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Items of Interest

of County and Attica Photos, to include: Railroads and Trains, Attica of Yesteryear, Attica of Today (2016), Attica Sesquicentennial, Fountain County Bicentennial and Attica High School Alumni Slide Show from 2019.

Attica Armory   Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Attica Greeting Card  post card view

Attica Hatchery - Bruce Harper included on the left, thanks to Sally Remaklus

Attica Hotel - Ma's Cafe Placemat, thanks to Sally Remaklus

Attica - men in uniforms but unknown who or what.  Thanks to Sally Remaklus

Early aerial view of the Paul Dresser Bridge built in 1922.  Photo taken in 1924.  Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Electricial Substation of 2020   Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Elite Cafe, Attica - picture back row -- Frank harper, Edith Pitzer Harper, Mrs. Francis, Walker Pitzer, Ada Kidwell, Florence Gerald and Eva Cole Pitzer.  Thanks to Sally Remaklus

Municipal Light and Water Power Station.  An early Post Card view of this ultility.   Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

People inside cafe, Thanks to Sally Remaklus

(20 September 2021)
Poston / Poston-Herron Brick Company   (2 photos: Late 1940's and the other is earlier)  Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

Attica - Perry Street post card view

Attica Ravine Park post card view

Street Department of 1929   Photo by P. N. White, taken September 18, 1929.  Sorry, we do not have the workers names.  Can anyone help name these men?   Thanks to Jeff Bossaer

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