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Veedersburg Greeting Card

Photo provided by, "You Know You're From Veedersburg If...." Facebook Page,
permission given by Steve Kruger.

Veedersburg Photos of Interest

MARSHALL STUDIOS - ceramics/lamps... wow story about Veedersburg folks (thanks sooo very much, Ann) -- Again, thanks soooo much to Ann M for this great pic of the studios

Veedersburg Old EUB Church that was also the Nazarene Church for some time -corner of 2nd & Mill (2020) -- thanks to Gale Nixon

Leslie Howard, Kennard Boord, Jim Songer and Carl Butts

Veedersburg Iron Bridge  --  thanks to Gale Nixon

VEEDERSBURG PLAQUE - 1925  Mayor John S. Ratcliff

Veedersburg Downtown - heading north on Main in 2020 (2 photos) - thanks to Gale Nixon

Veedersburg Railroads:

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