Kosciusko County, Indiana

Posted Queries for July thru August 1998

Researcher: Laura Russell
Email: wawa@teleport.com
Date posted: Monday, July 6, 1998

Jordan ESTA: Born 30 March 1906; died Sept 1976 in Etna Green, Kosciusko Co, IN. Believe she is related to a Nancy ROBBINS (her mother's maiden name); married name possibly Nancy TRESTER. Nancy was born 8 july 1884. I have a Nancy in my tree (my grandmother), who was married once before and had 3 kids before marrying my grandfather, Harvey Alexander RUSSELL. Unfortunately, Nancy Robbins may be a familiar name, so dates and second marriage name have to be the same.

Surnames: BARBER
Researcher: Russ Rider
Email: rusemtoo@gvn.net
Date posted: Monday, July 6, 1998

I am a descendant of of the BARBER family and would like to share some information. Milo BARBER, the veteran, died on 14 April 1917 at National Home, Kansas. He was buried in Ponca City, Oklahoma. He was born 27 June 1842. He, along with George and Sylvester, was a son of the Milo BARBER (born 1807) that is listed as buried in Kosciusko County. George BARBER is also buried in Kosciusko County, in the Franklin Cemetery. George was murdered shortly after his wedding.

Surnames: MYERS
Researcher: Barbara Buck
Email: hbuck130@aol.com
Date posted: Monday, July 6, 1998

MYERS, Milton S. - b: 12 Sept 1849 Need parents name.

Researcher: Betsey Doran Turnquist
Email: bturnquist@lilly.com
Date posted: Wednesday, July 8, 1998

I am looking for Elizabeth BLUE (b. about 1829) who married Nelson DORAN. They had several children, Nancy E., Abram, Cary, Rachel, Sarah C., Hollis L., and Amos. I come down thru the line from their son, Cary, however, any information on any of the family would be greatly appreciated. I understand that Nelson and Elizabeth were born in Ohio but settled in Kosciusko County, Indiana.

Also, any information on any of the EHERENMAN's of Kosciusko County would be of great interest. Thank you.

Researcher: Mike Rose
Email: mrose@aerostructures.bfg.com
Date posted: Friday, July 10, 1998

Looking for info on Sampson Jackson NORTH, Born Abt. 1835 , Died Aug 24,1917 and is buried in the Milford Cemetary. Was a Capt. in the Civil War. Parents name's are Joseph NORTH and Sarah ( Sally ) RUSSELL. Sampson had a daughter named Zelpah who married Henry Frederic LOEHR in Milford, 1858. Don't know where Sampson was born, or who Zelpah's mother is. Any information would be helpfull.

Researcher: Nick Kile
Email: jnkile@juno.com
Date posted: Friday, July 17, 1998

Looking for information recarding Benjamin KYLE (KILE) (1865-circa 1910) and his wife Amir Viola BYBEE (1837-circa 1900) from Mentone, IN, daughter of Marion BYBEE and Nancy (DICKEN) BYBEE of Mentone. Benjamin resided in the early 1900s with Bertha (BYBEE) ANDERICK and her husband Wm Hershal ANDERICK in the Mentone area. Benjamin was born in Missouri, I believe, and his parens were Elias S. and Sara (GARD) KYLE (KILE).

Researcher: Kim Leazenby Russell
Email: Msplcdtex@aol.com
Date posted: Friday, July 17, 1998

I am searching for any information on my GGF, Joshua W. LEAZENBY, born 4 Feb 1854 in IN. He married Anetta FRAZEE of Buckner, MO around 1880 and had two sons: Walter F. (born 21 Sept 1880 Buckner, MO died 21 Sept 1956 Anadarko, OK) and James Marcus (born 21 March 1882 Buckner, MO died 31 March 1948 Anadarko, OK). JW later married Lily BURR, and then my GGM, Era Toka SMITH in Stecker, Caddo Co., OK in 1917. JW died in 1926.

I am looking for a book titled "Ancestral Lines of the Doniphan, Frazee, and Hamilton Families". Anette LEAZENBY is listed on page 3XX (don't have exact page number). Does anyone know where I can find this? I'm at a dead end at JW and am searching every avenue! Thanks,

Researcher: Pam Green
Email: tptexas@erols.com
Date posted: Tuesday, August 4, 1998

I am searching for the ancestors and descendants of Shelby WALKER, who quite likely has Kosciusko Co. roots as his widow (Beulah POTTS b 7 jan 1891 d Jan 1976 -- remarried Elmer LOWMAN) later lived and died in Kosciusko Co. and other descendants of Shelby lived in Kosciusko Co.

Shelby had at least five sons (Bob, Bill, Fritz, Jerry and Charles, my father). Charles Wilson WALKER b 17 Dec 1917 Mt Carmel, IL, married 21 Aug 1948 in Wheaton, IL to Annabel BAKER, a Mentone native, d March 1958, in Chicago, IL.

Researcher: Jeanine Howard Birong
Email: jmbirong@aol.com
Date posted: Tuesday, August 4, 1998

I am a descendant of several families that lived in Kosciusko Co. for several generations. I am especialy interested in info on the ancestors of Margaret Elizabeth BLAIN, b April 1838 Ross Co, OH, d 22 jan 1908 Burket, IN. She was the daughter of Alexander BLAIN and Margaret E. MANN. She married Daniel HOWARD 2 Jan 1861.

Also seeking WHETSTONE ancestry. David WHETSTONE, son of Samuel WHETSTONE and Elizabeth PATTERSON, b 16 Mar 1847, d 1 Mar 1909 Kosciusko Co. He married Noadiah BURKETT 17 Sept 1868. I am seeking her ancestry, especially the TINKLE family ties. She was the daughter of Elias BURKETT (b 9 Dec 1812, d 14 May 1888 Kosciusko Co.) and Nancy TINKLE (daughter of Charles TINKLE, she was b 17 June 1816, d 8 Apr 1908 Kosciusko Co).

Also want any info on Theresa Louisa HORN who married Wallace Sylvester COPLEN 4 Sep 1904 Kosciusko Co; and Martha Adeline GROVES who married Francis Marion COPLEN on 6 Jan 1881. They lived together in Mentone, Kosciusko Co.

I have a great deal of info on the HOWARD, BURKETT/BURKET and the COPLEN families to share with others.

Researcher: Claudia Harshner Johnson
Email: taj@hotcoco.infi.net
Date posted: Thursday, August 6, 1998

I would be interested in any information regarding the HARSHNER family in Etna Green from 1880 on. My grandfather, James HARSHNER and his younger brother Chester emigrated to California in the late 19th century, married and raised families here. I think I can trace their ancestors back through Pennsylvania and Ohio to Maryland in 1800. I would like to know more about the women, i.e., their surnames. I think their mother was Harriet BELL. Any information would be welcomed.

Surnames: HILL
Researcher: Theresa Raby
Email: tmraby@webtv.net
Date posted: Thursday, August 13, 1998

Looking for Benjamin HILL, born 1858 and brother John born 1860? Parents unknown born in Warsaw, Kosciusko Co., Indiana if you can be of any help thank you for your time .

Researcher: Ron Personett
Email: rpersone@access.mountain.net
Date posted: Monday, August 17, 1998

Born: Sept 4, 1803 or 1807 in believed to be Ohio
Marrried: Catherine Barrett HOLMAN, June 6,1832 in Wayne County, IN.
Died: May or June 1854 in Warsaw, Kosciusko Co. IN.
Mary Elizabeth PERSONETT born 2/26/1833, Wayne Co. IN
Jasper PERSONETT born 12/14/1834, Wayne Co. IN
Julia Personett born 12/11/1834, Wayne Co. IN
Sophrona Personett born 11/16/1837, assumed Wayne Co.
John Henry PERSONETT born 1/31/1840, Wayne Co. IN
Charles E. PERSONETT born 9/18/1842, assumed Wayne Co
Isreal Stacey PERSONETT - born 10/19/1853, Warsaw, Kosciusko Co. IN

Query - date of Thomas PERSONETT death and parents names.

Researcher: Gayle Davidhizar
Email: davidhiz@michianatoday.com
Date posted: Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Interested in finding out whether or not there is anyone else researching the HARTZEL/HARTSELL surname. Family is in Scott Twp in 1860 and in Etna Twp in 1870. This this family ties into any of your research, please email me.

Researcher: Jean I. (Lawyer) Brown
Email: lcjibrown@aol.com
Date posted: Monday, August 24, 1998

DITTO, William, died in the fall of 1853 in an accident. He married Eunice SHELDON Sep 1851. Their daughter was Ellen Elizabeth DITTO, who married my great grandfather, Jesse LAWYER, before they came to Kansas. In May of 1995, my husband and I cam e to Kosciusko Co, Indiana and found the grave of Eunice SHELDON SHATTO, along with other ancestors in the Harrison Center Cemetery. Eunice is not buried near her third husband's grave, H.J. SHATTO. I am trying to find where William DITTO is buried and hope his birth date is on his stone. There are two cemeteries in the Northeast part of Kosciusko County we did not have time to search. Can some one help me?

Researcher: Bill Brauker
Email: billbrauk@aol.com
Date posted: Tuesday, August 25, 1998

I am searching for information about Isaiah DRAKE, who was born in Kosciusko, County. This is what I have on him so far.

Descendants of Isaiah DRAKE
Generation No. 1
1. Isaiah DRAKE was born 1822 in Indiana. He married Rachel ALLEN December 26, 1845 in Kosciusko Co., Indiana, daughter of Nathaniel ALLEN and Catherine.
Notes for Isaiah DRAKE:  Listed as 27, and a farmer, in the 1850 Indiana Census, Kosciusko County, Vanburen Township.  I believe that Isaiah's father is the John DRAKE who married Esther ELSTON, February, 22, 1816. in Wayne County, Indiana. In the 1840 Indiana Census, for Kosciusko County, Vanburen Township, there are two different John DRAKEs listed with families. In this census only the head of household is listed, but it gives numbers for various ages of males and females. Isaiah would have been 17 at this time and both John DRAKEs have one son between the ages of 15-20.

More About Rachel ALLEN:  Fact 1: 1860, Ind. census says Rachel was born in Ohio, her father in NY.

Children of Isaiah DRAKE and Rachel ALLEN are:
2.i.   David DRAKE, b. April 28, 1872, LaGrange, Indiana; d. May 11, 1933, Coldwater, Michigan.
 ii. Hannah DRAKE, b. 1852; m. John THARP, October 1, 1843, Kosciusko Co., Indiana.
 iii. William DRAKE, b. 1854.
 iv. Susan DRAKE, b. 1857; m. Thomas Benton DILLON.
 v. John DRAKE, b. 1859.
  More About John DRAKE:  Fact 1: 1935, David's obit says John lives in Nottawa, Michigan
 vi. Aaron DRAKE, b. 1862.
   More About Aaron DRAKE: Fact 1: 1935, David's obit says Aaron lives in Ottawa, Kansas
 vii. Lucy DRAKE, b. 1872.
 viii. Edie DRAKE, b. 1876.
 ix. Esther C. DRAKE, b. 1850.
  Notes for Esther C. DRAKE: Listed as 3/12 in the 1850 Indiana Census.

Generation No. 2
2. David DRAKE was born April 28, 1872 in LaGrange, Indiana, and died May 11, 1933 in Coldwater, Michigan. He married Mary Catherine SWOVELAND March 26, 1896 in LaGrange, Indiana, daughter of Jacob SWOVELAND and Mary STEVENS.
Children of David DRAKE and Mary SWOVELAND are:
3.i. Nellie Eva DRAKE, b. April 11, 1897, LaGrange, Indiana; d. July 12, 1970, Hastings, Michigan.
 ii. Hugo DRAKE.

Generation No. 3
3. Nellie Eva DRAKE was born April 11, 1897 in LaGrange, Indiana, and died July 12, 1970 in Hastings, Michigan. She married William Patrick ELLIGET January 1, 1913 in Coldwater, Michigan, son of John ELLIGET and Maria MAHAFFEY.
Children of Nellie DRAKE and William ELLIGET are:
4.i. Margaret Mae ELLIGET, b. May 25, 1927, Elkhart, Indiana; d. September 28, 1974, Battle Creek, Michigan.
 ii. Joseph ELLIGET, b. November 16, 1922.
 iii. Elizabeth (Betty) ELLIGET, b. November 01, 1919.
 iv. Mary ELLIGET.
 v. Richard ELLIGET.
 vi. Robert ELLIGET.
 vii. Vivian ELLIGET.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Researcher: Troy D. Wood
Email: twood@acsu.buffalo.edu
Date posted: Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Looking for information on the parents of Dale Adolphus WOOD, b. 11 Sep 1894 in Silver Lake. Dale WOOD married Florence Edna GALL 7 Sep 1914 in Silver Lake. Dale WOOD was the son of Albert WOOD and Mary FULTON, both born in Indiana, who had at least one other son, Dallis WOOD, b. ~1899. Dale and Florence moved to N. Manchester before 1920, and both worked at the White's Institute. Florence died in N. Manchester in Dec. 1971, Dale died in N. Manchester in Nov. 1984. Children of Dale and Florence include Robert Cecil, Eugene, Dortha, Mary Jane, Max, and Donald.

Surnames: PLUMMER
Researcher: Kelly Plumber
Email: dirtbox@cfu-cybernet.net
Date posted: Thursday, August 27, 1998

Looking for information on PLUMMER, Mames, Kociusko Co. Commissioner [?] b.1826,d.1908. Possible son of PLUMMER, John - New Light christian minister in Union Co, IN. Thanks.

Surnames: KIBLER
Researcher: Jerry Christ
Email: gpchrist@ccgnv.net
Date posted: Monday, August 31, 1998

Looking for my G Grandfather and his parents. His name was Fred W. KIBLER and was possibly born in Dec 1852 in Koskiusko Co.

Researcher: Julie McDonald
Email: JHMCD@aol.com
Date posted: Monday, August 31, 1998

I am researching the CRIST family, specifically Albert Roy CRIST born about 1879. Looking for the names of his parents, his specific birth date, any other information about him. All I have is that he married Edith FERGUSON in Kosciusko County on 1 Jan 1902 and he was age 22 at that time. Any information you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Also trying to connect Albert Roy CRIST to Sadie CRIST who married Charles MCDONALD (father of William MCDONALD b 28 July 1885).

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