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2021 What's New

CHECK - Check out the 2021 additions

2021 Goals --  wish us luck :)
1- 1500 obits or more --
2- 100 photos or more --
3 - Finish at least my share of the  Waveland history - it has gone WAY beyond what my original plan was but loving every minute of it !
4- More work on military and court records
5- Work on Businesses, Schools & Churches

DECEMBER 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   51   Added - [ytd=1,889;  Total 27,185) = (note some of the have several obits to their names) Bly (JM); Blue (son of Harry); Biddle (Homer, John J); Bishop (Lawrence KIA - WWII RIP); Cochran (Richard); Coffman (John); Coon (John); Collins (Treva); Cook (Abraham Lincoln; Hannah Applegate: Lydia Stoner; Martin; Shadrick); Coons (Illma); Craig (Robert); Crady (Zona Snyder); Cramer (Frederick); Crim (Henry); Crawford (John 1874); Culver (Mary M); Custer (Eliza); Curtain (Tom); Cummins (Rev Frederick Patterson); Custer (Rachel Cox); Weaver (Martha); Whiteley (William); White (John; Sherman); Welch (Uma); Wemke (Dean, Lola); Welch (Uma); Wilkins, Clint K.;

Alumni- Schools -- _ 64_Added   (YTD = 119)  
Crawfordsville Alumni: Added a photo to "View of the School" slideshow for Tuttle Elementary, circa 1910 or so; 1915 CHS Basketball Team photo with names; 1916 CHS Basketball Team photo with names; 1937 CHS Basketball Team photo - Winners of Sectional and Regional; 1968 CHS Basketball Team photo with names - Winners of Sectional includes photo of Cheerleaders; 1929 CHS Basketball Team two photos Sectional Winners no names; 1938 CHS Basketball Team photo Sectional Winners no names; 1948 CHS Basketball Team photo - Winners of Sectional and Regional with names and game information on back; 1957 CHS Basketball Team photo Sectional Winners no names; 1960 CHS Basketball Team photo Sectional Winners no names; Photo of Basketball Game inside of the Gym; A photo and the story of new play ground equipment at Willson School; Wabash College 1875 photo showing Center Hall (go to page and click on Wabash College;
North Alumni:  Photo of Linden High School; early Waynetown School; Breaks School before restoration; Two photos of Shannondale School; Photo of Wingate School with horse drawn Hacks, circa 1890?; Wingate vs Kokomo 1915 Basketball Game; Added two photos of Wingate 's first school; add four photos of Wingate's High School; Added a phptp of Bower's High School with students; Added photo of Bower's School pre-1914 with students; Added two photos of Linden School; Added a photo of New Richmond District School No. 2; New Richmond Basketball Team 1927-1928; New Richmond Basketball Team 1935-1936; New Richmond Basketball Team 1937; New Richmond Basketball Team 1939; 1910 Wingate Football Team photo no names; Waynetown Schools and Gyms (a short essay with pictures and text);
South Alumni:  2 Pictures of Ladoga Gymnasium; picture of early Yountsville School; Added another view of Ladoga East School Elementary; Penobscot School photo; Waveland School post card photo; Image of Mace School Collector Plate; Alamo Gymnasium photo;Alamo School & Gym Photo with students; Greenwood School photo; Maple Grove School photo; Ladoga Old Normal; 4 photos of Ladoga Elementary and High School; Yountsville School photo; New Market School 1928 building photo;Germany School (new); Browns Valley photo; New Ross Collector Plate; 1936 New Market Boys Basketball Team; Waveland Schools and Gyms (a short essay with pictures and text);

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!       (YTD = 18):  

PHOTOS -- _3_- Added (YTD= 235) --
  • Photos People:  _1___   -  Nannet, Ruth Vashti Allhands;
  • PHOTOS Places: __2__  =  Photo of Stoner Home and David Stoner who built the house

NOVEMBER 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:  220    Added - [ytd=1,838;  Total 27,134) = Names included: Alderdice (Maggie); Anderson (Albert); Austin (Fred); Ballard (Wm S; Emerson; Tilghman); Barnes (Milton); Barnhart (Florence) Bell (Jesse Edward; Joseph Jesse; Martha Hatt; Rosa Hughes); Best (Mary Theresa);  Carrington, John F; Carrington (Nancy, Nona; Carnagey, James; Campbell, Elisha, Cadwell, Fred, Caplinger, Jesse, Canby, Edward, Canary ,Martha; Campbell, John.  Clodfelter (Hannah); Clore (Elijah); Claypool (Abel); Clampitt (Eli); Clark (Elijah, Joan, Mary); Clements (Flora); Cleverly (Al); Clevenger (William); Combs (Amanda; Clara, George, William); Collins (Son of Daniel); Donner (Samuel); Conrad (child of James); Coons (Elzy); Corn (Sarah Allen); Cornett (Ron); Coutant (Chauncey); Cox (George); Sooper (George, Charles, Sylvester); Harlow (Fred); Harris (Francis Marion; Mattie); Harlan (Bessie); Harlow (Boss); Harmon (Eliza); Hawthorne (George); Harp (Anna); Hays (Eunice); Hart (IW); Kelly (Thomas); Kalweit (Vivian); Keeney (Jerry; Matie; Stanfield; Sarah "Sallie"; Kelsey (Milton); Kern (Ethel); Kite (Lem); Kidwell (Bud, Paul); Klein (C. Harry); Kenney (Naomi); Kimmell (JP); Kirkpatrick (Lida); Lamb (Betsy); Lambert (Leann); Lennix (Hiram); Landis (Christopher); Laird (William H; Leffew (James; Layne (child of Will); Largent (Child of Mark); Marshall (Carrie; William); Maxwell (John C, Sp. Amer; Margaret Warbinton; John S - Rev; Hoard); Mack (Catherine); Mathers (JW); Mann (Edward); Manning (James); Masterson (William); Mason (Thomas); Markley (Wallace); McMains (Guy, Harrison, Louis); McLean (Willie); McNeal (mother of Mike - sad one); McCord (Rachel); McCoy (Laura); McDaniel (Henry H; Virgil); McCrasnor (David; Barbara); McFeely (Florian); McCalip (Mary Zeigler); McCain (John); McCampbell (child of WN); McCafferty (Lydia); McClure (William; William N; John; Harold; Harriet); Nesbitt (Elnora; Stella; ;Nellie; Gladys; William); Nichols (George, Norman); Norris (Martha) Norvell (Mary); Noth (Frank); Nunan (Nancy); North (William); Nolan (Mary); Northcutt (Walter, Mabel); Norman (James Enos); Nichols (Harry B); Olin (Leon); Oliver (George); Olendorf (AH); Olinger (s/o J); O'Connor (Bessie, Thomas); O'Neall (Ellen); Orme (Hazel, Mark) Oppy (Rachel); Otto (Louis W); Yeabley (child of Zeb); Patton (Israel, Alvin); Payne (Alice, son of Moses); Paris (Harry); Penn (Joseph); Pease (Charley); Petrie (William); Peterson (John ; Mary Armentrout); Penn, Joseph); Peffley, Samuel; Ward ( inf of Jerre; Warington (Orphy); Warbinton (John; Rev WIlliam); Walton (Harvey); Walden (Freddie, Cora); Warren (William); Warson (MR); Watson (Ruth Cowan); Wallace (JW); Yaryan (inf. of Harvey); Yount (Dan; Hannibal Catterson); Younger (inf. of William); Young (Jacob, Nancy J; Matthias); York (Geraldine); Zachary (Isophema; John); Zahn (John); Zellers (Mary; Mary E); Zeigler (Otto E - Mrs. d 1891 - anyone know her); Zellars (Alice; Zoda (Minnie Martin) - note the Zs are ones Jim forgot to upload last time - listing but not counted again

Alumni- Schools -- _ 2 _Added   (YTD = 54)  
North Alumni:  Coal Creek Township teacher list for 1900 Winter Term; Photo of the Bowers Class of 1949;

BUSINESS  11    Added >> Year To Date: --102 -- Added: Star Shoe House (1898 Advertisement); Bunnell Trucking; Darnell Brothers; Fields Furniture; Galey Feed Yard; Hadley Grocery; Hannegan Lawyer; Schlosser Blacksmith; Snyder Plumbing

Divorces _20 Added:___   Names :  Crowe; Harris; Britton; Craig; Hill; Hays; Kelly; Harney; Grimes; Scott; Stout; Sperry; McClure; Hill; Newlin; Nossett; Wrightsman Zachary; Springler;
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _10__ Added: Hicks (don't think it ever gave her name or John Rankins' wife); Covington-McQuinney; Hughes - Rayner; Kelly - Vance; Ristine - Osborn

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!       (YTD = 18):  

Letters _7__ -  (YTD = 3) Added: WWI letter from Fred Caster; McClellan to Wallace - 1861; Dan Casey to Journal (Span. American war); Coyner, JM - 1855; Wilhite (Capt. 1901 Sp. Am aas is one from eoerge Maxwell

MILITARY -- (Causalities and Other Data)__5__Added - (ytd = 6)
Spanish American War: Photo of Company K, 44th U.S. Volunteer Infantry with names of the members from Montgomery County; Hurt, Fred C. as a medic:
World War I =  items added --3 - Commissioned: Fred Herron; Discharged Roy Buser; John Calhan

NEWS 70__ -- Added -  279 YTD - Total? -- Added: Pebworth makes history; Campbell Charles (Ghastly Christmas); Newspapers (added 23 to list of what we have had in MoCo); Republican Bicycle Club; Hampton, ELmer - mean trick on him; Northwestern Traction - tries to lay tracks; Sick List - Typoid Fever; James Grham and Joseph Slusser declared insane; Crimes - Allen and Robertson horse stealing.  Taken Ups - Mecky, Howard.  Added 1900 list of Orphans; County Poor Farm article; Clubs (Agriculture SOciety - early start; Accident son of John McLane.  Clubs (Agriculture SOciety; Masons built temple); Cook Martin - County Poor Farm; Accident: Benton; Bastardy Cases (Hamilton-Rusk; Hogsett - Maltbie; Britton-Miller); Cook-Martz court suit; Jackson, Claude pathetic far away; Sick - Giltner, John P and Josiah Markey

PHOTOS -- _4_- Added (YTD= 234) --
  • Photos People:  __1__   -  Unknown C'ville Man;
  • Photos Groups:   1       - 1931 Corn Husking Champions;
  • Photographer information 2   Added two new photographers - JA Nikolai and FE Wise

TOWNS: : _4    : Total # 531- towns to date -  articles added to Wingate and Whitlock info

OCTOBER 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   115   Added - [ytd=1618;  Total 26,714) = Names included:    Davis (Carl, Edna, Eliza, Harry, Lawrence, Henry H, William J, Warner, Emma, child of Jacob 1874, Twins of John 1874, Manning "Stoney", Marion Jacob, Nina Switzer), Daggy (TF); Davidson (Louisa); Dazy (Anna); Deighton (George); Detchon (Amanda); Edwards (Harold, Louella, Jessie, Mack, Robert Max); Eads (Delpha Rice); Ehrie (Wesley); Everson (Charles J); Fell (Timothy - added; William I); Felton (Perry); Fink (Comodore, Ivan, Sarah Lowe); Fisher (Nancy); Fletcher (Mary SMith; Foster A); Foster (Wiley); Ford (son of Thomas); Garver (Samuel); Gearhart (Charles); Gibson (Calvin, William); Gillis (William); Gilliland (John - 1882); Smith (Carl K; Charles E; Clifford R; Eli L; Elizabeth; Evalyn; Flossie; Fred Lee; Grover T; Howard; Keith C; Lena Ray; Luther W; Ruth Stokes; Mary E; Louisa).  Harp, Laura Byrd; Harris (Hattie); Hardee (Mary) Hatton (Mamie) Harvey (Lawrence Franklin) Hanna (Mary Duncan); Hack (Frances Willard Stewart); Haas (Forest G); Ham (Jonathan (ED); Hall (Druzilla; SQ); Hampton (William); Hamilton (Thomas);Jacks, Vilas; Jack, James, Blanch; Jackson, Harrison, James, Louis, Lydia, Norval, Sally, James E; Jarvis, Elizabeth; Jennings, Edward T.; Johnson, Rhom; Jeffries, Chauncey; Jones - Grace, JOhn; Keller (son of Ben; Myrtle); Kelshimer, Kenneth, Mary Cartright; Kay (Hester); Keefe (Annie - added); Kernoodle (Willis); Keene (Emily - added); Kesley, Amelia Vance; Keeling (Austin)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 6 _Added   (YTD = 52)  
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  Bowers - Wingate underclassmen (2 named Dallas Jones and Russ Harris) who became members of the first class of Coal Creek Central; 3 Sharp Dressed Wingate Men including Dale Jones and Russ Harris (need a name for the third member and more information; Liberty Chapel School (an article);
South Alumni: Article on Gilliland School - 1894; Information on Walnut Grove School in Brown Township; Hopping School (new listing);  

Biographies -- __13_ Added _ Year to date --43 - Names Added:  Brown (Theodore); McClelland, James S (added); Watson, Samuel; Maier (Karl); Miller (John; Valentine); Noakes (Bob);  Fruits, George - added articles; Krug, William Augusts + Photo

BUSINESS  12    Added >> Year To Date: --93 -- Added: Lewis, James - Barber; Dwiggins & Sons, General Store; Hamilton, Dr. Albert; Simpson, George; Ingersoll Service Station; Ingersoll Inn; Simpson, George Repair Shop; Wayne Auto; Waynetown State Bank; Boldt Mill; Shuler & Gremard

NEWS _40_ -- Added -  167 YTD - Total? -- Added; Miscellaneous - Murphy, Viola - adopted; Kise, Will - attempts suicide); Hankins - Booher - patent grave vault; County Poor Farm (Johnson, Crique, Shaffer) ; Civilian Conservation Corps; Courthouse; McConnel, Ira - assault; Crime: Connor, Clint-Wallace - assault; Jim Evans; Wyant, Rose - assault; Maxwell, Howard Scott - runaway - Sick: Reynolds, Jacob attempts suicide same with Cora Brown and Lou Vyse; Crime - Elmer Toney is held up); Accident - Anderson, George - saw; Harry Harrington - accident 16,000 volts and still alive; Newspapers in Montgomery County (NIFTY) - Dennis, Lulu - found; Martin, Isaac - flag; WCVL Radio article; Zachary, William - gun acquittal; Webb - family GENEALOGY; Stroker, Blanche - sent to Girls School;  Beebee - child to be raised by Peytons; Mish, George - returns; Clodfelter, Marion - fever

PHOTOS -- _16_- Added (YTD= 230) --
  • Photos People:  __15__   -  Davis, Henry Howard & Josephine (Twins); Davis: Manning, Angeline Smith Davis, Sarah Davis and Paden Smith (born 1856); Davis, Manning & Angeline; added one in William A Krug's bio; J. W. Dunbar with daughters Mary Jo and Reggie in 1948; Fruits, Samuel Larkin on bicycle; Greene, Dr. H. W.; Morgan, Dr. D. N.; Elmore, Capt. C. W.-Mayor; Gilkey, D. H.; Binford, Moreland B.; Wert, Capt. M. V.; Ornbaun, Harley W.; Morse, E. L.; Naylor, Harry C.;
    PHOTOS Places: __1__  =  New Market Train Station;

SEPTEMBER 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES:   295   Added - [ytd=1503;  Total 26,599) = Names included:    Ames (Vinah); Allen (Alvin, Charles)'; Albertson (Parker); Agnew (Della Gregory); Adkins (Lloyd); Ammerman (Andrew); Andrew (Charley); Alexander (Joseph); Ashby (John T 1874); Atkinson (George F); Baldwin (AJ; Bertha; Julia Pierce); Ball (James); Bannon (Sallie); Barton (Charles H); Barnhart (JL); Barcus (John M - CW); Beal (Jonathan); Beaver (Ella; Ruth); Bennett (Carrie, Roxanna); Beck (Mary Smith; Ruth); Benefield (Jane McConnell); Bowes (Sarah Denman); Boyland (Ed); Bowman (John); Bowen (Mary H); Brandenburg (Matthias); Bradburn (Thomas); Brumbaugh (Dr Eli); Brannigan (Harriet); Breaks (Eliza); Bradley (Joseph); Brown (Elizabeth 1900; JKane);  Bible (Arthur; David; Irvin); Bigler (Wm 1873); Bilbo (David 1873); Binford (Peter 1873); Birdcell (Louise); Blair (John W); Brewster (Sarah 1874); Briggs (Caroline; d/o Dr 1873); Britton (Cornelius; Mrs. John - 1873 - know her?); Brockenbrough (Mrs John - know her?); Brown (Matthew - daus d in Kansas storm); Bryant (Wm - 1874); Buchanan (David 1874); Busenbark (Lizzie); Bussenbarrick (SE); Bush (Johnny); Byrd (Ed ; James); Burk (Emma; James; John Marshall); Buntin (Greenberry); Burroughs (George Stockton); Butcher (Cynthia); Burchfield (son of TJ - 1874); Caldwell (Bertha); Callanah Mary 1944; Campbell (Rachel); Canine (Cornelius); Canby (parents of Gen; Louisa Hawkins; CGC; Israe T) ; Doyule (William); Downing (Samuel); Donovan (Julia); Dougherty (Wesley); Dinsmore (Arthur Mary Irons - Gold Star Mother; Omer); Drollinger (Ambrose); Elston (Maria); Evans (Weltie); Epperson (William Frank); Eads (William Thomas); Earl (Inf. of Howard); Edens (Inez); Edwards (Clarence, Eli Howard, Kitty); Elliott (Joan); Elmore (Eliza); Ellis (Eunice, Frank M); Easley (Tody); Evans (Mary Epperson); Gardner (Eliz); Gerard (James); Giffin (Robert);Garland (Charles, Frances, Samuel); Gardner (Henry); Gaylor (Sylvester); Gayler (Vessie, Leland);  Gegner (Ilah; Robert); Gillis (Susan, Emma); Garland (Nancy, Adam); Galey (inf dau of John, Rachel); Galloway (Otto); Glascock (Thomas); Gibbs (Violet, Irene, JIm Jr, Keith; Mary Ann); Glover (Omer); Greene (Mary); Greist (Emma); Gregory (George); Graves (Thomas); Grider (Wm); Graybill (Eliz); Gray (John); Graham (James); Graves (Bertha); Grimes (Mattie, Sarah); Gregory (Ben); Gwin (Moses); Gray (Adam, Samuel); Gray (Aurilla); Guard (Mary Idella) Grubb (James, Josephine); Godfrey (GW; Goodheart (Louise); Goodwin (George); Gott (Austin, Milla); Quillen (Thomas); Quick (Gerald, James, Nathan); Quackenbush (George); Quiggle (Belle); Quigle (Clifford, Herbert, Mabel Kerr); Scanlon (Catherine); Schultz (d/o John); Sellers (James 1874; William); Scott (James T); Shelton (Cora); Shellady (Elizabeth); Shumaker (Hannah); Show (Old Lady - anyone know her); Shade (Mabel Marie); Shumaker (Hannah); SHanks (Elwood; James); Shamp (Ben; Darwin); Sharp (Bessie); Shular (Cora);; Shuey (Emiline); Starks (Sarah Randel); Steadman (Martha); Stephenson (Ernest, Inez, John); Stiles (Rachel Doyle); Stinley (Child of Lon); Stoner (Lyddia); Stokes (Harriet); Ward (Joseph); Walter (James P); Walton (-- Mrs. James - know her?); Walter (Henry); Wasson (Joseph); Welch (Julia); Weaver (Harriet Custard; Homer Wallace; William Jasper; Sanford); Weeks (Effie Crain); Weir (Henry; Salome); Wert (Isabel); Wells (child of William 1874); Wert (child of MV); Weikel (Lucy); Wells (Lee; Murder; Roy; Willie); Welsh (Letitia); Whetzel - Engineer - anyone know his name); Whitloc (Elizabeth); White (Bernice; John W); Wilson (James L; Ella); Wilcox (Katheryn); Winton (Wm. R); Williams (Kenneth); Wilhite (Belle); Wisehart (Wife of Thomas 1874 - know her?); Wood (John - murdered; Thomas - 1873); Wooden (Myrtle; Will); Wray (Maud ; Mary Buchanan; Lizzie); Wright - William B (1902)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 8 _Added   (YTD = 46)  
North Alumni:  Bowers - Photo 1926 Waynetown Basketball Team; 4 photos of the 1925 Girls BB Team of Waynetown;
South Alumni: Photo of the "First and Last" Graduates of Alamo High School; 1963-1964 Waveland Kindergarden Class with Names;

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!       (YTD = 18):  

REUNIONS - __1__   ( YTD = 5) -- Bannon Reunion, possibly 1938 thru 1941 with listing of names;

AUGUST 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: 146 Added - [ytd=1208;  Total 26,304) = Names included:  Jackman (children of Henry);; James (Ernest; Ivan; Karl); Jesse (Nannie); Johnson (Rev ER, Nellie); Jones (Edgar T); Jordon (Stephen); Kennedy (Margaret; William); Kenyon (Mary O'Neill); Kepler (Flora Louella); Klaiber (Josephy; Kate); Kersey (Ed); Kellison (John); Kinder (Albert); Lane (Henry S); LePage (Alice; Jules Anthony; Jules Leon); Ligh (Mat); Lightcap (Frank); Linn (Maggie Evans); Little (C Ward, LW); Long (Frank, Mary James); Lowes (Louis); Luse (Sarah Fletcher); Lyon (Ora); Ocheltree (Wilson); O'Neill (Mary); Olmstead (Susie); Osborne (Grace, J. Harvey); Owens (Armstead); Paddoner (Elizabeth - such a sad story); Painter (William); Parker (inf of John M; Stephen); Patton (Israel); Peterman (Albert); Pefley (Myrtle); Rollins (Marilyn); Rogers (Joseph; Mary); Robinson (George); Roberts (Lee); Ross (Eva); Rountree (Florence); Ross (Hannah; John; TJT; James; Robert C); Royer (Travanian); Runyan (Sarah); Russell (Betsy); Rooney (Ann); Ristine (Harley G; Harley T; Helen; Warren; FLorinda & Sophia); ); Rice (Robert); RIng (Minnie); Riley (Judge James) Tingler (Gertrude); Tobin (John); Todd (Clarence); Totten (Smory); Turnipseed (Walter); Wade (Isaac); Wallace (W Dewitt); Walls (Lilian); Walkup (Levine; Warbinton (Anna); Warrick (Harriet); Washburn (Elihu; Manner; Nichols; Muse Cecil); Wainscott (William "Dick"); Walden (John); Ward (Usual - 1874); Wakeman - 1873 - anyone know his name?); Watson (Wm P); Wallace, Frank); Waugh (Sarah); Warbington (Charles); Wilcox (Howard "Howdy); Wilcox (Howard 1889 - Howdy's dad); Katheryn; Levi;JohnH); Wilson (Agee; Caster; Henry; Rhoda); Williams (Alice May); Wise (Andrew F); Wilber (John C); Wilkins (Hannah Ridge); Williamson (RF - CW); WIseman (William Hobart); Wilkinson (Clarence); Williams (Charles Richard; Lenore; Alice May).  ENJOY!  

Alumni- Schools -- _ 1 _Added   (YTD = 39)  
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:  Bowers - 1878 Plat Map at Bowers
South Alumni:

Bibles __1__ - 79 bibles - (LOVE more):  Edwards, Hamilton & Nancy

Biographies -- __11_ Added _ Year to date --40 - Names Added: Heaton; Hunt; Hutton; Keene x2; Kendall; Ornbaum; Smith (Samuel); Shular; Simpson; Tilney

Blog --  -- __1__Karen's Gen Blog -- Story of the Fountain County GenWeb section of the WPA Birth Index being update, additons found and errors corrected;

Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _10__ Added:  Beck; Butcher; Davis; Dorsey; Johnson; Keene; Lamson; May; Penn; Rhoads

Census __2 __ Updated 2 names on the 1870 Sugar Creek Township  census

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!  2     (YTD = 18):  New Market Baptist Church Picnic, 20 July 1941 with names ( need help identifying);

NEWS _3_ -- Added -  127 YTD - Total? -- Added; Mary Waldo; Old Sesttlers (Ensminger, Paire, Rice article); Garret Larew from Kansas

PHOTOS -- _1_- Added (YTD= 216) --
  • Photos People:  __1__   -  Hicks, Preston and family;
    PHOTOS Places: ____
  • Photographer information    

JULY 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __100__ Added - [ytd=1102;  Total 26,160) = Names included:  Naylor (Isaac; George; Lily); Newton (Nancy); Nittendorf (Harry); Nicely (Evaline); Nichols (John); Northcutt (Mabel); O'Brien (Emma); O'Connor (Maurice); Obenchain (Mary; Nash); O'Herron (Michael); Oliver (Ella); Oldshue (Vera); O'Neall (Abijah); O'Dell (John); Sadler (Floyd); Sackmire (Roma); Schenck (Mary); Seawright (William Wilson); Seller (Marshall); Sheets (William); Simpson (James - CW); Sidener (George B); Shobe (Abram - CW); Shipman (Lucinda Stull); Simpson (John 1892; Margaret, Philo); Shanklin (child of JW); Simms (Florence Mitchell); Smith (Harry; Jeanette; Byron; Charles Kent; Edith Rettinger; Eleanor Meek; Elberson Clair; Andrew; Robert; William); Smock (Eliza Wade; Ferris; Isaac Newton); Sperry (Isaac F); Snyder (George W; Wash; Claude; Lulu; Ralph; Troy); Snelling (Beulah Smith); Snider (Leotha Peak); Sovereign (Maude); Spohr (Amanda); Stump (Elizabeth); Stout (child of DY); Strong (Charles); Stubbins (Agnes); Sullivan (Jerry); Sutton (Charles); Sutherlin (Dr JF); Swank (Julia Cox); Swearingen (James); Thompson (Gitty Ann; Girty; William H; Taylor (AA; Albert Elmer); Talbot (Elizabeth Hart); Toney (Mrs. Charles - anyone know her?); Grick (Emma Moncrigh); VanCannon (Matilda, Milliana); Vangundy (Simon); VanHook (Patricia); VanNote (Cleo); Vannice (James Clark); Verhey (Alan; Harry; Mary)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 1 _Added   (YTD = 40)  
Crawfordsville Alumni: Photo of the CHS 1971 Tennis Team, with names;

Biographies -- _10__ Added _ Year to date --29 - Davidson, Thomas Fleming; Gilkey, Daniel; James, Karl C; Johnson, Elijah Rockwood; Watkins, Joseph Milton; Wilson, Caster; Vancleave (Rev MM; Henry Daniel; Lucy); Voris SE -- note some are added articles; others something I wrote and etc :)

Divorces _9 Added:___   Names :  Adams (John-Minnie); Brown (? name but another of Hattie); Booker (Helena - vs John); Dailey (Gerorge - Sylvia); Synkoop (thinking this is Wynkoop, though); Smalley (Riley); Zachary (John - Melissa)
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __20_ Added:  Baker, Brush, Badger; Brush;  Cox, Hartman; Herron; Hedges; Glover (Elmer); Gray; Horney; Nelson; Opperman; Rhea; Rhorer; Rice; Wescott; Waugh; Shanklin; White; Terry

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!  10     (YTD = 16):  10 pages of the 1982 Alamo Christian Church photo History Book;

NEWS _40_ -- Added -  124 YTD - Total? -- Curry - lawsuit against Morgan for paternity - County Farm articles (several) - Accidents - Harrison Breaks; 1900 Politicans 9 photos saying they are running; 1892 Monon Wreck lengthy article; Fire - Detchon; Alamo - old folks 1897 (I didn't put these Individually so if you have an older person in that time frame there they are likely mentioned - Patrick Ham was the oldest -- Accidents (Uncle Billy Fletcher); Ball, James recommends Dr. J. Berry); Fire -Yearly report 1888; Tim Casey's home and also  St. Bernard;  Good Templars (3 articles - I wasn't sure what this was so enjoyed learning about it); Nelson, James - insane - also Martz and Edwards, County Farm articles (Charles Carter; Ralston Fowler & mother taken there); Contests - corn huskers; Beck, Margaret (whoops, can't read my writing so not sure where/why I put her in there; Greenwell - locates father he thinks :) ; Lottie McClain - rural mail carrier

PHOTOS -- _21_- Added (YTD= 216) --
  • Photos People:  __17__  (Check Verhey obits) - 1900 Politicians running; check out Caster Wilson biography - also bios for Vancleave, Lucy; Rev, Elijah Rockwood; Karl James; and Joseph Watkins; 4 Unknown photos from the Wingate are around early 1900's sent in by Andy Rice-here is what he says, "These could be related to Krouts and may have been in a early 1900s Johnny Krout family box or an early 1900s  packet of Joseph W Crane/Cottrells/Wingate area.";

TOWNS: : _5 articles 1 new town    : Total # 531- towns to date - added a new town, Willow Bend and another Wide Awake

JUNE 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: _124___ Added - [ytd=1002;  Total 26,060) = Names included: Dotson (Alva; Dorothy; Ellis; Frank; Lois; Babe; Wayne); Driver (George); Douglass (dau of Thomas); Eastlack (Maye); Ebel (Charles; Maude; Thelma); Edwards (William - 1873); Elliott (Mattie; Susan); Fletcher (Hester Lafollette); Harris (James, Jordan, Jane; Onda; Rhoda; William C; William T); Harriman (James); Hartman (Harriette, Samuel); Hatt (John); Harness (Conrad); Hauk (child of Charles); Harper (Daniel Voorhees); Hole (Hallie, Nadine); Hopper (Charley, Alva); Hollister (George); Hollingsworth (Samuel); Hooper (William C); Hodges (Zella); Hostetter (Margaret Thompson); Huber (Fred); Humbert (Mary); Hurley (Earl); ahoy (child of Dan); Maloney (Mary); Martin (Frank); Moffett (William); Monford (Nancy Foster); Morrison (Charles, Allen); Morgan (Joseph N); Mote (Martin); Moore (Cyril; Ella; Lizzie; Lydia); Mulligan (PC); Murphy (James; Joseph; Mary Key; William C); Schenck (Kenneth, Mary Moore, Viola, Willis); Scott (Ethel, James T); Schurmann (inf); Seybold (George); Stafford )Rev. John); Steele (Clella Plunkett); Stickwood (Mary Epperson); Stipe (Rose); Stover (Henry); Stone (Mary Conner - quite a story); Stevens (inf of Charles); Stump (Lizzie Hopkins; Mary; Samuel); Tebbs (Moses); Alburt (Harriet); Tallman (Hiram); Thomas (James, Kelsey, Margaret Brasfield); Thompson (Henry, Margaret; Nancy; Samuel; Sarah, Ira); Thornton (John); Tinsley (George; Harvey); Twiddy (Marion); Tyson (William); Vanmeter (Jefferson); Vance (Isaac); Vancleave (David); Underwood (Robert - CW) - Utterback (Maud)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 8 _Added   (YTD = 39)  
North Alumni:  6 Photos of a Waynetown Class as they grew between the mid 1940's and mid 1950's, the last was between 1954 thru 1957 and contains names and had the teachers Mrs. Lovelace and Bob Gooding;  Waynetown 5th Grade class of September 1949 and their Autograph page with names;

Divorces _9 Added:___   Names :  Britton, Grimes, Harris, Jenkins, Nosett, Scott, Sperry, Stout, Watts
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __22_ Added:  Breed, Butcher, Coffman, Coleman, Clement,  Coons, Francis,  Gentry, Goltra, Harrison, Harwood, Hulet, Manson, May, Moore, Nicholas, Wilbert, Wible, Whittington, Winans, Wasson, WEekly

Diaries --_1__ -  1942 Hulda Smith from Waveland

NEWS _5_ -- Added -  100 YTD - Total? -- Walkup - mad cow -- Faust children drink poison -- Ware boy - knife in eye  -- Doak, John goes insane  -- Bayles Luna - falls from car

PHOTOS -- _151_- Added (YTD= 192) --
  • Photos People:  __151__  Dunbar & Clouser Photo Collection (150 photos); Davis, Elzora Dinsmore

TOWNS: : _1     : Total # 529- towns to date - Croaker's Run - new one making 529 (so far - lol)

REUNIONS - __4__   ( YTD = 5) -- Deere; Stewart; Legionnaires; Hankins brothers reunion in France

What's New in 2021

MAY 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: _159___ Added - [ytd=878;  Total 25,944] = Names included:  Britts (William); Britton (James); Brown (Imogene, Joseph H , Thomas); Breaks (John); Bratton (Harold F; Frances); Caven (John F - Capt CW); Carrington (Nancy, Nona); Cadwell (Fred); Carnagey (James); Campbell (Elisha); Caplinger (Jesse); Carmen (dau of Aaron); Casey (Ellen); Clodfelter (Alvin, Bettie, Carl, Dennis, Donald, Edward, Francis Marion, John W); Clark (daughter of Elva); Clore (Simon); Clouser (Emma B); Cook (Albert, Rachel, Stella); Cobler (Anna Dvidson); Cockefair (Charles); Collins (Hiram, John Andrew); Conner (Nancy); Conrad (William); Cowan (Eulala); Cottington (Maria); Coulter (James B); Cox (Allie Morris); Crawford (Albert, Margaret); Croft (Thomas); Crow (Hannah); Crouch (Julia); Craig (William); Croy (Martha, Martha and Laura); Cully (Mary, Lee); Cumberland (Frank); Cunningham (Ernest, Robert); Curry (Lee Andrew); Dain (Charles, Chester, Clara, Cynthia, Silas); Fenn (Daisy); Ferrell (Alice); Flynn (Daniel); Flauding (Josephine); Fitchey (George); Fisher (Josephine, Peter, William); Foster (John); FOrgey (Mahala); Goff (Charles, Matie); Goings (Harry, Mary, William); Gooding (Charles; Ella); Goodwin - inf of John; Naylor (William Capt CW); Neander (Victor); Newlin (Daviod); Neander (Victor); Nicely (Albert); Nicholas (James, Manda); Nolan (Ellen); Nutt (Mary Cooper);  Parson (Janette); Palmer (Mary McClintock); Patterson (Will); Paxton (Nancy x2, Matilda); Payton (Mary); Peacock (Samuel Rogers); Patterson (Nelson); Peterson (Alfred, Charles B; Frank); Peck (Grace); Penrod (Nelson); Patton (Malinda; James W, Burdette); Payne (James W); Perkins (Albert); Palin (Betsy); Parker (Maude; Redenbaugh (William); Raub (Bill, Lewis); Reep (Charles); Rasor (Stella); Reynolds (Jesse); Rhodes (Ethel Lucile) Rhoads / Rhodes - believe the same man - Dorsey Rhodes; Dawson Rhoads; Rice (inf dau of Charles; Humphrey); Ristine - Florida - added; Riley (Margaret 1899).

Alumni- Schools -- _  _Added   (YTD = 31)  
Crawfordsville Alumni:
North Alumni:
South Alumni:

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!       (YTD = 6):  

Letters ___ -  (YTD = 3) Added:

MILITARY -- (Causalities and Other Data)____Added - (ytd = 1)
Revolutionary War
Civil War
Spanish American War
World War I =  items added --
World War II =    items added ---
Korean -
Viet Nam -

NEWS _9_ -- Added -  95 YTD - Total? -- (a big bunch) -- 4 new items for CEL&P (link to a short history in the Montgomery Memories and 3 aerial photos of Generating Plant); 5 more items -- Owsley Ice Cream Supper; 50th anniversary for Eston Elmore's; GAR; Railway Express Agency; Lee Keen accident

PHOTOS -- __- Added (YTD= 41 ) --
  • Photos People:  ____  
  • PHOTOS Places: ____
  • Photographer information    

TOWNS: : _     : Total # 528- towns to date -

REUNIONS - ____   ( YTD = 1):  

APRIL 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __108__ Added - [ytd=719;  Total 25,785] = Names included:  Dinsmore (Sarah); Dougherty (? name 1898); Durhjam (Fred); DIckson (Paul); Dillon (Clark, Logan); Dinwiddie (Bertha, Clark, Lee, Pearl Kissie); Dix (James Wesley); Deets (AH and Alex); Davidson (Mary); Deere (Jennie Bowerman); Kersey, (Jack); Kirkpatrick (George); Koencke (Imogene); Laube (Bill) Lang (Jim) Layne (Sarah); Lane (Melissa); Largent (Henry, Neva); Lasley (Hannah); Laverty (Cecil); Lanaham; Lane (Mrs., Thomas 1873; Otto); Larsh (Thomas P); Lawson (John E - 1873); Ledister (William 1874);  (Michael); Leaming (Joel, Marion); Leslie (William Harry - "young"); Lewellen (John, Mary Ethel); Lewis (Charles, s/.o Albert drowned; Willie); Leech (MW); Leonard (Arthusa Rowley); Lesurg (Maggie); Lennon (Catherine); Lester (Aaron); Linn (John W; George; Jim; Mervin; Robert; Curtis; Bertrand; Margaret); Linder (Jennie); Lindamood (Clarence); Linderman (Lewis); Little (John); Livengood (s/o Guy; inf of Abe); Long (David; Herman; Sarah Jones); Logan (inf, of Robert); Lollis (John, Richard); Lockridge (Robert); Lowry (Sarah Utterback); Luse (Emily, James P - Col); Lowry (Oscar); Lydick (Walter, William); Logan (Alice); Lyle (Major John); Lytle (Clyde); Lynch (George); Ludlow (Austin); Luddington (Ira, Elizabeth); Luster (George ; Rev TB); Lowe, Thelma; Logan (Alice); Loucks (Edward); Loop (Lydia); Lorenz (Henry); Love (Lida); Loveless (Hannah)

Alumni- Schools -- _ 5 _Added   (YTD = 31)  
South Alumni: Picture Postcard of Hibernia School Teacher and Students, Sent by Student "Harry" Russell Fruits to Aunt Myrtle Keller; Also Added NAMES to Alamo Hack picture;  2 photos of pre 1920 group of Alamo Students with Names; Alamo class of 1923 or 1924 only 1 named (Daisy Fruits Davis):

NEWS _12_ -- Added -  91 YTD - Total? -- (a big bunch) -- Transactions of Sugar Creek Farm sales; ELectric RR; MoCo Fair Association; 1835 Democratic Party resolutions - AS SHanklins - 50th Anniversary

PHOTOS -- _9_- Added (YTD= 41 ) --
  • Photos People:  __9 __  8 Photos of people, names unknown (Surnames I think might be associated with these people are:  Cowan, McCoy, Braden, Lindsey.  My direct-line ancestors are James Franklin McCoy and Margaret Ann Cowan = Need help to Identify, from Colleen Blessing);  Powers, Frank of New Market;

MARCH 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __144__ Added - [ytd=601;  Total 25,677] = Adkins (Talbott);/ Agee (John); Alison (Mary); Anthony (Mr - 1873); Bates (Fleming); Bailey (Horatio;) Bayless (Jon) Gardner (Elizabeth; Henry); Galloway (Andrew); Gaines (Charles); Gallaher (Idella); Garland (Charles, Frances, Samuel); Gardt (Carmen); Gerard (James); Gegner (Ilah, Robert); Gibbony (Jennie); Gillis (Susan Surface); Giffin (Robert TM); Glascock (Francis Jackson); Gray, Zola (with photo); Graham, (dau of John); Gwinnup (Amanda); Gwin Onata); Grimes (Arthur, William); Hall (Edwin; Elyne; Thomas Edgar; William L with photo); Hale (Emma); Ham (Zella); Hamm (Zilphia Underwood); Hadley (Harlan); Hamilton (Jesse); Hallett (William H); Haines (Carl); Haire (Samuel L); Huffman (Mary); Hudlow (James); Hubert (Chris); Hutchings (William);p Hurley (Levin); Hughes (Ogden, Rebecca); Hutton (Mabel); Hurt (James Franklin); Hurley (Levin); Hybarger (Amanda); Hyatt - George W ; McCann (Mrs 1898 - anyone know her?); McClintoch (George); McCain (Thomas HB); McAllister (Nannie, Mrs. Charles 1899; Naomi Ruth; Oral; Phoee; Roland S 1963 and Roland S in 1974; Ruth); McClamroch (Robert); Saidla (Joshua Harris; Isaac; John C; Martha; Mary Pine; Louisiana Kuhns; Philip; Rebecca; William Harris); Sanders (Thomas, Charley); Scott (Mary E; William Morrison; Walter); Schenck (Henry); Sellers (James); Sheets (William); Shanks (Harvey); Shepherd (John); Shoemaker (Bessie); Shumaker (Faris); Smith (Amanda; Conrad; Fred; Florence Fuson; Peter); Steele (JS Dr); Stroh (Hugh); Sutton (William); Sullivan (Dan, Johanna, James Ba); Surface (Amos); Swain (CA); Swank (Charlie, Mary); Swearingen (James, Warren); Sweeten (Mary); Swope (Samuel); Myers, Ray "Don"; Jones, Carl W.;

Alumni- Schools -- _  25_Added   (YTD = 26)  
Crawfordsville Alumni: 1953 Program for the Montgomery County Basketall Tourney (held at Crawfordsville, they did not participate);
North Alumni: Added Picture with names of the 1908-1909 Class of Wingate School; Front and back of Second and Third Grade Class of Wingate in either 1919-1920 OR 1920-1921 taught by Mrs. Grace VanCleave; 1955-1956 Waynetown High School Band/names; (4 pages) February 20, 1959 Coal Creek Central versus Rockville Sports Program; Wingate Pep Cheers, year Unknown; Shorty Crane Wingate Basketball Player in Uniform, year unknown; (2) Wingate Elementary-4th Grade Miss Byril Sloan teacher around 1924, with names; Added Bowers Cheerleader Joan Manges Senior Picture ( Happy 90th Birthday); Bowers School in it's final Days; Bowers 1942-43 Basketball Team with some names; Replaced an earlier 1900 picture with students and horse-drawn hacks with students; 1945 Wingate High School Play Program; 1910-1911 Elmdale Room 1 Class (no names); 1910 Small School First Grade (Names), 1911 Small School Second Grade (Names);
South Alumni:

Biographies -- ___ Added __ 7__ Year to date --19 - Brant, Christopher; Elmore, Ulysses, Cline, Eston; Whittington, William Tyre

Divorces _ Added:_18__   Names :  Barnhart; Bincky; Britton; Dykes; Hankins; Fields; Irwin; Kelsey; Lane; Miles; Seering; Synkoop; Schmidt; Staggs; Shipman; Porter; Warbitton; Westfall
Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) _12__ Added:  Barnhart; Berryman; Busenbark; Peffley; Solomon; Stonebraker; Riley; Wilson
Wills _ Added: _5_ Names :  Deer; Hutchison; Lafollette; Weathers; Wilhite

CHURCHES (New Project) Here I hope to move all CHURCH items!  Will be under Construction for a While!  There are still Church listings in the "NEWS" and "PHOTO PLACES" .  These will be moved later.
I will be adding new Church Items HERE!   6     (YTD = 6):  4 photos from Waynetown Baptist Church, 2 of the building and 2 of Church Bulletins from 1947;  Wingate Christian Church we have a photo of Church Elders about 1920 along with photo of names on back of picture;

Letters __3__ -  (YTD = 3) Added: Fruits, Daisy 1922; Krout, Katie before 1899; Krout, Fannie Powell Dec 1924;

Links -- _1_ Added -  "Register of Paupers", A PDF document online at CDPL;

NEWS _24_ -- Added -  79 YTD - Total? -- (a big bunch) --Crime (Ellis - murder; Robert Lane paroled; James Osborne - Ellis; Sadie Gray - stinker; Jim Gill; Simp Bell; George Stone - stealing horses; John SHahan assault; Heath Jim beats son Joe; Douglas, Joe - photo;) Misc (Catherine Snyder heir to Rev Morris; Sidener Mrs. Jeff and David Grady - judged insane); Accidents (Andrew Plunkett hurt); Anniversaries - Ristine; Messmore; Simmons); Fire (Voris home); Poor House: "Register of Paupers"  A PDF document online at CDPL;

PHOTOS -- _16_- Added (YTD= 32 ) --
  • Photos People:  __ 13__ Person -Joe Douglas and James Osborne - see News Crime) ; Added Zola Gray and WIlliam L. Grimes photos in their obituary page; (2 Photos)  Crane, Joseph Warren Fisrt Place at the 1914 Chicage Seed Corn Show; Crane, Joseph loses wagon and horses in railroad crossing accident; Cottrell, Clara E.; Oxley, Dorothy; Crane, Ruth; Miller Family-1922; George and Catherine Fruits, 2 new photos to their page;
  • PHOTOS Places: __3__Two images (front & Back) of a Post Card sent to Mr Quin Kirkpatrick of Wingate, from the 1908 Chautauqua in Farmington, Iowa; Photo of Downtown Wingate, late 1800's before streets were paved;
  • Photographer information    

REUNIONS - __1__   ( YTD = 1):  Fruits Reunion for George and Catherine Fruits Descandants;

FEBRUARY 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __277__ Added - [ytd=547;  Total 25,536] = Allen (John, Amanda); Adkins (Geroge, John, Kenneth, Mildred); Allnut (Thomas); Airhart - child); Anderson (Tilghman Howard); Akin (Josephine);Alexander (James, Anna); Baker (Charles); Bard (Mary, Minnie); Barnes (Mark, Mary ,Sarah); Bever (Mat); Beecher (Louis Dorsey); Benefiel (Margery); Bennett (Nancy); Biddle (Nancy); BIrdcell ((John); Bishop (Harry); Boyland (James); Bowman (Christopher, Malinda); Booher (Renos); Boyd (Martha); Breaks (Thomas D); Bridges (Ralph); Britton (inf of BF); Bronaugh (William J); Brothers (John P); Burgess (Harold; Marjorie); Burrows (Mrs William); Butler (Emeline); Byers (child of Bert); Clark (John, Henrietta); Clements (George; child of Frank; Frank; Harold Buck; Tessie; Rebecca); Cline (Bob); Clodfelter (Cinderella); Coen (Susan); Coates (Sallie); Coffing (Ernest, Gail, George, Pearl, Robert, Theron); Conrad (William); Coleman (Ira, Vesta); Constantine (Mike); Conner (Samuel) Conners (Joyhn); Cook (Nancy); Comer (son of Claude); Davidge (Charles; Elizabeth); Darnell (Fred; Irene); Davies (Earl; Edith; Mary); Denny (Otto); Doyle (Charles); Dorner (Barney); Dice (Lucille); Dykes (Louise); Douglas (Elinor; Laura; Doane (Claude; Mildred); Dillman (Minnie); Doren (Martha); Doley (child); Drury (Harry; Dixso (Gladdis); Dice (Kenneth); Dodson (Harriet); Dickey (Rein); Easley (Lucinda); Edards (Daisy; Mable; Mary; Nina); Eller (Margaret); Entgle (Nancy); Elmore (Ivy; Eston; Homer; Malcolm; Rue; Ulysses); Elliott (Santa; Mrs. Will - KNOW HER?); Ewbank (William "Jacob"; English (child of Benjamin); Evans (Jane; Mrs. John d 1889; Will); Greene (Mary Evans);Goodbar (Richard); Goble (Phoebe Josephine); Gohman (Theodore); Goodwin (Mahlon - CW); Good (Minnie); Gossett (Mrs. TA - anyone know her); Godfrey (WG); Goings (Iden); Gray (John; Samuel; Adam); Greist (Emma) Graves (Thomas, Bertha); Grider (William Hinton); Gregory (George P; Benjamin; John); Graybill (Elizabeth); Graham (James; Mrs George); Gwin (Moses); Grimes (Sarah, Mattie); Haas (Clarence, Roy); Hall (Bonnie, Mark, Roy); Hamilton (Sarah); Hankins (child of Homer); Hartman (Eliza); Harter (Dvis); Harlan (dau of George); Harshbarger (eddie, Cornelia); Harvey (Alice, Bonnie, Sarah); Hastings (James P); Hayden (Myrtle); Hayes (Alta); Holdstock (Enoch); Holland (Frank, Harry); Hoffa (Lida); Hobson (chld of Elmore); Hoover (Eva); House (Fred); Holmes (William); Ingersol (Alice, Martha); Imel (Elizabeth) Inlow (Arista; John); Ingel (child of John); McCormick (Ellen; Elmer); McCracken (Della; Edgar); McDaniel (Martha); McCulloch (Naomi; William); McoOnald (Donald); McGlothen (Billie); Schenck (Jacob, Mabel); Schmeltzer (Emma); Savage (Mary Reed); Scott (Francis G); Shanks (Taylor); Shular (William D); Shepherd (Mary Kirkpatrick); Shirley (George); Shroyer (Ella); Shean (Anna); Sidener (David, Edgar); Skillman (Leo); Slattery (Thomas); Smith (Anna, child of Will; Mary J); Stafford (George W; Rachel Stitt); Stewart (Elmer Grant); Steele (John E); Stallard (James P); Stine (George F0; Stockbarger - inf; Strain (John D - CW); Stone (Robert); Studebaker (Sarah); Stull (Georgiann); Stump (John); Stout (Jacob M)

Biographies -- __2 _ Added __ 12__ Year to date -- Added - McDonald, Joseph + photo & Derald Vancleave

Marriages (includes announcements in newspapers) __10_ Added:  Brushley/Rice; Dykes/Elmore; Cochran/Morris; Lynn/Patterson; Chamberlain/McClamroch

MILITARY -- (Causalities and Other Data)____Added - (ytd = 1)
World War I =  items added --Gould, Philetus Swift (miscellaneous information about draft);

NEWS _35_ -- Added -  55 YTD - Total? -- (a big bunch) -- Birthday - Ensminger, Charley; Fire (Elmore, Ulysses); Misc S - Staples, William attacks Mrs. Jacob Waddel); Hart, Hattie receives big money; Hogan, John $ and death; Swaim - Bryant - murder; Offies - Wm remembered; Vancleave, Matt turns 83; Woolsey - Pate & Stiers to hang (Elias McJunkins involved as well); Fires - Waynetown; Rice invents Ferris Wheel; Crime (Richardson horse thief; Pettit update; Browne, Tommy bad boy at orphanage; Dan Busenbark - declared insane

PHOTOS -- _3_- Added (YTD= 17 ) -- Biography - Joseph McDonald photo; Obituary - Lt. Mark Hall; Obit - George W. Stafford

REUNIONS - __1__ Flanigan

JANUARY 2021 --Additions to Montgomery County INGenWeb

OBITUARIES: __261__ Added - [ytd=261;  Total 25,260] = Allen (Sarah); Alward (Paul); Anderson (George; Jesse); Armantrout (Anna; Fred); Applegate (Amanda; Harry; Henry);  Arthur (Elijah, Lettie); Bacon (Henry); Bayless (Lydia); Beck (Emma); Beachler (Charles); Belton (Jessie); Bewnefiel (Jane); Bell (Robert); Berry (David); Bible (John P); Billings (HM); Bishop (Lawrence): Blue (Sam K); Booher (Nina, John, Mary; Orvis); Boling (WW Rev); Bowers (Ina); Bonnell (Ellen); Bowman (Anna); Bright (Nannie); Bridges (WC); Brinson (Arney); Brown (Catherine, Mary; Patrick); Bronaugh (Sadie); Burk (David, Dorothy, Thomas); Burke (Lydia); Buckley (Michael); Burdin (James); Buffington (Taylor) Busenbark (Mary); Campbell (Mr 1899 - anyone know him?); Caplinger (Florence) Carver (Jere); Carter (Alice) Carson (Edgar); Clodfelter (Ethie, James H, Novella, Sarah); Clore (Israel, Mary, Vernis); Costello (Joseph); Cornell (Frank); Cowan (Peter); Cooper (Elizabeth); Cox (Clara, Ilma May); Delaney (Ed); Dark (Charles, Dorothy, Effie, GeorgeAnne, Jay; Minnie; Thomas; Veda); Devitt, Carole; Dewey (Geroge, Mary, Solomon, Susan); Dewitt (Clara, Nancy); James (Jonathan); Jarvis (Flora); Jefferies (Patience); Jenkins (Mrs SC - anyone know her?); Johnson (Carol); Johnston (Sarah Keller); Jones (Edna, Goldie, Ralph; Robert; William B and Zella); Keister (Pilip); Kelly (William); Kelley (Matt); Kelsey (Blanche, Tom + photo); Kennedy (Clara, Elizabeth); Kirsch (PH); Knox (William); Kirkpatrick (Nannie, Quinn, John A, W.J.); Kincaid (Ellen); Krieger (William H): Krout (William); Krug (Robert); Lawter (Matt); Lawrence (Frank); Lanaham (Michael);  Lafollette (George, Nancy, James T); Lewis (Otha); Laymon (Gitty Thompson; James T;); Lanaham (Michael); Lane (John Levi); Ledster Daniel (Miss Dani);  Larkin (George); Laughlin, Louis); Layson (Tennie); Layne (Sarah, Walter); Lawrence (Arthur); Layson (John); Larsh (Marie); Largent (Ellen, Robert); Ledbetter (Ida); Snider (Arthur); Snook (Henry Tidd); Snyder (Jeremiah; Sam); Spinning (Isaac); Spinks (James); Springman (Lorenzo);  Stonebraker (John, Caleb); Stonecypher (Elizabeth); Stout (Joel); Stewart (John) Stitt (Rebecca); Stringer (John W); Stump, William; Taylor (Charles); Tate (child of John); Thomas (Suannys, Wandalin); Thompson (Albert, Ada, Alice, Catherine, Silas); Tindall;; (Shirley); Tinsley (child of Steve); Timmons (Nora); Titus (Della; Elbert); Todd (Hubert); Tribbett (John); Vancannon (Matilda, Milliana); Vancleave (Bob, Christina, James, Mathias, Sallie, Jane, Matie); Vansickle (Isaac); Vanslyke (Delila); Valentine (infant of DJ); Vanscoyoc (Caroline Brown; Vincent (Jane; Fred;); Vail (Sam); Valllandingham (George); Vanarsdall (William); Vanasdall (Ada); Voorhees (Stephen? Daniel); Viers (Ruth; Berthie); York (Abe); Yeagley (Cora); Zuck (Charley); Zoda (Minnie); Zeigler (Mrs - 1891); Ziegler (OH; Zachary (John Raymond, Isophema); Yearyan, Matt; Young (Lizzie); Younger (inf of Wm.); Zellars (Alice) Zeller (Mary); Zahn (John)  

Alumni- Schools -- _  1_Added  * (YTD = 1)  
South Alumni: Sugar Grove-Scott Township BURNS;

Biographies -- __10 _ Added __ 10__ Year to date -- Peterson, Silas; Pierce, Richard; Ruffner, Franklin P (added); Roll, Mary Polly + Photo; Rose, David N.;  Wallace, Zerelda (added an article)  

BUSINESS   81   Added = 81 >> Year To Date: -- American Incrustration Preventive Company - Ream, ELmer - Dentist; Clemens, GS Dentist; Ristine - lawyers - Moon - Hardware - note: several have multiple articles included; C. L. Rost Jewelers (2 items); Louis W. Otto, Jeweler; Wearly Monuments;Alamo Chapter of the Eastern Star; Miller's Curing Plant; Dawson Manufacturing Co., Inc; Leonard C. Winchell, Jeweler; Proffitt and Sons Funeral Service;Gould's Flowers(2); Starnes Skelgas and Appliances;Hunt & Son; Eddie Morphew; Max W. Johnson; Bright Funeral Home; The Cleveland bakery; Smily'e Grocery & Meat Market; Moore Typewriter Service; M. C. Kaitson, Jeweler; Grenard & Services Funeral Home; Fields & Whitaker; Waynetown Dept. Store; Dekalb Agricultural Association, Inc.; Paul's D-X Service; M and W Drive-In; The Redwood Inn; Long's Quality Meats; Transmissions; Layne & Myers Grain Co.; Ralph Sayler Implement Co.; Christian Supply Center; Montgomery County Farm Bureau Co-Op Association Inc.; Schloot Furniture Co., Inc.; Snyder's L P Gas' L. G. Etter & Sons; New Market Lumber Co., Inc.; Wabash Auto Sale ( T. R. Birdsong); Bowles Convalescent Homes, Inc.; The Party Shop; Waynetown Lumber Co.; Miller's General Store; Snelling Sinclair Service; Red & White Food Stores; Hudson Pattern Works; McClamroch-Groves Corporation Insurance and Real Estate; Betty Denham's Cut & Curl; Richardson's Hardware & Variety; Montgomery Tractor and Implement Company;West's Super Market, Inc.; Howard's Body Shop; Whitaker's Furniture & Floor Covering; Boldt's Milling Company, Inc.; Servies Funeral Home; Scott's Prairie Farm Service, Inc.;

MILITARY -- (Causalities and Other Data)__1__Added -
World War I =  items added --Gould, Philetus Swift (miscellaneous information about draft);

NEWS _20_ -- Added -  20 YTD - Total? -- Accidents: Cowan boys; Donaldson; Myers; Crime (Barnard kills wife; Birthdays: Foust; Webster; Elmore; Saidla; Misc: (Shelby - Invention; Corn Growers; County Poor Farm; Hutton personal property sold - Quail on farm;  Sickness (Crouch; Walters; Scarlet fever

PHOTOS -- _14_- Added (YTD= 14 ) --
  • Photos People:  __ 6 __ Person - Matthias Elmore on Birthdays in News items' Mary Polly Roll in Biographies; one on Tom Kelsey's obit; Rost, Carl L.; Rost Carl & Helena Roesgen; Clouser, Marion Family (8 people) located in Dunbar Family Photos; Durham, Joshua Bell; Durham, Nellie Manning; Durham Grandchildren consisting of: Laura Elizabeth Durham Ingram, Lela Bell Durham Bratton & Marion Yonce Durham;
  • PHOTOS Places: __5__
    Photographer information -- Added information on AH Champion; Lawson & Ficken; Nicholson and Hirshburg

TOWNS: : _ 3    : Total # 528- towns to date - two new Fort Wilson and Hamilton's Crossing - added information on Council Grove

Resources: (Surnames) __2_ = Hendrix & Williams

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