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Babcock, Porter County
Bacon, Orange County
Badger Grove, White County
Baileys Corner, Jasper County
Bainbridge, Putnam County
Bainbridge Township, Dubois County
Bainter Town, Elkhart County
Baker, Sullivan County
Baker Township, Morgan County
Bakers Corner, Hamilton County
Bakertown, Noble County
Balbec, Jay County
Bald Knobs, Jackson County
Baldridge, Sullivan County
Baldwin, Allen County
Baldwin Heights, Gibson County
Ballstown, Ripley County
Baltimore, Washington County
Bandmill, Knox County
Bandon, Perry County
Banner Mills, Parke County
Banning Corner, Warren County
Banquo, Huntington County
   It was called Priceville.
Banta, Morgan County
Bar-Barry Heights, Tippecanoe County
Barbee, Kosciusko County
Barbers Mills, Wells County
Barbersville, Jefferson County
Barce, Benton County
Bargersville, Johnson County
Barkley Township, Jasper County
Barnard, Putnam County
   It was called Fort Red.
Barnhart Town, Vigo County
Barr Township, Daviess County
Barrett, Posey County
Barrick Corner, Clay County
Bartholomew County
   County seat is Columbus, created 8 Jan 1821, made effective 12 Feb 1821, named for 
   General Joseph Bartholomew, an Indian fighter in command of the Infantry at the 
   Battle of Tippecanoe.
Bartle, Washington County
Bartlettsville, Lawrence County
Barton Township, Gibson County
Bartonia, Randolph County
Bartons Location, Pike County
Bascom, Ohio County
   Later called Aberdeen.
Bascom Corner, Ohio County
Bass Lake, Starke County
Bass Station, Starke County
Batesville, Franklin County
Batesville, Ripley County
Bath, Franklin County
Bath Township, Franklin County
Battle Ground, Tippecanoe County
Baugh City, Warrick County
Baugo Township, Elkhart County
Bayfield, Kosciusko County
Beal, Knox County
Beamer, Owen County
Bean Blossom, Brown County
   It was called Georgetown.
Bean Blossom Township, Monroe County
Bear Branch, Ohio County
   It was called Cole's Corner, later called Freedom.
Bear Wallow, Brown County
Bearcreek Township, Jay County
Beard, Clinton County
Beardstown, Pulaski County
   It was called Voltz.
Beatrice, Porter County
Beattys Corner, La Porte County
Beatys Beach, Lagrange County
Beaver City, Newton County
Beaver Dam, Kosciusko County
Beaver Township, Newton County
Beaver Township, Pulaski County
Beck, Gibson County, 
Becks Grove, Brown County
Becks Mill, Washington County
Beckville, Montgomery County
Bedford, Lawrence County
Bee Ridge, Clay County
Beech Brook, Shelby County
Beech Creek Township, Greene County
Beech Grove, Marion County
Beech Grove, Morgan County
Beech Grove, Rush County
   It was called Burlington, later called Arlington.
Beechwood, Crawford County
Beehunter, Greene County, Washington Township
Beesons, Wayne County
Behlmer Corner, Ripley County
Belden, Wabash County, Lagro Township
Belknap, Vanderburgh County
Bell Center, White County
Bell Rohr Park, Kosciusko County
Belle Arbor, Marion County
Belle Union, Putnam County
Belleview, Jefferson County
   It was called Mud Lick.
Belleville, Hendricks County
Bellfountain, Jay County
Bellmore, Parke County
   It was called Northhampton.
Belmont, Brown County
Belmont, Henry County
Belmont, Marion County
Belshaw, Lake County
   It was called Belshaw Station.
Belshaw Station, Lake County
   Later called Belshaw.
Ben Davis, Marion County
Benefiel Corner, Sullivan County
Bengal, Shelby County
Benham, Ripley County
   It was called Benham's Station, it was also called Benham's Store.
Benham's Station, Ripley County
   It was called Benham's Store, later called Benham.
Benham's Store, Ripley County
   It was called Benham's Station, later called Benham.
Bennetts Switch, Miami County
Bennettsville, Clark County
Bennington, Switzerland County
   It was called Slawson.
Benton, Elkhart County
Benton County
   County seat is Fowler, created 18 Feb 1840, made effective 1840, named for 
   Thomas Hart Benton, a United States Senator from Missouri.
Benton House, Marion County
Benton Township, Elkhart County
Benton Township, Monroe County
Bentonville, Fayette County
Benwood, Clay County
Berlien, Steuben County
Berne, Adams County
Bethany, Bartholomew County
Bethany, Morgan County
Bethany, Parke County
Bethel, Delaware County
   Later called Stout.
Bethel, Wayne County
Bethel Township, Posey County
Bethel Village, Bartholomew County
Bethevan, Grant County
Bethlehem, Clark County
Bethlehem Township, Cass County
Bethlehem Township, Clark County
Between The Lakes Park, Kosciusko County
Beverly Hill, Porter County
Beverly Shores, Porter County
Bicknell, Knox County
Big Creek, Jefferson County
Big Creek Township, White County
Big Four Yard, Hendricks County
Big Hill, Fulton County
Big Springs, Boone County
Bigger Township, Jennings County
Bigrest, Decatur County
   Later called Harper
Billie Creek Village, Parke County
Billingsville, Union County
Billtown, Clay County
Billville, Clay County
Bippus, Huntington County
Birchim, La Porte County
Birdseye, Dubois County
Birmingham, Miami County
Birmingham, Tippecanoe County
Black Oak, Daviess County
Black Oak, Lake County
Black Point, Kosciusko County
Black River Township, Gibson County
   It was originally formed 10 May 1813, discontinued in 1817.
Black Rock, Warren County
Black Township, Posey County
Blackford County
   County seat is Hartford City, created 15 Feb 1838, made effective 2 Apr 1838, named 
   for Judge Isaac Newton Blackford, Indiana Supreme Court.
Blackhawk, Shelby County
   Later called Mt. Auburn.
Blackhawk, Vigo County
Blackhawk Beach, Porter County
Blackiston Mill, Floyd County
Blackiston Village, Clark County
Blaine, Jay County
Blairsville, Posey County
Blakesburg, Putnam County
Blanford, Vermillion County
Blocher, Scott County
Bloods Wood Crossing, Knox County
Bloomer, Madison County
Bloomfield, Greene County, Richland Township
Bloomfield, Jay County
Bloomfield, Parke County
   It was called Elevatis, later called Bloomingdale.
Bloomfield, Spencer County
Bloomfield Township, LaGrange County
Blooming Grove, Franklin County
   It was called Greensboro.
Blooming Grove Township, Franklin County
Bloomingdale, Parke County
   It was called Elevatis, it was also called Bloomfield.
Bloomingport, Randolph County
Bloomington, Monroe County
Bloomington Township, Monroe County
Blooms Eddy, Clark County
Blountsville, Henry County
Blue, Ohio County
Blue Creek, Franklin Township
   It was called Klemmes Corner.
Blue Creek Township, Adams County
Blue Lick, Clark County
Blue Ridge, Shelby County
   It was called Cynthiana.
Blue River, Washington County
Blue River Township, Hancock County
Blue River Township, Harrison County
Blue River Township, Henry County
Blue River Township, Johnson County
Bluecast, Allen County
Bluegrass, Fulton County
Bluff Creek, Johnson County
Bluff Point, Jay County
Bluffs, Morgan County
Bluffton, Wells County
Board Park, Putnam County
Bobo, Adams County
   Later called Rivare.
Bobtown, Jackson County
Bogard Township, Daviess County
Boggstown, Shelby County
Bogle Corner, Clay County
Bolivar, Wabash County
Bolivar Township, Benton County
Bonds, Orange County
Bonnell, Dearborn County
Bonneyville Mills, Elkhart County
Bono, Lawrence County
Bono, Vermillion County
Bono Township, Lawrence County
Boon Township, Warrick County
Boone County
   County seat is Lebanon, created 29 Jan 1830, made effective 1 Apr 1830, named after 
   Daniel Boone, the Kentucky frontiersman.
Boone Grove, Porter County
Boone Township, Cass County
Boone Township, Crawford County
Boone Township, Dubois County
Boone Township, Harrison County
Boone Township, Madison County
Boone Township, Porter County
Boonville, Warrick County
Borden, Clark County
Bordon Post Office, Clark County
Boston, Wayne County
Boston Corner, Allen County
Boston Store, Montgomery County
   Later called Elmdale.
Boston Township, Wayne County
Boswell, Benton County
Boundary City, Jay County
Bourbon, Marshall County
Bourbon Township, Marshall County
Bovine, Gibson County, Wabash Township, 47649
   It was a post office in Gibson County, listed in the 1881 Atlas.  Later called Wheeling and Kirksville.
Bowers, Montgomery County
   It was called Clouser's Mills.
Bowerstown, Huntington County
Bowling Green, Parke County
Bowman, Pike County
Bowman Acres, Hancock County
Bowrie, Noble County
Boxley, Hamilton County
   It was called Boxleytown.
Boxleytown, Hamilton County
   Later called Boxley.
Boyd, Rush County
Boyleston, Clinton County
Bracken, Huntington County
   It was called Claysville.
Bradfield Corner, Parke County
Bradford, Harrison County
Bramble, Martin County
Branchville, Perry County
   It was called Oil Creek.
Brandywine Township, Hancock County
Brandywine Township, Shelby County
Braxton, Orange County
Braxton Siding, Orange County
Braysville, Dearborn County
Braysville, Owen County
Braytown, Switzerland County
Brazil, Clay County
Brazil Township, Clay County
Breckenridge, Harrison County
Breezy Point, Carroll County
Bremen, Marshall County
   It was called New Bremen.
Brems, Starke County
Brendan Wood, Boone County
Brendonwood, Marion County
Brentwood, Madison County
Bretz, Dubois County
   It was called Newton, later called Bretzville.
Bretzville, Dubois County
   It was called Bretz, it was also called Newton.
Brewersville, Jennings County
Briant, Jay County
   It was called Bryan, later called Bryant
Briarwood, Morgan County
Brice, Jay County
Brick Chapel, Putnam County
Bridgeport, Harrison County
   It was called Locust Point.
Bridgeport, Marion County
Bridgeton, Parke County
   It was called Lockwood Mills.
Brierwood Hills, Allen County
Briggs, Whitley County
Bright, Dearborn County
Brighton, Lagrange County
   It was called Lexington.                                                           
Brightwood, Marion County
Brimfield, Noble County
Brimstone Corners, Washington County
Brinckley, Randolph County
Bringhurst, Carroll County
   It was called U Know, it was also called Plank.
Brisco, Warren County
Bristol, Elkhart County
Bristow, Perry County
Broad Park, Putnam County
Broad Ripple, Marion County
Broad Ripple Float, Grant County
Broadmoor, Marion County
Broadview, Monroe County
Brockville, Steuben County
   It was called Willow Prairie, later called Fremont.
Bromer, Orange County
Bronson, Randolph County
   It was called Hunt's Cross Roads, it was also called Losantville.
Brook, Newton County
Brookfield, Shelby County
Brookhaven, Grant County
Brooklyn, Morgan County
Brooklyn Heights, Marion County
Brookmoor, Morgan County
Brooks, Hamilton County
Brooksburg, Jefferson County
Brookside Estates, Allen County
Brookston, White County
Brooksville, Franklin County
   Later called Brookville.
Brookville, Franklin County
   It was called Brooksville.
Brookville Heights, Hancock County
Brookville Township, Franklin County
Broom Hill, Clark County
Brown County
   County seat is Nashville, created 4 Feb 1836, made effective 1 Apr 1836, named for 
   General Jacob Brown, of New York, commanding General of the army from 1815 to 1828.  
   He was a hero of the War of 1812.
Brown Jug Corner, Vigo County
Brown Township, Hancock County
Brown Township, Hendricks County
Brown Township, Montgomery County
Brown Township, Morgan County
Brown Township, Ripley County
Brown Township, Washington County
Browns Corner, Huntington County
Browns Crossing, Morgan County
Browns Valley, Montgomery County
   It was called Brownsville.
Brownsburg, Hendricks County
   It was called Harrisburg.
Brownstown, Crawford County
Brownstown, Jackson County
Brownstown Township, Jackson County
Brownsville, Montgomery County
   Later called Browns Valley.
Brownsville, Union County
Brownsville Township, Union County
Browntown, Crawford County
Bruce Lake, Fulton County
   It was called Bruce's Lake, it was called Bruce Lake Station.
Bruce Lake Station, Fulton County
   It was called Bruce's Lake, later called Bruce Lake.
Bruce's Lake, Fulton County
   It was called Bruce Lake Station, later called Bruce Lake.
Bruceville, Knox County
Bruin's Crossroads, Parke County
   Later called Guion
Brumitt Acres, Porter County
Brunerstown, Putnam County
Brunswick, Clay County
Brunswick, Lake County
Brushy Prairie, Lagrange County
Bryan, Jay County
   It was called Briant, later called Bryant.
Bryant, Jay County
   It was called Bryan, it was called Briant.
Bryantsburg, Jefferson County
Bryantsville, Lawrence County
Buchanan, Floyd County
Buchanan Corner, Clay County
Buck Creek, Tippecanoe County
   It was called Transitville.
Buck Creek Township, Hancock County
Buckeye, Huntington County
Buckskin, Gibson County, Barton Township, 47647
   It got its name from the fact there was a early trading post there that bought deer skins.  
   As the stage came through there would be deer skins hanging on poles by the side the roads 
   and the stage driver would stop and pick them up and take them to the trading post.  Each 
   skin would have the trappers mark on it.  So they called it Buckskin.
Bucktown, Sullivan County
Bud, Johnson County
Buddha, Lawrence County
   It was called Flynn's Cross Roads.
Buell, Sullivan County
   It was called Lyontown, later called Cass.
Buena Vista, Franklin County
   It was called Stips Hill.
Buena Vista, Gibson County, Washington Township, 47640.
   It was platted 30 Mar 1848 by Samuel T. Decker and his wife.  It was called Giro.
Buena Vista, Hamilton County
   It was called Shielville, later called Atlanta.
Buena Vista, Harrison County
Buena Vista, Randolph County
   It was called Cerro Gordo.
Buena Vista, Washington County
Buenavista, Monroe County
Buffalo, Adams County
   Later called Geneva.
Buffalo, Brown County
Buffalo, Ohio County
Buffalo, White County
Buffaloville, Spencer County
Buffington, Lake County
Bufkin, Posey County
Bullocktown, Warrick County
Bunker Hill, Fayette County
Bunker Hill, Miami County
Bunker Hill, Morgan County
Bunker Hill, Washington County
Burdick, Porter County
Burge Terrace, Marion County
Burket, Kosciusko County
Burkhardt Station, Vanderburgh County
Burlington, Carroll County
Burlington, Greene County, Richland Township
Burlington, Rush County
   It was called Beech Grove, later called Arlington.
Burlington Beach, Porter County
Burlington Township, Carroll County
Burnett, Vigo County
Burnetts Creek, White County
   It was called Farmington, later called Burnettsville.
Burnettsville, White County
   It was called Farmington, it was called Burnetts Creek.
Burney, Decatur County
Burns City, Martin County
   It was called Kecksville.
Burns Harbor, Porter County
Burnsville, Bartholomew County
Burnsville, Ripley County
Burr Oak, Marshall County
   It was called Oakington.
Burr Oak, Noble County
Burrows, Carroll County
   It was called Cornucopia.
Bushrod, Greene County, Washington Township
Busseron, Knox County
Busseron Township, Knox County
Butler, DeKalb County, Wilmington Township
   It was called Norristown, it was called Jarvis.
Butler Township, DeKalb County
Butler Township, Franklin County
Butler Township, Miami County
Butlerville, Jennings County
Buttermilk Point, Kosciusko County
Byrneville, Harrison County
Byron, La Porte County
   It was called Kankakee.
Byron, Parke County