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Raab Crossroads, Putnam County
Rabbitville, Lawrence County
Raber, Whitley County
Raccoon, Putnam County
Raccoon Township, Parke County
Radioville, Pulaski County
Radley, Grant County
Radnor, Carroll County
Raglesville, Daviess County
Ragsdale, Knox County
Rahm, Vanderburgh County
Railroad Township, Starke County
Rainbow Highlands, Marion County
Rainsville, Warren County
Raintown, Hendricks County
Raleigh, Rush County
Ramblewood, Lagrange County
Ramsey, Harrison County
Randall, Vermillion County
Randolph, Randolph County
Randolph County
   County seat is Winchester, created 10 Jan 1818, made effective 10 Aug 1818, 
   named for Thomas Randolph, who was killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe.
Randolph Township, Ohio County
Randolph Township, Tippecanoe County
Range Line, Lake County
Ranger, Perry County
Rapture, Posey County
Raub, Benton County
Ravenswood, Marion County
Ravinamy, Tippecanoe County
Ravinia Oaks, Steuben County
Ray, Carroll County
Ray, Steuben County
Ray Township, Franklin County
Ray Township, Morgan County
Raymond, Franklin County
Rays Crossing, Shelby County
Raysville, Henry County
Reagan, Clinton County
Red Bank, Vanderburgh County
Red Bush, Warrick County
Red Hill, Lawrence County
Redcuff Corner, Greene County
Redding, Lawrence County
Redding Township, Jackson County
Reddington, Jackson County
Redkey, Jay County
Redmon Park, Kosciusko County
Reds Corner, Johnson County
Reed Station, Delaware County
Reedville, Hancock County
   It was called Kinder, it was called Finly, it was called Tailholt, later called Carrollton.
Reedville Station, Hancock County
Reelsville, Putnam County
Reeve Township, Davies County
Rego, Orange County
Rehoboth, Harrison County
Rei, Ripley County
   It was called Delaware Station, later called Delaware.
Reiffsburg, Wells County
Remington, Jasper County
Renner, Blackford County
Rennselaer, Jasper County
Reno, Hendricks County
Reo, Spencer County
Republican Township, Jefferson County
Reserve Township, Parke County
Retreat, Jackson County
Rexville, Ripley County
Reynolds, White County
Rhodes, Vermillion County
Riceville, Crawford County
Rich Grove Township, Pulaski County
Richey Park, Carroll County
Richland, Knox County
   Later called Fritchton.
Richland, Rush County
Richland Center, Fulton County
Richland Center, Steuben County
   Later called Alvarado.
Richland City, Spencer County
Richland Township, Benton County
Richland Township, DeKalb County
Richland Township, Fountain County
Richland Township, Fulton County
Richland Township, Grant County
Richland Township, Greene County
Richland Township, Jay County
Richland Township, Madison County
Richland Township, Miami County
Richland Township, Monroe County
Richland Township, Rush County
Richland Township, Steuben County
Richland Township, Whitley County
Richmond, Wayne County
Richvalley, Wabash County
Riddle, Crawford County
Ridertown, Jay County
Ridgemede, Monroe County
Ridgeport, Greene County, Center Township
Ridgeview, Miami County
Ridgeville, Randolph County
Ridgeway, Howard County
Ridgewood, Morgan County
Ridgleville, Knox County
Ridpath, Jefferson County
Rigdon, Grant County
Riley, Hancock County
Riley, Vigo County
Riley Township, Vigo County
Riley Village, Shelby County
Rileysburg, Vermillion County
Rincon, Greene County
Ringville, Wells County
   Later called Domestic.
Ringwald, Jefferson County
Ripley, Pulaski County
Ripley County
   County seat is Versailles, created 27 Dec 1816, made effective
   10 Apr 1818, named for General Eleazar Wheelock Ripley, an officer in the War of 1812.
Ripley Township, Montgomery County
Ripley Township, Rush County
Rising Sun, Ohio County
Risse, Clinton County
Ritchie, Spencer County
Rivare, Adams County
   It was called Bobo.
River, Huntington County
River Forest, Madison County
River Haven, Allen County
River Oaks, Lagrange County
River Ridge, Clark County
Riverside, Fountain County
Riverside, La Porte County
Riverside, Wells County
Riverton, Sullivan County
Rivervale, Lawrence County
Riverview, Lawrence County
Riverview, Sullivan County
Riverview Acres, Bartholomew County
Riverwood, Hamilton County
Roachdale, Putnam County
Roadman Corner, Parke County
Roann, Wabash County
Roanoke, Huntington County
Roanoke Station, Huntington County
Rob Roy, Fountain County
Robb Township, Posey County
Roberts, Fountain County
Robertsdale, Lake County
Robinson, Marion County
Robinson Township, Posey County
Robinson's Prairie
   Later called Crown Point.
Roble Woods, Porter County
Rochester, Fulton County
Rochester Township, Fulton County
Rock Creek Center, Huntington County
Rock Creek Township, Bartholomew County
Rock Creek Township, Carroll County
Rock Creek Township, Huntington County
Rock Creek Township, Wells County
Rock Hill, Spencer County
Rockdale, Franklin County
Rockfield, Carroll County
Rockford, Jackson County
Rockford, Wells County
Rocklane, Johnson County
Rockport, Parke County
Rockport, Spencer County
Rockport Junction, Spencer County
Rockville, Parke County
Rockwood, Greene County, Richland Township
Rocky Ford, Warren County
Rocky Ripple, Marion County
Rogers, Pike County
Rogersville, Henry County
Roland, Orange County
Roll, Blackford County
Rolling Acres, Warrick County
Rolling Hill Estates, Lake County
Rolling Hills, Allen County
Rolling Hills, Clark County
Rolling Prairie, La Porte County
Rolling Ridge, Shelby County
Rome, Perry County
Rome City, Noble County
Romine Corner, Warren County
Romney, Tippecanoe County
Romona, Owen County
Rono (now Magnet], Perry County
Root Township, Adams County
Rosebud, Jasper County
Rosebud, Warrick County
Rosebud, Washington County
Roseburg, Grant County
Roseburg, Union County
Rosedale, Parke County
Rosdale Hills, Marion County
Roseland, St. Joseph County
Roselawn, Newton County
Roseville, Parke County
   Later called Coxville.
Rosewood, Harrison County
Ross, Lake County
Ross Township, Clinton County
Ross Township, Lake County
Rossburg, Decatur County
Rosston, Boone County
Rosstown, Bartholomew County
Rossville, Clinton County
Roth Park, Carroll County
Round Grove, White County
Round Grove Township, White County
Royal Center, Cass County
Royal Oaks, Allen County
Royalton, Boone County
Royerton, Delaware County
Royville, Allen County
Rugby, Bartholomew County
Rumble, Pike County
Runnymede, La Porte County
Runyantown, Clark County
Rural, Randolph County
Rush County
   County seat is Rushville, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 31 Dec 1821, named 
   for Dr. Benjamin Rush, who signed the Declaration of Independence.
Rush Creek Valley, Washington County
Rushville, Rush County
Rushville Township, Rush County
Rusk, Martin County
Russell Lake, Boone County
Russell Township, Putnam County
Russellville, Putnam County
Russels Point, Steuben County
Russiaville, Howard County
Rustic Hills, Warrick County
Rutherford Township, Martin County
Rutland, Marshall County