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Saint Anthony, Dubois County
Saint Bernard, Harrison County
   Later called Frenchtown.
Saint Bernice, Vermillion County
Saint Croix, Perry County
Saint Henry, Dubois County
Saint James, Gibson County, Johnson Township, 47639
  A post office in 1878, named for the Catholic  church there.
Saint Joe, De Kalb County
Saint John, Lake County
Saint John, Warrick County
Saint John Township, Lake County
Saint Johns, De Kalb County
Saint Joseph, Floyd County
Saint Joseph, Vanderburgh County
Saint Joseph County
   County seat is South Bend, created 29 Jan 1830, made effective 1 Apr 1830, 
   named after the Joseph, husband of the Virgin Mary.
Saint Joseph Township, Allen County
Saint Josephs Shrine, Perry County
Saint Leon, Dearborn County
Saint Louis Crossing, Bartholomew County
Saint Magdalen, Ripley County
Saint Marks, Dubois County
Saint Mary of the Woods, Vigo County
Saint Marys, Floyd County
Saint Marys, Franklin County
Saint Marys Township, Adams County
Saint Maurice, Decatur County
Saint Meinrad, Spencer County
Saint Omer, Decatur County
Saint Paul, Decatur County
Saint Peter, Franklin County
Saint Phillip, Posey County
Saint Thomas, Knox County
Saint Wendel, Vanderburgh County
Salamonia, Jay County
Salamonie Township, Huntington County
Salem, Adams County
Salem, Jay County
Salem, Union County
Salem, Washington County
   It was platted in 1814, named for William Lindley family who came 
   from Salem, North Carolina.
Salem Center, Steuben County
Salem Heights, La Porte County
Salem Township, Delaware County
Salem Township, Pulaski County
Salem Township, Steuben County
Salina, Harrison County
Saline City, Clay County
Salt Creek Township, Decatur County
Salt Creek Township, Franklin County
Salt Creek Township, Jackson County
Salt Creek Township, Monroe County
Saltillo, Washington County
Saluda, Jefferson County
Saluda Township, Jefferson County
Samaria, Johnson County
San Jacinto, Jennings County
San Pierre, Starke County
Sand Creek Township, Bartholomew County
Sand Creek Township, Decatur County
Sand Creek Township, Jennings County
Sand Ridge, Spencer County
Sandcut, Vigo County
Sanders, Monroe County
Sandusky, Decatur County
Sandy Beach, Carroll County
Sandy Hook, Daviess County
Sandborn, Knox County
Sandford, Vigo County
Sandytown, Vermillion County
Santa Claus, Spencer County
Santa Fe, Miami County
Santa Fe, Owen County
   Later called Cuba.
Santa Fe, Spencer County
Saratoga, Randolph County
Sardinia, Decatur County
Sassafras, Perry County
Satillo, Washington County
Saturn, Whitley County
Savah, Posey County
Scalesville, Warrick County
Scarlet, Orange County
Scarlet Oaks, Carroll County
Scenic Hill, Martin County
Schererville, Lake County
Schley, Spencer County
Schneider, Lake County
Schnellville, Dubois County
Schooler Point Landing, Crawford County
Scipio, Franklin County
Scipio, Jennings County
Scipio Township, Allen County
Scipio Township, La Porte County
Scircleville, Clinton County
Scotchtown, Sullivan County
Scotland, Greene County, Taylor Township
Scott, Lagrange County
Scott City, Sullivan County
Scott County
   County seat is Scottsburg, created 12 Jan 1820, made effective 12 Jan 1820, 
   named for General Charles Scott of the American Revolution, a veteran of 
   Fallen Timbers and later Governor of Kentucky.
Scott Corner, Randolph County
Scott Township, Kosciusko County
Scott Township, Montgomery County
Scott Township, Steuben County
Scott Township, Vanderburgh County
Scottsburg, Pike County
Scottsburg, Scott County
Scottsville, Floyd County
Seafield, White County
Searcy Crossroads, Switzerland County
Sedalia, Clinton County
Sedan, De Kalb County
Sedley, Porter County
Seelyville, Vigo County
Sellersburg, Clark County
Selma, Delaware County
Selvin, Warrick County
Servia, Wabash County
Sevastopol, Kosciusko County
Seven Springs, Harrison County
Seward Township, Kosciusko County
Sexton, Rush County
Seyberts, Lagrange County
Seymour, Jackson County
Sha-Get Acres, Lagrange County
Shadeland, Grant County
Shadeland, Tippecanoe County
Shadesville Post Office, Grant County
Shady Banks, Kosciusko County
Shady Hills, Grant County
Shady Lane, Clay County
Shady Lawn, Lake County
Shady Nook, Lagrange County
Shady Side, Porter County
Shaker Prairie, Sullivan County
Shambaugh Siding, Howard County
Shamrock Lakes, Blackford County
Shanghai, Howard County
Shannondale, Montgomery County
Sharkey, Greene County, Richland Township
Sharon, Carroll County
Sharpsville, Tipton County
Sharptown, Franklin County
Shawnee Township, Fountain County
Shawswick, Lawrence County
Shawswick Township, Lawrence County
Shedville, Randolph County
Sheff, Benton County
Sheffield Township, Tippecanoe County
Shelburn, Sullivan County
Shelburne, Morgan County
Shelby, Lake County
Shelby County
   County seat is Shelbyville, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 1 Apr 1822, 
   named after Isaac Shelby, an officer in the American Revolution, and the 
   Governor of Kentucky.
Shelby Township, Jefferson County
Shelby Township, Ripley County
Shelby Township, Shelby County
Shelby Township, Tippecanoe County
Shelbyville, Shelby County
Shepardsville, Vigo County
Shepherd, Boone County
Sheridan, Hamilton County
Sherwood Forest, Marion County
Shideler, Delaware County
Shields, Jackson County
Shielville, Hamilton County
   It was called Buena Vista, later called Atlanta.
Shiloh, Sullivan County
Shipshewana, Lagrange County
Shirkieville, Vigo County
Shirley, Henry County
Shoals, Martin County
Shoals Overlook, Martin County
Shooters Hill, Marion County
Shore Acres, Marion County
Shorts Corner, Washington County
Siberia, Perry County
Sidney, Kosciusko County
Sidney, Marshall County
   Later called Argos.
Silex, Owen County
Silver Creek Township, Clark County
Silver Hills, Floyd County
Silver Lake, Kosciusko County
Silver Point, Kosciusko County
Silverdale, Spencer County
Silverville, Lawrence County
Silverwood, Fountain County
Simonton Lake, Elkhart County
Simpson, Huntington County
Simpson Corner, Fountain County
Sims, Grant County
Sims Township, Grant County
Sisson, Knox County
Sitka, White County
Six Points, Clay County
Six Points, Hendricks County
Skelton, Gibson County, Montgomery Township, 47665
   It was platted 26 Jul 1911 by William T. Watson, named for early 
   settler J. W. Skelton.
Skelton Township, Warrick County
Skinner Post Office, Grant County
Slabtown, Decatur County
Slash Post Office, Grant County
Slatecut, Clark County
Slawson, Switzerland County
   Later called Bennington.
Sleepy Hollow, Shelby County
Sleeth, Carroll County
Sloan, Warren County
Smartsburg, Montgomery County
Smedley, Washington County
Smith, La Porte County
Smith Township, Greene County
Smith Township, Posey County
Smith Township, Whitley County
Smith Valley, Johnson County
Smithfield, Delaware County
Smithfield, Gibson County
   It was platted by Stephen L. Field 9 Jun 1838.
Smithfield Township, DeKalb County
Smithland, Shelby County
Smiths Crossing, Decatur County
Smithson, White County
Smithville, Monroe County
Smithville, Owen County
Smockville, Parke County
Smoke Corner, Parke County
Smootsdell, Hendricks County
   It was called Hampton, it was called White Link, later called Avon.
Smyrna, Decatur County
Smyrna, Jefferson County
Smyrna Township, Jefferson County
Smythe, Vanderburgh County
Snacks, Marion County
Snake Run, Gibson County, Union Township
Snoddy's Mills, Fountain County
   It was called Headley's Mills, later called Coal Creek.
Snow Hill, Parke County
Snow Hill, Randolph County
Solitude, Posey County
Solsberry, Greene County, Beech Creek Township
Somerset, Wabash County
Somerville, Gibson County, Barton Township, 47683
   It was platted 12 Apr 1854 by John E. Smith.  It was called Summitville 
   because it was located on high ground.  Later name changed to Somerville, the 
   same name as the Post Office.
South Bend, St. Joseph County
South Boston, Washington County
South Center, La Porte County
South Edgewood, Madison County
South Elwood, Madison County
South Gate, Franklin County
South Haven, Porter County
South Haven, Wabash County
South LaPorte, La Porte County
South Marion, Jasper County
South Martin, Martin County
South Milford, Lagrange County
South Park, Kosciusko County
South Peru, Miami County
South Raub, Tippecanoe County
South Richmond, Wayne County
South Salem, Randolph County
South Wanatah, La Porte County
South Washington, Daviess County
South Whitley, Whitley County
Southeast Grove, Lake County
Southeast Manor, Shelby County
Southeast Township, Orange County
Southmoor Park, Lake County
Southport, Marion County
Southport, Owen County
Southwest, Elkhart County
Southwood, Vigo County
Spades, Ripley County
Sparksville, Jackson County
Sparta, Dearborn County
Sparta Township, Dearborn County
Sparta Township, Noble County
Spartanburg, Randolph County
Spearsville, Brown County
Speed, Clark County
Speedway, Marion County
Speicherville, Wabash County
Spelterville, Vigo County
Spencer, Owen County
Spencer County
   County seat is Rockport, created 10 Jan 1818, made effective 1 Feb 1818, 
   named for Captain Spier Spencer of Harrison County, who was killed in the 
   Battle of Tippecanoe.
Spencer County Farm, Spencer
Spencer Township, DeKalb County
Spencer Township, Harrison County
Spencer Township, Jennings County
Spencerville, De Kalb County
Spice Valley Township, Lawrence County
Spiceland, Henry County
Spiceland Township, Henry County
Spien Kopj, Lawrence County
   Later called East Oolitic.
Sponsler, Greene County, Stafford Township
Spraytown, Jackson County
Spring Grove, Wayne County
Spring Grove Heights, Wayne County
Spring Hill, Johnson County
Spring Hill, Vigo County
Spring Hills, Marion County
Spring Hollow, Marion County
Spring Lake, Hancock County
Spring Mill Estates, Marion County
Spring Mill Village, Lawrence County
Spring's Station, Spencer County
   Later called Chrisney.
Springboro, White County
Springersville, Fayette County
Springfield, La Porte County
Springfield, Posey County
Springfield Township, Allen County
Springfield Township, Franklin County
Springfield Township, LaGrange County
Springfield Township, La Porte County
Springfield, Noble County
   Later called Cosperville.
Springhill, Decatur County
Springport, Henry County
Springtown, Hendricks County
Springville, Clark County
Springville, La Porte County
Springville, Lawrence County
Spurgeon, Pike County
Spurgeons Creek, Brown County
Stacer, Vanderburgh County
Stafford Center, De Kalb County
Stafford Township, DeKalb County
Stafford Township, Greene County
Stalcup Corner, Greene County
Stampers Creek, Orange County
Stampers Creek Township, Orange County
Standard, Sullivan County
Stanford, Monroe County
Stanley, Warrick County
Staples Ford, Jennings County
Star City, Pulaski County
Star Light, Clark County
Star Mill, Lagrange County
Starke County
   County seat is Knox, created 7 Feb 1835, made effective 15 Jan 1850, 
   named for General John Stark, who won the Battle of Bennington.
State Line, St. Joseph County
State Line, Vigo County
State Line, Warren County
Staunton, Clay County
Stavetown, Franklin County
Steam Corner, Fountain County
Stearleyville, Clay County
Steele Township, Daviess County
Steen Township, Knox County
Stemm, Lawrence County
Stendal, Pike County
Stephens Crossing, Fountain County
Sterling, Crawford County
   Later called Grantsburg
Sterling Township, Crawford County
Steuben County
   County seat is Angola, created 7 Feb 1835, made effective 1 May 1837, 
   named for Baron Frederich von Steuben, who fought with the American army 
   in the American Revolution.
Steuben Township, Steuben County
Steuben Township, Warren County
Steubenville, Steuben County
Stevenson, Warrick County
Stewart, Warren County
Stewartsville, Posey County
Stilesville, Hendricks County
Stillwell, La Porte County
Stines Mill Corner, Morgan County
Stinesville, Monroe County
Stips Hill, Franklin County
   Later called Buena Vista.
Stockdale, Wabash County
Stockport, Delaware County
Stockton, Owen County
Stockton Township, Greene County
Stockwell, Tippecanoe County
Stone, Randolph County
Stone Bluff, Fountain County
Stone Head, Brown County
Stone Quarry Mills, Henry County
Stoneburner Landing, Kosciusko County
Stones Crossing, Johnson County
Stonington, Lawrence County
Stony Creek, Lagrange County
Stony Creek Township, Henry County
Stony Creek Township, Madison County
Stony Creek Township, Randolph
Stony Lonesome, Bartholomew County
Stony Ridge, Kosciusko County
Story, Brown County
Stout, Delaware County
   It was called Bethel.
Stoutsburg, Jasper County
Straughn, Henry County
Strawtown, Hamilton County
Stringtown, Boone County
Stringtown, Hancock County
Stringtown, Ripley County
Stringtown, Sullivan County
Stringtown, Vanderburgh County
Stroh, Lagrange County
Stumpke Corner, Ripley County
Stumptown, Parke County
Sugar Creek, Shelby County
Sugar Creek Township, Boone County
Sugar Creek Township, Clinton County
Sugar Creek Township, Hancock County
Sugar Creek Township, Montgomery County
Sugar Creek Township, Parke County
Sugar Creek Township, Shelby County
Sugar Creek Township, Vigo County
Sugar Grove, Harrison County
Sugar Hills, Hancock County
Sugar Ridge Township, Clay County
Sullivan, Sullivan County
Sullivan County
   County seat is Sullivan, created 30 Dec 1816, made effective 15 Jan 1817, 
   named for either Daniel Sullivan, who was killed by the Indians on the road from 
   Vincennes to Louisville, while carrying an express in the public service, 
   or for Revolutionary War General John Sullivan.
Sulphur, Crawford County
Sulphur Hill, Shelby County
   Later called Geneva.
Sulphur Spring, Rush County
Sulphur Springs, Crawford County
Sulphur Springs, Henry County
Suman, Porter County
Sumava Resorts, Newton County
Summit, De Kalb County
Summit, Greene County, Stockton Township
Summit, Hendricks County
Summit, La Porte County
Summit, Tippecanoe County
Summit Chapel, Marshall County
Summit Grove, Vermillion County
Summitville, Gibson County, Barton Township, 47683
   It was platted 12 Apr 1854 by John E. Smith.  It was called Summitville 
   because it was located on high ground.  
   Later name changed to Somerville.
Summitville, Madison County
Sundown Manor, Morgan County
Sunman, Ripley County
Sunny Slopes, Monroe County
Sunnybrook Acres, Allen County
Sunnymeadow, Allen County
Sunnymede, Wabash County
Sunnymede Woods, Allen County
Sunrise Beach, Kosciusko County
Sunset Parkway, Jackson County
Sunset Village, Clark County
Sunview, Madison County
Superior, Parke County
Surprise, Jackson County
Surrey, Jasper County
Survant, Pike County
Swalls, Vigo County
Swan, Noble County
Swan Township, Noble County
Swanington, Benton County
Swanville, Jefferson County
Swayzee, Grant County
Sweetser, Grant County
Sweetwater Lake, Brown County
Switz City, Greene County, Grant and Fairplay Townships
Switzer Crossroads, Crawford County
Switzerland County
   County seat is Vevay, created 7 Sep 1814, made effective 1 Oct 1814, 
   named for the country of Switzerland. 
Sycamore, Howard County
Sycamore Corner, Warren County
Sycamore Ford, Montgomery County
Sylvan Grove, Clark County
Sylvan Manor, Porter County
Sylvania, Parke County
Syndicate, Vermillion County
Syracuse, Kosciusko County
Syria, Orange County