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Aaron, Switzerland County
Abbey Dell, Orange County
Aberdeen, Ohio County
   It was called Bascom.
Abington, Wayne County
Abington Township, Wayne County
Aboite, Allen County
Aboite Township, Allen County
Abydel, Orange County
Academie, Allen County
Acme, Jackson County
Acton, Marion County
   It was called Farmersville.
Adams, Decatur County
Adams, Morgan County
Adams County
   County seat is Decatur, created 5 Feb 1834, made effective 23 Jan 1836, 
   named for John Quincy Adams, the sixth  president of the United States.
Adams Mill, Carroll County
Adams Township, Allen County
Adams Township, Carroll County
Adams Township, Cass County
Adams Township, Decatur County
Adams Township, Hamilton County
Adams Township, Madison County
Adams Township, Morgan County
Adams Township, Parke County
Adams Township, Ripley County
Adams Township, Warren County
Adamsboro, Cass County
Addison Township, Shelby County
Ade, Newton County
Adel, Owen County
   It was called Pleasant Valley.
Advance, Boone County
   It was called Osceola.
Adyeville, Perry County
Aetna, Lake County
Africa, Spencer County
Ainsworth, Lake County
Aix, Jasper County
Akron, Fulton County
   It was called Newark.
Alamo, Montgomery County
Alaska, Owen County
Albany, Delaware County
Albion, Noble County
   It was called Center.
Albion Township, Noble County
Albion, Scott County
Aldine, Starke County
Alert, Decatur County
Alexandria, Madison County
Alfont, Madison County
Alford, Pike County
   It was called Alfords.
Alfords, Pike County
   Later called Alford.
Alfordsville, Daviess County
Algiers, Pike County
   It was called Algiers City, it was also called Delectable Hill.
Algiers City, Pike County
   Later called Algiers, it was also called Delectable Hill.
Alida, La Porte County
   It was called Alida Station.
Alida Station, La Porte County
   Later called Alida.
Allen, Allen County
Allen County
   County seat is Fort Wayne, created 17 Dec 1823, made effective 1 Apr 1824, 
   named after Colonel John Allen, a    Kentucky Lawyer, who was killed in the 
   massacre of river Basin in 1813.
Allen Crossing, Ripley County
Allen Township, Miami County
Allen Township, Noble County
Allendale, Vigo County
Allensville, Switzerland County
   It was called Clapboard Corner, later called East Enterprise
Alliance, Madison County
Allisonville, Marion County
Allman, Morgan County
Alma Lake, Parke County
Alpine, Fayette County
   It was called Ashland.
Alquina, Fayette County
Alta, Vermillion County
Altamont Switch, Tippecanoe County
Alto, Howard County
Alton, Crawford County
Altona, De Kalb County
Alvarado, Steuben County
   It was called Richland Center.
Ambia, Benton County
   It was called Weaver City.
Ambler, La Porte County
Amboy, Miami County
America, Wabash County
Americus, Tippecanoe County
Ames, Montgomery County
Amity, Johnson County
Amo, Hendricks County
   It was called Morristown.
Amsworth, Lake County
Anderson, Madison County
   It was called Andersontown.
Anderson Township, Madison County
Anderson Township, Perry County
Anderson Township, Rush County
Anderson Township, Warrick County
Andersontown, Madison County
   Later called Anderson.
Andersonville, Delaware County
Andersonville, Franklin County
   It was called Ceylon.
Andrews, Huntington County
   It was called Antioch.
Andry, La Porte County
Angola, Steuben County
Anita, Johnson County
Annandale Estates, Brown County
Annapolis, Parke County
Anoka, Cass County
   It was called Herman City.
Ansley Acres, Allen County
Anthony, Delaware County
Anthony Wayne Village, Allen County
Anticircles, Jay County
   Later called Antiville.
Antimasons, Jay County
   Later called Antiville.
Antioch, Clinton County
Antioch, Gibson County, Montgomery Township
Antioch, Grant County
Antioch, Greene County, Wright Township
Antioch, Huntington County
   Later called Andrews.
Antioch, Jay County
Antioch, Switzerland County
Antioch Grange, Jefferson County
Antioch Junction, Greene County
Antiville, Jay County
   It was called Anticircles, it was also called Antimasons.
Apalona, Perry County
Arabia, Parke County
Arba, Randolph County
Arcadia, Hamilton County
Arcana, Grant County
Arcola, Allen County
Arctic, De Kalb County
   Later called Artic.
Arctic Springs, Clark County
Arda, Pike County
Ardmore, St. Joseph County
Argos, Marshall County
   It was called Sidney.
Ari, Noble County
Arlington, Monroe County
Arlington, Rush County
   It was called Burlington, it was also called Beech Grove.
Armiesburg, Parke County
Armstrong, Vanderburgh County
Armstrong Township, Vanderburgh County
Arney, Owen County
   It was called Middletown.
Aroma, Hamilton County
Arrowhead Park, Kosciusko County
Art, Clay County
Arthur, Pike County
Artic, De Kalb County
  It was called Arctic.
Artist Point, Crawford County
Ascension, Sullivan County
  Later called Farmersburg.
Ash Grove, Tippecanoe County
Ash Iron Springs, Warrick County
Ashboro, Clay County
Ashby, Franklin County
Ashby Yards, Pike County
Asherville, Clay County
Ashland, Fayette County
   Later called Alpine.
Ashland, Henry County
Ashland Township, Morgan County
Ashley, Steuben County
Asphaltum, Jasper County
Athens, Fulton County
   It was called Hoover Station.
Atherton, Vigo County
   It was called Atherton's Island.
Atherton's Island, Vigo County
   Later called Atherton.
Atkinson, Benton County
Atkinsonville, Owen County
Atlanta, Hamilton County
   It was called Shielsville, it was also called Buena Vista.
Attica, Fountain County
Atwood, Kosciusko County
Aubbeenaubbee Township, Fulton County
Auburn, De Kalb County
Auburn Junction, De Kalb County
Augusta, Marion County
   It was called Eck.
Augusta, Pike County
Aultshire, Delaware County
Aurora, Dearborn County
Austin, Scott County
Avalon, Allen County
Avalon Hills, Marion County
Avery, Clinton County
Avilla, Noble County
Avoca, Lawrence County
Avon, Hendricks County
   It was called Hampton, it was also called White Link, it was also called Smootsdell.
Avonburg, Switzerland County
Aylesworth, Fountain County
Aylesworth, Porter County
Ayrshire, Pike County
Azalia, Bartholomew County