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Hacienda Village, Allen County
Hackleman, Grant County
Haddon Township, Sullivan County
Hadley, Hendricks County
Hagerstown, Wayne County
   It was called Elizabethtown
Haglund, Porter County
Halbert Township, Martin County
Haleysbury, Washington County
Hall, Morgan County
Hall Township, Dubois County
Halls Corners, Allen County
Hamblen Township, Brown Township
Hamburg, Clark County
Hamburg, Franklin County
Hamilton, Clinton County
Hamilton, Madison County
Hamilton, St. Joseph County
   It was called Terre Coupee
Hamilton, Steuben County
Hamilton County
   County seat is Noblesville, created 8 Jan 1823, made effective 17 Apr 1823, 
   named for Alexander Hamilton.
Hamilton Township, Delaware County
Hamilton Township, Jackson County
Hamilton Township, Sullivan County
Hamlet, Starke County
Hammond, Lake County
   It was called Hohman
Hammond Township, Spencer County
Hampton, Hendricks County
   Later called White Link, later called Smootsdell, later called Avon.
Hancock Chapel, Harrison County
Hancock Corner, Owen County
Hancock County
   County seat is Greenfield, created 26 Jan 1827, made effective 1 Mar 1828, 
   named after John Hancock, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.
Handy, Benton County
Handy, Monroe County
Haney Corner, Ripley County
Hanfield, Grant County
Hanging Grove, Jasper County
Hanging Grove Township, Jasper County
Hangman Crossing, Jackson County
Hanna, La Porte County
Hanna Township, La Porte County
Hanover, Jefferson County
Hanover Beach, Jefferson County
Hanover Township, Jefferson County
Hanover Township, Lake County
Hanover Township, Shelby County
Happy Hollow, Harrison County
Happy Hollow Heights, Tippecanoe County
Harbinson Township, Gibson County
   It was formed in May 1816, discontinued 10 Feb 1817.
Harbison Township, Dubois County
Hardingrove, Perry County
Hardinsburg, Dearborn County
Hardinsburg, Washington County
   In January 1838, a plat of 36 lots were laid off in section 3 of what is now 
   Posey Township, by Aaron Hardin, who named the place Hardinsburg.
Hardscrabble, Madison County
Harlan, Allen County
Harlansburg, Huntington County
Harley, Carroll County
Harley Siding, Carroll County
Harmeson Heights, Madison County
Harmony, Clay County
Harmony Township, Posey County
Harmony Township, Union County
Harper, Decatur County
   It was called Bigrest
Harris, Decatur County
   It was called Harris City
Harris, Marshall County
   It was called Linkville and then Harris Station.
Harris City, Decatur County
   It was called Harris
Harris City, Marshall County
   It was called Linkville, then Harris
Harrisburg, Fayette County
Harrisburg, Grant County
   Later called Gas City.
Harrisburg, Hendricks County
   Later called Brownsburg.
Harrison, Vigo County
Harrison County
   County seat is Corydon, created 11 Oct 1808, made effective 1 Dec 1808,     
   named for General William Henry Harrison.
Harrison Grange, Harrison County
Harrison Lake, Fountain County
Harrison Place, Marion County
Harrison Township, Bartholomew County
Harrison Township, Blackford County
Harrison Township, Boone County
Harrison Township, Cass County
Harrison Township, Clay County
Harrison Township, Daviess County
Harrison Township, Dearborn County
Harrison Township, Delaware County
Harrison Township, Elkhart County
Harrison Township, Fayette County
Harrison Township, Harrison County
Harrison Township, Henry County
Harrison Township, Howard County
Harrison Township, Knox County
Harrison Township, Kosciusko County
Harrison Township, Miami County
Harrison Township, Morgan County
Harrison Township, Owen County
Harrison Township, Pulaski County
Harrison Township, Spencer County
Harrison Township, Union County
Harrison Township, Vigo County
Harrison Township, Wayne County
Harrison Township, Wells County
Harristown, Washington County
   On 18 July, 1850, a plat of 17 lots were laid off in section 24, of what is now 
   Washington Township, by Thomas M. Harris.  It was named in his honor. 
   The rail road station here was called Norris.
Harrisville, Randolph County
Harrodsburg, Monroe County
Hart Township, Warrick County
Hartford Township, Adams County
Hartleyville, Lawrence County
Hart's Mills, Ripley County
   Later called Friendship.
Hartsdale, Lake County
Hartsville, Bartholomew County
Hartwell Junction, Pike County
Harveysburg, Fountain County
Harwood, Vanderburgh County
Hartford, Ohio County
Hartford City, Blackford County
Hartford Township, Adams County
Hartzel, Lagrange County
Hashtown, Greene County, Richland Township
Haskell, La Porte County
Hastings, Kosciusko County
Hatfield, Spencer County
Haubstadt, Gibson County, Johnson Township, 47639
   It was formerly known as Haub's Station, laid out in 1855 by James H. Oliver.  
   It was named after Henry Haub, who kept a stage stand and general store there.
Hawthorn Hills, Hamilton County
Hawthorne Hills, Lake County
Hawton, Sullivan County
Haw Creek Township, Bartholomew County
Hayden, Jennings County
Haysville, Dubois County
Haysville, Jackson County
   Later called Crothersville.
Haysville Corner, Randolph County
Hazel College, Boone County
Hazelrigg, Boone County
Hazelton, Gibson County, White River Township, 47640
   It was platted 25 Jul 1855 by Gervas and David Hazelton and named after Gervas Hazelton.
Hazelwood, Hendricks County
Headlee, White County
Headley's Mills
   It was called Snoddy's Mills, later called Coal Creek.
Heath, Tippecanoe County
Heaton, Greene County, Richland Township
Hebron, Porter County
Hecla, Whitley County
   Later called Etna.
Hedrick, Warren County
Heilman, Warrick County
Helmcrest, Hancock County
Helmer, Steuben County
Helmsburg, Brown County
Helt Township, Vermillion County
Heltonville, Lawrence County
Hemenway, Warrick County
Hemlock, Howard County
Henderson, Rush County
Hendricks, Johnson County
Hendricks County
   County seat is Danville, created 20 Dec 1823, made effective 1 Apr 1824, 
   named after William Hendricks, a governor from Indiana.
Hendricks Township, Shelby County
Hendricksville, Greene County, Beech Creek Township
Henry, Rush County
Henry County
   County seat is New Castle, created 31 Dec 1821, made effective 1 Jun 1822, 
   named for Virginia patriot, Patrick Henry.
Henry Township, Fulton County
Henry Township, Henry County
Henryville, Clark County
Hensley Township, Johnson County
Hepburn, Posey County
Herbamount, Morgan County
Herbst, Grant County
Herman City, Cass County
   Later called Anoka.
Herr, Boone County
Hessen Cassel, Allen County
Hesston, La Porte County
Hessville, Lake County
Heth Township, Harrison County
Heusler, Posey County
Hi-View Addition, St. Joseph County
Hibbard, Marshall County
Hibernia, Clark County
Hibernia, Montgomery County
Hickory Corner, Owen County
Hickory Grove Township, Benton County
Hickory Island, Vigo County
Hickory Ridge, Gibson County, Wabash Township
Hicks, La Porte County
Highbank Town, Pike County
Highbanks, Kosciusko County
Highets Corner, Owen County
Highland, Lake County
Highland, Vanderburgh County
Highland, Vermillion County
Highland, Washington County
Highland Center, Franklin County
Highland Township, Greene County
Highland Township, Franklin County
Highland Township, Vermillion County
Highland Village, Monroe County
Highlands Park, Kosciusko County
Highwoods, Marion County
Hildebrand Village, Shelby County
Hillcrest, Allen County
Hillcrest, Harrison County
Hillcrest, Madison County
Hillcrest, Porter County
Hillcrest Terrace, Warrick County
Hillham, Dubois County
Hillisburg, Clinton County
Hillsboro, Fountain County
Hillsboro, Henry County
Hillsborough, Martin County
   Later called Dover Hill.
Hillsdale, Vanderburgh County
Hillsdale, Vermillion County
Hillside, La Porte County
Hilltown, Jennings County
Hindostan, Orange County
Hindostan Falls, Martin County
Hindustan, Monroe County
Hirt Corner, Putnam County
Hiser, Wayne County
Hitchcock, Washington County
   This was only a station on the Louisville, New Albany & Chicago 
   Railroad in Washington Township, was named after a family of that name, 
   and William Hitchcock had the first store.
Hoagland, Allen County
Hobart, Lake County
Hobart Township, Lake County
Hobbieville, Greene County, Center Township
Hobbs, Tipton County
Hoffman Crossing, Clay County
Hogan Township, Dearborn County
Hogtown, Crawford County
Hohman, Lake County
   It was later called Hammond
Holaday Hills and Dales, Hamilton County
Holida, Marion County
Holland, Dubois County
Hollandsburg, Parke County
Holmesville, La Porte County
Holton, Ripley County
Home Corner, Grant County
Home Place, Hamilton County
Homecroft, Marion County
Homer, Rush County
Homestead, Dearborn County
Honduras, Adams County
Honey Creek, Henry County
Honey Creek Township, Howard County
Honey Creek Township, Vigo County
Honey Creek Township, White County
Honeyville, Lagrange County
Hooker Corner, Warren County
Hoosier, Greene County
Hoosier Acres, Monroe County
Hoosierville, Clay County
Hoover, Cass County
Hoover Mill, Wayne County
Hoover Crest, Marion County
Hoover Park, Blackford County
Hoover Station, Fulton County
   Later called Athens.
Hope, Bartholomew County
Hopeville, Union County
Hopewell, De Kalb County
Hopewell, Johnson County
Horace, Decatur County
Hortonville, Hamilton County
Hosmer, Pike County
   Later called Glezen.
Houston, Jackson County
Hovey, Posey County
Howard, Parke County
Howard County
   County seat is Kokomo, created 15 Jan 1844, made effective 1 May 1844, 
   named for Tilghman Ashurst Howard, a district attorney and representative.
Howard Township, Howard County
Howard Township, Parke County
Howard Township, Washington County
Howe, Lagrange County
Howell, Vanderburgh County
Howesville, Clay County
Hubbard, St. Joseph County
Hubbell, Owen County
Hubbells Corner, Dearborn County
Huber, Fayette County
Hudnut, Parke County
Hudson, Steuben County
Hudson Lake, La Porte County
Hudson Township, La Porte County
Hudsonville, Daviess County
Huff Township, Spencer County
Huffman, Spencer County
Hunter, Vigo County
   It was called Fountain Station, later called Fontanet.
Hunter Corner, Fountain County
Hunter Switch, Monroe County
Huntersville, Franklin County
Huntertown, Allen County
Huntingburg, Dubois County
Huntington, Huntington County
Huntington County
   County seat is Huntington, created 2 Feb 1832, made effective 1 Apr 1832, 
   named after Samuel Huntington, a delegate to the Continental Congress and a 
   signer of the Declaration of Independence.
Huntington Township, Huntington County
Hunt's Cross Roads
   It was also called Losantville, later called Bronson.
Huntsville, Madison County
Huntsville, Randolph County
Hurlburt, Porter County
Huron, Lawrence County
Hursh, Allen County
Hutton, Vigo County
Hyde Park, Delaware County
Hymera, Sullivan County
Hyndsdale, Morgan County