Cemeteries of Pulaski County, IN

When the name of the cemetery or the church is in bold there is additional information.  Please send the County Coordinator information on any "occupants" in the cemeteries you might have so I can add them to these pages. Special thanks to Janet Onken for compiling this version of the cemetary listing.

Beaver Twp

Paul's Chapel
St. James Church
Tippecanoe Church

Sec. 14
Sec. 7
Sec. 24

SW corner of 650S & 600W
N side of 600S 1/4 mile East of 1100W
N side of 750S at 525W

Cass Twp.

Bethlehem (or Wocknitz)
First Love
Sutton (Cass Civil Twp)
St. John Church

Sec. 22
Sec. 28
Sec. 31
Sec. 35
Sec. 22

East side of 1350W at 450N
South side of 400N 1/4 mile West of 1400 W
200N at 1675W; on farm property
1/4 mile N of 200N on 1225W
1/4 mile W of 1350W on N side of 400N

Franklin Twp.

Franklin township Cemetery

Sec. 22

SE corner of 200W & 500N

Harrison Twp.

Olive Branch
Sutton (Harrison Civil Twp)
Ward (Mooresburgh)
Wasson - Dead Man Hollow

Sec. 34
Sec. 28
Sec. 27
Sec. 25

West side of 450E at 350S (easement)
1/4 mile north of 235S on 330E (easement)
450E north of 235S along roadside
West of St. Rd. 35 at 250 S

Indian Creek Twp.

Hoover Family
Indian Creek (Pro)
Pulaski Presbyterian
St. Joseph-South
St. Joseph-West

Sec. 30
Sec. 32
Sec. 9&17
Sec. 20
Sec. 8

East side of 450W just south of 825S
1/2 mile south of 900S on 325W
on curve south of Pulaski on SR119
just West of SR119 on 750W
1/2 mile east of 400W on 550S

Jefferson Twp.

Burroughs Family (Malia)
Idle - Jefferson Twp. Civil
Koster - Pleasant Ridge

Sec. 14
Sec. 21
Sec. 19

650W south of SR 14 W
South of 150S on SR 39
North of 200S on 1075 W

Monroe Twp.

Gross-Reed (Hackett)
McKinley Memorial Gardens
Stotts Family
St. Peter Catholic
Winamac Town

Sec. 18
Sec. 14
Sec. 33
Sec. 14
Sec. 14

150E on SR 14 E
West side of Winamac, North of Main St.
Inaccessible - private property
SR 14 W at 100 W
West side of Winamac, South of Main St.

Rich Grove Twp.

Rich Grove Twp. Civil
St. Paul Lutheran Church

Sec. 12
Sec. 12

In town of Denham on 575W
In Town of Denham on 575W

Salem Twp.

Roseland - Salem Twp. Civil (Rees)

Sec. 31
Sec. 2

on 1600W South of 900S
1300 W on 500 S

Tippecanoe Twp.

Riverbank United Brethern
Riverside Memorial (IOOF)
St. Ann - Old Catholic
St. Ann - New Catholic
Tippecanoe Twp. Civil
Weygandt Family (Warren)

Sec. 29
Sec. 12
Sec. 3
Sec. 2
Sec. 12
Sec. 4

215E at 300N
East side of Monterey on 700N
on 3-Mile Road near 450E
1/2 mile West of Monterey on 700S
East side of Monterey on 700 N
on 3-Mile road about 350E

Van Buren Twp.

Mull Brethren (Old School Presbyt.)
Old Star City
Star City West (IOOF)
Victor Chapel (Anders)

Sec. 28
Sec. 1
Sec. 8
Sec. 7
Sec. 24

850S at 300E
just North of 450S on 625E
behind Community Center in Star City
600S at 150E
775S on 600E

White Post Twp.

Medaryville Town
St. Henry Catholic
St. John Evangelical (Bowman)
St. Mark Lutheran
Stump Family
White Post Twp. Civil

Sec. 4
Sec. 5
Sec. 25
Sec. 5
Sec. 8
Sec. 4

on East edge of Medaryville
200N at 1550W
225S on 1200W
200N at 1550W
No longer Extant
1425W on 100N