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Mace, Montgomery County
Macedonia, Harrison County 
Mackey, Gibson County, Barton Township, 47654
   It was platted by Henry Meyer 20 Oct 1893 and named for O. J. Mackey a railroad magnet.
Mackie, Fountain County 
Macy, Miami County 
Madalline, Parke County 
Madison, Jefferson County 
Madison County 
   County seat is Anderson, created 4 Jan 1823, made effective 1 Jul 1823, 
   named for James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. 
Madison Township, Allen County
Madison Township, Carroll County
Madison Township, Clinton County
Madison Township, Daviess County
Madison Township, Dubois County
Madison Township, Gibson County
   It was formed 10 May 1813 as one of the first five townships.  It was discontinued in 1817.
Madison Township, Jay County
Madison Township, Jefferson County
Madison Township, Montgomery County
Madison Township, Morgan County
Madison Township, Pike County
Madison Township, Putnam County
Madison Township, St. Joseph County
Madison Township, Tipton County
Madison Township, Washington County 
Magee, La Porte County 
Magley, Adams County 
Magnet, Perry County 
Magnetic Springs, Hendricks County 
Magnolia, Crawford County 
Mahalasville, Morgan County 
Mahan Crossing, Orange County 
Mahon, Huntington County 
   It was called Port Mahon.
Majenica, Huntington County 
Makin, Huntington County 
Malden, Porter County 
Mallot Park, Marion County 
Maltersville, Dubois County 
Manchester, Dearborn County 
Manchester, Montgomery County 
Manchester Township, Dearborn County
Manhattan, Putnam County 
Manilla, Rush County 
Manor Woods, Allen County 
Mansfield, Parke County 
Manson, Clinton County 
Manville, Jefferson County 
Maple Lane, St. Joseph County 
Maple Ridge, Marion County 
Maple Valley, Henry County 
Maples, Allen County 
Mapleton, Marion County 
Mapleton Corner, Decatur County 
Maplewood, Hendricks County 
Maplewood Park, Allen County 
Marble Hill, Jefferson County 
Marco, Greene County, Stafford Township
Mardenis, Huntington County 
Marengo, Crawford County 
Mariah Hill, Spencer County 
Marian Manor, Porter County 
Marietta, Shelby County 
Marineland Gardens, Kosciusko County 
Marion, Grant County 
Marion, Shelby County 
Marion County 
   County seat is Indianapolis, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 1 Apr 1822, 
   named for General Francis Marion, the "Swamp Fox" of the American Revolution.
Marion Mills, Owen County 
Marion Township, Allen County
Marion Township, Boone County
Marion Township, Decatur County
Marion Township, Dubois County
Marion Township, Hendricks County
Marion Township, Jasper County
Marion Township, Jennings County
Marion Township, Lawrence County
Marion Township, Owen County
Marion Township, Pike County
Marion Township, Putnam County
Marion Township, Shelby County
Markland, Switzerland County 
Markle, Wells County 
Markles, Vigo County 
Markleville, Madison County 
Marlin Hills, Monroe County 
Marmount, Marshall County
   It was called Union Town, later called Culver.
Marrs Center, Posey County 
Marrs Township, Posey County
Marsh, Gibson County
   It was listed in the 1881 Atlas.
Marshall, Parke County 
Marshall County 
   County seat is Plymouth, created 7 Feb 1835, made effective 1 Apr 1836, 
   named after Chief Justice John Marshall of Virginia. 
Marshall Township, Lawrence County
Marshfield, Scott County 
Marshfield, Warren County 
Marshtown, Fulton County 
Martin, Vanderburgh County 
Martin County 
   County seat is Shoals, created 17 Jan 1820, effective 1 Feb 1820, named for 
   Mayor John P. Martin, of Newport, Kentucky. 
Martin Heights, Washington County 
Martinsburg, Washington County 
Martinsville, Morgan County 
Marysville, Clark County 
Marysville, Pike County 
Massacre, Sullivan County 
Matamoras, Blackford County 
Matthews, Grant County 
Mattix Corner, Clinton County 
Mauckport, Harrison County 
Maumee, Jackson County 
Maumee Township, Allen County
Mauzy, Rush County 
Max, Boone County 
Maxinkuckee, Marshall County 
Maxville, Randolph County 
Maxville, Spencer County 
Maxwell, Hancock County 
Maxwell, Morgan County 
Mayfield, Delaware County 
Mayflower Meadows, Marion County 
Maynard, Lake County 
Mays, Rush County 
Maysville, Daviess County 
Maysville Crossing, Fountain County 
Maywood, Marion County 
McCarty, Johnson County 
McClellan Township, Newton County
McCol Place, Washington County 
McCool, Porter County 
McCordsville, Hancock County 
McCoy, Decatur County 
McCoysburg, Jasper County 
McCutchanville, Vanderburgh County 
McDaniel, Morgan County
McFarlen, Daviess County
   It was later called Farlen.
McGary, Gibson County, Montgomery Township
McGrawsville, Miami County 
McKaw Summit, Gibson County
   It was a village platted 5 May 1904 by Joseph and Oliva McCarty.
McKinley, Washington County  
McKenzie Cross Roads, Dearborn County
   It was called Kelso, later called Dover.
McNatts, Wells County 
McQuinn Estates, Tippecanoe County 
McVille, Greene County, Beech Creek Township
Meadow Shores Park, Steuben County 
Meadowbrook, Allen County 
Meadowbrook, Madison County 
Meadowbrook, Porter County 
Mecca, Parke County 
Mechanicsburg, Boone County 
Mechanicsburg, Clay County 
Mechanicsburg, Decatur County 
Mechanicsburg, Henry County 
Mechanicsburg, Marion County
   Later called Clermont.
Mechanicsville, Vanderburgh County 
Medaryville, Pulaski County 
Medford, Delaware County 
Medina Township, Warren County
Medora, Jackson County 
Meiks, Shelby County 
Melcher, Parke County 
Mellot, Fountain County 
Melody Hill, Vanderburgh County 
Meltzer, Shelby County 
Mentone, Kosciusko County 
Mentor, Dubois County 
Meridan Hills, Marion County 
Merom, Sullivan County 
Merom Station, Sullivan County 
Merriam, Noble County 
Merrick, La Porte County 
Merrillville, Lake County 
Messick, Henry County 
Metamora, Franklin County 
Metamora Township, Franklin County
Metea, Cass County 
Metz, Steuben County 
Mexico, Miami County 
Miami, Miami County 
Miami Bend, Cass County 
Miami County 
   County seat is Peru, created 2 Feb 1832, made effective 2 Apr 1834, 
   named for the Miami Indians. 
Miami Township, Cass County
Miami Trails Addition, St. Joseph County 
Michaelsville, Grant County 
Michiana Shores, La Porte County 
Michigan City, La Porte County 
Michigan Township, Clinton County
Michigan Township, La Porte County
Michigantown, Clinton County 
Mickleyville, Marion County 
Middle Branch, Decatur County 
Middle Township, Hendricks County
Middleboro, Wayne County 
Middlebury, Clay County 
Middlebury, Elkhart County 
Middlebury Township, Elkhart
Middlefork, Clinton County 
Middlefork, Jefferson County 
Middletown, Allen County 
Middletown, Henry County 
Middletown, Owen County
   Later called Arney.
Middletown, Shelby County 
Middletown, Washington County
   Later called Claysville.
Middletown Park, Delaware County 
Midland, Greene County, Wright Township
Midland Junction, Greene County 
Midway, Clinton County
   Later called Colfax.
Midway, Elkhart County 
Midway, Franklin County 
Midway, Jefferson County 
Midway, Parke County 
Midway, Spencer County 
Midway Corners, St. Joseph County 
Mier, Grant County 
Mifflin, Crawford County 
Milan, Ripley County 
Milan Center, Allen County 
Milan Township, Allen County
Miles Point, Clark County 
Milford, Decatur County 
Milford, Kosciusko County 
Milford, Warren County
   Later called Green Hill
Milford Junction, Kosciusko County 
Milford Township, Lagrange County
Mill Township, Grant County
Millcreek Township, Fountain County
Milledgeville, Boone County 
Miller, Gibson County, White River Township
Miller, Lake County 
Miller, Morgan County 
Miller Township, Dearborn County
Millersburg, Elkhart County 
Millersburg, Hamilton County 
Millersburg, Orange County 
Millersburg, Warrick County 
   It was called Canal.
Millersburg, Whitley County
   Later called Collamer.
Millersport, Dubois County 
Millersville, Marion County 
Millgrove, Blackford County 
Millgrove Township, Steuben County
Millhousen, Decatur County 
Milligan, Parke County 
Millport, Washington County 
Milltown, Crawford County 
Millville, Franklin County 
Millville, Henry County 
Milners Corner, Hancock County 
Milo, Huntington County 
Milroy, Rush County 
Milroy Township, Jasper County
Milton, Ohio County
  It was called James Mills, Jamestown, Milton Mills and Guionsville.
Milton, Wayne County
Milton Mills, Ohio County
   It was called James Mills, Jamestown, Milton and Guionsville.
Milton Township, Jefferson County
Mineral City, Greene County, Richland and Taylor Township
Mineral Springs, Kosciusko County 
Minshall, Parke County 
Mishawaka, St. Joseph County 
Mississinewa, Miami County
Mississinewa, Randolph County
   Later called Deerfield.
Mitchell, Lawrence County 
Mitcheltree Township, Martin County
Mixersville, Franklin County 
Moberly, Harrison County 
Modesto, Monroe County 
Modoc, Randolph County 
Moffitt, Jasper County 
Mohawk, Hancock County 
Mongo, Lagrange County 
Monitor, Tippecanoe County 
Monmouth, Adams County 
Monon, White County 
Monon Township, White County
Monoquet, Kosciusko County 
Monroe, Adams County 
Monroe, Grant County 
Monroe, Tippecanoe County 
Monroe City, Knox County 
Monroe County 
   County seat is Bloomington, created 14 Jan 1818, made effective 10 Apr 1818, 
   named for James Monroe, the fifth President of the United States. 
Monroe Manor, La Porte County 
Monroe Township, Adams County 
Monroe Township, Allen County
Monroe Township, Carroll County
Monroe Township, Clark County
Monroe Township, Delaware County
Monroe Township, Grant County
Monroe Township, Howard County
Monroe Township, Jefferson County
Monroe Township, Kosciusko County
Monroe Township, Madison County
Monroe Township, Morgan County
Monroe Township, Pike County
Monroe Township, Pulaski County
Monroe Township, Putnam County
Monroe Township, Randolph County
Monroe Township, Washington County 
Monroeville, Allen County 
Monrovia, Morgan County 
Montclair, Hendricks County 
Monte Cassino Shrine, Spencer County 
Monterey, Pulaski County 
Monterey Village, Hamilton County 
Montezuma, Parke County 
Montezuma Station, Vermillion County 
Montgomery, Daviess County 
Montgomery County 
   County seat is Crawfordsville, created 21 Dec 1822, made effective 1 Mar 1823, 
   named for General Richard Montgomery, of the Continental Army, who died 
   leading the assault on Quebec. 
Montgomery Township, Gibson County
   It was originally formed 10 May 1813, named after Montgomery family, early settler.
Montgomery Township, Jennings County
Montgomery Township, Owen County
Monticello, White County 
Montmorenci, Tippecanoe County 
Montpelier, Blackford County 
Moody, Jasper County 
Moonlight, Steuben County 
Moonville, Madison County 
Moore, De Kalb County 
Moorefield, Switzerland County 
Mooreland, Henry County 
Moores Hill, Dearborn County 
Moorestown, Lawrence County 
Mooresville, Morgan County 
Moral Township, Shelby County
Moran, Clinton County 
Morgan County 
   County seat is Martinsville, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 22 Feb 1822, 
   named for General Daniel Morgan, Indian fighter and Revolutionary War soldier from Virginia. 
Morgan Park, Porter County 
Morgan Township, Harrison County
Morgan Township, Owen County
Morgan Township, Porter County
Morgantown, Morgan County 
Morningside, Delaware County 
Morocco, Newton County 
Morris, Ripley County 
Morristown, Shelby County 
Morristown, Hendricks County
   Later called Amo.
Morton, Putnam County 
Morven, Shelby County 
Morvins Landing, Harrison County 
Moscow, Rush County 
Moses Camp, Grant County 
Mott Station, Harrison County 
Mound Haven, Franklin County 
Mound Township, Warren County
Mount Auburn, Franklin County 
Mount Auburn, Shelby County 
   It was called Blackhawk.
Mount Auburn, Wayne County 
Mount Ayr, Newton County 
Mount Carmel, Franklin County 
Mount Carmel, Washington County 
Mount Comfort, Hancock County 
Mount Edna, Huntington County 
Mount Healthy, Bartholomew County 
Mount Jackson, Marion County 
Mount Lawn, Henry County 
Mount Liberty, Brown County 
Mount Meridian, Putnam County 
Mount Olive, Martin County 
Mount Olympus, Gibson County, Washington Township, 47640
   It was called Ennes after William Ennes, a blacksmith.  A schoolteacher 
   gave it its present name.
Mount Pisgah, Lagrange County 
Mount Pleasant, Cass County 
Mount Pleasant, Jay County 
Mount Pleasant, Johnson County 
Mount Pleasant, Martin County 
Mount Pleasant, Perry County 
Mount Pleasant Township, Delaware County
Mount Sinai, Dearborn County 
Mount Sterling, Switzerland County 
Mount Summit, Henry County 
Mount Tabor, Monroe County 
Mount Tabor, Morgan County
   Later called Crown Center.
Mount Vernon, Posey County 
Mount Vernon, Wabash County 
Mount Zion, Wells County 
Mount Zion Corner, Morgan County 
Mounts, Gibson County, Montgomery County, 47665
Mud Center, Vanderburgh County 
Mud Lick, Jefferson County
   Later called Belleview.
Muddy Fork, Clark County
   Later called Carwood.
Mudge's Station
   Later called Chalmers.
Mudlavia Springs, Warren County 
Mudsock, Greene County
   Later called Lyons.
Mudsock, Madison County
   Later called Dundee.
Mulberry, Clinton County 
Mull, Randolph County 
Muncie, Delaware County 
Munster, Lake County 
Murdock, Lawrence County 
Muren, Pike County 
Murray, Wells County 
Musquabuck Park, Kosciusko County