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C and C Beach, Carroll County
Caborn, Posey County
   It was called Caborn Summit, it was called Caborn Station.
Caborn Station, Posey County
   It was called Caborn Summit, later called Caborn.
Caborn Summit, Posey County
   It was called Caborn Station, later called Caborn.
Cadiz, Henry County
Caesar Creek Township, Dearborn County
Cagle Mill, Putnam County
Cain Township, Fountain County
Cairo, Tippecanoe County
Calcutta, Clay County
Cale, Martin County
Caledonia, Sullivan County
California Township, Starke County
Calumet Township, Lake County
Calvertville, Greene County, Highland Township
Cambria, Clinton County
Cambridge City, Wayne County
Camby, Marion County
Camden, Carroll County
Cammack, Delaware County
Camp Atterbury, Johnson County
Camp Brosend, Warrick County
Camp Creek, Kosciusko County
   Later called Etna Green
Camp Flat Rock, Shelby County
Camp Roberts, Brown County
Camp Shor, Ohio County
Campbell Corner, Sullivan County
Campbell Township, Jennings County
Campbell Township, Warrick County
Campbellsburg, Washington County
Campbelltown, Pike County
Canaan, Jefferson County
Canal, Warrick County
   It was called Millersburg.
Candleglo Village, Shelby County
Cannelburg, Daviess County
   It was called Clark's Station.
Cannelsburg, Perry County
   It was called Cannelton.
Cannelton, Perry County
   It was called Cannelsburg.
Cantaloupe, Knox County
Canton, Washington County
   It was called Greensburg, it was called Egg Harbor.
Cape Sandy, Crawford County
Capehart, Daviess County
Capperas Banks, Clark County
Carbon, Clay County
Carbondale, Warren County
   It was called Clark's Cross Roads.
Cardonia, Clay County
Carefree, Crawford County
Carlisle, Sullivan County
Carlos, Randolph County
   It was called Carlos City.
Carlos City, Randolph County
   Later called Carlos.
Carmel, Hamilton County
Carmel, La Porte County
Carp, Owen County
Carpenter Township, Jasper County
Carpentersville, Putnam County
Carr Township, Clark County
Carr Township, Jackson County
Carriage Estates, Hancock County
Carroll, Carroll County
   Later called Wheeling.
Carroll County
   County seat is Delphi, created 7 Jan 1828, made effective 1 May 1828, named after 
   Charles Carroll, the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Carrollton, Carroll County
   Later called Delphi.
Carrollton, Hancock County
   It was called Kinder, it was called Reedville, it was called Finly, and it was called Tailholt.
Carrollton Township, Carroll County
Carter Township, Spencer County
Cartersburg, Hendricks County
Carthage, Rush County
Carwood, Clark County
   It was called Muddy Fork.
Cary, Putnam County
Cascade, Monroe County
Caseyville, Parke County
   Later called Diamond.
Cass, Sullivan County
  It was called Buell.
  It was called Lyontown
Cass County
   County seat is Logansport, created 18 Dec 1828, made effective 14 Apr 1829, named after 
   Lewis Cass, the territorial governor of the Michigan, and Superintendent of Indian Affairs.
Cass Township,  Clay County
Cass Township, Dubois County
Cass Township, Greene County
Cass Township, La Porte County
Cass Township, Ohio County
Cass Township, Pulaski County
Cass Township, Sullivan County
Cass Township, White County
Cassville, Howard County
Castle Garden, Warrick County
Castleton, Marion County
Cataract, Owen County
Cates, Fountain County
Catlin, Parke County
Cato, Pike County
Cayuga, Vermillion County
Cedar, De Kalb County
Cedar Canyons, Allen County
Cedar Creek Township, Allen County
Cedar Creek Township, Lake County
Cedar Farm Landing, Harrison County
Cedar Grove, Franklin County
Cedar Lake, Lake County
   Later called Creston.
Cedar Point, Kosciusko County
Cedar Point, White County
Cedar Shores, Allen County
Cedarville, Allen County
Celestine, Dubois County
Celina, Perry County
Cementville, Clark County
Centenary, Vermillion County
Centennial, Fountain County
Center, Howard County
Center, Jay County
Center, Noble County
   Later called Albion.
Center, Warrick County
Center Point, Clay County
Center Square, Switzerland County
Center Township, Benton County
Center Township, Boone County
Center Township, Clinton County
Center Township, Dearborn County
Center Township, Delaware County
Center Township, Gibson County
Center Township, Grant County
Center Township, Greene County
Center Township, Hancock County
Center Township, Hendricks County
Center Township, Howard County
Center Township, Jennings County
Center Township, Lake County
Center Township, La Porte County
Center Township, Marion County
Center Township, Marshall County
Center Township, Martin County 
Center Township, Porter County
Center Township, Posey County
Center Township, Ripley County
Center Township, Rush County
Center Township, St. Joseph County
Center Township, Starke County
Center Township, Union County
Center Township, Vanderburgh County
Center Township, Wayne County
Center Valley, Hendricks County
Center Valley, Morgan County
Centerton, Morgan County
Centerville, Spencer County 
Centerville, Wayne County
Central, Harrison County
Central, Jefferson County
Central Barren, Harrison County
Centre Township, St. Joseph County
Cerro Gordo, Randolph County
   Later called Buena Vista.
Ceylon, Adams County
   It was called Florence.
Ceylon, Franklin County
   Later called Andersonville.
Chain-O-Lakes, St. Joseph County
Chalmers, White County
   It was called Mudge's Station.
Chambersburg, Orange County
Champlin Meadows, Morgan County
Chandler, Pike County
Chandler, Warrick County
Chapel Hill, Marion County
Chapel Hill, Monroe County
Chapel Manor, Lake County
Chapmanville, Tippecanoe County
   Later called Colburn.
Charle Sumac Estates, Marion County
Charlesmac Village, Marion County
Charlestown, Clark County
Charlestown Township, Clark County
Charlottesville, Hancock County
Charlottesville, Union County
Chase, Benton County
Chatterton, Warren County
Chelsea, Jefferson County
Cherry Grove, Montgomery County
Cherryvale, Vigo County
Chester, Wayne County
Chester Township, Wabash County
Chester Township, Wells County
Chesterfield, Madison County
   It was called West Union.
Chesterton, Hamilton County
Chesterton, Porter County
   It was called Coffee Creek.
Chesterville, Dearborn County
Chestnut Hill, Jackson County
Chestnut Ridge, Jackson County
Chetwynd, Morgan County
Chili, Miami County
   It was called New Market.
China, Jefferson County
  It was called Indiana Kentucky.
Chrisney, Spencer County
   It was called Spring's Station.
Christiansburg, Brown County
Churubusco, Whitley County
   It was called Franklin, it was called Union.
Cicero, Hamilton County
Cicero Township, Tipton County
Cincinnati, Greene County, Center Township
Cincinnati, Parke County
Circle Park, Steuben County
Circleville, Rush County
Clanricarde, Porter County
Clapboard Corner, Switzerland County
   It was called Allensville, later called East Enterprise.
Clare, Hamilton County
Clark County
   County seat is Jeffersonville, created 3 Feb 1801, made effective 3 Feb 1801, 
   named for General George Rogers Clark.
Clark Junction, Lake County
Clark Siding, Clark County
Clark Township, Johnson County
Clark Township, Montgomery County
Clark Township, Perry County
Clark's Cross Roads, Warren County
   Later called Carbondale.
Clark's Station, Daviess County
  Later called Cannelburg.
Clarks, Pulaski County
Clarks Hill, Tippecanoe County
Clarks Landing, Steuben County
Clark's Station, Madison County
   Later called Florida.
Clarksburg, Decatur County
Clarksdale, Brown County
Clarksville, Clark County
Clarksville, Hamilton County
Clay City, Clay County
   It was called Markland.
Clay City, Spencer County
Clay County
   County seat is Brazil, created 12 Feb 1825, made effective 1 Apr 1825, named after 
   Senator Henry Clay, of Kentucky.
Clay Township, Bartholomew County
Clay Township, Carroll County
Clay Township, Cass County
Clay Township, Dearborn County
Clay Township, Decatur County
Clay Township, Hamilton County
Clay Township, Hendricks County
Clay Township, Howard County
Clay Township, Kosciusko County
Clay Township, LaGrange County
Clay Township, Miami County
Clay Township, Morgan County
Clay Township, Owen County
Clay Township, Pike County
Clay Township, St. Joseph County
Clay Township, Spencer County
Clay Township, Wayne County
Claypool, Kosciusko County
Claysville, Hendricks County
   Later called Clayton.
Claysville, Huntington County
   Later called Bracken.
Claysville, Washington County
   It was called Middletown.
Clayton, Hendricks County
   It was called Claysville.
Clear Creek, Monroe County
Clear Creek Township, Huntington County
Clear Creek Township, Monroe County
Clear Lake, Steuben County
Clear Lake Township, Steuben County
Clear Spring, Jackson County
Clearspring Township, LaGrange County
Clermont, Marion County
   It was called Mechanicsburg.
Clermont Heights, Hendricks County
Cleveland, Hancock County
   It was called Portland.
Cleveland Township, Elkhart County
Cleveland Township, Whitley County
Clifford, Bartholomew County
Clifford Park, Marion County
Clifton, Marion County
Clifton, Union County
Clifty Township, Bartholomew County
Clinton, Ripley County
Clinton, Vermillion County
Clinton County
   County seat is Frankfort, created 29 Jan 1830, made effective 1 Mar 1830, 
   named after De Witt Clinton, the governor of New York.
Clinton Falls, Putnam County
   Originally called Quincy.
Clinton Township, Boone County
Clinton Township, Cass County
Clinton Township, Decatur County
Clinton Township, Elkhart County
Clinton Township, La Porte County
Clinton Township, Putnam County
Clinton Township, Vermillion County
Clouser's Mills, Montgomery County
   Later called Bowers.
Clover Village, Shelby County
Clover Dale, Putnam County
   Later called Cloverdale.
Cloverdale, Putnam County
   It was called Clover Dale.
Cloverdale Township, Putnam County
Cloverland, Clay County
Clunette, Kosciusko County
Clymers, Cass County
Coal Bluff, Vigo County
Coal City, Owen County
Coal Creek, Fountain County
   It was called Headley's Mills, and it was called Snoddy's Mills.
Coal Creek Township, Montgomery County
Coalmont, Clay County
Coatesville, Hendricks County
Coats Spring, Pike County
Cobb, Vigo County
Cobbs Corner, Porter County
Coburg, Porter County
Cochran, Dearborn County
Coe, Pike County
Coesse, Whitley County
Coesse Corners, Whitley County
Coffee Creek, Porter County
   Later called Chesterton.
Cofield Corner, Ohio County
Coke Oven Hollow, Parke County
Colburn, St. Joseph County
Colburn, Tippecanoe County
   It was called Chapmanville.
Cold Springs, Dearborn County
   It was called Jones' Station.
Cold Springs, Steuben County
Cole, Grant County
Cole's Corner, Ohio County
   It was Bear Branch, later called Freedom.
Colfax, Clinton County
   It was called Midway.
Colfax Township, Newton County
Collamer, Whitley County
   It was called Millersburg.
College Corner, Jay County
College Corner, Madison County
College Corner, Wabash County
College Corner, Wayne County
College Crest, Marion County
College Meadows, Hamilton County
Collegeville, Jasper County
Collett, Jay County
Collins, Whitley County
Coloma, Parke County
   It was called Rocky Run.
Colonial Village, Hancock County
Columbia, Fayette County
Columbia, Tippecanoe County
   Later called Corwin.
Columbia, Whitley County
   Later called Columbia City.
Columbia City, Whitley County
   It was called Columbia.
Columbia Township, Fayette County
Columbia Township, Gibson County
   Originally formed in Sep 1825, named after America being founded.
Columbia Township, Jennings County
Columbia Township, Whitley County
Columbus, Bartholomew County
   It was called Tiptonia.
Columbus Township, Bartholomew County
Commiskey, Jennings County
Como, Jay County
Concord, DeKalb County
Concord, Tippecanoe County
Concord Township, DeKalb County
Concord Township, Elkhart County
Concordia Gardens, Allen County
Conner's Mill, Grant County
Connersville, Fayette County
Connersville Township, Fayette County
Conologue, Jackson County
Conrad, Newton County
Contreras, Union County
Converse, Blackford County
Converse, Grant County
Converse, Miami County
   It was called Xenia.
Cook, Lake County
Cool Spring Township, La Porte County
Coolwood Acres, Porter County
Cooper Corner, Hancock County
Cope, Morgan County
Coppess Corner, Adams County
Corkwell, Jay County
Cornelius, Brown County
   It was called Cottonwood.
Cornettsville, Davies County
Corn Brook, Bartholomew County
Corning, Daviess County
Cornucopia, Carroll County
   Later called Burrows.
Correct, Ripley County
Cortland, Jackson County
Corunna, De Kalb County
Corwin, Henry County
Corwin, Tippecanoe County
   It was called Columbia.
Cory, Clay County
Corydon, Harrison County
Corydon Junction, Harrison County
Coryville, Adams County
   Later called Curryville.
Cosperville, Noble County
   It was called Springfield.
Cottage Grove, Union County
Cottage Hill, Clay County
Cotton Township, Switzerland County
Cottonwood, Brown County
   Later called Cornelius.
Country Club Gardens, Allen County
Country Club Heights, Madison County
Country Club Meadows, Vanderburgh County
Courter, Miami County
Courtney Corner, Steuben County
Coveyville, Lawrence County
   It was called Goat Run.
Covington, Fountain County
Covington Dells, Allen County
Cowan, Delaware County
Coxton, Lawrence County
Coxville, Parke County
   It was called Roseville.
Crackaway, Boone County
   Later called Dover.
Cradick Corner, Putnam County
Craig, Decatur County
Craig Township, Switzerland County
Craigville, Wells County
Crandall, Harrison County
Crane, Martin County
Crawford, Lawrence County
Crawford County
   County seat is English, created 29 Jan 1818, effective 15 Feb 1818, 
   named for William Harris Crawford, Secretary of War, or Colonel William Crawford, 
   a Revolutionary War Soldier.
Crawfordsville, Montgomery County
Crawleyville, Gibson County, Wabash Township, 47665
   It was settled in 1811, named for early settler Crowley.
Creekwood, Marion County
Cresco, Whitley County
Crest Manor Addition, St. Joseph County
Crestlawn, Madison County
Crestmoor, Shelby County
Creston, Delaware County
Creston, Lake County
   It was called Cedar Lake.
Crestview, Porter County
Crestview Heights, Morgan County
Crestwood, Allen County
Crete, Randolph County
Crisman, Porter County
Critchfield, Johnson County
Crocker, Porter County
   It was called LaHayn.
Crompton Hill, Vermillion County
Cromwell, Noble County
Crooked Lake, Steuben County
Cross Plains, Ripley County
Cross Roads, Delaware County
Cross Roads, Ripley County
Crossroad Temple, Marion County
Crossroads, Vanderburgh County
Crothersville, Jackson County
   It was called Haysville.
Crown Center, Morgan County
   It was called Mount Tabor.
Crown Point, Lake County
   It was called Robinson's Prairie.
Crows Nest, Marion County
Crumb Corner, Tippecanoe County
Crumb's Point, St. Joseph County
   Later called Crumstown.
Crumstown, St. Joseph County
   It was called Crum's Point.
Crystal, Dubois County
Cuba, Allen County
Cuba, Owen County
   It was called Sante Fe.
Cuba, Bartholomew County
Culver, Marshall County
   It was called Union Town, it was called Marmount.
Cumback, Daviess County
Cumberland, Grant County
Cumberland, Marion County
Cunot, Owen County
Curby, Crawford County
Curry Township, Sullivan Township
Curryville, Adams County
   It was called Coryville.
Curryville, Sullivan County
Curtisville, Tipton County
Cutler, Carroll County
Cuzco, Dubois County
   It was called Union Valley.
Cyclone, Clinton County
Cynthiana, Gibson County
   It was listed in the 1881 Atlas.
Cynthiana, Posey County
Cynthiana, Shelby County
   Later called Blue Ridge.
Cypress, Vanderburgh County