruits, George; Peterson Silas (Added articles); Slutz (Rev. Worthington Brighton + Photo) Yearyon, Matt

BUSINESS   11    Added = Richad Weliever Farm Journal for 1945 (53 images); Home Oil Co-Station; Sabens Gas Station; C'ville Drive-In Theater (5 Photos); Warner-Peck (2 articles); Wilhite - Tailor;  Fowler Buggies; Waveland Telephone; Plunkett & Freeman Groceries; Citizens National Bank

Links -- _2_ Added - CDPL Databases; Confederate Verterans Listing;

NEWS _13__ -- Added -  --items Added -Clodfelter Electric Line; County Poor Farm articles (5); Neal - largest/smallest pupils; Fires - Beard; Dorsey; Surrat;  - Haviland Gifford - 75 birthday

PHOTOS -- __5_- Added (YTD=82) --Added photo to Sharon Starnes' obit (Rev. WB Slutz - biography)
Photos People:
PHOTOS:  Places: Sabens Gas Station;  Home Oil Co. Station; Alamo Telephone Office;

MAY 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: _447___ Added - [ytd= 1,570 ] = Abbott, (Charles); Adams (Jane; Roy); Albright (John);; Allen (Albert; Frank Fine; Charles; George W; Maleta); Alexander (Acenith); Alston (Roy); Alward (Lydia); Ames (Mahala); Allman (John) Anderson (Anderson, alice); Arnold (James; Margaret); Armantrout (John); Armstrong (John); Austin (Samuel); Bales (Frank); Ball (Ben; Mary Johnson); Ballard (Patience); Bard (Samuel);  Barnes (Milton); Barr (Bert); Barnett (Alberta, John, Samuel); Bass (Marquis); Beck (Maggie); Beedle (Morris); Bell (James; Mary; Willie; Albert, Molly, Ralph); Belton (Samuel); Beam (Margaret Thompson); Bennett (Inez, Rick); Benson (Lee); Berry (Mary Pattison); Best (Frank; Susan); Bias (June); Bible (Ed); Biddle (John); Binford (Boyd, Elizabeth Dubois, Martha; John; Samuel); Birch (child of Hay; Thomass); Birchfield (George, Vavana); Black (Daniel); Blacker (Brit); Blake (Laura); Bly (Kate); Blair (Robert; William);  Bolser (Geroge); Bonnell (John); Bone (Scott); Booher (Nathaniel); Boots (James; Emanuel); Borst (J. George); Boyd (Margaret); Bowker (Clarence); Bowles (Cleo); Bowman (Elliott); Briggs (BB); Brown (Lindsey; Lucinda; Isaac; John L; Levi; William A; Mattie); Brady (Maggie Sullivan); Braid (Henry); Brandkamp (Christina); Brier (Burgess); Britton (Infant; Isaac); Browning (Ann); Branson (Ellis); Brant (Mathias; Nancy); Buck (Lizzie); Buchanan (John; Thomas); Butler (Lindley); Butcher (Charles); Bunnell (Lillie); Burdell (Lizzie Schanedorf); Burke (William); Burkholder (Louise); Burris (George); Butler (Robert);  Busenbark (John);  Butcher (Hannah); Buxton (George);  Byrd (Ed; James). Caldwell (Melinda); Callahan (Charles, John, Morris); Campbell (Henry Carson); Canine (Willard); Canary (Martha); Calvert (Charley); Carter (Samuel); Carr (George); Cave (James); Chase (Frank); Chesterson (Lydia, Leroy); Clark (Arthur, VIncent, Wm. Emery); Clarkson (Peter); Click (Mary);  Clodfelter (Marion); Connell (Joe); Cook (Jane; George W, Dorothy, Christian, Catherine, Mattie, Rachel); Conkelton (William); Conkright (child of George); Compton (Mahala Shannon); Conners (Charley); Connor (Charles); Coyle (James); Courtney (Joseph); Cowan (Charles); Cox (James); Crane (John); Cumberland (Martin); Crawford (Thomas); Crabbs (Sarah Stonecipher); Crane (Elihu; Ellen; Harry); Curtis (Abbie Burk; Junia); Curtain (Cornelius); Craig (Harriet; James; Mary E; Zelta; Harry Davis; Cross (Sallie); Crawford (David); Davis (Ann; Abigail; Jot; Lou; Hannah; inf of Frank); Davern (Catherine) ; Davidson (Thomas F); Davis (Albert, Everett, Mary Ewing, Sant, Eliza Pearl); Day (Kent); Deitrick (Will); Detchon (Martha Ray); Dineen (Mary); Divine (David); Dixon (Thomas); Doan (Pearl); Donaldson (Ray); Dochterman (Henry); Donnelly (Mason) ; Donehue (William; Douglass (Inf of Joseph); Donahue (Jere); Drake (Moses); Duncan (Esther); Dunn (Wm. McKee); Dusenberry (John);  Edwards (Charlotte, Irena; Effie); Ellington (James); Eldred (Mellie Gifford); Ellis (Freddie; Yeoman; Jane; Elizabeth Seller); Elliott (Maria; Joab); Elliott (Maria); Elmore (John; Martha); Edgeworth (Alice); Embree (May); Engle (Bennett);  English (Elmer); Ensminger (Joseph); Epperson (Wm M); Epps (William); Etchison (A.E.) Evans (Nancy, Noah; Burk; William; OPC); Everson (Charles, Mahlon);  Ermentrout  Wm); Evans (Thomas); Eyler (Margaret); Falls (Polly Loop); Faris (Mary); Ferguson (Effie; Mary; Isaac - Civil War; Phylenia); Farris (Sarah); Fairfield (Noah); Fishero (Rilla; Noah); Fisher (James); Finch (John - Civil War); Fisher (Margaret); Fink (Lucinda); Flannigan (child of James; Robert Glen; Dora); Flynn (Catherine); Foley (Bridget Coleman); Foster (James); France (Louis); Frantz (Frank); Frazier (Mary VanGundy); Freeman (LJC; Mary Hicks); Fruits (Clara Hunter); Fry (Amelia; Linnie); Fullenwider (Joseph Newton); Fuller (Flora Quick); Fuson (George Parker); Galey (James); Albreath (James; Joseph); Gifford (Haviland); Gilliland (Henry);  Goff (Jeff); Golladay (Eliz. Fulwider); Goodin (Danioel) Goodsell (Anna); Gortner (Maude); Gosnell (Martha); Gott (Rhoda); Gordon (Sarah); Gould (Blanch); Gregory (Abigial); Griffith (Icy, Nellie); Grimes (Carl; Jesse); Graham (Elizabet hWilhite); Graves (John); Keen (Lee); Huber (Jacob); Hubbel (family); Hultz (Wilson);  Jessup (Silas); Johnson (John, Julietta; Jemima; Joseph D and child of Will); Jordan (child); Kemp (Eliza); Kennedy (Mrs); Willie; Keene (James Upton); Keegan (child of Dr. MB); Keeney (Evaline); Kent (Helen); Kesley (Albert; Milton; Walter); Kirkpatrick (James); Kostanzer (Anthony); Kussner (Lorenz); Lee (Cyrus); Ledster (Mrs Tom); Landman; Lane (William; John; Nathan); Lawton (Amelia; child of Enoch); Lewis (Retta); Lind (Charlotte); Linn (Julia); Little (child); Long (Lant); Lidikay (Jacob); Little (child of Guy); Love (Elizabeth); Loveless (Haven - WWII); Lowell (Andrew); Lynn (Lydia); Lowe (Maude; Frances Zachary); Long (Michael; William S); Lyo (Emma SImms; Wm); Livengood (Albert; Amanda; Anna; Austin E; Bercha; Clarinda; Edward; Ernest; George; Guy Virgil; Hester Grimes; John; Martha Young; Stella Frazier); VFancleave (Charles L; child of HT; Edwin S); Vanarsdall (George); Vannice (John W).  --- NOTE:  Some of these have multiple obits added - just an FYI in case you were gonna' count 'em - they wouldn't come out right b/c of this - lol :) Kbz

Alumni- Schools -- _   33__Added  (ytd = 190) - Darlington 1916 Basketball scores; Bowers 5th & 6th Grade 1952-53; 1928-29 Bowers Basketball Team; 1921 Waveland HS Basketball (in Waveland sport slide show); 1921 Waveland HS Football (in Waveland sport slide show); 1918 Ladoga HS seniors; Ladoga Class of 1919; Ladoga claass of 1921; 6 Photos of Mt. Zion includung the 1961-1962 Grade 4 all but 2 named; Bowers School class (no date or names); Goben School Class 1890; Highview School 1915 (no names); Willow Grove School (building); Horace Mann/Lincoln School; Baskelball Game-unknown teams, school, gym; 1960 Linden Graduation Program (4 pages); 1971 Waveland Graduation Program (4 Pages); 1960 New Market Class Will (2 pages); 1969 Memoriam to Myrtle Banta; 1938 New Market Play Cast; 1920 Crawfordsville Athenian Yearbook (175 pages);

Biographies -- __9_ Added (Year To Date - 493)-- Added a 52 page document of Richard Clark of Virginia with information on 375 descendants including Willis Clark who settled in Indiana in 1834; Mary Cook + photo; Freedman, Harry; Foote, Lucien; Peterson Silas -+ Photo; Stamp, Martha Talbert; Schooler, Wm. + photo; Wilhite, ELeazer - 2 articles added; Karen Bazzani Zach;

BUSINESS  13     Added = Photo of Crawfordsville Motel Match Book; Phillips 66 Station at intersection of Washington St & S. Boulevard and a photo of a key chain given out; Newspaper clip for Everson & Ferguson Brick Co.; Shaver Hatchery; G. C. Boling Insurance; Economy Grocery; Ladoga Coal; Ladoga Elevator; Warner Auto Parts; Sayler Brothers Auctioneers; Montgomery Ward & Co. moving to Boulevard Mall; Perry Lewis Co., Inc  Ford Dealership (West Market St.);

Divorces _14 Added:___   Names :  Britton; Brown; Burroughs; Carter; Hamm; Hunter; Hawkins; Lepper; McConnell; Ostheimer; Peterman; Stephens; Walker; Warren
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _12__ Added:  Names : Austin; Burbridge; Craig; Cockerel; Grantham; Nichols; Peck; Schirmer; Schoenman; Shanklin; Warner; Widdop

NEWS _17__ -- Added -  --items Added - Clubs - Young People; Misc Wilhite Get Canes; Hatter, Moses - missing; Vancleave, Charley - sick; McClure, Moses - oldest Odd Fellow;  Pettit Murder Case - added 3 articles; Church - Crawfordsville Christian being built -; Darlington Masonic Lodge 100th Anniversary Commenorative Booklet 1956; Waveland Conservation Club group outing about 1961; Sick - 1873 Small Pox; Misner - Insane; "L"aw - estray cattle 1st case; "B"ooher hardware; Crmes - Pettit trail; Lee

PHOTOS -- __20_- Added (YTD=77) --
Photos People: Mahoy Family (5 Photos) Alice Cook Mahoy, Daniel Mahoy, David Mahoy, Joe & Sadie Mahoy, Orville Mahoy; New Ross Town Band (with names); Unknown, Girl & Boy; Unknown Girl in Pink: Unknown Lady; Lester Hole; Weaver, John; VanCleave, Henry (1863-1946); Keedy, George & Betty;
PHOTOS:  Places: Crawfordsville Centenial 1965 mini History;  Program from the "Sugar Creek Saga" put on by the Centennial Committee; 5 photos of Record Pages from the BOWERS EUB Church;

TOWNS: : _3_ : Total # 524 - towns to date - no new ones but added information on Flat Creek; Bristle Ridge; Kirkpatrick

Reunions -- _3_ Added:  Campbell; McMains; Young

APRIL 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __423__ Added - [ytd= 1,123 ] = COOPER, Iota Mitchell; Allen (w/o Stephen; John Barr; Polina; Anderson (Alice); Beck (Perry, Sarah; Beecher, Dorothy; Bischof (Abe); Bishop (Sarah); Billings (Mrs. HM); Bossaer, Betty; Broaders (Edward, Anna); Briney (Virginia); Brooks, Lon; Brown (Alta; Charley); Brush (James); Burk (James - Civil War); BUffinton (Anna); Burkmeyer (Henry); Burke (Abbie, Ulick); Canine (Eliz); Caplinger (Wm); Cade (Marshal); Cason (Martha); Champion (John, Mary); Chase (Theodore); Clark (Mrs Rev, Joseph, Will); Coen (Isaac); Condit (Blackford); Coffman (Anna); Cochran (Rachel); Cope (Howard); Cooper (child of James 1877; Joseph; Rev ST); Coyle (Mrs. Campbell 1890); Corey (Major and Gladys); Craig (Frank); Cravat (Anna); Cunningham (inf of Ben; Wallace); Daley (Catherine); Davis (James, Jeff, Thomas, Warner, Vileta); Dawes, Roy; Daley (Catherine); Daugherty (James); Delashmit (Mary); Doyle (Thelma - photo; William); Drake (Inf of Rev TE; Jerusha); Duke (George R); Doyle, William; Francis (Anna, John); Freedman, Harry; Freeman (Mrs. Wm - 1892); Fry (Maria); Fullen, Charles; Fulwider (Martha, Mose) FUllenwider (RA); Fry (Maria); Funk (Maymie); Evans, Danie; Edwards, Robert, Epperson, WD; Galey (Fannie, Rachel); Galloway, Mary; Garner, Henry; Galbreath, Mattie; Gilkey Mary; Gilbert Josephine; Glenn, Henry; Graves (Chelsey, Davis, Samuel); Grenard (Simeon); Hadley, Bertha; Hale, Edna, Hamilton, John; Harlan, Amanda; Hartley, Nancy; Harris, John; Hays, (Rev. LY; Joe, Melinda, d/o Abijah 1892); Harrison, Jane; Harwood, Al; Hawk, Harriet; Herod, Perin; Hester (Dr Robert L); Hill, James; Hills, Clara; Hicks, Asbury T; Hoops, Marcella; Houstin, Wm; Huber, Chris; Hughes, America; Hunt, Harrison; Hyner, Jesse Irwin (Lyda, Samuel); Jenner (Arthur, Herbert; Jones (Emily; Mary; Robert; William); Julian, Nancy; Kostanzer, Jeanette; Kepler, Sara; Kneff, Jacob; Keen, Lee; Klaiber, John; Laird, Martha; Lane, Abraham; Larsh (Marie, Rebecca); Lane, Abraham; Laymon, Wilson; Lacey, Osmon; Linn, Lydia; Lindley, Capt John H - CW; Long, James; Luse (Charlotte, Anias P); Lucas, Boss; Lewis, Mary; Lee, Tucker; McBee, Ruth WWI Nurse; McCormick, Hugh; McClelland, Wm. ; McCormick (Burrell, Gee, Hugh); McIntire, Charles P.; McClure, Wlater B; Massena, Roy; Mack, Luella; Martin, Sarah Williamson; Marshall, Edward V; Marley, Michael; Mears, Eph; Miller (Ben, Flora, Michae, Perry, Samuel); Mitchell (Jane Cooper; Leonidas); Morgan, Margaret; Mote, ENoch; Myers, George; Nolan, Mary; Newland, child of George; Oliver, Homer; O'Mara, ALice; Owsley, Argul; Oppy (George; Helen; John; Mary); Parish, Mary Tarrance; Pittenger, Eliz; Pierce, Lena; Pollock, Mary Ann; Porter (Joanna and Rev. Joseph B); Pollock, Mary Ann; Prather, Gladys; Pulliam, Ida; Purviance Dr. Samuel; Quick, Isaac; Ramey, Rebecca, Abigail; Rhorer, Wm. H; Reprogle, Wm. J; Reddy (Agnes, Emma); Reed, Isaac; Reedy, Hannah; Remley, Sarah; Rhoads, Joseph; Rogers, Henry; Rose, Alfred; Rumble, Alice; Russell (Ella, George, Raymond); Rountree (Meredith, Wesley); Runyan, Davis; Rooney, James; Saidla (Claude, Joshua); Scott (Dora, Otha); Schenck, Jacob; Seybold, George; Schleppy, Florence; Shotts, Isaac; Shea, Edwin; Shipp, Clara; Shultz, Anton; Shular, Maude; Simpson, Matthew Smith (Belle; Dan; Fred; Eunice; Charles; Ellen; Idona; Ellen; Mary Wilcox; Martha Binford; Marion D (Civil War); Newton - Mrs; Silvonia Fischer; Hannah Britton; Murel; Maggie; Minerva; Fred (and Mrs Fred); Murel) Snyder (Ben, George); Southwell, Mary; Spencer (Sallie; James, child of James, Mattie); Sprague, James S; Stence, James; Stanford, Rachel; Steward, John; Stitt, Rebecca; Stubbins (Harry; Minnie; Robert);  Stipe, Wm.; Stover (Ann Burbridge); Surface (Frost; Sadie); Sullinger, Sarah; Swank (Abigail; Benjamin; Morton; Sanford); Tomlinson (Virgil, Willis, inf of Morton); Twiddy, Uriah; Tracy (Basil, Daisy); Tutt, James; Thornton, Sant; Tribett, John; Vanmeter, Cyrus; Vanarsdal, Mary; Vantleven, Catherine; Vance, Martha; Voris, Merritt; Vancleave (Inf of George; Emaline Davis; Mary Vancleave); Wallace (James and Zerelda); Warbinton, Maggie; Watkins, (Mrs)  JH; Walters, EMma Small; Ward, Thomas; Warbritton, Olive Pearl; Watson, Ann; Webb, Elmer; Weaver, Edna; West, John; Wilson (Alfred, Edward, Lewis, William W, Minta); Wilcox, Oscar; Winningham (Mrs Milton) Wilcox, Oscar; Wise, George; Woodfork, Harrison; Wynn, Charlotte; Yount, Dan; Zachery, Keziah; Zeigler, Agnes Wilson.  ENJOY !!!

Alumni- Schools -- _    22__Added  (ytd = 157) - 2 Photos of Coal Creek Central 1953; Kirkpatrick School; 1897 Whitesville school graduation; Brownsvalley School 1920 grade school class; New Market Class of 1907-1908; Names for the New Market Class of 1907-1908; New Market Class of 1968; Darlington HS County Champs 1954; 4-Bowers H S Basketball 1948-49 Team, their record sheet,  1949-50 Team and a Cheerleader Joan Manges; Fairview School; Stoner School; Fountain School; Myers School; Byrd School; Valley School; Ford School (new listing); Maple Grove School; Harshbarger School;

Biographies -- __423_ Added (Year To Date - 484)--Vance, Kenny;
Family Fact Sheets Moved into Biographies: ABRAHAM, George; ACKERMAN, Caroline; ADKINS, Frank and John; AGIN, Patrick; ALLEN, Moses; BABBET, Patrick; BABCOCK, W. N.; BAGLEY, Michael; BAIGLEY, Gustav; BAILEY, Fred; BAILEY, MD, Ronaldo H.; BAILY, John - Arch; BALL, Christopher; BANDEL, Fred C.; BANNON, Arlie; BANNON, Charles; BANNON, Frank; BANTA, Claude; BAPP, John; BAPPERT, Augustus; BARCUS Paul, MD; BARIGAN, Patrick; BARKER, Bayless C.; BARKER, Glenn; BARKER, Guy G.; BARKER, Henry M.; BARKER, Joseph; BARNES, Dawson E. MD; BARNHARD, Charles; BARNHARD, John; BARRETT, James; BARRY, William; BARTON, Jenette; BARTON, John; BASS, Marquis L., MD.; BASTABLE, Thomas; BAYAN, David; BEALLY, James L, MD; BEARD, James; BEARD, John; BEARD, Pat; BECKER, Anton; BECKMIRE, Henry; BEESON, Carroll O.; BEESON, George William; BENEFIELD, James; BENNINGTON, Sarah; BENSON, INA MAE; BERGEN, Patrick; BERRY, Julian (MD); BERRYMAN, James Allen (MD); BEVAN, E.B.; BING, Lindley; BIPPO, John; BISCHOF, Abraham W.; BISCHOF, Jacob; BISCHOF, John; BISCHOF, L. Birch; BISCHOF, Maurice; BLINN, Charles; BLOOM, J.; BLUE, Mary; BLUPER, Alfred; BOKEM, Joseph; BOON, Leopold; BOONE, Bertha Lulu Peffley; BORIN, Isaac; BORIN, Samuel; BORST, Anna; BOSWELL, MINNIE PAULINE; BOUEKER, John; BOWERS, ABRAHAM; BROWN, James Thomas; BRADLEY, James Monroe; BRADLEY, Lewis Cass; BRADLEY, Ray L.; BRIGGS, Benjamin B (added); BRISTOK, Lorenz; BRITTS, Elizabeth Neff; BRITTS, James; BUCHANAN, John Lee; BURK, Patrick; BURBRIDGE, William (added to); BURKETT, Bertha May; BURKETT, DAVID; BURKETT, LEE I.; BURKETT, NORMAN; BUSENBARK, James; BUSHNELL, Hannah; BUTCH, John L.; BUTCHER, Frankie; BUTCHER, Mary; BUTLER, William; BUTT, Wilson; BYERS, Nancy; BYERS, Sarah; BYMASTER, David; BYMASTER, SR, David; BYRD, WILLIAM WARNER; CABLE, Dora L. Peacock; CADY, Louis; CAFFREY, Michael; CAIL, Michael; CALHAN, Ellen; CALIHAN, Jeremiah; CALL, Catherine; CALLAGHAN, Dennis; CALLAGHAN, Michael; CALLAHAN, Johana; CALLAHAN, John; CALLEN, A.; CALVERT, Mrs. Charlie (Ethyl?); CAMPBELL, Catherine; CAMPBELL, J.; CAMPBELL, Margaret; CANINE, David G. (Rev).; CANINE, J. Harvey; CANINE, William; CANON, Henry; CAPLINGER, Clayton; CARLISLE, Anna; CARLISLE, John; CARLSON, C. Otto; CARNES, Thomas; CARNEY, William; CARR, John; CARRIGAN, Mike; CARRINGTON, Henry B., (Gen); CARROLL, Charles; CARROLL, John; CARROLL, Maurice; CARROLL, Michael; CARROLL, Thomas; CARROLL, Thomas C.; CARSON, A. T.; CARTWRIGHT, Descendants of William H.; CASEY, Margaret; CASEY, Norah; CASSIDY, Thomas; CHANDLER, Charles; CLAIN, John; CLARK, John; CLARK, John, born 1810; CLEMENTS, Mary Hamilton; COCHLIN, Thomas; COCHRANE, Elizabeth; COCHRANE, Robert; COFFEY, John; COGAN, Ellen; COGAN, William; COHOON, L.J.; COLEM, Patrick; COLEMAN, Bright; COLEMAN, Catharine; COLEMAN, Edward; COLEMAN, J. F.; COLEMAN, James; COLEMAN, Nicholas; COLEMAN, Sarah; COLIER, Michael; COLLINGS, Archie; COLLINS, August; COLLINS, Dennis; COLLINS, Patrick; COLLINS, Thomas; COLSON, August; COMELLA, James; COMER, Patrick; CONNARD, Charles; CONNEL, Mary; CONNELL, Maurice; CONNELL, Patrick; CONNELLEY, James; CONNELLEY, William; CONNELY, Andrew; CONNER, Deborah; CONNER, Dennis; CONNER, Ellen; CONNER, Hannah; CONNER, Johanah; CONNER, Mary; CONNER, Pat; CONNER, Thomas; CONNOR, Michael; CONNOR, Morris; CONNORS, Margaret; COOKSEY, Thomas;  CUNNINGHAM, B.; CUNNINGHAM, Cornelius; CUNNINGHAM, Thomas; CUPPY, Edgar A.; CURRIE, John H. (Dr).; CURRY, John; CURTIN, Cornelius; CURTIN, David; CUSICK, Bridget; DABILUN, Godfrey; DADA, Margaret; DAEN, John M.; DAHL, Frank O.; DAILEY, Byron; DAILEY, Matthew; DAILEY, Patrick; DAILEY, Thomas; DAILY, Catherine; DAILY, Joanna; DALEY, Briant; DALY, Jeremiah; DARKEY, William; DARLEY, Patrick; DAVENHORST, Marie; DAVENPORT, Catherine; DAVIDSON, Jasper N.; DAVIS, Haven; DAVIS, Simon C.; DAVIS, Warren; DeRegniers, Beatrice; Durham, William H (added to); EASTLACK, Allen Elwood; EDMOND, Elizabeth; EGAN, John; EGAN, Joseph; EGAN, Patrick; EGGARS, Richard E. (MD); ELIAS, Thomas; ELLIS - Selby Families; ELLER, Grandpa = James H.; ELLIS, William Russell - added; EVERSON, Harold Parke; FAHO, James; FALLOWELL, Tim; FALVEY, John; FANNING, J.; FEELEY, Michael; FELL, Timothy; FENG, Alberta; FERGUSON, Thomas; FERRETTER, Timothy; FRALEY, John; FRUITS, David; GALEY, A.; GALLIHER, Patrick; GALOWAY, Patrick; GREGG, Alpheus; HABERLAND, John; HABYLAND, John; HACKETT, Anna; HACKETT, Fred; HACKSCHWINDER, John; HAEUSE, Frederick; HAFFEY, Cornelius; HAGAN, John; HAGERT, John; HAITER, John; HALEY, John D.; HALEY, John; HALL, Hugh; HALL, Jane; HALL, Thomas; HAPLIN, Edward; HALPIN, John; HALSTEAD, Josiah; HAMILTON, Agnes; HAMILTON, Albert N.; HAMILTON, James; HAMILTON, John; HAMMOND, Michael; HANDRINE, Daniel; HANKINS, John L.; HINES, Elizabeth A. Cummins; HUNTER, John; IMELMAN, Johanna; IRONS - anyone know names?; IRONS, John B.; IRWIN, Nancy Ann; JAMISON, Frank; JANEWAY, Arthur; JONES, Edgar L.; KAHN, Fannie; KARLE, Bernhard; KARLE, Julia; KEARNEY, William; KEEGAN, Enoch W.; KEEN, Daniel P., MD; LaFOLLETTE (1898 book - thanks, Suzanne); LaFOLLETTE 2 (supplement to above); LaFOLLETTE 3 (Early history -thanks Suzy A); LAHR, Peter; LAMBERT, Nancy; LANE, MD L. M.; LARRABEE, Hubbard (added to); LAYNE, Elvira Layton Mortimer; LAYNE Family; MACK, James B.; MACK, James T.; McJUNKIN Family; McNULTY, Bertha May Burkett; MAHORNEY, Ellen Lucille; MAHORNEY, John Clayton; MILLER, John H.; MILLER, Martin; MILLER, Sarah SNOW; MILLS, Darwin (turn pages as a book -50th anniv); MONTGOMERY, Isaac H (added to); MORROW, Ebbert M; MORGAN, Clyde P.; NORTH, Thomas (thanks Mary Jo); OASEY, Daniel; O'BRIEN, John; O'BRIEN, Lizzie; O'BRIEN, Michael; O'CONNEL, James; O'CONNEL, Simon; O'CONNELL, Dennis; O'CONNOR, Bridget; O'CONNER, Denis; O'CONNOR, Enos; O'CONNER, James; O'CONNER, Jessie; O'CONNER, John; O'CONNOR, Rebecca; O'CONNER, Timothy; O'Connor; O'CONNER, Anna; O'CONNOR, Catharine; O'CONNER, Charles; O'CONNOR, Morris; O'CONNERS, Michael; O'DONALD, Thomas; O'DONNALL, Mary; O'DONNEL, Anthony; OFFIEL, William; O'HARRA, Patrick; O'HERREN, John; O'HERREN, Michael; O'HERRON, Thomas; OILER, John; O'MARA, William; O'NEAL, David; O'NEAL, John; O'NEAL, Jus; O'NEAL, Michael; O'NEAL, Michael; O'NEILL, Josie Clark; OTTERMAN, Anna Rose; OTTERMAN, Carl S.; OTTERMAN, Dora Belle; OTTERMAN, Elmer; OTTERMAN, George Monroe; OTTERMAN, George Washington; OTTERMAN, James M.; OTTERMAN, Hettie Anne; OTTERMAN, John F.; OTTERMAN, Lelah; OTTERMAN, Lewis Cass; OTTERMAN, Lewis Wesley; OTTERMAN, Rowena Alice; OTTERMAN, Samuel Henry; OTTERMAN, Sarah JaneOVERTON, JG; OWEN, Ann; OWSLEY, Will W. (Dr); PARK, Enos; PARK, Joanna; PARKER, John M.; PARMER, A.F.; PATRICK, Frank; PATTERSON, James; PATTERSON, James; PATTERSON, Thomas; PATTISON, James; PATTON, George; PEASE, C.H.; PEFLEY, Gladys Vera (ADAMS); PERKINS, John; QUILL, John; QUINLAN, Thomas; QUINLEN, John; QUINN, James; RADCLIFF, Henry; RADLOFF, Joseph; RISTINE, Henry; ROBERTSON, William; SELBY-Ellis; SHACKELFORD, Anna Britts; STOOK-DUNBAR (thanks Mary Jo); SWINDLER, Albert (patent for blind - thanks to ? ); TAGUE, Daisy Baker; TAGUE, Jeanette; TALBOTT, Jesse N.; TANABLER, Henry; TANDY, David; TAYLOR, Catherine; TAYLOR, John N.; TAYLOR, William Henry; TERRY Family; THARP, Glen Bradley; THARP, Ida Zena; THEWLIES, Esther; THOMAS, C.M. (MD); THOMAS, Charles L.; THOMAS, Edna Dell; THOMAS, George Everett; THOMAS, Levi; THOMPSON, Alexander;THOMPSON, James Edgar; TULRADGE, Patrick; TYLER Family; UOCK, John; VanCLEAVE, John Peyton; VANCLEAVE, Mary Coleman; WAINSCOTT, Isaac; WAKEFER, Mary; WALLACE, Lew; WEAVER, Mahlon; WEBSTER, John; WESTFALL, Jacob; YOUNG, Collie Britts; ZELLER, Michael;

BUSINESS  61     Added = BARNHILL, Hornaday, Pickett a sales slip added to slide show at top of page, thanks to Dave Friend; Bantas Watch Shop business emblem, thanks to Perry Neet; Vance's Cookie Jar Cafe; Britton, D.F.; Callahan, M.J.; Carver & Carver; Davis Brothers; Coleman, Will R. Drug Store; Manson Bros.; Schultz & Hulet; Warner & Peck Clothing; W.C. Murphy & Co. Clothing; Williams Brothers Plumbing; Barnhill, Hornaday & Pickett; Howard & Parrent; Ensminger Cigars; Wright Confectionary; TS Clark, Tailor; T Holmes Liquor; Houelehan Mercantile; Quillen Buggies; Fisher Buggies; Wide-Awake Department Store; Diamond Laundry; JL Miller Horseshoer;  Bob Davis Livery; John Drury Liquor; Tinsley Hardware; Swank Brothers; Nye-Booe; The Grand - Shoe; Connor - Salloon; Grant Gould - Machinery;  Mulheisen Beer; Galey Liqauor; Milton McKee - Feed; Stroh Lumber; Harding Miller Music; Warner-Peck; TE Weil groceries;  Whitenack;  McClamrock; Herron; DP Smith - Tailor; J. C. Fry Grocery; Oswald Jeweler; JL Miller Horseshoer; Kostanzer;  Sloan Grocery; Sprouce Restaurant; Wynkoop Bakery; Newell Buggy & Wagon Painting; Wilhite Cigar Store;  Citizens National Bank; Smith & Duckworth; Voris & Stilwell Insurance; Bischof Store;  Gould, Oliver & Martin; Star Shoes; Schlemmer; Rost Jeweler, 1891 a partial Letter to his wife who was away teaching;

Court Proceedings _ Added: __ Names :
Deaths _ Added: __ Names :
Deeds_ Added: __ Names :
Divorces _ Added:___   Names :
Inquests _ Added: __ Names :
Land _ Added: __ Names :
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) ___ Added:  Names :
Miscellaneous ____
Naturalizations _ Added: __ Names :
Wills _ Added: __ Names :  

NEWS __12__ -- Added -  --items Added --Birthdays: Ketchum; Meharry; Stouts.  Anniversary (Stafford - 50th); Fires - Voris; Crawfordsville FD; Churches (Methodism - early); Miscellaneous letters - M - Montgomery County 1st court; C (Cook, Carlisle pensions);  L (Lough, Tip - penson); P (Philips pension; W (Wright pension; and Ben Webb - insane)

PHOTOS -- __30_- Added (YTD=62) --
Photos People: Galey, Malinda Margaret Grimes; Coons, Clara VanCleave with Bonnie Stewart And a hidden photo with Clara in her younger years before marriage; ALLEN, Mary Alice Galey; Donaldson, Janette; Taking a Break Setting tomatoes. Bill Boone, Bill Strickler, Richard Stark, David French, and Ernie French, Jr.- about 1948 ?; Boone, Bertha Lulu Peffley; Irvin Jennings (Runt) Cross and wife, Carolyn; Cross, Jim; Warner Myers Davidson his wife Minnie Manges Davidson and their children Kenneth, Gladys, Richard (my grandfather), Mary, Ruth, and Ruby; Donald Claire Riddell and Olive May Seybold Riddell. Wedding picture; William Russell Riddell, Richard Max Seybold, Kenneth Wayne Seybold, Janet Irene Riddell Keedy, Marilyn Kay Seybold Allen, Ruth Jo Seybold; Michael, Lida Waye; Ladoga Girl Scouts (early 50's); Merle Fuson Coons & Clara VanCleave Coons and friends (3 photos); Darlington WWI Red Cross volunteers; DeRegniers, Beatrice with her biography); Westfall, Jacob - tombstone photo in biography.  

PHOTOS Business, Places: Ladoga Opera House; Ladoga Midland Station (updated); Kirkpatrick = Grian Elavator, former Bank, ME Church andTrain Wreck; Court House facing Main Street (In Court House Album) reproduced by Pat Cline; Ladoga ME Church; Ladoga Sesquicentennial parade (3 photos); Young's Chapel;

Reunions -- _3_ Added: Herron; Saidla; Vancleave

MARCH 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __255__ Added - [ytd= 699 ] Abbott; Acheson; Albee; Allen; Allison; Alston; Alward; Adair; Abbey; Adams; Austin; Allburn; Banta; Beale; Bell; Beach; Berry; Beck; Beam; Binford; Bishop; Bosworth; Bonnell; Booher; Boudinot; Bowers; Boynton; Brasher; Britton; Brown; Caldwell; Cash; Cable; Cade; Calder; Caplinger; Campbell; Caldwell; Calahan; Carver; Clark; Condon; Conner; Cook; Coon; Cooper; Corbin; Davern; Dennis; Devan; Ditamore; Doherty; Dunn; Drybread; Eads; Evans; Ferguson; Gibbons; Gifford; Gilkey; Flannigan; Foster;  Frazer; Gilbert; Hutson;Griffith; Gray; Hall; Hampton; Halstead; Harper; Harney; Harrison; Hatcher; Hartman; Henry; Hightower; Henderson; Hicks; Howard; Hughes; Hormel; Hurt; Hutton; Huestis; Holland; Hudson; Houlihan; Jeffries; Insley; Irons; Johnson; Joel; Jackman;  Ingersoll; Jameson; Irwin; Jarvis; Keene; Keith; Kincaid; Kelley; Ketcham; King; Krug;Lewellen; Lemon; Lafollete; Laws; Long; Longley; Lowe; Little; Loftus; Lutz;  McBee; McGlothlin; McIntyre; Mitchell; Mutterspaugh; Pierce; Pence; Rose; Seybold; Shanklin; Sherrill; Shute; Skaggs; Slavens; Townsley; Utterback; Vail; WEstfall; White

Alumni- Schools -- _    16__Added  (ytd = 136) - 14 articles on Lapland school; 2 articles added to Waveland Collegiate Institute

Biographies -- __91_ Added (Year To Date - 131)-- Carter, Alice; James B. Elmore (2 articles+ photo) Himes, Jacob; Jamison, Alex; Hollowell, Frank; Pike, Marvin; Simmons, William; Stockwell, Chelsea (3 photos); Samuel "Ed"gar Voris plus photo;  added 11 articles to John Coffey's;  Zuck, James

Blog -- new -- __1__Karen's Gen Blog --  Cranks

BUSINESS   9    Added = Voris, Jere Undertaker; John Hoover, patent; McClure & Graham; Craig Grocery; Darlington Telephone Co - 4 articles; Clodfelter, M. E. - Attorney:

Court Proceedings _ Added: _2_ Names : Cville damage suit; Oliver-Payne Affidavit
Divorces _315 Added:___   added__2_ ytd_ Names :
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _ 30__ Added:  Names :Allen; Alnut; Ash; Bell; Craig; Davis; Esra; Elmore; Elston; Craig; Griest; Hiatt; Graham; Griest; Harrison; Haywood; Hiatt; Love; Miller; Suitors; Phillips; Ramsey; Suitors; Welch; Williams; Wilkinson; Williamson; Zachary
Miscellaneous __ 1__ 1897 Voters Registration (thanks Kurt)
Wills _ Added: _1_ Names :  Schenck

Letters __5__ - Added: Cordes (WWII POW); Hutton (1899 from Colo); Quigg 1907; Ellis - seeking wife

Misc -- ____

NEWS __28__ -- Added -  --items Added --Elmore - pelted with eggs by Wabash boys; Fires (Cville 1893); Crimes (Canine kidnaps child; Zachery arrested; Campbell-Little Murder; Yelton kidnapped); Birthday - EA Wilhite 81; Miscellaneous (Wortz Guardian Sale; Fire Hall built; Ramsey Hotel; Vandalia RR; Campbells get $ from Collett; Coons to asylum; Scaggs-Bennett affair; Cronin Trial; Horse, Jim; Ancient Order Union WOrkers; Reynolds, Johhn - Navy; Prohibition; Phillips 21, wife 40; Henry Campbell home built) Accidents (Fannie Smith badly burned); Sickness - Small pox 1873; Jule Buffington; Sports - Crawfordsville Reds Churches - Sugar River Monthly Meeting

PHOTOS -- _4__- Added (YTD=38) -- Baldwin Ladies' Quartet in News - Music
Photos People: Stockwell - see bio; Voris, Samuel Edgar - see Bios;
PHOTOS Business:

TOWNS: : _2_ : Total # 524 - towns to date - added information for Magnolia Mills and Wringneck

Reunions -- _1_ Added: Kirkpatrick

FEBRUARY 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __242__ -- ALL NEW OBITUARIES WILL BE FOUND IN THE NEW PAGES THRU THE "GET AROUND LINKS" Added - Allen; Anderson; Barnes; Ball; Baker; Barnard; Bellis; Beck; Bonnell; Brock; Broach; Burroughs; Butcher; Budd; Barton; Beeson; Bowman; Britts; Brown; Buck; Bush; Buchanan; Burtcher; Canine; Callahan; Camplinger; Champion; Clouse; Clouser; Compton; Cook; Connor; Cox; Courtney; Crane; Crawford; Cunningham; Dale; Davis; Deckard; Deeter; Denk; Dixon; Douglas; Doyel; Ellis; Everson; Endicott; Ewing; Elledge; Ewbank; Fisher; Foster; Finch; Fowler; Flannigan; Frame; Freedman; Galey; Gilbert; Gobel; Goetz; Grandstaff; Granstaff; Grimes; Gray; Grzesk; Hannah; Harrell; Harris; Hayes; Hay; Hartman; Harwood; Hiatt; Heber; Himes; Hovey; Horton; Hutchinson; Irwin; Hultz; Jones; Keeney; Klein; Krout; Kummings; Job; Johnson; Julian; Labaree; Layne; Lidikay; Linn; Leaming; Luse; Lynn; McCarty; McClamrock; McClellan; McLoed; Miller;Mills; Marquess; Maxwell; Morris; Mullikin; Myers; Nelson; Newlan; O'Connor; Ornbaun; Otto; Payton; Pendry; Platt; Pittinger; Prince; Randolph; Rice; Rine; Riley; Roesgen; Roberts; Rogers; Rush; Seeger; Seller; Settle; Simms; Simmons; Shackelford; Slater; Spear; Stevens; ; Strode; Swearingen; Sweeney; Symmes; Thomas; Thornberry; Turnipseed; Thompson; Vaught; Warren; Wallace; White; Wells; Walker; Williams; Wolf; Zimmerman

Alumni- Schools -- _34    Added  (ytd = 120) - Wesley Academy; Crawfordsville Seminary; Ladoga Female Academy; Waveland Presbyterian Academy; Bowers graduates; Colored School; Balhinch Female Academy + 1 photo of Twining; "The Weekly Argus News - June 5, 1897" 4 Graduation Announcements for Ripley Township (Alamo), Brown Township (at Browns Valley), Walnut Township (at Mace), Wayne Township (at  Waynetown);

Biographies -- _22_ _ Added (Year To Date - 33-- Jarvis, Paul (added 7 articles to  his) Henry D. VanCleave (+ Photo); Beeson (added) Hovey (added to it also) ; Gineris; Kelso (added to) Krout; McLoed; Vannice; Vice (+ Photo)

BUSINESS  37 articles    Added = Metzger Coa; Waynetown Hornet; Waveland Opera House; Grahams; Indiana Match Company; Banister-Able Salloons; Nutt & Ramsey hotels;  Kritz - WWI Display; Courthouse; Sunshine theatre; LKorenz Brewery; Christman & Gregg; Grimes & Burbridge grocery; Zuck Poultry; Courtney Saloon; Ross Brothers 99c store

Divorces _315 Added:___   added__2_ ytd_ Names : McDaniel; Small
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _48__ Added:  Names : Ball; Bayless; Bacwell; Barber;  Bickett; Bowen; Burk; Brown; Burton; Camesas; Cavanaugh;  Conrad; Eddingfield; Fisher; Glascock; Grover; Harris; Hampton; Hartman; Hankins; Harris; Joel; Jordon; Kiem; Kempner; King; McCalla; McKnight; Miller; Nussis; Petro; Shelton; Staton; Thompson; Toney; Wall; Wells; Wesner; Young

NEWS _34_ ALL NEW "NEWS" ITEMS WILL BE FOUND IN THE NEW PAGES THRU THE "GET AROUND LINKS"-- Added -  --items Added --Anthilogie Club (thanks Ms. Weliever); New Richmond Band; Laura Hulvey escapes death; 62nd Booher Anniversary; Railroad Convention; Carrie Hicks typhoid fever; Aaron Wood ill; Estella Cotrrell - operation; William Krug - sheriff's horse; John Sant Gray -67; Purviance - grad college; Montgomery Medical Society; Groendyke; chronic disease specialist; Plumps Marley - rejailed; James Chesterson sick; Sylvia White attempts suicide; John Miles 50th anniv; Crawfordsville Mayors (thanks Tim T); Fire - Weir; Pittinger-Petro paternity; Stilwell - charged with shooting; Train -accidents; Snyder's Chapel and Waynetown Methodist Church articles; Broadlick - marriage - elopes; Frank Covey escapes;  Poor House articles (8) - Thomas Z. Ball articles

PHOTOS -- __29_- Added (YTD=37) --
Photos People: Twining (Crawfordsville Female Seminary in Alumni); Henry D. VanCleave (in bio's); Pete Vice (bios)
PHOTOS Business: Photo album of 24 pictures of FUJI Film employees (cira 1990s); 2 photos of Browns Valley Bank notebook, cica 1905;

TOWNS: : _2_ : Total # 524 - towns to date - added Britton's Grove; Tilneyville

Reunions -- _ 6_ Added: Carver; Weliever (multiple)

JANUARY 2020 --Additions on Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: _202___ -- ALL NEW OBITUARIES WILL BE FOUND IN THE NEW PAGES THRU THE "GET AROUND LINKS" Added -  Ammerman; Beatty; Binford; Baldwin; Bayless; Bailey; Brown; Butler; Britton; Campbell; Clodfelter; Caplinger; Cowan; Crawford; Cook; Courtney; Cope; Croy; Coons; Davidson; Davison; Devitt; Davis; Durham; Elliott; Evans; Faust; Finnell; Foster; Fullenwider; Fuller; Geyer; Gilbert; Golliday; Graham; Grzesk; Ham; Hampton; Harbeson; Harlan; Hills; Himes; Hoover; Huber; Hugelheim; Hyten; Kaitson; Kleiser; Klinger; Kritz; Krages; Lamson; Lewellen; Little; Long; Lorje; Luse;Manson; Martin; Maxwell; McCormick; McCall; McKee; McSweeney; Milner; Mills; Moran; Morgan; Mount; Myers; Nunan; Nussis; Osborn; Osborne; Otterman; Patton; Paxton; Paul; Pence; Penrose; Piggott; Plunkett; Price; Prince; Purviance; Ramsey; Ransdell; Remmington; Riddlebarger; Ross; Roundtree; Rush; Ryan; Seaman; Short; Simpson; Smith; Snyder; Snow; Sorrells; Stobaugh; Spilman; Stultz; Stewart; Swank; Sweeney; Switzer; Tapp; Taylor; Thompson; Vance; Vancleave; Vanscoyoc; VanNess; Ward; Webber; Whalen; Whitaker; Williamson; Winters; Wren; Wright; Yount

Alumni- Schools -- _86     Added  (ytd = 86) -  1953 New Market Basketball Team; 4 Views of Darlington High School; Waveland Academy; Alamo Academy; Wesley Academy; Darlington Chief 1951 Yearbook (65 images);

Biographies -- _11_ _ Added -- Allen; Brush; Evans; Ornbaun; Paul; Seis; Symmes; Weliever

BUSINESS   12     Added = OC McLeod, Browns Valley Druggist; Nutt Hote; Candy Kitchen; Kirkpatrick Marable; Clayu Plant; Myers Pharmacy; Dovetail Buggy

Divorces _   Added:_7__   added___ ytd_ Names : Ambrose; Clemens; Hoover; Clemenson; Sheetz; Lydick; Ammerman

PHOTOS -- __8_- Added (YTD=8) --
Photos People: 5 photos of the Oliver C. McLoed Family (1900 to 1930); Rice, James and Florence FAMILY; Dunbar, Irma Dykes; PHOTOS Business: OC McLeod, Browns Valley Druggist;

TOWNS: : __ : Total # 522 - towns to date -

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