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Bridge being built (at Helfields looking northeast -old Wooten mill in the distance) ca. 1844 or later?

Cashatt Cemetery - see Memorial Day

Cowgill Postcard -- Back side -- thanks so very much to John W - sending lots to me lately, all greatly appreciated -- here is what he says about this PC -- When my grandparents (Joel Cowgill and Nina Hershberger) married in June, 1919 in Kingman, they moved for a short time to Akron, Ohio, where they both found work at the Firestone tire plant. Here is a postcard that Nina (Hershberger) wrote to her friend, Mrs. Frank (Faye Richardson.) Holland in Attica. It is postmarked August 23, 1919. “Dear Friend--How are you? I am fine. I am working. Made $33 last week. How is that for such as I ? I heard Isa* was married. Where are they living. I think maybe I will come home next week. I want to before the girls** start to school. I didn’t have enough to say to write a letter. Suppose M.B.*** thinks he is awful old now. I would like to see him. --Nina (side) I came home ??? ??? have to come down. “ * Isa may refers to Frank’s sister, Isy ** girls refers to Nina’s sisters back in Kingman, Geneva and Leona Hershberger. *** M.B. probably refers to Mr. & Mrs. Holland’s son, Maurice B., born in 1918 I used the Find a Grave site for Frank Holland, buried in Kingman Fraternal Cemetery and the Ind Gen Web Fountain County site; obituary for Frank G. Holland

D'Arlier Culture Center (Fountain Co Genealogy Society) -- See West Central Indiana Gen. Library below

Fair scenes -- County Fair
**Fair -- going to the county fair
**Fair -- another view of going to county fair
**Fair - Get Ready for the Fair Ad (1913)

Ferry Crossing Wabash at Crocket Street after Bridge burning and before the above picture.

Hillsboro - 1922 Business Street!  Thanks to Michael Berry and the Hiisboro Facebook Page

Added another photo to this album (May 2, 2020)
Hillsboro Mill -- Includes Hillsboro - dam. the pictures from Larry Barragree - thanks, Larry

Hillsboro - bridge --First Picture: I think it is being built - note the men at the end and all the ladders on the top -
Second Picture:  I think the same one as above but perhaps not :) kbz -- thanks to Larry Barragree for this and the other Hillsboro ones below - AWESOME, Larry - thanks for sharing :)

Hillsboro - Happy Shoppers - courtesy of Marilyn Minnick

Hillsboro - ? Hole & a home up over the hill - wonder where this is? Who owned it? Thanks Larry Barragree. Anyone know more about this one or any of the photos on this GenWeb page let me know :)

Hillsboro - Ice Cutters - sure wish we knew who they were. Thanks LB - it's my third fav !

Hilllsboro - Rat Row -- includes FM Pitman Livery and old Hotel - about 1910 - believe all buildings gone now?  thank you to Indiana Album Facebook page

Hillsboro - Railroad Depot (what railroad went through there? Anyone know?)

Hillsboro - Train on tressle with Engineer in the Engine and two conductors? in front of the train that is standing still

Hillsboro ? - anyone confirm - and where this would be ? - thanks Larry for ALL OF THESE great Hillsboro pictures !! (also the Mellott & Waynetown ones)

Hillsboro - two with mail sacks are obviously the two rural carriers and their "vehicles" are pulled by the horses - Post master is probably man in the uniform in middle of horses and not sure who the other folks are. Someone going to the PO? Poster master's family ? Since my pop (well, after this time anyway - he had automobiles) was a rural mail carrier for about 25 years in the corner of Montgomery, Fountain and Parke, I love this one!! kbz - possibly

Lodi Mineral Water Brochure (Thanks, Tom & Jennie Peters)

Mecca, Hixon's Store Thanks to Robert Milligan, he reports this picture was taken in 1909.  At that time his great-grandmother Clara Allen Youmans  worked in the store at age 17.  He is not sure if she is one of the young ladies pictured.

Mellott - thanks Larry Barragree - this looks like a WWI group, perhaps training, maybe leaving on the train since there is a crowd there and lots of pretty girls to see them off ??? Note the brick street

Memorial Day -- at Cashatt Cem 1926 (thanks John W)

Newport Tile Plant  Thanks to Robert Milligan,  Rob's great grandfather Herbert Youmans and his brother Glenn worked there. Glenn is first from the left and Herb is next to him.

Old Wabash RR (called Dolly Varden) -- from ?? date Country Cousin

Riverside community Album  Multiple photos (5) in a slide show display,  Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Sayer's Place - thanks to Adina D for this one - it is believed this house was in Fountain County. It burned and the family tale has it that the fire was to cover up a murder - anyone know more about this LET ME or ADINA know !!

(17 November 2021)
Stringtown Coal Miners   about 1914, No Names  Source: Thanks to Dustin Stonbraker

TEEGARDEN, Noah - Home  This is the home of Noah Teegarden a businessman in Kingman. IN for years.

The Leader (The Leader was a big department store where House Of The Lions antique store is now. The K of P meeting hall was upstairs. Morris Herzog was the owner of the Leader)

Train Depots of Fountain County, thanks to Samuel Gritten - Fountain County, Indiana
Genealogy Facebook page

White Family Home -- anyone know if it's still there? E-mail me or Grant (e-mails above). This home was on "Whites Corner" in Fountain County and was still there in 1986. It was built about 1840 probably by Alexander White, above. I loved Grant's notation -- "You can see that most of the people standing in front of the house, and some of the details in the foreground, are very unclear. I don't know if this is due to the age of the photo or to the photograph itself. You can, though, make out details like the fact that one of the young women is holding a baby, and that the family dog made it into the picture as well. :-)" Let me know if you know anything about this home

Yeddo IOOF -  Memorial ribbon - thanks so much to John W for this one :)

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