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2016 What's New

2016 Additions for Montgomery County InGenWeb

You might also want to check out what was added in 2015


Obituaries: 38 -- Names: Beebee; Dean; Busenbark; Deere; Deering; Deavers; Delaney; Delp; Demorett, DeDiemar; Demaree; Denk; Deasaur; Devore; Dice; Evans; Gass; Goddard; Glascock; Goodbar; Gooding; Harshbarger; Riley; Rogers; Sies
Biographies: 30 -- Names: Carter; Carmen; Chandler; Carver; Cheap; Cheshier; Claypool; Click; Coffing; Cochran; Cooper; Daugherty; Davidson; Davis; Deere; Derrickson; Detchon; Deverter; Devoss; Dewey; Denman; Wallace
Military - 15 items including letters home; pay scale of 1918; stations
Towns - 2 -- Sycamore Park; Center School House
Divorces - 2 -- Conkright ; McClure
Death Record - Goff
Marriages -- 12 - Cuppy; Galey; Finch; Fullenwider; Hunt; Kostanzer; Morrison; Smythe
New Items -- 7 -- Clubs; Ads; Adoption


MARRIAGES -- 2 - Monroe / Miller
MILITARY - List of Vet tombstones from Government - letter Spanish American War soldier
OBITUARIES --55 --Alexander; Beard; Bell; Campbell; Click; Comella; Cowen; Crist; Coulter; Cloos; Cowen; Coulter; Cox; Cunningham; Endicott; Epperson; Everson; Fiske; Fruits; Gillis; Gohman; Graham; Harris; Henry; Hopping; Lewellen; Keene; Martin; Michaels; McClamrock; Tate; Palmer; Ragsdale; Rich; Skelton; Robinson; Staley; Stebbins; Stewart; Sullivan; Thornbury; VanCleave; Walker; Walter; White; Willis; Williamson Note: Most of these are on the new site I'm working on switching the current site to so glad to check any for you :) Thanks for understanding
NEWS -- __75__ added__ = Delta Tau Delta frat - apologies from Review -- ads - Smith (Dr); (from 1887) 10 cent Store; Binford Perfumery - +Cottage Grocery; Kostanzer; VanCamp; Miller Bros Carriages; John Irwin dead/not; Keziah Montgomery Canine (stuck knitting needle in ear) - Cox, insane (sad story); Thornbury family - bad meat; United Brethren Church - Alamo Band item in "Alamo - places/photography; marriages - Coyle 60th anniversary - SHuler & Coffee, murders - Joel & Hornaday -- Waveland Banner newspaper (in biz section). ADS -- Cavell New Market Coliseum - Cunningham; Cochran; Cement Products, Ladoga; Boswell-Beeson Architects; Busenbark Grain; Hunt Funeral Home; Allen General Store; Frick-City Mill; Clements , Dr - Shaw Brothers Meats; Meneffee ENT; Norris Auctioneer; Hughes, Auctioneer; Ford, Alva; Fletcher-Russell Auctioneers; Joy Theater; Strand Theater; Sayler Brothers auctioneers; Sayler, HB; Montague & Smith Doctors; Graham's Department Store ad with 15 pictures of their department heads; Willis Art Gallery; Col. VanKennedy; Claypool-Goodbar Music; Crist; Cunningham, Ella chiropractor; Jennison Abstract; Ladoga Central Normal; Fullenwider x 2; Linderman, Fred; Barnhill Clothes; Corner Book Store; Scott-Reynolds Grocery; Opera House Grocery; Old Soldiers Peace 1898 Jubilee; Tinsley-Martin farm supply; Crist 2; Johnson & Brown - physicians; Chadwick for Auditor; Park-and-eat; Sayler Bros combo sale; Hughes auctioneer
PHOTOGRAPHS -- 17 -- 12 church photos and Hamill, new photographer; McMullen; Canine
TOWNS -- added _8 _ (Currently 426 towns and communities in Montgomery County found) -- Blackville; Salem Chapel; Old Union; Porto Rico; Possum Den; WIllis; Wheeler's Grove; Walnut Oak


Biographies --5-- have long ago typed all the biographies from the 3 main and 2-3 smaller county histories (although I may have missed a few - got the majority) so fun to add 4 this month -- two baseball players, brothers Harry & John Curry and a Kelly & Tinsley -- Bob Shortridge
Military --39-- Crockett; Dazey (added several new Brown Township Civil War soldiers and much information on others)
Marriages -- 14 -- ; Baker; Conner; Crabbs; Gardner; Harris; Hitch; Johnson; Kilpatrick; Patton; Pickett; Roberts; Smith; Tague; Stonebraker
Obituaries __85_ Names: Banta; Booher; Clements; Craig; Davis; Ermantrout; Good; Hadley; Harbison; Hawkins; Hicks; Hubble; Hultz; Hutchinson; Karle; Kimler; Lowe; McCarthy; McCranor; McDuffie,; Mason; Moore; Norman; Oliver; Paxton; Peters; Perry; Perkins; Peterson; Pierce; Phillips; Pitchford; Powell; Potter; Porter; Pranke; Ramsay; Ross; Quick; Stith; Thomas; Thornton; Todd; Warbritton; Weeks; White; Wright; Yount; Zachary
New Items -- 45 Accidents: Cook; Gillilalnd; Glaze; Heslar; Shanks; Samuels; Wilder Ads -- Canine prunes; Newgent Vet; McCormick supplies; Fullenwider-Taylor grocery - challenge from Star Newspaper; Sowers Grand Shoe Store - Drs included - Cowan; Duncan; McClelland; Hillis Feeds. Lawyers - Wallace (YEP, LEW author of Ben Hur in 1875); Hurley; Insley-Win wool; Oscar Cook moving; Shades Hotel - (UGLY) paint job -- Waveland Depot burned; Roberts Chapel Church; bastard suit - Lizzie Curry against WW Morgan; suit against Dingman for theft of corn and a suit against railroad (Kincaid) - Culver Hospital got $200 gift from Enoch; Razor cuts foot (I suppose it wasn't funny but the headline cracked me up); 3 political ads from 1916 (large, fancy ones for the Democrats and the only mention of a Republican was simply that - "Republican to talk 5 minutes before a movie began_ Crimes/Trial - Barnhill; James/Beckner murder' Elrod beaten; Wrightsman beats wife Miscellaneous -- biggest pumpkin 1905 - 103 # - Charter members Waveland Christian Church; Shaul mail carrier; Montgomery County Poor Farm article from 1875 --
Photos -- 19-- McDuffie; Mason; Todd; basketball; baseball teams; WH Freeman, Ladoga new photographer; 3 of his pictures; businessmen wives of 1920 Waveland; 1916-17 Girls team - 1907 Browns Valley Graduation program (Shortridge - thanks Mary Jo)
Deaths --8 -- Gilliland; Hubble; Neff; McCormick; Moody (thanks JD)
Divorces -- 4 -- Allen; Butcher; Lowery; Patton
Letters - 1 - Lizzie Brown writes to Waveland newspaper & friends in 1905 from her new home in Wickersham, Washington
Links -62 - added two Indiana State Library's listings of maps for Montgomery County and Facebook page for the local Genealogy Society that just began the page -- also fixed 60 - had some problems on the 1915 Waveland yearbook
Towns - 2 Shady Nook and Swans Down making 418 in our county so far (our original goal was 100 - long ago)


OBITUARIES: _44_: Note: these are on the site I am redoing (each page because the old program will not work on the newer computers - it's one humongous job but I'll git r dun :) but will be happy to send them if you'd like -- just figured there's no reason to do them TWICE so they are on the new site being constructed:) Names are: Bass; Bowers; Bruch; Krout; Larsh; Neff ; Canine; Godman; Green; Gross; Hedge; Hollingsworth; Hultz; Kellerman; Kingan; Knox; Keown; Line; Linderman; McClelland; McCollum; McConnell; McGregg; McVey; Malone; Murphy; Moon; Rice; Rivers; Royer; Stine; VanCleave; Vice; Wedding; Young
TOWNS: : __2_ : Total of 416 towns to date -added -- info. on Campbell Chapel - confirmed Beech Grove is in Montgomery County (happy about that)
DEATHS: __1__ Names: Death Record - Neff
PHOTOGRAPHS / PHOTOGRAPHERS: --__56__ - this is neat - under Photographs, Places, Waveland - 1929 Fair Guide - such fun !! 39 pages -- Ladoga GS troup about 1952; Amos Boone; George Boone; Peffley-Mahorney Inn (x2) north of Ladoga (thanks BB) - Garland Dell pic - Garland Dell poem (thanks Jim H) and thanks to Don C again for a super picture of his great grandfather, Wm. Dietrick --McNeil family picture (thanks Boyd) and Mahorney & Peffley (thanks Bill B)
MARRIAGES _4__ Names: -- Hardee; Irons; Martin; Wilson
MILITARY --_9_ -- WWI draft registrations -- Britts; Broach; Brocies; Broaders; Civil War discharge papers for George Ocheltree (so cool – thanks to Boyd)
News Items -- _9_ = August 1875 flood (Misc) - 1875 Baptist Association meets; Linn Reunion; (under business from C’ville Star August 1875 – Corner Book Store; Drs. JR Duncan; EH Cowan; JS McClelland; Hills Feed Store and Ridge a Science Photographer, whatever that is
Biographies -- _6_: Names: Carroll; Cornett; Cash; Busenbark; Shanklin; Young (on new site I'm working on - if you'd like to see any, please contact me (karen.zach@sbcglobal.net) and I'll send 'em to you
(Alumni) -- _2_ Added Horner School; Dawson School house - 1875 Links -- _1_ Facebook - Genealogy Club of Montgomery County Letters -- __1__ - 2 pages one explaining the Garland Dell Mineral Springs (pre-Shades - this is soooo awesome - thanks so very much, Don Coling :)
REUNIONS --1__ Gill - 1875

--- ADDITIONS for AUGUST 2016 ---

Alumni -- 5 -- Schools & 10 photos (Browns Valley; Byrd; Fairview; Fountain; Myers; Maple Grove; Harshbarger; Stoner; Valley)
Obituaries - 47 -- Names: Names are: Broach; Clawson; Cox; Dean; Delano; Dickerson; Dinsmore; Dodd; Durham; Eggers; Fivecoat; Fortch; Faller; Fendley; Frisz; Goslin; Gerald; Gregory; Gardner; Harshbarger; Hunter; Lawson; Lee; Smith; Beaupre; Wilson; Kleiser Shuey; McMains; Priebe; Mercer; Hicks; Jackson; McMullen; Michael; (thanks Marilyn W).
Military Drafts -- 9 -- 4 in WWI -- 5 in WWII (Davis; Dickerson; Hall)
Photos __ 48 __ WWI -- 33 who died and 5 for WWII - others Hicks, Nye, Wimsett
Reunions __2__ Linn & Phelps
Letters __2__ (Bee)
News Items __2__ (loved Dr. Fowler eloping with another man's wife)
Marriages __3__ (Gray, Darnell & Browning)
Deaths -- 1 (Dickerson)
Businesses __1__ (Advertisement from Burrin''s)

--- ADDITIONS for JULY 2016 ---

Obituaries - 29 -- Names: Hardin Carpenter; Alva Caldwell; Fred and Ruth Daily; Myrtle Early; Caroline Beuhler Eggers; Stella Martin Eppert; Myrtle Booher Doty; Ora Lowe; George T. King; Kenneth Kelsheimer; Floyd Guilliams; Pierre Goodrich; Ralph Gottschall; Eva Craig Martin (thanks Lena) and Thomas Ransdall. Also Ellis; Hays; Burgess; Cheatham; Fessand; Miller; Perkins; Tressner; O'Brien; Washburn
Deaths: __3__ Layton; Martin; Craig
Biographies: __20__ Detchon; Doney (thanks Denise); Earl; Eddingfield; Edson; Edgerley; Emmons; English; Ensminger; Florer; Fish; Freeman; Fitch; Gott; Oppy
Photos: _3__ = 1905 Mace Baseball team; 1957 Alamo Baksetball; Canine grocery
News - Waveland Race Track & 1892 Star Agents Listen
School --1 -- Todd School
Military -- 14 -- WWI Drafts - Bowers; Dicks; Dickman; Dorsey; Dunlavey; Tannenbaum; Tapp; Thompson
Divorce -- 1 -- Shots

-----ADDITIONS for JUNE 2016 ----

Obituaries _29__ Names: Alexander; Barnard; Bottorff; Campbell; Crain; Carr; Condit; Crowder; Davidson; Cramer; Evans; Engle; Fulwider; Barricklow; Fine; Lowe; Peck; Swoverland; Wilde; Tompkins; Miller; Mitchell ; Moon; Taylor; Johnson
Deaths: __2__ Names: Crawford
Towns __2__ Belladona and Mono Flats (416 total places - towns, villages, now and past, added to this site - we're all very proud of this)
Divorces __1__ = Booker
Marriages __6__ Bayless, Brothers, Brown, Dale, Fisher, Mitchell
Military: __1__ = Clark (gassed)

-----ADDITIONS FOR MAY 2016 ---

Obituaries _50__ Names: Linn; Rice; Mahorney; Milburn; Miles; Miller; Milligan; Moody; Mitchell; Milligan
Photographs __ 17__ Alamo 1st grader 1930; 7th graders 1921 Waveland; 1927 Baccaulareate & Play; Waveland Football players; Early class Waveland; Browns Valley Band; Jiom Tribby; Haw Creek Band; Service Men; Christian Church; Bouse's Drug Store
Military __11__ Servies; Sewell -- War of 1812 (added Moses Crane)
Biography __1__ Bailey
Letters __1__ Fulwider


Obituaries __19 __ Names are: Dowden/; Groff; Flora; Follick; Harwood; McMullen; Rogers; Sandlin; Pickett; Scott; Springer
Military: __10__ Names: (WWII obits) - Cord; McKee; Rogers; Wood; Swank and an article about the Waynetown Gold Stars of WWII; WWI Draft cards for Lamb; Little and Stonebraker
News Items: 1 - finished the Montgomery County Newspapers
Towns __3__ Bunkum's Cross Roads -- ready for this? THIS IS #414 - towns that are or have been in Montgomery County - amazing
Schools __13__ Breaks/Whitesville teachers; added several schools
Photographs __18__ - include sports pictures from Bill Boone - he rocks (Alamo County Champs; New Richmond 1938; Rick Haas 1969 Sectionals; 1926 Class; Chuck Clements; Frank Allhands
Note to readers: Know you're not used to such a small amount of goodies but I AM working believe me - oh, how I'm working :) -- completely redoing page by page of the whole site -- it's going to take me 2-3 months working every day, so bear with me and it'll soon be AWESOME !! kbz


Obituaries __49__ Names are: Barber; Benge; Brasfield; Elmore; Cope; Engle; Froedge; Howard; Humbert; Irons; Jamison; Kendricks; Griner; Kendricks; Garner; Gilkey; Gill; Larsh; Lovatt; McAtee; McBeth; McBroom; McAlister; McFadden; McGrigg; McKinsey; McKinney; McLaughlin; McMullen; McManomy; McQuown; Meadows; Maynard; McAnulty; Roberts; Rhoda; Rosenbaum; Thompson; Shelley; Surface; Thompson; Walkup
Military: __36__ Names are: Barcus; Manion; Thomas; Smith
Biographies: __5_ Names: Barcus; Ball; Barnes; Bazzani
Photos: __8__ area drug stores; IOOF New Richmond Hall dedicated..
News: __ 64__ items -- showers; sports; sick list; church items ... (Birthdays - Deeter; Bell; Breaks; Brown; Clarkson; Campbell; Swank; Vess; Kirkpatrick; Marcrum) -- (Anniversaries -- Bennett; McClain (photo - 50th) Sick list - Dewey - notice of will of George Thomas; Mildred Dunn party for Joe Million (showers, misc -- 11 - names: Harriman; Mason; Murdock; Cruea; Quick; Nesbitt; Harriman; Tribby (Showers -- Miller; Cruea; Pierce; Tribby; Mason ...) Misc (New Richmond Movie House (1915) Chivari (Brown) - Visit Calif for health (Shelby) --- also added a Newspaper history of the 76 papers having been in our county - big job but fun and it has already been helpful :)
Reunion: __1__ = photo 1922 with some names - researched them and we have all but maybe 4 not named with genealogical information included - FUN
Links: _2_ - Hoosier History Live and Famous from Crawfordsville


Obituaries -- __143__ = Names: Bible; Baldwin; Barr; Biddle; Canine; Barber; Benge; Brasfield; Cochran; Davis; Garner; Gilkey; Gill; Handley; Hayworth; Hornbeck; Johnson; Kinkaid; Kinnamon; Laurimore; Landers; Lovatt; Smith; Merrell; Miller; Meadows; Lee; Lucas; Martin; Marquess; Manges; Maloney; Manning; Massing; Mathews; Matthews; Mauck; Martz; McCauley; McClain; McClamroch; McCarty; McClaren; McClament; McClure; McCollum; McCay; McCreary; McCullough; McCutchan; McDaniel; Peterson; Shanks; Simpson; Todd; Warbritton (CW Soldier)
Towns -- __ 11__ but most were information added - 3 new ones however, including Pig Paradise (no kidding - this is Feb's report, not April 1st - heehee)
Who's Who -- __ 2__ Gill (baseball player); Manson (general - CW)
Photos __55 __ - includes great pictures from Mahlon D. Mason, thanks to his ..grandson Scott, Mahlon, one of Montgomery County's 5 (I count six, but 5 is the general concensus) Civil War Generals; really nifty picture of a Civil War wedding of Ponny Moody's while home on leave - thanks to his ... grandson, JDG.
Military -- __32__ = mainly WWI Drafts - Smith; Stewart; Bible; Mason
Links - __1__ = Famous from C'ville
Alumni --__ 10__ == Kole Kreek Kamera - 1910 1/2 Wingate and 1/2 New Richmond - interesting
News --__ 2__ = Small pox in 1915 and accident (I have hundreds of these - I need to get busy :(


Obituaries = 98 -- Anderson; Baker; Brown; Baudy; Boots; Britton; Buckel; Canine; Carpenter; Fruits; Duncan; Fink; Groendyke; Grimes; Henderson; Hay; Hamilton; Higgins; Hillard; Keeling; Leonard; Lanham; Lansom; Laube; Layne; Lannan; Landis; Little; Long; Loop; Lucas; Luse; Lynch; Lyon; Lyons; Lytle; Magathan; Mahorney; Mack; Mace; Maguire; Mason; May; Minnich; Munns; Miller; Misner; Myers; Nicholson; Ogden; Powell; Sanford; Shanks; Shield; Sorrels; Titus; Thompson; Thomas; White; Waldon; Wilson; Woody; Whiteley; Warren; Zachary
News items - __17__ = marriages (Gilkey; LaFoe); 15 articles on Save the Shades - glad they did :)
Towns = __2__ == 408 towns to date - added Upper California - info on Lone Tree
Photos -- __17__ -- Mason; Jolley and was able to identify one of the old entries (unknown now known as Sant Moody) - thanks Dan, Steve and JD
Schools = __5__ yearbooks and a couple of articles (New Richmond 1914 - what the kids needed to go to school - loved that) --- '56 Linden HS Annual; CHS 1923; 39; 54; 64
Bible __1__ == Denman (thanks so much to Marcy who rescued this baby in California and sent it to me) -- put the information up in the Bibles on this page and the original is now at the Crawfordsville District Public Library in climate-control :) AWESOME!!
Link -- __1__ -- nifty one on the symbols for cemetery stones I added to the link and cemetery pages
Military -- __23__ -- mainly WWI Drafts for Moody, Breaks & Gilliland - but also a neat article on the Biddle brothers (WWI) returning home -- added a page on Thomas Mason, a Revolutionary Soldier who died in our county (thanks, Steve); Durham - Civil War; Brant; Largent - both Revolutionary

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