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Dabney, Ripley County
   It was called Poston.
Daggett, Owen County
Daisy Hill, Clark County
Daisy Hill, Washington County
Dale, Boone County
Dale, Spencer County
   It was called Elizabeth.
Daleville, Delaware County
Dallas Township, Huntington County
Dalton, Wayne County
   It was called Palmyra.
Dalton Township, Wayne County
Dana, Vermillion County
Danes, Cass County
Danville, Clay County
Danville, Hendricks County
Dark Hollow, Lawrence County
Darlington, Montgomery County
Darlington Woods, Montgomery County
Darmstadt, Vanderburgh County
Darrough Chapel, Howard County
Davidson, Harrison County
Daviess County
   County seat is Washington, created 24 Dec 1816, made effective 15 Feb 1817, 
   named for Joseph Hamilton Daviess, who was killed in the Battle of Tippecanoe, 7 Nov 1811.
Davis, La Porte County
Davis Township, Fountain County
Davis Township, Starke County
Davy, Vanderburgh County
Dawnbury, Marion County
Daylight, Vanderburgh County
Dayton, Tippecanoe County
   It was called Fairfield.
Dayville, Warrick County
De Camp Gardens, Elkhart County
De Gonia Springs, Warrick County
DeFries Landing, Kosciusko County
DeMotte, Jasper County
Deacon, Cass County
Dead Mans Crossing, Posey County
Dearborn County
   County seat is Lawrenceburg, created 7 Mar 1803, made effective 7 Mar 1803, 
   named for General Henry Dearborn, Revolutionary War Soldier.
Decatur, Adams County
Decatur County
   County seat is Greensburg, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 4 Mar 1822, 
   named for Commodore Stephen Decatur, naval hero in the War of 1812.
Decatur Township, Marion County
Decker, Knox County
Decker Township, Knox County
Decker Chapel, Knox County
Deedsville, Miami County
Deep River, Lake County
Deer Creek, Carroll County
Deer Creek, Lake County
Deer Creek Township, Carroll County
Deer Creek Township, Cass County
Deer Creek Township, Miami County
Deer Mill, Montgomery County
Deer Park, Jasper County
Deerfield, Randolph County
   It was called Mississinewa
DeKalb County
   County seat is Auburn, created 7 Feb 1835, made effective 1 May 1837, named for 
   Baron Johann de Kalb, of the French army, who joined the American Army during the 
   Revolution, where he fought and died.
Delaware, Ripley County
   It was called Delaware Station, it was called Rei.
Delaware County
   County seat is Muncie, created 26 Jan 1827, made effective 1 Apr 1827, named 
   For the Delaware Indians.
Delaware Station, Ripley County
   It was called Rei, later called Delaware.
Delaware Township, Delaware County
Delaware Township, Hamilton County
Delaware Township, Ripley County
Delaware Trails, Marion County
Delectable Hill, Pike County
   Later called Algiers City, later called Algiers.
Delong, Fulton County
   It was called DeLong.
DeLong, Fulton County
   Later called Delong.
Delp, Tippecanoe County
Delphi, Carroll County
   It was called Carrollton.
Deming, Hamilton County
Deming Park, Vigo County
Democrat Township, Carroll County
Demotte, Jasper County
Denham, Pulaski County
   It was called Gundrum.
Denmark, Owen County
Denny Corner, Hancock County
Denver, Miami County
   It was called Urbana.
Depauw, Harrison County
Deputy, Jefferson County
Derby, Perry County
Desoto, Delaware County
   It was called Woodlawn.
Deuchars, Crawford County
Devonshire, Marion County
Devore, Owen County
Dewberry, Ripley County
Dewey, Vigo County
Dewey Township, La Porte County
Dexter, Perry County
Diamond, Parke County, 47874
   It was called Caseyville.
Dick Johnson Township, Clay County
Dickeyville, Warrick County
Dike, Gibson County
Dillman, Wells County
Dillsboro, Dearborn County
   It was called Dillsborough.
Dillsboro Station, Dearborn County
Dillsborough, Dearborn County
   Later called Dillsboro.
Dinwiddie, Lake County
Disko, Wabash County, 46982
   It was called New Harrisburg.
Dixie, Harrison County
Dixon, Greene County, Fairplay Township
Doans, Greene County, Taylor Township, 47424
   It was called Snake Hollow.
Dodd, Perry County
Dodds Bridge, Sullivan County
Dog Island, Greene, Washington
Dogwood, Harrison County
Dolan, Monroe County
Domestic, Wells County
   It was called Ringville.
Donaldson, Clay County
Donaldson, Marshall County
Dongola, Gibson County, Columbia Township, 47660
   It was platted 10 Mar 1851 on the Patoka River by William Carpenter and Isaac Steele.
Doolittle Mills, Perry County
Door Village, Laporte County
Dooville, Grant County
Douglas, Gibson County
Dover, Boone County
   It was called Crackaway.
Dover, Dearborn County
   It was called Kelso, it was called McKenzie Cross Roads.
Dover Hill, Martin County
   It was called Hillsborough.
Dover Township, Dearborn County
Downey Corner, Ohio County
Downeyville, Decatur County
Doyle, Miami County
Doyle Ferguson, Grant County
Dreamwold Heights, St. Joseph County
Dresden, Greene County, Highland Township
Drew, Delaware County
Drewersburg, Franklin County
Drexel Gardens, Marion County
Driftwood Hills, Marion County
Driftwood Township, Jackson County
Duane Yards, Vigo County
Dublin, Wayne County
Dubois, Dubois County
Dubois County
   County seat is Jasper, created 20 Dec 1817, made effective 20 Dec 1817, 
   named for Toussaint Dubois, a French soldier under William Henry Harrison, 
   at the Battle of Tippecanoe.
Dubois Crossroads, Dubois County
Duck Creek, Madison County
   It was called Quincy, later called Elwood.
Duck Creek Township, Madison County
Dudley Township, Henry County
Dudleytown, Jackson County
Duff, Dubois County
Dugger, Sullivan County
Duncan, Floyd County
Dundee, Madison County
   It was called Mudsock.
Dune Acres, Porter County
Dune Acres Station, Porter County
Duneland Beach, La Porte County
Dunfee, Whitley County
Dunkirk, Cass County
Dunkirk, Jay County
   It was called Quincy.
Dunlap, Elkhart County
Dunlapsville, Union County
Dunn, Benton County
Dunn Mill, Allen County
Dunns Bridge, Jasper County
Dunnington, Benton County
Dunreith, Henry County
   It was called Coffin's Station
Dupont, Jefferson County
Durbin, Hamilton County
Durham, Gibson County, Union Township
Durham, La Porte County
Dwenger Field, Allen County
Dyer, Lake County